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Continuing our summer Disney movie series I am going to share about three press conferences I attended during the Toy Story 4 junket. This is part one. You can read part 2 here.

I sat in the same theater room where we screened Toy Story 4 and in walked members of the Toy Story 4 cast, including the iconic Tom Hanks, voice of Woody.

Toy story 4 characters kids review

I sat beside a new friend I met that morning. Zack, who writes for D23. We’d been geeking out about Disney news all morning and now here we were within reach of some Disney legends.

The press conference was only about 15 or 20 minutes. I didn’t even try to ask a question because, well after interviewing Oprah and meeting her at the after party, I decided I was just going to sit back and let others have their big moments. I just wanted to be present and soak it in.

I did share some tweets about the news, and snap a few photos for my instagram stories. But mostly I just enjoyed it.

I’m sure a quick google search will take you to all sorts of articles about the press conference and get you a play-by-play of the entire interview. One of my friends wrote a great one. But I wanted to focus on something that stood out from each press conference for me.

During this press conference it was Tom Hanks talking about what Toy Story means to so many of us. I shared this during the press conference and a lot of you responded to this as I did.

“Woody still is this three dimensional emotional bag that kids carry around with them,” Hank said. “What I have truly appreciated is that no matter how old you are now, when you see one of the movies, you’re the same age you were when you saw the first one. And there is not a bump, there’s not a jolt. There’s no nostalgia. Nothing ages poorly. It’s exactly as it was and sort of always will be.”

Tom Hanks Toy Story 4 interview
via Disney

This is what I tried to explain when I shared my review of Toy Story 4. It took me back to when I was 9 watching the first movie for the first time. Except this time I was beside my almost 9-year-old daughter. And it was as if we were the same age, enjoying a timeless classic.

He went on to say that it’s not just about the stories or the characters, but the emotional bond we form with them all.

“And I have always been dazzled when they have come back and said we’re going to try another one,” Hanks said.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – JUNE 08: Tom Hanks visits Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on June 08, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for Disney)

Yes, the creators were bold. They did it again. And this time, arguably better than the others.

Toy Story 4 hits theaters this weekend! June 21st. Go see it then come back and let us know what you think!

Toy story 4 movie poster

.I was going through some old papers when I stumbled upon a small notebook we’ve had for years. I opened it and flipped through the pages to see our newlywed budget from nearly 14 years ago.

My husband had an athletic scholarship for so we had a huge discount on rent, and we tried to be as frugal as we could in other ways.

from humble beginnings to dream home: interracial couple newlyweds

Even back then we were extremely aware of money. Not that we had a lot, or much at all. But we were careful not to spend more than we had, and to save what we could. Even if that was just a few dollars a month.

We would separate our money from each budget category and put the cash for the month into an envelope. When money for food was gone it was gone, and we had to eat what was already in the house until the budget reset the next month.

I created a regular meal plan for us to make sure we stayed under budget. There was Sonic 5 burgers for $5 night. We split that third burger, and we rarely splurged on fries.

There was $5 pizza night. And we ate a lot of ramen noodles and grilled cheese.

At the end of the month whatever was left over we could use as fun money, or save.

I remember being so excited when I’d saved enough to buy us our first couch–A futon from the local thrift store. It was no more than $40.

The first automatic payment I set up was to ourselves… A $75 auto draft from our checking account to our savings account. We still have it set up to this day.

Though we no longer use envelopes, and our food budget is much larger than $150, we’ve continued to live by the same disciplines for years. Living below what we make. Saving everything we can.

I think part of that had to do with having a scarcity complex.–Being so worried we would run out of money.

When we transferred schools, lost our rent discount and were both finishing school. We applied for any job we could get, and we were excited when we both got on campus jobs as custodians. Excited to earn on the “higher end of pay”–Something like $7/hr. We earned and saved extra money by donating blood plasma on a regular basis–Two to three times a week, or as much as they allowed. The cookies and juice at the plasma center were a midday meal I looked forward to.

