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From your baby’s first day in your arms, to her first steps. There’s a lot that flies by. If you want to remember it in as much detail as you can, you are probably rapidly taking photos. But what about video? Today I’m sharing 10 milestones you’ll definitely want to catch on video.

1 and 2 are easy: Christmas/ first holidays, and birthday

But these other eight you may not have thought of

3. Birth day: As in the day she’s born. Some of those sweet moments from the first day you meet. You’ll never get that back, but at least you can watch it over and over again.

4. Laughing: What makes your baby laugh? Do it, and have your camera ready.

5. Crying: It sounds wrong, but it’s so cute if you do it right. Babies cry a lot, sometimes they’re tired or gassy, but when it’s caused by teething it’s good to have Baby Orajel™ Naturals Teething Tablets on hand. And while they’re taking effect, and you’re soothing your baby, record a little bit of those soft baby cries.

10 baby milestones to catch on video

6. Crawling: Did your baby have a funny crawl like my daughter? A photo only gives you a glimpse of how it was, but a video puts the memory in full focus.

7. First Foods: What’s your baby’s favorite foods? Are they a messy or a neat eater?

8. Walking: while you may not catch your baby’s very first steps, the first few weeks of learning how to walk look pretty similar. When you see he’s starting to try, keep your camera (or phone) on hand.

9. Talking: From those sweet coo sounds to first words, record your favorites.

10. Favorite Things: Either your favorite things, or your babies’. Do you love bath time? Going on walks? Swinging? You’ll want to save some of those smiles. Remember you don’t need a fancy camera to record these moments, you can just use your cell phone which you know you always have on hand. If you start running out of space just email the videos to yourself and save it someplace else as a backup before you delete.

family video tips

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the maker of Baby Orajel™ through CafeMom. I received compensation but all opinions and thoughts stated within this post are my own. 

magical-christmasIt seems that no matter what is going on in the world, I can look at my children and get lost in their innocence. Oh how I wish they could stay like this forever.

I love the spirit of Christmas, the enchanting lights, our family traditions, warm coco, and more lessons on Christ. We’re only a week into December and we’ve already been enjoying the season. Here’s a special look at what we’ve been up to:

Lil’ J was in her first parade, and danced at a Christmas Festival. We’ve seen/ talked to Santa about five times already, started reading Christmas stories and stories about Christmas. We’ve watched Rudolph movies and danced with Rudolph toys, and there’s still a lot of time lefts for crafting, baking, service and caroling.

santa photo

Now that my youngest sister is close by, I feel like the Christmas spirit is magnified times 5. The light in her eyes helps that in my kids shine brighter.

Take out your camera or phone this season and capture a few seconds of your favorite merry moments. String them together in a video over Christmas music and you’ve got yourself a beautiful keepsake.

What holiday traditions are you taking part in this year? How do you save your merry moments?

sisterly loveChat with me tonight at 8pm CST on Twitter. We’ll be discussing how you make merry memories this season. RSVP to be entered to win $500. Also, tomorrow Hallmark is having a sale for 20% off on Rudolph merchandise as a part of the 12 Gifts-A-Giving celebration.

*This post is written as a part of a partnership with Hallmark. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Few things have been as difficult as convincing my husband to have a baby, and then another. Having kids is a big deal and scary, I get it. Some people just need a little extra love, encouragement (and a little coaxing) to take the plunge. I wouldn’t ever dream of convincing him for a third. For one, I don’t think I can convince myself, and two, I’m pretty sure not long after the pee dried on my positive pregnancy test, he looked at me and said “you’re not convincing me again.”

That may sound a bit harsh. You’re probably thinking my husband doesn’t like kids, but that’s not the case at all. He’s a great dad. He adores our children, and is more protective of them than I am. He loves them more than anything, and the way they play, while totally different than the way I play with them, is freaking adorable.

My husband can be squirmy about photos, and videos, especially videos. I once asked him to record a vlog with me and he told me absolutely not. I tried to negotiate but he wasn’t budging. Convincing him to do a vlog was about as hard as convincing him to have another baby would be.

