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Macy's Maternity Fashion

“You know what mom?” My daughter started as she was trying on different styles of shoes. “If I had to choose, I would pick comfort over pretty.” Wise words from my 7-year-old. Hmm, I wonder where she gets it from.

In the bottom right corner of my vision board I have the word “style” glued above a couple of photos of celebrity moms with their kids. I’ve always been a comfort over style kind of gal but recently I made a decision to make an effort to go for both. Funny that I get that sudden urge when I’m six months pregnant but hey, gotta jump on it when inspiration strikes.

With my other two pregnancies I got by wearing my regular clothes and stretching my cotton tops out a bit. Or used that good old hair tie around the button trick so I could keep wearing my regular jeans all nine months. A long tank top over unzipped pants got the job done too. But this time, I’m doing something I’ve never done before, and I’m buying maternity clothes.

Now and then I’ll debate a new top, shoes or an outfit on my Instagram stories, and I’ve gotten lots of tips for comfortably cute that way. Just as I was getting into this, Macy’s reached out about trying some of their popular maternity lines I’m sure you’re familiar with: Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod. If you’ve been here a while you know I’m not what you’d call a style blogger. But it was really fun getting together with my little sister and photographer in training to take some photos of my new looks. Ok, ready to see some of what I’m wearing so far? Don’t laugh at my attempt at modeling. I totally went for it.

Macy's Maternity Fashion

Macy's Maternity Fashion

Macy's Maternity Fashion

Macy's Maternity Fashion

Macy's Maternity Fashion

The Motherhood Maternity line is fun and appeals to my comfort level a little more. I bought my first ever pair of REAL maternity jeans (you know, the kind with the stretchy fabric at the top) and I can finally see what all the hype was about. I got a couple of simple tops with ruching on the sides to go with them. The polkadot and coral-colored shirt are from the A Pea in the Pod line. The blue top is by Motherhood Maternity. Cute jeans, stretchy top, throw on a necklace and instantly I’ve upgraded from my yoga pants and baggy t-shirt to a similarly comfortable but much more stylish ensemble.

My favorite picks are the dresses because then I don’t have to take the time to choose a top and a bottom. They’re so comfortable and perfect in the Texas heat. This floral maxi dress is my absolute favorite choice this month. It’s A Pea in the Pod brand and it’s totally chic. I’ll include all links at the bottom!

This other floral dress is more form-fitting but it’s lightweight and super comfy. Also by Motherhood Maternity. All of these looks from Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod can be found in Macy’s maternity department in-stores and online.

As I went through these pictures with my sister I was so glad I did this.–The shopping and the photoshoot. I’m eight years older than I was during my first pregnancy. I’m 32! Ack! I look and feel much more mature. I’m wearing my hair in its big beautiful state, and you can see some of my pesky grey hairs. But funny enough, it’s exactly the age I thought I would be when I had my first baby. The age I decided was “perfect.” And here I am, having Sneaky, my third child.

I’m trying to be mindful that this is exactly the place I’m suppose to be right now, and to be present and enjoy it. Now that I’m past the initial shock, I’m letting myself savor the pregnancy. I’m taking time to stop and enjoy the little kicks, and I’m having fun styling my bump in clothes that were made for this stage of life.

Do you like what I picked? What’s your favorite?

Motherhood Maternity v-neck top
Pea in the Pod scoop-necked polkadot shirt
Pea in the Pod coral ruched shirt
Motherhood Maternity skinny maternity jeans
Motherhood Maternity floral dress
Pea in the Pod maxi dress

I’m not a style blogger by any means, but I am a practical woman who happens to have just had a baby five weeks ago. I’m dying to get back into my pre-baby clothes, if for no other reason than I don’t want to have to buy new sizes in everything.

A little over a month ago I was contacted by BLANQI to do a review on their new, more affordable line coming to Target stores. It’s called Bumped by BLANQI. The line features maternity and postpartum tanks that support your belly, or slim the post-baby curves.

I wasn’t brave enough to put on a sports bra and leggings and dance around for a photo demo, but I found a lovely model to do it for me.

I was brave enough to put on normal clothes and put a little make up on.

I have other maternity/postpartum tanks and honestly, I can’t get enough of them. So I was excited to try this one out and tell you about it. First, to explain what I think of it I’m going to compare it to other types of shirts I have with similar results in mind:

-I have a maternity/postpartum tank that stretches long to cover up zippers that may or may not be buttoned/zipped.

-I have belly bands that do the same thing, and maybe a bit of belly slimming, but they aren’t tank tops that go all the way up the back.

-I have nursing tanks that unsnap when I’m feeding my baby, but they aren’t real long or stretchy.