How a leap of faith brought us together and made me believe some things may be fate.

There were times where both of us had jobs, just one of us had a job, and for some scary moments when neither of us were working.

We learned to live extremely conservatively. And as our salaries increased, our lifestyle, for the most part, stayed the same.

Afraid that something could go wrong and we may not always be able to afford a car payment, we saved and paid cash for our cars (except one time, and after that we said never again).

We use credit cards for rewards points but pay them off every single month. And we try our best to live off one income, and save the other.

Discipline is doing what you want. Even when you don't want to. Click To Tweet

When I set out for the goal of finding our dream home I was dumbstruck by the prices of what we wanted. It seemed unwise to set a goal so high. Especially when we were used to spending so much less. And I didn’t want to be “house poor.”–Where we’re barely able to afford our home, much less anything else to go with it.

But I thought what if we saved enough to pay for a lot of it up front… That would change everything.

Our payments would be comfortable.  And we’d prove to ourselves that we are able to afford our dream and continue to live off similar monthly bills.

We were paying extra on our current home, and those extra payments, along with fees on another property (we’ve since sold) add up to a similar monthly expense.

I did a lot of math and discovered that saving to put half down would be that magic number. To upgrade our home but not our bills.

Now we’re less than three weeks away from closing. Almost across the finish line. We will spend one last Christmas in our beautiful house where we’ve made a home, then ring in a new year at our new place.

It still doesn’t feel real. I don’t know if that feeling will hit once we sign on the dotted line, or when the moving truck pulls away. But those cute college students who split a third cheeseburger every Monday night have gone so much further than I’d ever dreamed. And I’m so proud of them.

How about a good old fashioned journal entry today. It’s been a minute right? I’ve been trying to share more of my useful thoughts lately but sometimes you just need to brain dump. And I think there’s something to be said about recording an experience when you’re right in the middle of it, unknowing how everything is going to turn out.

So this week is kind of a big deal. There are three major “what ifs” up in the air. Which is funny because I’m literally on an airplane right now trying to write this post from my phone while the service is decent. So excuse any forthcoming typos. I’ll edit this tonight.

I’m heading out on one more trip before this baby arrives. This morning I’m going to California for the Mom 2.0 blog summit. It’s one of those things I was planning on going to, then not planning on going to (hello Sneaky!) then finally last minute decision to yes, still go.

I’m helping present the blog award for Best Photography at the Iris Awards ceremony, and I’m up for a couple of awards myself. I’m just so freaking grateful to be nominated that I knew I couldn’t NOT go and experience this, win or lose.

You’d think being up for Blog of the Year would be enough excitement for one week, but there’s even more going on.

Remember operation dream house? Well in just a month we’ve had some crazy developments. The thing is, one I get an idea in my head, I’m like a freight train–Impossible stop.

My husband is a bit more of a stop and go kind of guy. Gas, break, gas, break, reverse.

Much to my surprise he agreed to entertain my dream house initiative IF and only if I managed to secure a significant down payment, and got rid of our condo.

We’ve owned a condo in Utah for 11 years and it’s been a thorn in his side almost the entire time. You know, one of those things you look back on and go “yea, I kinda wish we hadn’t done that.” I don’t like the word regret, and I was really trying to turn that situation into a positive: Renting it out. Considering paying it off and having it as an option when our kids went to college.

I was fine hanging on to it. By as soon as that became an object in the way of my new plan, I was ready to cut ties. On the phone with a realtor the next day and giving our tenants their 30 days notice.

“I’ll handle it,” I told him. And handle it I have.

Meanwhile I have been browsing homes in our area. I did my own browsing but nothing for sale even remotely caught my attention. I stumbled upon a home that sold in a neighborhood I liked about a year ago. While doing some research on how that sale went down I found out it was sold by one of the moms from my daughters cheer squad.

I was subconsciously aware that she was a realtor but until now it hadn’t struck me as an *ah ha!*

I tried to do some undercover investigating and casually ask some questions at practice about homes specifically in our area “is that something y’all specialize in? I mean like, could y’all know about stuff going up first?”

