Confessions from a Recovering Christmas Shopping Procrastinator

I pre-ordered the second illustrated Harry Potter book as a Christmas gift for my daughter. And what did I do when it came in the mail this week? Opened it, showed it to my daughter and asked her if she wanted to start reading it that night.

Cherish 365: The days are long but the years are short. A project to making moments last and cherish every day.

I got her the first illustrated book last Christmas and I thought I’d be able to hold off this year but nope.

I’m a terrible procrastinator and I’m not the best at keeping secrets. Put those two together and I make for one terrible early Christmas shopper. I always vow to do better the next year but hasn’t happened yet. Apparently 1 million U.S. consumers have their holiday shopping done by September. Who are these people and can you please train me?

Lil’ J is taking tumbling lessons and she’s been great at practicing at home. We also just start piano lessons, so I’m thinking of getting tools to help with that. A few weeks ago she mentioned wanting a gymnastics mat to practice on and I’ve been browsing and they have some nice big ones in different colors that I’m thinking of ordering. But if I get it will I realistically be able to save it until Christmas? Probably not.

As soon as it comes in the mail I’m likely to bust open the box and ask her if she wants to practice her back walkovers. So unless I get it mailed to my mom’s house there’s probably not much hope that’ll make it to Christmas.

I could probably be better with a keyboard, and some other books or game items but I think I’ll start with a list of who I need to shop/create for and go from there. I know that always helps me to get started on the right foot and check for deals.

On the bright side, I already have our Santa pictures scheduled and I’m about to get family photos on the books so maybe I’ll actually get Christmas cards out on time.

Cute biracial siblings- Whimsical photos with Santa Claus- behind the scenes

Another way to score a deal is to look for stores with a price guarantee. The Sears Member Bonus Event happening on Sunday, October 16, 6 p.m.-9 p.m. gives Shop Your Way Members exclusive access to the Sears Days Lowest Prices of the Season Sale that don’t begin for everyone else until the following weekend. As an added bonus Sears is also promising that if an item you get goes lower in price in the same store between that night and Dec. 24, Sears will automatically credit you the difference back in points. This includes their Black Friday doorbusters and is a part of their holiday shopping guarantee.

Are you an early bird holiday shopper or a last-minute shopper? Leave a comment letting me know and what you’d like to try to scoop up at the special Sears Bonus Member event and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card to use to kick off (or wrap up if you’re one of those people on top of things) your holiday shopping.

I love the excitement surrounding holiday shopping which is why I partnered with Sears for this post. 

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  1. I get all my shopping done before Black Friday. This year I’ve got the Fisher Price code-apillar and wooden blocks on my list.

  2. I am also a terrible procrastinator when it comes to holiday shopping. I always say that I will do better the next year, but it never fails.

  3. I shop early and last minute. I am terrrible at holding the good gifts back though until the holiday. I’m learning though, that if I do, it makes for a better Christmas. 😉

  4. I have always been a last minute shopper, mostly due to budget restrictions! My mom would shop super early, hide our toys, and then forget where half of them were hidden, lol. So we would also get a present or two in January or February when they were finally re-discovered! 🙂

  5. Definitely an early shopper, I like to pick things up throughout the year and store them away for Christmas and birthdays. It fits my budget better to spread out buying gifts rather than purchase everything at once.

  6. I am an early bird shopper and we love Sears! It is one of the few stores we shop at year round and not just at the holidays. They have great deals and I love many of their in store shoppers programs.

  7. I used to be an early shopper but have three small children now so I can never remember to do anything ahead of time! I’m hoping to get some Star Wars toys bc my kids are obsessed!
    Also, where did you get the illustrated Harry Potter book?! So great for young readers.

  8. Would like to be an early bird shopper, but I’m a last minute shopper. I’m looking to score the Signature Sleep Memoir mattress for my kids bedroom makeover. Also, a rooftop cargo box for our road trips.

  9. I try to be an early bird shopper, but I get depressed when I buy something and then see it next month on sale a lot cheaper. I would like to get some pajamas for the grandsons.

  10. I’m an early bird shopper. I hate the pressure of shopping at the last moment. I will be looking for tools for my husband as a special Sears Bonus Member

  11. I’m an all year long shopper so I’m almost done, but I would like to get myself a pair of snow boots at Sears.

  12. I am a little of both. I try to start shopping early but then I always wind up getting things last minute too. When there is a good sale, I have to go!

  13. I start shopping in oct, makes the most purchases on black friday and cyber mon….little things and stocking stuffers all season long.

  14. I am mostly a last minute shopper, I usually wait until a few days before Christmas to buy any presents. This year I actually got a few things already so I’m already doing better than usual

  15. I am an early bird shopper for the important things that I need to buy and then I finish and take my time with stocking stuffers and smaller gifts that I know my family will love.