Capri jeans: Old Navy; Necklace: Banana Republic; Cami: c/o Bumped by BLANQI

The Bumped by BLANQI cami is sort of like the best of all of these. The cami swoops down below the bust line, (“low ridin”)so there’s no need to unsnap both your cami and your nursing bra. It’s long and stretchy, so even though I appear to be fitting in my pre-pregnancy size 4s, no one knows they aren’t actually buttoned or zipped. … Well, now you do.

The cami also helps me “suck it in” for pictures, without actually having to suck it in, in a good way. I mean, it’s slimming, but not restricting. It’s also very breathable, and it has a nice stay-dry design.

Big T’s Romper: Baby GAP (via consignment); Lime onesie: Baby GAP (via consignment)

Overall it’s really comfortable, and I honestly wear it almost every day. In fact, I am ordering another one in black. For just $34.99 it’s worth it for a new wardrobe staple. And since I’ll be nursing my little guy for at least a year (maybe two) it’ll come in handy when we’re out and about.

I recorded a video so you can see how it works. Big T told be he wanted to be in it but then he fell asleep right before we hit record (I didn’t bore him to death I swear). I haven’t done a video review in a long time so I was a bit rusty, my husband was uninterested, and I still haven’t managed my postpartum blog/life balance during daylight hours. All that is to say… Don’t judge.

The only criticism I have, which comes with a lot of tops made of this material, is sometimes it rolls up and doesn’t stay stretched out flat, depending what I’m wearing. It’s pretty flawless with jeans, but sometimes with yoga pants or workout clothes it’ll roll up. Still, not bad enough to keep me from buying another.

BLANQI makes two types of camis:

Both camis come in either ivory or black.

And now here’s your chance to win:

I’m giving away a BUMPED by BLANQI maternity or postpartum nursing/smoothing cami in black or ivory (your choice!), and a $25.00 Target gift card to one lucky reader. All you have to do is enter in the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Big thanks to BLANQI for sending me a cami to try out and for sponsoring this giveaway. Opinions are all mine.

I made Lil’ J a couple of St. Patrick’s Day outfits this week. A ruffle mini skirt which I need to take some photos of this weekend, and a t-shirt dress.

I added some green ruffles and buttons to the dress and decided instead of adding the clover fabric as the hem ruffle, to add it as a belt, so after the holiday we can take it off, and she can still wear the dress all spring.

I took a bunch of photos of her wearing it on our bus ride but sadly, those were lost, along with a few hundred others thanks to a crappy card reader. Anyway, she spilled water on her dress before these pictures so forgive the wrinkles.

Her bows are from Little Trends Boutique.

What were your kids sporting this week? Link up your mini mod post below and show them off!

Also, in an effort to bring my sexy back, I’m trying to stock up on modestly-hot women’s dresses. Shabby Apple is one of my favorite places to get them.

One of my readers will win a Spanish Steps Shabby Apple dress. Use the raffle copter widget in this post to enter. If you can’t see it, click on the title of this post so your page will refresh and you’ll see it. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mini Mod

(Highlight and Ctl+C to copy)

Dress and reversible Capelet c/o a La Modish

Holy smokes!! Happy 11-11-11!

This week it got into the 60s, so I got a little excited and busted out some winter wear. I’m in love with this houndstooth dress and caplet. I liked it before trying it on her, and I contemplated saving it for her to wear in December around Christmas time but once I put it on her I realized I couldn’t wait. Since the caplet is reversible she can wear this a few times and it’ll at least look different.

It’s totally inspired me to try to step outside of the box when it comes to sewing. So far I’ve used lightweight cotton print fabrics but I can try even more with corduroy (which I typically am not a huge fan of but this has turned me into a believer) and other fun fabrics I’m just now discovering.

I can’t go crazy though because I already have tons of fabric I need to make dresses out of before I move on. I’m finding it’s fun to buy and fun to make but my desire to consume is faster than my desire to create. But I have created 8 dresses in the past month or so which isn’t too bad.

This dress she’s wearing is from a La Modish, which seriously has some of the most GORGEOUS boutique clothing I have ever seen. No joke. Matilda Jane has nothing on this store. If I could produce something this gorgeous I’d be tempted to quit my job and just make her things like this all day. But I can’t, so I’ll keep working and save for one every now and then.

You can also use code “BABYMAKER” to get 20% off your entire order from now to Thanksgiving. They have a great sales rack, but I have my eye on the Flower Fields and Plum Rose dress, one of them may end up being my daughter’s Christmas dress.

Now I  want to get a little caplet for myself. Look how Lil’ J is stylin like the stars!


What were your little ones sporting this week? Link up and show them off because I’d love to see!

Mini Mod

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I smell…

Like a sexy mama.

I’m not really into fragrances. I hadn’t bought a perfume in ages. Partly because I was afraid it would hurt Lil’ J’s nose or something and partly because I just couldn’t find one I like.

