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My Little Ladybug,

I want you to know just how good you have it. Your daddy is the best man in the world! You’ll get to see for yourself when you get here, but trust me, he’s already treating you like his little princess.
You and I are 28 weeks now, and in our LAST trimester (you can tell too cause I look exhausted in this photo!)! Because of that, you’re a lot bigger now, and growing and growing more every day! Now in the morning when we get up your daddy likes to put his hand on my tummy and it never fails, you’ll kick or swirl around for him. He talks to you sometimes too, and kisses you. I think it’s going to be hard separating you two.

For Easter your daddy told me he had a present in mind for you. he got you your first set of golf clubs. Trust me, I had nothing to do with this idea! I do like the color choice he picked out though.You won’t be able to play with them correctly for a few years but I suppose it’ll make a nice chew toy for you at some point.

Your daddy and I have been setting things up in your room for you. He also helped me hang the curtains I made for you. Plus get this… When I got home from work the on Easter, he asked me if I wanted us to put up your crib this week, and I said “yes.” Then he told me he had already started. I was SO surprised! VERY surprised. See, mommy likes to put together things, and that’s just usually how we do things, but your daddy got it all out of the box and worked on it for hours without me! It made me teary-eyed because it was so sweet and such a surprise. Now we’re on our way to having your bed ready!

I’m a little worried cause I’m getting more tired these days, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll get in lots of nesting work. Just last week I had tons of energy, but like a switch I’m exhausted all of the time again. It’s like I’m back where we started! I can’t stay up late and get things ready for your room like I use to. But I’m also not as stressed about getting it all done. I feel like things are coming along well.
You aren’t back where we started at all, we went to the doctor to get another ultrasound for you and guess what? YOU’RE STILL A GIRL!! We were a little worried about that for a moment but we got it confirmed again! You’ve also gotten A LOT bigger! You weigh about 2 pounds 13 ounces now! And I think you should measure about 14.8 inches from the top of your head to your heels. You can blink your eyes, which I saw you do! You also now sport eyelashes! I couldn’t see them on the screen but I saw your cute nose and lips which look LIKE MINE!

With your eyesight developing, you may be able to see the light that filters in through my tummy. You’re also developing your brain neurons and getting more baby fat! Oh, and speaking of that, I got you these new Baby Phat onesies! I can’t wait to see you in them!

Your daddy and I are so excited about meeting you. This morning when I woke up he asked me what sport I think you’ll play. I think it would be fun if you played basketball or volleyball. I think you’ll be tall since we’re both sorta tall. He wants you to play golf but I say that’s too boring to watch. We don’t mind what you do but I’d prefer you choose an entertaining sport ok? Or ballet! That’s cool too!
We’ve also been talking about your baby blessing. I can’t wait to hear the blessing your daddy gives you, I’m sure it will be great though. He’s very excited to be having a little girl and so am I! We aren’t rich by any means but one thing you won’t be lacking is lots of love.

Keep growing our little princess.



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Dear Ladybug,

Time is flying by now. I feel like just a few weeks ago I was writing my first letter to you, now I’m already more than two thirds of the way through meeting you.
Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like you’re real. I feel you kicking and moving but it doesn’t always sink in that a person–You–are really in there.
But you are. And you weigh almost 2 pounds and are about 14 1/2 inches long with your legs extended. You’re sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing your eyes, and maybe even sucking your fingers.
You aren’t even close to full term but if you were born now your lungs would be develped, and with help you’d be ok! Don’t try anything crazy though, keep cooking!
I’ve noticed this week some tiny rhythmic movements of yours, not as strong as your kicking, so I think they’re your hiccups. It’s really cute. I’m still trying to get you moving around on camera! It’s a treasure I hope to preserve.
(photo by Baby Center)
When I see little newborn babies I get all teary-eyed thinking about what you’ll be like. Thinking that I’m ACTUALLY going to have a child, a daughter. It’s hard to wrap my brain around.
I hope I’m a good mom. I hope I can teach you the important things in life and that we’ll have a good relationship. It’s hard for me to think about you and how I want to raise you without imagining you being in my shoes 24 years from now.

Time flies little one. It seems like I was a little girl not too long ago and now I’m having my own! I don’t even want to think about the next 25 years going by as fast! It’s scary thinking about being the mother of a teenager, or eventually another adult. But I can’t dwell on it that way. I should really just slow down and take things day by day.
I do want to tell you though that I know we’ll run into some hard times. Everyone does. But we’ll get through them. There may be times I wonder why I chose to become a mom when I did, but know that I feel so sure about you coming at the right time. This is right!
I’m afraid there will be times I have no idea what I’m doing… Like today when I was making the curtains for your room. But that’s ok, we’ll learn and grow together.
I love you baby girl. And I’m so excited to meet you!
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I’ve had a few dreams where my baby comes out completely white. She looks nothing like me… Blond hair, loose curls, big blue eyes. While I loved her in my dream I still felt a little disconnected because she didn’t look anything like me. It felt like I was handed a friend’s baby to permanently take care of.