Lately I’ve noticed he’s become less uptight about being in picture. He didn’t even whine when I scheduled our family photos this year. Not only that, he recently ASKED me to take pictures of him and the kids. Cue the flying pigs.

Daddy daughter loveI think he’s realizing how much he enjoys looking back at the photos of him and Lil’ J when she was young, and realizing how important it is to get in the picture and be a part of the memory. So I’ve been taking it upon myself to snap pictures and videos of some of the cute things he does with the kids. One of which is taking Lil’ J sledding.

When they were getting set up one day I pulled out my cameras and told him I wanted to make a video.

“You can’t post this online,” he said.

“Oh, yes I am!” I countered. “This is too cute not to share.”

To my surprise, he didn’t argue with me. I recorded them then edited this little video and showed it to him for approval.

“It’s cool,” he admitted. “But you should wait until winter to post it.”

I couldn’t wait until December, but a cold front came through and I saw some friends posting about snow in other parts of the country so I figured it was close enough now. Waiting a couple weeks to show off my new favorite video has been hard enough.

Here’s a little back story. Lil’ J loves to go sledding with her daddy; in the summer, here in Texas. Don’t get it? Watch the video. And if you like what you see subscribe to my YouTube Channel. His birthday is this week and I think we may incorporate this into his gift somehow.

Three cheers for my hubby being a good sport. Maybe if he sees how many fans he has he’ll let me do more. Eh eh?

According to my daughter I’m a baby crazy mommy who got married to have babies (I don’t know what it is with her and babies lately).

If you know me you know I ask a ton of questions (and I wonder where my daughter gets it from). I’m a reporter, but I’ve been a question-asker my entire life. I love asking myself questions, making journal prompts and I love asking my daughter just as many questions as she asks me (just kidding, that would actually be impossible).

Add in the fact that I love making little videos with my family, and capturing moments in our lives. I’ve gradually been sharing tips for how I do this. Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret that will change the way you document moments with your kids. I’m not exaggerating ok?

me-and-jA few weeks ago I downloaded an app that is now probably one of the most valued apps on my iPhone. Called OneDay. My friend Emily told me about the app and I knew this was made for me. For all of you who are always asking about how I make my videos, and wanting to do fun videos with your kids, this is going to get your juices flowing. I downloaded it on my old iPhone 5 but it was always running out of space. And even though I have a bajillion ways I’m backing everything up now, I still like to go back through and watch my old videos and scroll through old pictures… Call me sentimental. ANYWAY… I got preordered the iPhone 6 and got it in the mail the day it was released, with a whopping 64GBs of storage space. HELLO unlimited videos! (Not really… but it sorta feels that way right now compared to my measly 16GBs before).

So anyway, I re-downloaded the OneDay app, and was ready to record tons of videos, but I kept waiting thinking “oh I should make sure the background isn’t messy” or “I should do [Lil’ J’s] hair first” and I kept putting it off. Finally today I said no more. She’s getting older every day and there’s no time like the present to try this thing out. We like to do fun little Q&A sessions all the time, taking turns asking each other questions, so some of these prompts we’ve talked about before, and others were new to us, and her responses killed me.

Cute right? Love the titles (the words that come up before each answer)? And the music? I didn’t do any of that manually, it’s automatic using the app. I literally made this video with Lil’ J in less than 4 minutes. Something like this would normally take me hours if I were to set up my DSLR, get her mic’d up, edit it, etc etc. These are so easy to make and be done with, and fun to look back on every so often. Not to mention when she’s an adult.

When we were done we sat down and watch it together and laughed and took a ton of selfies. Big T is napping in case you’re wondering… Yes, this entire post idea started about 15 minutes ago when I said “Hey [Lil’ J] wanna ask some questions?” then we made the movie and I typed this all up to share with you.

So download the app. It’s called OneDay – Instant Movie Maker, and it’s FREE! I nagged the creators on Twitter and told them how we were made for each other, and I’ve actually had a few phone calls with the people behind the company, AND… get this… I even wrote several prompt categories for them. I was surprised to see they’re already in the app today. Now I feel like I’m a part of this thing and I may some day be famous by association.