The thing is we are in no rush to move, but I wanted to keep an eye on the market, and if the perfect place appeared be aware and possibly ready.

I picked the realtor and she’d send me houses and we’d check them out and I was like “meh…” Some places really caught my attention online but left me underwhelmed.

During this time my husband began to come around. The wheels were in motion for our condo to sell and the idea of moving was sounding less and less impossible.

The thing was the more houses I saw, whether online or in person, the more I worried about if and when my dream house would appear. Houses that I could kinda sorta maybe consider went under contract the next day. So it seemed as though I’d have to decide fast and if you’ve ever seen me at the grocery store debating toothpaste you know I can’t decide ANYTHING quickly.

Our realtor suggested we check out a new neighborhood development with acreage lots slightly further than I was looking. I threw the idea out at my husband and he grew more excited than I’d ever seen him. There was a spec home for sale that he really liked. But when I went and saw it, while I loved many things about it it didn’t feel like THE one.

Is that even a thing?

Is finding a house like finding a husband? Would I know without a doubt that was the house for us?

The kitchen was too large (I know, I’m the only woman in the world who would say such a thing) and the bonus room upstairs was smaller than I wanted. And the fourth bedroom was upstairs away from the rest of the rooms in the house. It was close, but not perfect. And I wasn’t disappointed when I saw it went under contract.

We saw a few more homes and debated just buying an acre or two of land to build on in a year or so and find a custom builder. But the idea of designing a house from scratch, was one part thrilling and three parts terrifying.

Remember me… Ms. Indecisive. I imagined the emotional breakdowns with an architect. No, that wouldn’t work.

On a whim I mentioned the other builder in this neighborhood to my realtor and said I’d like to go by and just pick up some information. They have lots of cute homes but none were quite speaking to me. But some had potential.

Long story short I was interested in one but the building realtor pointed out another that started at a lower base point and with the potential to add more rooms upstairs. We passed on it initially because it didn’t appear to come with a third car garage. Once we realized it did I was sold. Then once I found out I could add some space upstairs and stay within budget I was officially in love.

I had found the one.

Things have been touch and go since then. Choosing a lot, submitting offers, waiting on answers, submitting counters.

Not everyone is made for this type of back and forth. There have been a couple times my husband has wanted to pump the breaks or flip us around all together. But the thing is, you can’t give me the green light and allow me to go 90 on the freeway then suddenly pull the emergency break. No my dear, we are going for the finish line.

So now we wait. I’m at a crossroads this week waiting for answers.

Thanks to an incredible realtor, we had two offers on our condo before even listing it on the MLS. Its inspection is this morning. Results from that will determine if we can really close this deal as quickly as we hope. Which will in turn give us the full confidence to move forward with what I really believe is our dream house.

I’m currently waiting to hear an offer back from the builders on our counter offer and praying that all works out the way it’s supposed to (which hopefully is with us living in it).

And finally, I’m waiting to see if I bring home an award for the heart and hard work I’ve put into this blog. But with everything else up in the air at the moment, this would just be the cherry on top.

By the end of this week I’ll have a lot of answers and by golly I’m hoping they’re good ones! Wish me luck.

I’m a list-maker. I love making vision boards, setting new year’s resolutions, and other ambitious goals. So when Juicy Juice expressed interested in sponsoring my thoughts on a summer bucket list I naturally said yes. All opinions are our my own, but I may have gotten some awesome ideas from my friends in our #Cherish365 group.

How to make a family summer bucket list.

I decided we should make a summer bucket list because while we have the best intentions and so many ideas of what we’d like to do, executing those things is another story. I used to look forward to my husband’s days of because it meant we would spend time together and get to do something fun. Lately I look forward to his days off because it means I can get some uninterrupted work done while he goes out with the kids. Problem is I miss my husband, and I wish I was there for the fun too. We were each taking turns doing things with the kids, but rarely all doing them together. It was time for us to make a list, and get to crossing them off.

