Christina Hendricks: ‘you have to listen to everyone’s full story before you make a judgment about them’

Continuing our summer Disney movie series I am going to share about three press conferences I attended during the Toy Story 4 junket. This is part two. You can read part one here.

I sat in a screening room where we watched Toy Story 4 and in walked members of the Toy Story 4 cast, including the iconic Tim Allen, voice of Buzz Lightyear.

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The press conference wasn’t super long. I didn’t even try to ask a question because, well after interviewing Oprah and meeting her at the after party, I decided I was just going to sit back and let others have their big moments. I just wanted to be present and soak it in.

I did share some tweets about the news, and snap a few photos for my instagram stories. But mostly I just enjoyed it.

I’m sure a quick google search will take you to all sorts of articles about the press conference and get you a play-by-play of the entire interview. One of my friends wrote a great one. But I wanted to focus on something that stood out from each press conference for me.

During this press conference There were a couple of things. One was Tim Allen talking about the magnitude we all feel when seeing how much this movie has grown.

“It’s a theme park at Disney World based on this movie that we started 25 years ago,” Allen said. “I saw it, I saw the original tensor lamp film school done by John Lasseter. And I loved that computer animation. I saw this done to a terrific story that Pixar came up with. Back then, I wanted these guys, I loved that story. I loved the story so much.”

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Another moment that stuck out to me was when Christina Hendricks, Madmen star and voice of Gabby Gabby in Toy Story 4 opened up about the impact she hopes her character leaves on girls.

“I think when children see this movie, she comes across as sort of like the villain at first,” she said. “And then you realize that she’s coming from a very loving place. And I think that’s important to sort of say maybe you don’t like someone at first. But how did they get there and why are they there and understanding their story. So I think she’s very special in that way. “

She went on to say there’s an important message there about not judging others before you get to know them.

Gabby gabby from toy story 4
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“I think that ultimately, you have to listen to everyone’s full story before you make a judgment about them, and to hopefully not make a judgment about them,” Hendricks said. “I think that’s the lovely thing that she brings to this part of the story is that everyone comes from a place and it’s what made them who they are and you need to listen to that before you can fully understand them.”

A message I wholeheartedly try to share on this blog. And one I think got through to my daughter while watching the movie. You can read her review here.

Toy Story 4 hits theaters this weekend! June 21st. Go see it then come back and let us know what you think!

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