Ok I’m trying to finish this up before the crazy one wakes up. A few things to note about the app:

1. Ask the question before you hit record, then your vocal question won’t be on it and it’ll flow seamlessly.

2. Don’t be afraid to do re-takes. You can “save” then re-record another answer and delete the first one. I did this a few times when it took her too long to answer or didn’t understand the question.

3. You can save the video to your camera roll then email it to yourself or upload to youtube, or download to your computer. I do this so I can delete the extra videos and free up space on my phone.

Any other questions? Ask me! I hope to do one with Big T soon. A lot of the baby/toddler questions are from yours truly, as well as some in the parents section.

And perfect timing, the little one is awake! Hooray for naptime blogging!

When I left my family to move to Utah I couldn’t have been more excited. I was going to college and pursuing my dreams. But little did I know the Utah winters would be the bane of my existence. As I approached my graduation four years later my husband and I only circled potential destinations that were warm on our map.

Texas summers have been a whole ‘nother story. While they get extremely hot, I’d much rather deal with the heat than the cold.

Big T’s birthday was a couple months ago and when Grandma asked for his wish list, a water table was at the top. We busted it out right away, but now that the temperature is heating up, it’s getting a lot of use. I’d been working on a video for their grandma to show off all the fun they’ve been having, when some friends of mine invited me to join in a Step2 giveaway. I realized that the water table they’ve been playing with is the same brand, so though this tie in would be perfect.

So a big thanks to Grandma for the fun toy!

I’m hoping to start doing a giveaway once a month on my blog to give back to my fabulous readers.–Sharing something I own and love. Consider this a start. Watch the video to see the Step2 water table my kids are enjoying (promise you’ll love it), and read below to see the fabulous giveaway where one winner takes all.


TerrificTwoStep2Giveaway (1)

Welcome to the It’s Terrific to be Two with Step2 Giveaway, hosted by Viva Veltoro and Thrifty Nifty Mommy and generously sponsored by The Step2 Company.

Viva Veltoro and Thrifty Nifty Mommy are celebrating their little boys turning 2 years old and have partnered with Step2 for a fabulous giveaway featuring gift ideas that are perfect for 2 year olds!

Gifts Under $25

2-in-1 T-ball & Golf Set: Score a hole-in-one or a home run with the 2-in-1 T-ball & Golf Set™ by Step2. This sports toy helps toddlers and preschoolers to be active in their playroom or the backyard. The 2-in-1 T-ball & Golf Set helps teach kids cooperative play as they take turn swinging the bat or putting the golf ball. Children’s coordination and motor skills will develop as they try to hit the ball off the tee or swing the golf club at the putting green. Kids can practice counting as they keep track of how many points they score during a baseball game or round of golf. The 2-in-1 T-Ball & Golf Set is sure to be a hit! Made in USA. ARV $19.99
Crayola Crayon Rider: Their favorite crayon is now a life-size ride-on toy! Zoom around the town in color with the Crayola Crayon Rider™ by Step2. This kid powered ride-on promotes gross motor skills as kids use their legs to get the wheels moving. It is never a dull moment with this exciting riding toy for toddlers! Made in USA. ARV $24.99

Gift Under $50

All Around Easel for Two: Vertical writing easel makes developing proper writing skills fun! Features a chalk board on one side and a magnetized dry erase board on the other. Includes a clip to secure artwork, two removable and easy to clean storage bins, and a 94 piece foam magnet letter and symbol kit. Available in red or pink color (winner of the giveaway can choose color). Made in USA. Accessories, dry erase board and foam magnets made in China. ARV $39.99

Gift Under $75

High Seas Adventure Sand & Water Table with Umbrella: Ahoy matey! Your little pirates will have hours of outdoor fun with the High Seas Adventure Sand & Water Table with Umbrella™ by Step2. With two different sides for sand and water, this activity table is perfect for multi-child play. Toddlers and preschoolers can pretend they are sailors at sea while they play on the water side and then arrive at a desert island when they use the sand side. The High Seas Adventure Sand & Water Table with Umbrella is also great for sensory play as little ones splish and splash the water and dig for buried treasure in the sand! The cover helps keep sand clean and dry when not in use. Made in USA of US and imported parts. Accessories and umbrella made in China. ARV $69.99