We each wrote down some of the things we want to do this summer. Here’s most of what we’ve come up with so far:

-Go kayaking
-Visit a water park
-Go on a family bike ride
-Have a picnic
-Ride a train
-Collect and create art rocks
-Have a family Disney Movie Night
-Have a water balloon fight
-Go to movies in the park
-Volunteer together
-Family workout
-Make our own drink umbrellas
-Build a fort
-Go out to eat together
-Make popsicles
-Stop the ice cream truck
-Have 3 date nights (sans kids)
-Take family photos
-Build a fort
-Sleep in

How to make a family summer bucket list.

You can pretty much guess who wrote each one. My husband and the kids love their water balloon fights in the backyard. They’re usually on the trampoline. I’ll join in now and then but I’m usually off limits cause I’m holding the camera (see my strategy?). I’ll refill the balloons or during their breaks bring them water or some Juicy Juice Splashers which are a 50/50 blend of fruit juice and filtered water.

How to make a family summer bucket list.

My kids aren’t adventurous at all so some of these things will really be a stretch for us. Like kayaking for example. I am all about trying the “firsts” together. There’s a great lake in Austin that my husband and I kayaked on with Snoop before we had kids. I’d love to take our kids to try the same. On the same trip we can have a picnic and ride a train and all of us will be happy.

Movie nights are an easy one, but movie nights in the park will be new. It’s been something I’ve wanted to go to for years, but I keep forgetting to execute. And some of the other goals are already in the works.

I also love this idea to take a park crawl:

What’s on your summer bucket list?

How to make a family summer bucket list.I’m teaming up with Juicy Juice this to share our family adventures and inspire others to enjoy family time this summer. All Juicy Juice products are made from real juice, with sweetness that comes only from the fruit and no added sugar. My kids love it and I feel good about it. All opinions are mine and my family’s.


Disclosure: I’m a sponsored Align Influencer, but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure

Ok, now I’m a believer.

When I first heard about daily probiotics I thought it was some kind of vitamin.

‘Sure, I’ll try it!’ I thought. I’m all for getting in vitamins, all the A D and Cs

But when I investigated the package I quickly realized these were not vitamins.

Probiotic are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health. Particularly your digestive system.

“Right!” I said to myself. “I’ve heard of this kind of stuff in some yogurts.”

I set it aside and told myself I’d come back to it later. This seemed like something for old people to use, or people with stomach issues. Not something I needed.

The New Year hit and one of my goals is to better myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. From drinking more water, exercising a few times a week, learning piano, meditating, finding better makeup for myself, taking better care of my skin—it’s been an interesting process.

A couple of weeks ago I tried a Dead Sea facemask for the first time (loved it). I’ve also started setting alarms throughout the day to remind myself to chug a glass of water. Most recently I decided to give probiotics a try.

Ya’ll, I kid you not, I have noticed a difference from the probiotics. I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t believe it. With all my recent travel I have been getting jet lagged and I have been getting airplane bloat (really, this is a thing I recently Googled when I swore I was looking pudgier after my flights). All of the stress of getting behind on work, keeping up with homeschool, and crazy ambitions like starting a daily vlog… They all catch up to me and effect my body.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial… I started taking Align and I noticed a difference. I don’t feel bloated and I feel like my stomach insides are all functioning properly. I dig it.

Have you ever tried a probiotic? 

Align is the #1 Doctor and Gastroenterologist recommended probiotic brand‡. It fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7*§. Only Align contains B. infantis 35624, a unique, patented probiotic strain.

There is also Align Jr. which comes from the same makers and has no artificial sweeteners and no artificial colors and with continued daily use, helps fortify kids’ digestive systems with a unique healthy bacteria 24/7* with their tasty chewable tablets for kids 6-12 and is great for kids when they are adjusting to new or stressful schedules as well.

Align partnered with bloggers, such as me, to get the word out about its great product benefits. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. Align believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Align’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

ǂ Among gastroenterologists and doctors who recommended a brand of probiotic in an AlphaImpactRx 2016 Survey.

