Cloth Diaper Experiment Day 2: Daddy’s Turn

Last night I decided I wouldn’t chance it and put a disposable on Lil’ J before bed. I’ve heard seasoned clothdiaperers say they use disposables at night so I didn’t want to chance it on the first day.

So this morning I prepped the Sprout Change diaper covers with the inserts and gave my husband a cloth diaper review (which took like 10 seconds) I showed him the microfiber side that’s supposed to face down in the diaper as to not dry out her little bum. He promised to use them throughout the day.

When I called home and asked how it was going, he said fine, but expressed a concern I noticed the night before.

“She used to love hanging out on the diaper changer, getting dressed, and getting her diaper changed but she just keeps crying today.” He said. “Maybe she just needs to get used to them, I don’t know.”

I felt so bad hearing that and I had an idea of what the problem was.

I ran home for my lunch break and quickly adjusted her diapers from the fourth hole from the end around the legs to the 2nd hole from the end, giving her chubby thighs lots more breathing room (here’s a video demonstration we did on how this works). Originally, I wanted to make sure poop wouldn’t come through the sides but when I would change her I noticed marks around her fat thighs. She would also cry during diaper changes which she NEVER did before. In fact, that was usually when she was happiest.

cloth diaper bum

After adjusting the tension she was almost back to her happy self again, and I was able to give a sigh of relief. And the poop and pee still hasn’t managed to make its way through yet. She still seems not “herself” today, and I’m not sure if it’s because she’s adjusting to the cloth diapers, or if perhaps she’s getting sick and it’s just a coincidence she’s acting this way, but she seems to be more fussy these past couple of days, when she’s normally very cheery and giggly. I’m not sure if perhaps there’s a learning curve for babies too in getting used to them?

My husband was able to change the rest of her diapers no problem, and he didn’t complain about it like I expected he would. Once he saw how I fit the inserts in, and folded one end a little, he got it down, and is feeling as comfortable with these as he does with disposables.

cloth diapering day 2

My husband said he did change some poopy diapers, but none of them got on the cover. That explosion was saved for me.

Not long after I got home I hear a rumble from her bumble, and sure enough, that one got on the side of the cover.

This time I took my friend Jess‘s advice and grabbed the insert and took it in the shower. If I had a detachable shower head it would have sprayed it with that, but I don’t. Instead I held the cloth insert up to the shower and watched as the shower floor turned breastmilk-poo yellow. I tossed it to the floor, squished it a little, rinsed again, then just gave up and threw it in our pail.

My reaction to the cover caught me off guard. Something in my brain snapped. I grabbed it, took it to the bathroom sink, and scrubbed it with my thumbs. You read right. Me. Ms. Eeew Poop is Nasty.

I don’t know what got into me. My desire to preserve cuteness must overpower my distaste for grossness.

The inserts I don’t care about as much as the covers. Cause let’s face it, these are cute.

So now it’s time to wash (I already washed my hands). People keep telling me breastfeed baby poop is water soluble and I don’t need to rinse them first but I’m not sure I totally believe that because I’ve had some of Lil’ J’s cute outfits get stained with poop from previous blowouts. And ok, I give her a lick of my food from time to time, but that’s not making it to her poop! All she’s getting is mama’s milk. So… I’m not sure if this problem was because the poop dried first or what, and since I’m trying not to wash EVER day, I thought I’d give them a quick rinse before the wash, and hopefully the stains will come out.

If not, people suggest setting them in the sun. We live in a townhome and don’t have a huge yard to line dry all her diapers, but I can set them on the porch so they can be sun bleached. But will that bleach the cute colors too? And can I set them out after drying them or must the stain be wet to be sunned out?

Other than that, we’re both trying to find an easy way to tell if the diapers are wet without taking them all the way off. That seemed easier with disposables.

So many questions I guess I’ll learn through trial and error during this experiment.

BEWARE: I’m about to show poopy diapers!!! I know it’s a tad bit weird but this is an experiment, I’m putting it all out there, and sometimes photos speak louder than words.

cloth diaper poocloth diaper poo 2

So here’s how they look now. I’m about to spray a tad of shout on them and put them in a regular cycle on hot water using Tide powder detergent (I asked around and people agree this works fine I made sure it DIDN’T have fabric softner, which I guess can cause build up on the inserts and in turn make them not absorb aka work well.) That’s another frustrating thing I’m finding with cloth diapers. You can’t just throw them in the wash like you would any other wash, you have to pay attention to the detergent and cleaner you use on it or it can do this or that to the diapers. I suppose once you have a system down it’s not so hard but in the beginning I’m getting a headache reading all of the rules about what to put, and not to put on the diapers.

Anyway, here’s hoping they’re nice and clean tomorrow! You can bet I’ll let you know!

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  1. ewwww!
    We thought about switching to cloth but decided against it. I just don’t have the time (or stomach) to play around in poop all day long. I know they are cute and they better for the environment but, to me, there is no easy way to use them or clean them. Maybe someday I’ll change my mind but for now we’ll stick to our Earth’s Best disposables.

  2. “must…preserve…the cute!” LOL, that’s totally what I imagined going through your mind while you were handwashing the shell!