Gifts Under $100

All Around Wagon: This is a multi function wagon for nearly every use. The seats flip into a flat bed, seat, or table. The wagon has a large storage capacity and six cup/snack holders. The wagon also features an easy pull handle design, seat belts for added security, Whisper Wheels™ for a smooth ride, and a door that opens and closes for easy entry and exit. Weight limit is 75 lbs. Made in USA. ARV $79.99


Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill: The Grand Walk-in Kitchen & Grill™ is a realistic play kitchen with all of the features a real kitchen has to offer; except this kitchen set is for kids! The Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill has plenty of room for multi-child play, including an attached dining area and toy kitchen appliances that will keep kids busy for hours. This pretend play kitchen has three realistic electronic features: grill, stove top, and phone. Children can use the toy grill to cook hot dogs and hamburgers when they play make believe. The large toy sink has a swivel faucet with push button for preschoolers to pretend wash the play dishes, play food, and even their hands.“Stainless steel” toy refrigerator enhances role play by allowing kids to store their play food and accessories in the fridge. Includes a 103-pc accessory set. Great for use in an indoor playroom. ARV $259.99

What do you think? Do you have a two-year old who would love the items on this list? We’re giving away this entire set of toys to one lucky family!

If you’d like a chance to win, just enter using the Giveaway Tools entry form below. This giveaway is open to residents of the 48 contiguous US states only. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Good luck!

Disclosures: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. Thrifty Nifty Mommy, Viva Veltoro, and the participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Giveaway is open to residents of the 48 contiguous US states, age 18+. Giveaway will close at 11:59PM EST on 06/16/14. One (1) winner will be selected randomly from all eligible entries.

I feel so blessed in that I have such a great relationship with my extended family members. My mom grew up as the younger of two children. I just had a phone conversation with her brother—my uncle yesterday. I talk to my grandmother frequently, and even her dad, my great-grandpa. I know many people don’t have the chance to grow up knowing their grandparents, much less have such a great relationship with them.

I consider it a huge blessing to know where I came from, and I want my children to continue to have close relationships with their grandparents, and great-grandparents.

This is a great video blog interview with a 95-year-old great-grandpa, down to his 3-year-old great-great-granddaughter. The five of them answer the same five questions. It’s amazing how their opinions on the same simple topics and vary so greatly. Such a great idea to do with my family!A while back I mentioned a project I was so excited about, well here it is. I was blessed with the opportunity to have 5 generations of my family under one roof (mine!) for a weekend in April. I couldn’t let the moment pass without documenting it. We took plenty of photographs and video, but I wanted to create something special. I thought it would be fun to create a video time capsule, sharing some of our thoughts and opinions on life.

I wrote down five questions for each of us five to answer (there were actually 10 questions but I narrowed it down to share online). It’s amazing hearing the wisdom in the voice of my grandmother and great-grandpa, contrasting with the innocence of my daughter.

This is a great video blog interview with a 95-year-old great-grandpa, down to his 3-year-old great-great-granddaughter. The five of them answer the same five questions. It’s amazing how their opinions on the same simple topics and vary so greatly. Such a great idea to do with my family!Here are 5 interesting tidbits to note about this video:

1. We all have ‘J’ names. In case it’s not clear, John is my great-grandpa, his daughter is Joy, my mom is known in the family as Joy Lynn, I’m Jennifer Lynn, and my daughter… Well you know her as Lil’ J, but she also shares the Lynn middle name.
2. My mom comes across slightly dull in the video at times, but she’s really hilarious, and if you knew her you’d see the humor in her answer to being “funny” (without a smile on her face). She’s silly and sarcastic, and she’s sneaking it in the whole time we’re filming.
3. None of us were camera shy. I guess it runs in the family.
4. My great-grandfather is 95 and now has three great-great-grandchildren, two of them are my children, and one is my 1-year-old nice.
5. This was the first vlog for three out of the five generations. Of course the youngest two generations are already well familiar with YouTube.

