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I totally dropped the ball on Valentines Day this year. It’s absolutely one of my favorite holidays. Probably second only to Christmas. But I just wasn’t ready this year. I was just living in the past, pretending it was January, and wondering why it wasn’t 70 degrees yet.

Yes, here in Austin we had our fair share of winter weather (fair share for Texas, not fair compared to the rest of the country). We had a few snow days, canceled school, and temperatures in the 30s. Way too cold for my taste. I can barely function when it’s that cold. So there I was, not functioning or thinking about Valentines Day. Then BAM! It hit me, the party was tomorrow and I didn’t have any creatively awesome treats to pass out.    same-school-valentines I totally copied a friends idea which she saw on Pinterest and made a completely less than adequate version for my daughter’s class, but really, these kids are three. They’re gonna dump out the candy and throw away the rest. I was not fretting about that this year. (Plus her class right now has a ridiculous amount of kids, 14 her age, 28 total, and I was not about to slave over 28 valentines).

So the cute little saying is “So glad we’re in the same school” featuring Sweetish fish in the fish bowl… Get it?

My ink ran out after printing out the first page so I shrank the fish bowls and pushed that little color ink cartridge to its limit. For some reason the first part of the page would be in full color then the back 3/4ths were all jacked up. No idea why, but I’m guessing it has to do with the low ink warning.

same-school-valentines-2I helped Lil’ J write her name 14 times, and she sorted the fish in the baggies.

Valentines Day was nice and warm, luckily I had a cute dress for her that still fit from the year before. Did I take a picture? NO! I suck! Did I make my son a totally adorable Valentines vest with a matching bowtie? NO! I SUCK!

Totally dropped the ball.


But I did have a date night in with my husband, featuring take out and Top Gun (can you believe I’d never seen it?!) Tom Cruise was smokin’ hot.


The next morning I made heart-shaped pancakes with Lil’ J, which were also nothing like they were on Pinterest. To my defense, I used a 10-grain mix from Thrive. Super healthy, but not super easy to cook in the shape of a heart. It really didn’t matter to Lil’ J though, she thought they were way awesome and made me feel like the coolest mom ever.


Anyway, I refused to let Valentines Day go by undocumented for my little one. It’s his first one after all! So Sunday I dressed him up, and kissed him up and took pics for his “First Valentines.”


I may make some felt heart garland, a kiddie craft, and a little outfit then do it again this week. I just can’t let it go. I didn’t even Next year I’ll do better. Rain, shine or snow.


I’m not sure what my lova and I have in store to celebrate the day. We’re working opposite shifts, so we’re hoping to meet up for lunch. Otherwise, this little cutie is my Valentine this year.

We cut out hearts and taped them to the wall in my room for a little impromptu photoshoot.

And we took a few photos outside in the dress I purposely made her extra-large last year so she could fit in it again this year if I was too lazy to make a new one (ding ding!)

I noticed one of our photos turned out super cute and would work as one of those Pinteresty-valentine cards since her arms were stretched out. I photoshopped “Happy Valentines Day” sent it to the hour photo lab, got a box of suckers and exacto-knifed the heck out of them last night. TADA!

Excuse the crappy cell phone photo example.

My husband thinks giving photos of yourself for Valentines day is weird but how else will the kids know who it’s from? It’s not like they can read yet.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Lil’ J’s other pink dress is from Old Navy and her adorable necklace if from Stinkin Cute Dollhouse. I love it, and so does she. I need to get some in spring colors so she’ll be covered for next season.

Happy Valentines Day to you and yours XOXO.


Ok, so remember those cookies I shared that I pinned from Pinterest awhile back? Actually they may have been whoopie pies or something like that. I was planning to make my own version by making small heart-shaped cupcakes then smuching them together with icing, but when I bought the red velvet cake and turned the box over I saw a recipe for cream cookies so I adapted it a bit (because my lack of ingredient and skill, not because I’m cool and know how to do that) and they turned out great!

So here’s what I used:
1 Box of Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix
1 Medium Egg
1 Spoonful of vanilla extract
1/2 cup butter
1 Can of cake frosting

Baking instructions:
1. Melt the butter in the microwave. I heated and mixed about 3 times 8 seconds each time.
2. Mix the egg, cake mix, vanilla and butter together. It’s going to be SUPER SUPER sticky. Then use your hands and mix some more. Expect your hands to turn red and for it to be unbearably sticky.

3. Make it into a big ball and wrap it in plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge for at least an hour. Overnight is ok too. I left it in there for about an hour and a half.