One of the biggest mysteries after finding out the sex of your baby (I don’t know how people can wait an extra 20 weeks) is wondering what she’ll look like when she’s born. Many new parents — especially moms-to-be — bask in their daydreams of straight—No, curly hair. 3D and 4D ultrasounds can help answer some of the questions before they’re born. If you’re wondering what shape their ears are, or if she has your lips. I’m still thinking about getting one.

Spawnie has 23 of my chromosomes, and 23 of her daddy’s. It’s split! Fifty-fifty. But while most people would be betting on her eye or hair color I’m thinking about something totally different all together — Her skin color.

My uncle married a light-skinned woman from Nicaragua, and he jokingly categorizes the way his kids came out. “The chocolate” and “the vanilla” ones, he’ll say, pointing to my two darker skinned cousins, beside their lighter-skinned siblings. It’s really quite fascinating.

My husband is white. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He tans well but he’s pretty much as white as they come. Ever since we started talking about having children we’ve been debating what color they’ll come out.

We are friends with another interracial couple who complexion wise looks a lot like us. We all spent a lot of time together in college and just before graduation they had their first baby. He’s one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen, but it’s incredible to see what shade he came out!

I know people say kids darken as they get older but if you saw this toddler now you’d still be surprised. He has beautiful, fine goldilocks and big bright blue eyes. My friend says she may not have believed he was her own had she not birthed him herself.

They’re pregnant now with their second child and maybe it’s just me, but I’m really anxious to see what flavor the next one is!

My husband jokes with me, teases me, saying our daughter is going to come out completely white. I just worry that if that’s the case, between our tanning sessions, people will ask me silly questions. You know how people like to talk. My friend mentioned earlier said people have mistaken her as the nanny before and see — I’m not sure I’d be able to handle that in a nice way. Or what if our daughter takes more of my complexion, and when my husband’s out he’s asked where he got our daughter from, implying she’s adopted. I’m not sure he’d be able to respond to that in a nice way (that’s just one of my worries for my biracial child).

I suppose it comes as a part of the full package: Beautiful child — ignorant comments.

I was debating getting a 3D ultrasound to see what our little girl looks like. Part of me wants to know if she has my cheeks, forehead, eye shape, or nose. My husband says we should wait and see what she looks like when she comes out. Maybe we should. Besides, technology hasn’t advanced enough to where 3D ultrasounds can tell me the flavor of our baby. 

Oh, and check out these twins!


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Dear Daughter,

You’re on my mind constantly. If I’m not wondering how you’re doing I’m wondering what you’ll be like if you’re born. If you’ll look more like me or your daddy. If you’ll sleep well at night. If people exaggerate about how hard it all is, or if I’ll think it’s much more difficult.
Sometimes I’m so scared that you’re going to be here in less than 14 weeks, there’s still so much to do in what feels like so little time! But sometimes I’m just so eager and excited to meet you that I wish you were here now.
Not long ago I debated if I was ready to have you. It felt like it was the right time, I felt confidant about my decision to move forward with trying to get pregnant with you, but I still was so afraid of going down a road that I couldn’t turn back from.
I’m on the road now that I was terrified to travel on. Sometimes it is scary knowing that this is a lifetime commitment, but deep down I think you’re a part of me that’s been missing all along. I thought I knew myself, knew who I was, knew who I wanted to be. But every day that passes by now, every day you grow bigger and stronger in my belly I dream about my future with you, our future as a family, all of us, and it just feels right.
I was reading some stories today online about women who lost their children when they were just babies. It made me so sad. It’s so hard for me to imagine not thanking God for you every day knowing how blessed we are to have you. How blessed we are to be healthy, and to have so many things to give to you.
I pray every day that I can remember to give gratitude and enjoy every moment, good and bad, because they’re moments not everyone gets to experience.
There are things I do when I’m excited about something. One thing I like to do is complete a task every day that’s preparing me for what I’m excited for. Every day I’ve been making, or buying or writing something for you. I have a journal I’m trying to fill out and I hope to give it to you one day. I think I’m done buying you clothes. You have lots of socks, and dresses, and I think I’ll keep making things like tutus and dresses, but I’m done buying them. I’ve got to worry about the bigger things like your car seat, and a dresser FOR all of your clothing!

Speaking of clothing, I’m starting to bust out of mine now. I’m getting quite big… At least my belly is. My pants are getting harder to button and although I love my Bellaband I’m beginning to wonder if I should invest in at least one pair of maternity pants. I’ve gained about 11 pounds total so far, so I’m about back up to the weight I’m suppose to be at I think, which is good.

