A colorful snack: Wordless Wednesday


Big T is currently 11 months old.

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Huh? He ate some chalk? Is it the edible kind? 🙂

Haha! I need to see if there is an edible kind. No. For some reason he likes to take (little) bites of it every time I bring it out. At least it’s non-toxic.

Pretty much everything is labeled non-toxic, but it’s by no means edible. Wish it was! 😉 (plus if it’s from China, you really don’t know what kinds of chemicals there may be). There IS an edible version, my kids love this chalk and I didn’t mind my son playing around with it when he was younger: http://amzn.to/NHxeCl No, I haven’t tasted it myself! lol

You are AMAZING! It’s like twinkies you can write with! I’m not sure I want to ENCOURAGE they eat it, but at least I know if he does it won’t kill him instantly. And he’s still breathing after this incident so hopefully we’re in the clear.Thanks mama!

Leah Sannar says:

What a cutie! I can’t believe he’s gonna be 1 soon! So exciting. :o) Obviously, chalk makes a delicious snack… plus it looks so cute on him!

I’m in full birthday-part planning mode! 😉

Oh the cuteness!

XOXO I’m bias, but it’s nice to know others think he’s cute too.

The Funster says:

“Big T” is so cute! He’s adorable! You truly are blessed!! Thanks for the pictures!

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