    I guess you really do learn new things about yourself after children…

  3. Sounds like your experiment is not going too bad after all. Thanks for sharing the experience. I love that you are so descriptive and do not leave out the gory details. I felt like I was there. I’m still laughing and cringing about you “washing the breast-milk stained poop with your thumbs.” You’re such a mommy 🙂

  4. Yeah, the sun will bleach out the cute colors too, or fade them at least. I would definitely put some kind of stain remover on that (I’ve found that the airesol spray-n-wash works better on food stains, I had a spit upper). And I think rinsing it out right then is the best idea. Are you soaking them in just water or like water with oxy-clean or something? I didn’t cloth diaper so I’m just throwing that out there.

  5. I use BabyGanics Loads Of Love detergent. It works great. The poo was the thing that made me not want to try cloth at first to, but the price finally did me in. Where ever I can save a buck. She might be fussy because shes teething. On one of your other posts you said she’s been putting her hand in her mouth a lot. Fussy + hand in mouth = possible pearly white action.

  6. Mom’s will do anything. There is pretty much nothing that is too gross.
    Welcome to babyhood. That time when you and your husband obsess over what is causing your sweet baby’s disposition to turn evil. when my oldest was 18 mos I took her to the Dr after a 3 day stretch of miserable behavior. I was convinced something was wrong with her. The Dr looked her all over and I asked a million questions and then he told there was nothing wrong with her – she was just being miserable. I couldn’t believe it. Luckily she got over it!!!
    Good luck with your cloth diapers.

  7. Hey…good job you seem very openminded about this whole thing. I’m all for cloth but have never had a baby so I don’t really get a say. Just wanted to say hot water sets stains. It seems illogical since hot water cleans better, but it’s true that it makes colors almost impossible to get out!

  8. I’m ubber impressed with you!! Sounds like you’ve got everything under ‘control’. 🙂 My mom used cloth diapers with me because I was allergic to every brand of disposables. :O The upside was that I was potty trained by 9 months! 😀 And I’m the second child (my bro is a year older than I and she was preggy with my younger sis at the time)!! 🙂

  9. Actually, as an experienced CDer, sun will NOT bleach the colors out of the diapers. I mean, if you left them out for months, then yes, the sun will bleach anything, but if you’re just sunning to get out stains, the stains go LONNNNNNG before colors will. And stain removers other than something like Oxyclean (meaning spray and wash, stuff like that) will cause the waterproofness to go away, so resist the urge. Cloth diapers are different than clothes remember, in that they’re supposed to come in contact with poo on a regular basis. I promise you, especially with EBM poo, they will NOT stain 🙂

  10. I use to line dry all my diapers every wash day (printed bamboo fitteds, fuzzibuns, bumgenius, and others) and never had fading of the colors. In fact I’ve never heard of that happening from anyone. However, no matter how bad the stain (and some were bad) they always came out like magic! It’s amazing! But yes they have to be wet, fresh from the washer. I would not use stain sprays and be careful how much detergent you use. I use 4 tablespoons of tide. You want enough to get out the ammonia but not to much to cause build up. If there are bubbles in your rinse run another one 🙂 good luck!!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this! I don’t have kids yet but I’ll all for cloth diapers. It’s good to get the REAL deal on what to expect before jumping in with something like this.

  12. I like your drive to “preserve the cute!” 🙂 Motherhood sometimes takes us places we never thought we’d venture into. ( Like poop and other body fluids…..ewwww) I’m planning to cloth diaper my little one in Jan and am enjoying your experiments. I’m gonna learn from your example. Thanks Jen!!!! KUP

  13. Shes soo chunky! I love it!!

    Just wanted to let you know, I have been cloth diapering for over a year and I always use a prefold with a twisted fold and a fleece cover for nighttime for the past couple of months. I have never had a leak yet!

  14. Repeat after me:
    Breastmilk poop will wash out. No rinsing needed.
    Breastmilk poop will wash out. No rinsing needed.

    Now go buy yourself a diaper sprayer and use that if you just can’t resist the urge to rinse poop!

    I’ve used cloth diapers for about 4 years straight now, between my 2 kids. The PUL shells will NOT stain from poop. The fabric part of PUL is made from polyester, which is extremely difficult to stain/dye/etc. (Believe me, I’ve tried dyeing PUL and nothing will work!) Let me say it again: PUL will not stain from poop!

    The worst staining I’ve seen in my 4 years of using cloth is an occasional pale stain in the natural fiber soakers. I find that with the next use/wash/dry cycle, even those stains are gone.

    And again, I don’t ever rinse poop until my babies are eating lots of solids.

  15. Hi! I was wondering if you’ve heard of the mini shower diaper sprayer. You attach it to your toilet so you can spray off the diaper right then and there, without having to get in your shower! My Mom has owned a cloth diapering company Babyworks since I was 7 years old and I also helped cloth diaper my younger siblings. People also really love Allen’s Detergent, which is natural and doesn’t make cloth diapers smell. Anyway, I just wanted to give you the link to the mini shower diaper sprayer in case you are interested. Good luck with cloth! I’ve never heard of that brand so I hope they work. Cloth diapers aren’t supposed to leak if they fit right.

  16. Moo was the queen of diaper explosions. I had to carry like three outfits in the diaper bag because it was a guarantee that her poop was going to come out of her diaper at least once a day. Something about breastmilk that just gives that poop super powers I guess. LOL.

    Anyways, I learned that it’s best to rinse with cold water and a little dish detergent as soon as you can. If you let the poop dry or set it will stain the outfit for life. I always made sure to carry little baggies to place her rinsed out clothes in. Although, it’s a little nasty, hand scrubbing truly works best for getting the poop out. Then try throwing it in the washing machine.

    Hopefully, J will adjust to cloth diapers and get back to being her normal happy self again. Good luck.

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