“It worked mama!” My daughter exclaimed. “I saw a ladybug and I wished on it and my wish came true!”

She told me she wished to learn how to ride her bike that afternoon. On two wheels that is.

How many more firsts will I get with my kids?

We set out to check the mail. My son asked if he could bring his bike–A balance bike. And my daughter wanted to bring hers too.

My husband took the training wheels off of it a couple of weeks ago, but they hadn’t had much time to practice together.

“Do you want to teach her?” I had asked him. “It’s sort of one of those Daddy right of passages.”

“Yea, I’ll teach her!” He said.

But we had a few cold days, followed by a family vacation and then he was back to work. I wasn’t sure how likely it was she’d actually master the process in a day but what the heck, it was worth a shot. Or we could at least get some practice in.

She tiptoed on her bike a half a mile to the playground. She felt discouraged on the way there because every time she tried to lift her legs and pedal she’d quickly lose her balance.

“It’s much harder to learn on this uneven sidewalk,” I told her. “Just wait until we get to the playground and have more space.”

The sidewalks have cracks, bumps, uneven areas and cars blocking the way. It was a challenging course for any rider.

Once we reached the playground her brother tossed off his helmet and ran to the slides. I asked Lil’ J if she wanted to play or keep practicing and she said she wanted to keep trying to ride her bike.

I ran down the sidewalk with her two, three, four times. Each time she went a little further. She crashed and burned a couple of times but she’d get back up, determined to try again.

Finally, after about six runs I gave her an initial push but let her take it from there. She didn’t stop. I ran behind her to the end of the sidewalk cheering her on. She pedaled backwards and came to a stop and I gave her a high five. She beamed with pride.

She did it a few more times and once she got comfortable I took out my camera to take pictures of the occasion.

How many more firsts will I get with my kids?How many more firsts will I get with my kids?How many more firsts will I get with my kids?

As I watched her determination and tried to capture the moment as best as I could, I noted the date–February 18th, also my brother’s birthday–My daughter learned how to ride her bike. She balanced on two wheels for the first time.

Then it struck me… Her firsts are slowing down. Her first smile, first word, first steps, first time using the potty, first day of school… They’re all behind us. How many more will we have?

Not many.

So we celebrated. I told her this was a big deal in need of a treat and we went out for ice cream.

Losing her first tooth, first daddy/daughter dance, her picking up a book to read for her own leisure, first tryouts, first time driving a car… There are more to look forward to but I can sense they’re slowing down. I don’t want them to end or become less sweet.

I don’t know how many more “firsts” will have her jumping up and down with excitement or pining for ice cream. But I know I’m going to cherish each one.

Fun ways to celebrate your kid's milestones so you can remember and cherish forever.

I’m sharing this story in partnership with Align. See below for additional disclosure.

I have a thing for challenges. Challenges are like a fun competition where everyone wins. In December we did an acts of kindness “challenge” where every day we did a random act of kindness for someone.

We have a photo a day challenge I mostly put on myself, but now that my daughter has her own camera maybe I’ll have her join in. We also have a very ambitious 365 books challenge we’re working on. I’m pinning down a few more ideas for us to try this year. Here’s what I have in mind:

1 . Family workout
My husband is easily the most fit person in our family, and daily workouts are his thing. He often encourages us to join him. My kids love it. Me on the other hand–I sometimes have to be drug into the garage to play along. A family workout challenge would be healthy and fun for everyone to complete.

2. Try something new
It’s so easy to get caught in the day to day routines. From trying a new food, restaurant, sport or skill–Busting out of the ordinary and trying something new together has the potential to be a really fun challenge.

3. Daily Probiotic
I’ve been reading more about probiotics and another great challenge idea is to take a daily family probiotic like Align and Align Jr. which can help support digestive health.*

Align Jr. comes from the makers of Align, the #1 Doctor and Gastroenterologist recommended probiotic brand‡. Align Jr. has no artificial sweeteners and no artificial colors and with continued daily use, helps fortify kids’ digestive systems with a unique healthy bacteria 24/7* with their tasty chewable tablets for kids 6-12.