  16. I am a bit of both! I start with good intentions and have already bought some gifts, but I will still be finishing up a week before Christmas because I just won’t get it all done. I would love to scoop up a tool box for my DH

  17. I honestly begin each year vowing to be done by September and then November rolls around and I’m realizing I better start shopping! I do have to say I usually know what I’m getting I just have to get it! Haha! I’d love to get my hubby some tools he’s been eyeing for quite some time at Sears.

  18. You know that person who is frantically scrambling on Christmas Eve to finally drop their Christmas cards in the mail, pick up last minute presents, and find all of the gifts they’ve stashed around their house so that they can get everything wrapped up before Christmas morning? That person is totally me. I’d like to scoop up a new Queen Sized Mattress

  19. I’m trying really hard to get all my shopping done early this year. But then my kids always end up asking for something I didn’t get! I would love to get gifts for my extended family at the Sears event!

  20. I’m somewhere in between I guess. Usually I start shopping the end of November. Would love to scoop up some nice sweaters as gifts at sears.

  21. If I can figure out what I’m getting my best friend, I’ll definitely shop early. But, it’s usually such a tough thing to figure out that I end up shopping late. This year I figured it out early, BUT it’s perishable, so I’ll still be shopping late… oh well!

  22. I’m a last minute shopper because I really don’t enjoy it! I’d love this event for getting Craftsman tools for my father-in-law and maybe a shirt for the husband!

  23. I’m an early bird shopper, but I’m pretty good at hiding things away. It helps that my kids are teenagers and they want small things (gift cards, books, earbuds, etc.) It’s much harder to hide something like a gymnastics mat! 🙂 I’m hoping to find a few sweaters and a pair of booties at the sale.

  24. I like to shop early but it doesn’t always work out that way. I would get baking supplies for my oldest daughter. Thank you!

  25. I shop for Christmas year-round, including the day after Christmas. I’m always looking for exactly the right thing for that wonderful person.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  26. I am definitely a last minute shopper. And if I buy early I usually over spend because I forget really quickly that bought stuff. Lol I really hope I can buy my husband some new tools so he can build me a new crafting area sorter. I feel like that’s a win win for everyone lol

  27. I am definitely more of a cross between both. I like to get stuff early that I see on sale and save it until Christmas but that usually if I’m getting things for grown-ups. When I get things for kids which is a pretty last minute. I always buy my six-now seven-godchildren PJs to open on Christmas Eve and I usually get that was on Black Friday! I do love Christmas shopping all the funds always seem to be so low but, now that I am a full-time working girl I plan to buy some Christmas presents like I’ve never done before! And I am very excited about that.

  28. I look for bargains year around for Christmas. I shop until the day before Christmas. I have grandchildren, nieces,nephews, and my grown children to get for. I would like to buy a instant camra for my fifteen year old granddaughter this year. I wonder if Sears has that.

  29. I’m a last minute shopper. I’d love to scoop up some clothes for my grandbabies who will be moving from Hawaii to Germany in Januray

  30. I try to shop early but I usually end up being a last minute shopper. I would scoop up some tools for my husband.

  31. I am both, I start early and swear that I will be done early, but it seems I am always running around last minute trying to get my last couple of gifts. If I were to win I would use this for my teenage son, he has recently lost a lot of weight, and needs new clothes.

  32. I am an in between shopper. Not an early bird and not a last minute shopper! I would pick up some clothes for my 9 month old daughter to fit into come holiday time!

  33. Normally I start the day or two after Christmas. Have not bought the first thing. At this point any toy for our boys. Our clothes for them. They come first.

  34. I always shop for Christmas gifts early and usually have them wrapped and ready by the first of November. I would love to find a nice camera with a great lens for my oldest daughter at Sears.


  35. I am definitely a ;last minute shopper. Im hoping to snag a lawn mower on clearance! Yeah, yeah I know its not Christmassy but ours has died and we need one so this year our “family” gift is a lawnmower

  36. Definitely an early shopper, I like to pick things up throughout the year and store them away for Christmas and birthdays. It fits my budget better to spread out buying gifts rather than purchase everything at once.

  37. i usually try to pick up presents year round so i’m not swamped in December, but this has been a very tight year financially. I’m still hoping to be able to pick up some deals on Black Friday. I would use the sears money to get some bedding for my daughters. or a lawnmower.

  38. I’m interested in picking up the Hudson Futon on sale for $298. I am somewhat of an early bird shopper. I get some things early but then there are small details, little things that I leave for the last minute.

  39. Does the weekend before Xmas make me a last minute shopper ? …would like to pick up some fun beach towels @ Sears for our kids to bring along on our winter holiday trip to Hawaii !

  40. I’m a bit of both. I pick up a few gifts here and there throughout the fall, the finish my list right before Christmas.

  41. I’m usually an early bird shopper, but this year I’m so far behind in my shopping. I’d like to find a new tv for my bedroom.

  42. I am a total procrastinator last minute on Amazon paying for quick shipping type of shopper. lol. But I aspire to be the early bird!!

  43. I’m a bit of both. If I know something that someone will love, I get it early, but every year there are at least one or two things I buy withing 5 days of Xmas.

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