4. Take it out of the fridge, unwrap, and flatting it out a bit, use a cookie cutter to cut out heart-shapes (or circles, or whatever you want, but I did this for Valentines Day of course so I used hearts). Place the cut outs on a greased cookie sheet (or wax paper, but I don’t have any).

5. Bake in oven on 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

6. Let cool, then spread icing on one half of the cookie and smush another half on top.


They are so yummy and were a hit at Lil’ J’s school. I’m honestly still shocked that I made these. Because I don’t do so well in the kitchen. Lil’ J on the other hand already LOVES to help. She helped me press the cookie cutter into the dough and she even handed one she made on her own to me while I was arranging them on the baking sheet (the one in the middle).

I was so behind I rushed and made her one last Valentines dress to make to school today. I used a thrifted shirt from Goodwill and some clearance fabric I had bought for the occasion. I didn’t have time to make a cute sash, but I did made a new record and finished this (with Lil’ J in my lap) in about 30 minutes flat. I’ve never put the pedal to the metal like that but we were in a hurry trying to make it to her school party.

It’s not my favorite dress I’ve made for her. I wanted to add some shirring to the bodice but didn’t have time. But it’s ok for her just wearing it once. And the top is a 3T size so perhaps next year she can wear it as a tunic top.

I took her to her class party this afternoon and my husband got off work a few hours early so we went out for an early diner date at Olive Garden, and then went to the shooting range. It was my first time shooting a gun but I didn’t do so bad.

He bought my my favorite–Chocolate covered strawberries, and there was a sweet red rose inside (of course reminding me of the episode of Once Upon a Time I just watched!!!).

So the day turned out to be a blast. Sadly I couldn’t find heart shaped cake pans (ok well I finally found one at Target but wasn’t willing to pay $30 for the stupid thing. Why does Target think they can charge so much for the same old stuff?) so I settled for the cookie cutters, but it worked out well.

I’m about to down some more strawberries then climb in to bed early. I hope you had a fantastic day. I’d love to hear about it. If you blogged it link me, or just share in the comments.
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Sorry my Makin’ Monday post is a little late this week. I was hoping to craft more last week but all I had time to make was this Valentines t-shirt dress. Here’s my t-shirt dress tutorial in case you want to make one too. I made the obi sash to match using a pattern from Dizzy LizzieBoutique. I made the matching rosette bow headband too with tulle and scrap fabric. There are lots of rosette tutorials but if you want I can do one for making something like this.
I used my ruffle foot for this dress, and it attached the ruffle while ruffling at the same time. Very cool and easy.  I’m making one more Valentines dress for her to wear to her party at school tomorrow, along with some heart-shaped cookie pies today I hope. Lil’ J is going to help me make the cookies. Surprisingly this girl loves to work in the kitchen!
Are you working on any crafts or cooking? I’m trying to get a feel for how many of my readers are domestically challenged like myself.

This will be Lil’ J’s second Valentines Day but her first one at a school. So because this is also a significant “first” I want to make it special and do the whole Valentines shebang for her class.

Good news is I have Mondays and Tuesdays off, which Valentines Eve and Valentines Day fall on this year. So it’ll give me a chance to pretend like I’m an awesome Suzie Homemaker and make treats with her, for her class.

Here are a few ideas I’ve been scoping off Pinterest:

Valentines Whoopie Pies
Happy Valentines Day for “Crayon” out loud. Vday Crayons

Kisses and Hugs Cupcakes


Lovely butterfly suckers

There’s more where that came from, and cute outfits I want to try to make on my Mini Love board. The suckers seem like they involve more drawing/writing than cooking, which is good, and it has traditional candy, but I don’t know what all of the parents will think about the candy. Cupcakes on the other hand… that’s not so bad right? And whoopie pie (is that seriously what those things are called?)! Yum! I can just picture the messy hands and smiling faces chowing down on those things. But I have a feeling it wouldn’t be the easiest to make, or shape as cute as the ones pictured.
The crayons are just perfect, and I think I’ll do that for the cute factor, and have Lil’ J help me put them in heart-shaped pans. Maybe I’ll do those and the whoopies since we’ll have a pan to make those shapes and she loves “cookin” (she says this now when we’re in the kitchen and she wants to put something in the oven. I can’t believe she’s my child).

When it comes to clothing, we’re getting there. I was hoping she’d wear Valentines outfits to school from mid-January through Valentines Day but that hasn’t quite happened. I’ve only had time to make her one dress so far so I’ve called on reinforcements.