4. Daily letters
With homeschool my daughter does a lot of handwriting practice (we call it copywriting). She’s usually copying classic poetry but I think it could be fun to take a detour and write letters to friends and relatives. From thank-you notes, to birthday wishes and “thinking of you” cards and pen pals… This is a challenge that could last a while.

Deciding home school5. Daily Gratitude
We love doing this around Thanksgiving but it’s been something I’ve wanted to try to implement more often through the year. In the morning over breakfast, or at night before bed, just jotting down some of the things we’re grateful for. Recognizing your blessings and expressing gratitude tends to keep me feeling happier all the time.

We’re a family that loves to play and challenge ourselves. That’s why I partnered with Align on this post.

ǂ Among gastroenterologists and doctors who recommended a brand of probiotic in an AlphaImpactRx 2016 Survey.

Align partnered with bloggers, such as me, to get the word out about its great product benefits. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. Align believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Align’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

I’m a sucker for magic and now I get to relive it all through my children’s eyes.

I mentioned before how I was anti-elf but have was sortof tricked into doing it. Now I actually kind of enjoying it. I’m still not one of those creative-Elf-placers. I simply move it from one spot to the next–But the excitement on my kids’ faces every morning when they find her (yes, even my son seems to be into it now!) has me on board.

I love the spirit of joy and giving all season long. I love hot chocolate and Christmas movies and music. And I love our quirky traditions. We have at least three weird family Christmas traditions.

One is getting pictures with Santa. But not just the Mall Santa–Though we still do that too sometimes–But full-on photoshoots with the jolly old fellow. We’ve done pictures with Jackie Willome four times now. The kids have a blast and I always love how they turn out. Next year I ought to video the experience.


So I have to explain this one. They were told to “pretend to be naughty” Lil’ J struck her pouty face and Big T tried his best to stick his tongue out. It’s a different side of my kids you usually don’t see here on my blog. I’ve actually never seen him stick his tongue out but he’s pretty good at jumping off of things and driving me up the wall. Lil’ J’s stank face is pretty accurate. The next few photos are more on the “nice” side.







This year it was so funny because Big T knew who he was but didn’t know what to think of him. He kept grinning and staring at him. He seemed to dig it though, he wasn’t afraid of him like he was a few years ago:

sad with santa
Another quirky tradition we have is our dollar store gift exchange. Every year about a week or so before Christmas we go to the Dollar Tree and sneak around the aisles, shopping for one another. This is something my family started when I was a kid and we’ve continued it since getting married.

We still exchange with my sisters and mom, and whoever is in town for the holiday. It’s evolved into a white elephant gift for some, but I still try to pick gifts I think they’d like and use. My husband usually winds up with several back warmers or energy drinks.


When we get home we hide in different parts of the house to wrap the gifts. I took the kids outside on the trampoline to get a head start on some of their wrapping. If it’s as warm as it was today on Christmas we may have to open some gifts outside.


And finally, a tradition my husband’s family had that we’ve continued with our kiddos is opening one gift on Christmas Eve–The gift being new pajamas. We adapted the “matching” pajamas part to being just cute PJs that fit each of our personalities. When they were younger they were footies, but now it’s anything from a princess gown to a basketball uniform. I’m kinda digging the onesies still… For them, not me.


There’s still a lot to do, and a lot of good to spread but I’m so excited for Christmas. I’m not ready, but I’m excited. It’s a magical time of year and I’m so lucky to spend it with these quirky family of mine.

Do you have any family holiday traditions? I’d love to hear them!

*Earlier this year we partnered with Springfree Trampoline to share some of our fun family traditions. From summer fun to holiday traditions. We’ve had a blast on ours and I’ve loved the fact that it’s the world’s safest trampoline. There’s still time to order one in time for Christmas!

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