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All month Lil’ J and I have been talking about what we are thankful for. It’s a beautiful thing hearing those words come out of her mouth.

Our children are tiny sponges ready to soak up knowledge about the world. The better we do at our job of teaching them, the better the world can become.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are officially Texas homeowners and I’m so blessed and excited. This picture was taken just before it was finished. Of course you’ll be seeing lots more inside this place soon.


Nothing like good friends you can text any time about anything, call when you need a last minute favor, or pick up where you left off even after months, weeks, or years without talking.

I’m so thankful for my many friendships. I don’t know what I’d do without my buddies.

friendsThis is me with two of my best friends: Allisa and Brittani, taken by another best friend: Taylor.


I an truly thankful for the power of prayer. Whether for comfort, guidance, forgiveness, or assistance; prayer is something I can’t live without. I can physically feel a difference in my life when I’m praying constantly, or when I’m lacking, and the more I pray, the closer I feel to my Father in Heaven, and the clearer everything seems.Toddler and baby prayingI’m trying to teach my children about its power and blessing. My prayers are answered constantly, and I am grateful to have that speed-dial connection with Him.

I may be going out on a limb here but…

Me + sparkling cider + 9pm = Gratitude.

Now that I get less time to myself I don’t take it for granted.

My husband is hunky, my kids are cool, but the time between them going to bed and him coming home is what helps me keep it together. When many women would be sitting down for a glass of wine, I have my fake wine. It may just be a placebo effect but whatever, it does the trick.

fake wineSo whether curling up with a good book or watching some Scandal, when you’re a busy woman, a few moments alone every once in a while is something to be thankful for.

Can I get an amen?

“What are you grateful for?” I asked my three-year-old one afternoon as we rode home in the car.

“What’s grateful for?” she asked me in return. She’s always practiced good manners and learned how to give thanks in prayer, but I don’t think I had ever asked her that questions specifically before.

So teaching gratitude to kids… Preschoolers even. How’s it done?

Lil’ J will talk my ear off non-stop about anything and everything on her mind. I decided it was time for a basic lesson in gratitude, in a simple and fun way that she’d understand, doing what she does best… Talking it out.

Gratitude-jar_0041-copyGratitude-jar_0036-copyI cut up some strips of construction paper and wrote questions about gratitude. Questions like:

Who are you grateful for?
How can we show others we are thankful?
What dessert are you most thankful for?
Why is it nice to show our gratitude?

And so on. I put them in a mason jar and we played a little “game” asking each other the questions.gratitude jar gameI’ve continued to spend a little time having these types of discussions throughout the day so she can begin to learn what these words mean, and maybe… Learn ways to be more gracious.

We took turns asking each other questions, and her responses were so adorable I decided we should save some of her answers.

There are a gazillion awesome gratitude crafts out there but she can’t write just yet, and I wanted to get her answers in her own voice… Literally. So after dinner, before stories and by her bedside lamp, I recorded her. This may be something I do every year with my kids to see how their responses vary over time.

She’s adorable, no?

And because I know someone will ask, no, I did not make her dress. I bought it from Adelaide’s Boutique. Yes, I’m thankful for them too.

Have you spoken to your kids about gratitude? 

I should have mentioned that this list is in no particular order. In real life my dog definitely does not come before my sexy husband. But today is his birthday, so I thought it would be appropriate to express my gratitude for this wonderful man on his day.

Multiracial familyHere are 10 reasons I can’t live without him:

1. He can’t stand to see me cry, and will always try to make me laugh when I’m feeling down. He does the same thing with our daughter.
2. He never forgets to kiss me goodbye.
3. He’s a great listener.
4. He’s compassionate.
5. He loves providing for our family.
6. He’s loyal.
7. No matter my pregnancy status, he will always oblige and get my latest craving.
8. He supports my dreams.
9. He’s a goofball.
10. He’s my best friend.

We’ve been married almost nine years and this guy still manages to make me happier than anyone or anything. Out of everything I’m grateful for, I take him most for granted, and I want to get better at that. With two kids and busy work schedules, it’s easy to get comfortable and harp on everything you see wrong, instead of focusing on everything you love. I need to let him know how much I truly appreciate him, and keep doing the things I know he appreciates.

I’m thankful for this amazing man in my life, who is a fantastic husband and father, and continues to support me and put up with all of my shenanigans.

thankful for my husband

His face rarely graces the pages of this blog… Mostly because he forbids it,(and hates photographs). But after some sweet talking he let me share his sexiness with the world. So soak it all in while you can ladies, it may be a while before I catch him again.

Happy birthday Boo! And even though you’re #5 on my blog, you’re #1 in my heart.

#Thirtythankfuls #4: My Pup Snoop.


little girl and dog
This may come as a surprise to the people who have known me a while and know how much I used to rave about Snoop before I had kids, or to people who are like “Wait, she has a dog? Why doesn’t she ever mention him?”

Truth is, he’s kinda been just in the background lately. But I’m thankful for him, because despite my neglect, and his severe fall from grace, he’s still the most loving, sweet dog I’ve ever met. By far the best dog I’ve ever had in my entire life, and I’m grateful for him.Snoop-and-Ty_0029-copyBig T has just “woken up” to notice him more lately and I know they will just be all over each other once he starts crawling. He already strains to get close to him when he sees him, and Snoop is the gentlest with both kids, despite occasional tugging, squeezes, and horseplay.  102713_0008-bw-copy102713_0012-bw-copySnoop-and-Ty_0033-copySnoop-and-Ty_0026-copySnoop-and-Ty_0038

Even though I don’t pay him as much attention as I used to, he still gives me a “puppy pedicure” when I get home and licks my feet and toes.–You may find that disgusting but it’s really quite delightful.

Snoop, my first baby and last dog… I love you!


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