Lil’ J’s first tutu was from Cutie Pa Tutu, and now dozens of tutus later, I still haven’t seen any made like hers. We got these this week and the first thing she said when she saw them was “BALL” (in her thick country accent it sounds more like “bawl”) cause of the the little puff balls enclosed inside the tulle.

When she walked into school wearing this her teachers squealed and said they were wondering when she was going to start showing up in all of her Valentines gear.

All she wanted to do was blow bubbles when we were outside and I couldn’t get her to set the dang thing down. She did take a break from blowing bubbles to blow me a kiss though.

SWAK Sealed With a Kiss Tutu and Lovely Lipstick Top
And of course you need to have just as much pink as you have red:

I had to take photos of her pink outfit before she wears it to school cause I’m sure she’ll come home in a mess.–Which is ok because it means she’s having fun.
Cutie Pa Tutu is having a Sweetheart Sale, so everything she’s wearing and holding (aside from the bubbles) are on sale there.
In case you’re wondering where to find it all here are links:
Sweet Pinks Pa Tutu
SWAK Sealed with a Kiss Pa Tutu
Pink Hearts Ying Yang Top
Pixy Tail Pony
Pink and Hot Pink Bow
Poofy Pom Pom Magic Wand

Pa Tutu Tights

Lipstick Love Top
Now between this and a few other things I’m working on, she should have something pink and LOVEly to wear until the 14th.
Are you loving these outfits? What are you plans for Valentines Day? Going to make something yummy or cute for school or work treats? Share the love in a comment and you’ll be entered to win a Valentine Pa Tutu Outfit w/matching wand and Pixie Tail or Bow.
Since Vday is around the corner we have to make this quick so this giveaway ends midnight Tuesday February 7th. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget (below). Good luck!

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I got home exhausted from a very long hard week of work but decided to stay up late after everyone went to bed to make a Valentine’s Day tutu dress for my daughter.

She woke up around 3am, not long after I went to bed and she had a hard time going back to sleep, probably from more teeth coming in, so I was up most of the night. This morning I ran around getting things together before our professional photo shoot.

Right before I ran out the door I grabbed a teddy bear I’ve had for exactly six years. It was the bear my husband gave me for Valentines day six years ago. “Our First Valentine” it says on the heart it holds. A perfect prop for my daughter’s first Valentine with us.

We were married two months before Valentines day, and had met just eight months prior. Things are a lot different now.

Forever Bliss Photography

I snapped a few photos myself while we were there for my 365 project, but I’m so glad I had these done. It took her a while to get into it and show us her breathtaking smile, but Mr. Teddy helped us pull out some laughs from my little girl.

Forever Bliss Photography

We put her to bed early and ordered from our favorite restaurant to go (Olive Garden). And hubs got me my favorite treats for celebrating: chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cider.

Our first Valentine with our daughter was much different than it was for us six years ago, but one thing’s for sure–There’s a lot more love going around.

Well, it’s Valentines Day. Happy Valentines Day! And I figure it’s a good time to pose a question and concern I’ve been thinking about.

As I was babysitting two young girls last night so their parents could go out and celebrate Valentines Day, I thought how grateful I am that at a drop of a hat my husband and I can do whatever… Go out, make dinner together… And so on.

I got my dog Snoop last year for Valentines Day and I noticed how having a small puppy around kind of affected… Routines we’ll say. It really bothered me. Eventually I got over it and things went back to normal but it was quite annoying at the time.
I think it’s so important to continue to have couple time together, date nights and time to… Ya know, practice making babies and stuff.

It just seems that once kids come along that priority goes to the back burner for some, or it just becomes more difficult. What in the world do you do to fix that? Get ear muffs? Sedate the kids? Drive away and leave them for a night and hope they survived through the next morning?

I was reading a parenting magazine last night (funny I know, but it was just sitting there on the table ok?) And one of the articles was about women being angry at their husbands for not helping around the house, turning off the lights, understanding their children etc. To me it just seemed a little ridiculous and like a bunch of depressed and nagging women. I don’t want that to happen to me!! I still want to be a happy woman and wife, as well as a happy mom. Some of the women complained that their husband’s drive to have a love life went down and I kind of judgmentally thought ‘Boy I wonder why!’ That article is a discussion for a whole different topic but I’ll use that part for example’s sake.
Do you try to keep date nights together? How often? Right now every night is literally like a date night with me and my Boo and I wonder if it’ll be a hard transition when we lose that one day.
This year we’re keeping the holiday low key. I want a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s, some chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite) and a movie to snuggle up and watch. What are your plans?

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