I’d encourage you to reconnect with your family members. You never know when you won’t get another chance. If you can, sit down and ask them about their life and record it on video. I promise you it’ll be something you will save and cherish forever.

I also sat down with my grandmother and grandpa and interviewed them, as well as another interview with my great-grandpa and asked them about their history and life. I’ll share some of those at a later time as well as a printable for interview questions for your grandparents.

Let me know what you think, and share with your friends!

I didn’t know it at the time, but the moment I became a mother the world as I knew it was forever changed. The smell and weight of this tiny human in my arms made me feel like a new person with so much responsibility. I felt so happy. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

With my son the story was much the same. I was so excited to meet the little guy and just as quickly as he came into the picture, it felt as though he had always been a part of our lives. We had no idea he was a boy, and the huge grin on my husband’s face at the realization made the moment even more special.

They were definitely two of the best days of my life.

Fast-forward three and a half years, and the day I became a mom is a pinnacle of my life. I love the tiny people they are becoming, and feel so blessed to be their mom.

When it comes to keepsake home videos I’m in charge of making them happen for our family. In the past I’ve made some for my husband with our daughter, but I want to be sure to be in some as well.

I recorded some moments with my kids, and gave Lil’ J a little Mother’s Day interview about her mommy. Big T can’t answer the questions just yet but I didn’t want him to be left out. One of my favorite things about him is his little raspy laugh. He’s had it since he was a newborn and I can’t get enough of it. So he’s on here just doing what he does best… Being cute.  Here’s our video:

If you want to make something similar for Mother’s Day, or any other day for that matter… Here are some fun interview questions for kids:

11 interview questions to ask your kids about you. Perfect for Mother's Day or other times of the year where you want to see what they really think of you. Number 6 could get some really cute responses.

1. Describe your mom.
2. What do you love most about your mommy?
3. What is your mommy’s favorite thing to do?
4. What’s your favorite thing to do with mommy? Why?
5. What does mommy like to play with you?
6. What does mommy do that’s silly?
7. When you’re scared or sad, what does mommy do to cheer you up?
8. If you could go anywhere with mommy, where would you want to go?
9. What do you do that makes mommy laugh?
10. What does mommy do to show you she loves you?
11. Why do you love mommy?

And going a step further, I thought it would be awesome to ask my own mom questions about Motherhood and document it in my journal.

Here’s a list of 20 questions to ask YOUR mom about motherhood:

20 questions to ask YOUR mom. An awesome questionnaire to document family history or put in your journal. Number 11 would get some really interesting answers from my mom.

20 questions to ask YOUR mom. An awesome questionnaire to document family history or put in your journal. Number 11 would get some really interesting answers from my mom.I made a printable you can take and add to your journal. You can download it here.

What did you think of Lil’ J’s answers? I’m a little disappointed she only loves me to the moon (right before I started the camera she held up her fingers about two inches apart to demonstrate how much she loves me, but then outstretched her arms as far as she could to show how much I love her), but what can ya know… Kids say the darndest things.


If you’re still shopping for Mother’s Day ideas check out my eBay collection boards. I selected a variety of gift ideas, including some fun techie and journal ones that can help you make family keepsakes. Also, you can’t go wrong getting her one of these.

This was number 19 of the installment of 30 Things my kids should know about me.

Follow the link to play along and link up.

I’ve been thinking it could possibly be fun to do a “sit down and chat with you” kind of video for a bit. Not fluffs, just me, you… And my crazy kids.

Well, the kids weren’t a part of the plan initially but they totally hijacked this little video I was making sharing something exciting and a little nerve wracking. I’ve been wanting to blog about this for weeks but I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write it all out, so I thought talking about it could be easier.

Lately I’ve been all about YouTube. I love watching funny videos, hair tutorials, and everything in between. I also finally just watched the Harlem Shake. Yea… I’m a year behind.

Let me know what you think of this style of video, I may do more when the topic arises and make a little “getting to know me” or “chit chat” section of my YouTube Channel. If you hate it, let me know too. I’m not usually drawn to this type of video, but lately it’s been a fun way to “get to know” some of the people behind the channels I like.

Anyway, on to my news. If you have any advice for me please share!

Have a wonderful Easter!!

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