In college I loved Abercrombie NOW. I never shopped at the store but I was turned on to that fragrance by a roommate. Then it got discontinued.

I tried different scents from the typical Clinque Happy, Lucky, and even tried some celebrity perfumes like JLo Glow. Yuck, yuck yuck! I don’t like powdery, or too-sweet scents.

Take me to a cologne counter and I’ll fall in love with most of the scents. I love Ralph Lauren Polo, and Black. One sniff of Aqua DiGio and I’m off in la la land. Probably because it’s my husband’s favorite.

But meet me at the perfume counter and I can’t find a single scent I like.

I did like a Mary Kay Bella Belara perfume for a hot second. But not enough to keep buying it. It’s was pretty and classy but not quite what I was looking for. I settled for mists and inexpensive stuff from Bath and Body Works. You know right out the gate what Japanese Cherry Blossom is gonna smell like if you’ve been using the shower gel.

In comes Express. I was at the store grabbing some new editor pants since Snoop decided to chew up my long-lasting pair. I grabbed my size as quickly as possible, and while I waited for the cashier to ring me up, I sprayed some of the perfume that was sitting there. A feeling of sexiness washed over me.

MINE! I thought. But it was like 50 bucks! (I don’t spend that kind of money on myself these days… Well, besides the $70 pants I was buying).

I had some questions about my Express credit card that was stolen and waited while the cashier called to get some stuff figured out. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this but also kinda not–When he turned around I grabbed the bottle of perfume again and sprayed it like 3 more times. I know it was totally overboard but I wanted to make sure I could have my husband smell it when I got home and I wanted some of the scent to still be there.

The cashier looked over his shoulder at me, probably thinking I was trying to pack something in my bag real fast because I was moving pretty fast and looking awful suspicious. Really, I was spraying free samples all over myself.

I noted the name “Love EXPRESS.”

Got home, husband approved. And I ordered the 1.7oz bottle online via eBay for a discount. It came it today and smells just as I remembered. I’m not sure if it makes sense but to me it’s a perfume with a cologne class. It’s not a pretty little girl scent, but a sophisticated smell of flowers. I just looked it up so I know what I’m talking about now and here’s what it has in it: Blackberry and Lily of the Valley, Notes of Tiare Blossoms and Sheer Vanilla Musk. I normally don’t like the real musky scent in colognes but I don’t notice it in this. Or maybe subconsciously I do and that’s why it reminds me of a pretty cologne. Anyway, I love it. So much so I took a picture of it, and I decided to share it with you.

Every day I’m doing a little better at feeling better about being me.

I think it’s kinda funny that I do a pretty horrible job of dressing myself, but I absolutely ADORE dressing my daughter.

Last week, I wear dirty yoga pants and a t-shirt to the children’s museum, but I dressed my daughter in Tea, and a boutique headband. It’s not that I don’t have a sense of style, because I do. I’ve loved dressing up, accessorizing and being stylish since I was young. And if I could buy a matching set of everything Lil’ J has for myself I think I’d look pretty cute. Hmm. I wonder if there are mommy and me clothing lines. Maybe I’m on to something here.

I think the appeal to me about clothes for her too is that they’re easy to find online. I always get things a little bigger than I think she’ll need so worst case scenario she’ll grow into it. It’s not so easy to do that with stuff for myself.

Dress from Adelaide’s Boutique; Feather Rosette Bow from

 Lately when we go out someone will ask me where I got her headband, or her outfit, if I made it–Since normally it’s stuff you don’t see in stores. One of these days, when I’m not working a full-time job I want to take up sewing again and learn how to make my daughter some stylish clothes. Like this adorable Junebug dress. I found the tutorial on Pinterest. It doesn’t look so hard right? But when do I have time to make something like this? It’s just easier for me to pay someone else to do it for me! So for now I’m sticking with hunting for unique styles and steals.

My favorite outfits of hers are definitely from boutiques. Most of those things are one of a kind, and these make up about 90% of her wardrobe. I’m in love with Etsy, but I also find a lot of things through facebook, like MoRiginal Designs for example. I recently signed up for their outfit of the month club and for $90, I’ll get two items every month for a year. So it could be two rompers, two dresses, a top and a bottom, it’s a surprise, but I love their work and I won’t be disappointed. And if you do the math that’s like $7.50 or less an outfit.
My favorite places to non-boutique shop are actually thrift stores or Ebay. I have no shame getting things second hand, and knowing how few times Lil’ J wears her things, I try to get the best deals possible while the things still being cute.

Journey Romper from MoRiginal Designs

A favorite non-thrift non-boutique store is probably Tea Collection I was introduced to them through the blog world and have been addicted ever since. Their dresses are comfy, and my husband’s favorite I think because they are so easy to get on and off. A few of the dresses Lil’ J has are on sale right now, and I’m eyeballing their new line myself. I also just discovered a new place I LOVE called Zara. Lil’ J isn’t quite big enough for their stuff but I’m bookmarking a lot of their dresses. You are going to flip when you see the prices for the cuteness. I love Old Navy and Gap too but sometimes the prices are more than I want to spend on something that I’ll most likely be seeing other kids wear.

Tutu and Tube Top from Pink Kisses Couture; Rainboots via Ebay; Bows from Walmart

Are you on Pinterest? I made a Baby Fashion pin board and I’ve been sharing things I love. Here are some of my recent finds:

Top left to bottom right:
Dress with Lace Belt– Zara: $17.99
Marimba Mini Dress– Tea Collection: $30
Coutryard Tile Dress– Tea Collection: $49
Gray Ruffle Party Dress– GAP- $29.95
Dress with a variety of Prints– Zara: $17.99
Dress with Frilled Neckline-Zara: $12.99
Lace Dress with Bow-Zara: $17.99
Striped Dress– Zara: $12.99

Forgive me if I turn into a baby/ toddler fashion blogger. I’m addicted.

As I scroll through my reader and blogrolls of friends and friends of friends, I can’t help but notice an influx of fashion and style blogs. I also can’t help but notice my self esteem level plummeting by the time I finish scrolling through the photos of perfectly placed home decor, style combinations I can’t afford, beautiful actresses and models–Oh, wait–You mean that was YOU? The person writing the blog modeling that gorgeous pair of boots? Ok well I hate you for being so cute.

No, I don’t really hate you. I actually want to thank you for making me take a look at myself and realize I could use a makeover.

Now I don’t have time to get my nails done and I don’t have money to get a new wardrobe, but I do have a closet full of outfits ranging from middle school to now.

My current problem with dressing is I just grab whatever will be easy to take off. I’m nursing my daughter half the day so I don’t want to wear my button down blouses, or anything too tight. Today I threw on a black t-shirt, non-matching yellow jacket thing (non matching cause there’s a brown button, I think it should be black), jeans, loafer shoes and Christmas socks.

I didn’t brush my hair or put on makeup. I actually look like I’m rocking borderline dreads, and if you zoom in you’ll see my awesome heart-stamped socks.

I had my husband snap a couple photos of me to demonstrate. I did my best to pose like a real fashion blogger would.

Next, I dug in my closet and put on some things I never wear.

Thing #1: Heels. At 5 11″ I HATE heels. You know how some people just don’t know how to walk in heels? They walk forward on their feet like they’re sneaking around… That’s me. And when I get too cocky about standing straight I usually stumble. I put on a pair of boots and practiced strutting my stuff around the yard.

Thing #2: A belt as an accessory. Normally I wear belts to keep my pants up, not as a fashion statement. But I’ve had this one for over three years and had yet to wear it so I tried it on. I’m not sure I tied it right but it looked ok to me.

Thing #3: A necklace. I don’t wear jewelry besides my rings. I buy cheap jewelry to wear for work but cheap jewelry makes me itch so I usually leave it in my desk drawer and put it on right before I go on air. I had this plastic-pearl necklace on my dresser so I threw it on. I also took one of Lil’ J’s headbands and wore it as a bracelet to match my belt, and put a pink flower in my hair. I still didn’t brush it but I pinned it up a little to make it look like it was purposely messy.

I grabbed a pink purse and umbrella even thought it was sunny because they are pink and I don’t know how else to spice up an outfit after two colors so here we go. And where was my daughter during this impromptu photoshoot? See for yourself.

She was actually sitting aside gawking and laughing at me. Probably because she knows she can do so much better. And I automatically look 10Xs better too when I’m with her. Maybe it’s because my daughter is sucking the style out of me and using it for herself. She wouldn’t be caught dead in a plain onesie. At least not without a matching hair bow, diaper and Trumpette socks. Me on the other hand–I’m lucky if my socks match.

Anyway, getting all dressed up to take pictures got me all inspired to shop. I can see now why these fashion bloggers go round and round with their shopping and sharing and shopping and sharing. I was feeling like a fashionista, and so ready to buy a new pair of knee-high boots on Amazon but in the midst of browsing these yoga pants caught my eye and stole me away.

So I’m back here blogging in my t-shirt and comfy basketball shorts, which is much more conducive for hanging out with my slobbery, poopy (when she’s not constipated) baby. I suppose now is just not the season for me to be stylish.

We’ll have to check back in a year from now. In the mean time, if any of you see me getting way out of hand, tell me. I hate to end up having hidden cameras around my house and a surprise visit from What Not to Wear.

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