You started to kick me in strange places this week. At one point I was beginning to think you were getting ready to come out but luckily I heard kicks in that region are normal.
(photo from BabyCenter)

Your nerves in your ears are better developed and more sensitive than before. Now, you can probably me and daddy talking. You’re also inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential for the development of your lungs. These breathing movements are also good practice for when you’re born and take that first gulp of air. You’re also continuing to put on baby fat. You now weigh about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches. I’m still debating seeing you in 3D. Your daddy says we should just wait until you get here to see you but I’m kinda curious what you’d look like in 3D before you’re born! We didn’t get to have an ultrasound last week like I thought, but we’ll get one at the next appointment for sure! Finally we’ll get to double check and make sure you’re still a girl! If not… Sorry about all of the pink.

Keep growing my little princess! Meet you in a few months!
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So you saw before pictures of my nursery which was pretty manly (my husband’s wanna be man cave) and very non-kiddish.

Not much as changed except I took down the photos of Tiger Woods (that jerk), and we have LOTS of kids stuff in the room that people have given us. It’s actually so messy that I decline to take a picture at the moment.
I AM ready to put the crib up though. I’ve downloaded some new tunes. I’m gonna pop on my Lullabelly and get to assembling.
Oh… Why am I doing it alone? Well see… I’ve sorta always been the handy woman, and to be honest my husband is far from a handy man. After being married a few years and we started to acquire nicer furniture I took it upon myself to assemble our etra-tall table and six chairs, as well as our dresser, bed, and book shelves. I learned quick enough that it was better I do it.
Don’t tell him I told you, but after we bought our new HDTV a couple of weeks ago he panicked because “the sound didn’t work.” Two seconds after arriving on the scene I switched the cords from “audio out” to “audio in.” Problem solved. So for the bed our dear daughter will be sleeping in I figure it’s better we don’t take any chances and just allow me to do the job right.
There’s still no mattress to go in it and no bedding yet, but I think putting it up will make me take a small sigh of relief.
I know I still have 15 weeks left but that doesn’t feel like much time. I would love to have everything ready at least a month before in case she decides to come early. I have a feeling she will… I know everyone must say that, but I really do!
There’s a few things I need your help with in deciding though. First off… Remember the bedding I was debating on before? Well Artistic Sensations is partnering with me and The Real Mom TV to get me some bedding. They have BEAUTIFUL designs but remember how frilly I wanted mine before? Something like this…
Yea, well that’s a little extra. But it’s OKAY with me because like I said before… When it comes to a girl I can’t settle on bedding. I’ve gotta get what I like. Kim, owner of Artistic Sensations said they’d take one of three color patterns and make it in the style I like
Tickled Pink
Strawberry Cordial
and Miss Priss
So, I don’t really need your help DECIDING per-say, but I need your help voting… These are the different color schemes they’ve picked out for me, but going with the mobile I’ve already made and the colors and paisley scheme I like, I love TICKLED PINK best. Like I mentioned, I’ll have it made with the satin ruffles and more pink. What do you think? Like it too? If so… PRETTY PLEASE vote for the Tickled Pink Bedding design here.
Now, something else I’d love your advice on… I won a $100 gift card to Pottery Barn Kids and I can’t decide what to spend it on. Everything there seems so expensive to me… Even their books, and it’s hard for me to bring myself to spend $20 on a book I can get for $2.50 at Half Priced Books.
So I’ve narrowed it down to a few things I like there and I’d love your help choosing.
Anywhere chair $60
Good side: It’s cute, and I think she’d like sitting in it once she’s big enough.
Bad side: As my husband pointed out… What baby will stay seated in a chair? I’m also worried about the size of it and a good spot for it in the room. We already have a queen bed, crib and dresser to start off with. I don’t want it to be too crammed. They are also out of the hot pink polkadot color I love, so I’d have to settle for light pink.
Rose lamp and shade: $150
Good side: We don’t have a lamp in the room and I think they can really make a room. It would be nice to have one next to the glider chair so I can read while feeding her.
Bad side: It’s so expensive for a freaking lamp!
Hooded towels with name inscription: $20
Good side: I LOVE hooded towels. Love them even more when they’re personalized. Can you have enough towels?
Bad side: I may want to wait and see what I get at my shower?
Window Panel $80 for 2
Good side: These are blackout panels, and since a lot of light comes into the nursery it could be great to have. I don’t have any window treatment and I think they can really jazz up a room… Especially when we’re not painting the walls.
Bad side: At $40 a panel I could quickly use up my card and then some. I think I’d need about 3 to cover all of the windows. I’m not sure how much they are at other places.
Crib Mattress $150
Good side: We don’t have one, and from what I’ve seen at Babies R Us they can get expensive. I’m not sure what you really need in a mattress, I just know we need one.
Bad side: We’ll be paying $50 over our gift card for the normal mattress, not their “deluxe” one. From what i hear you don’t have to spend a fortune on a mattress, and I’ve seen them for less at Walmart/ Target. I’m not sure if we should save this gift card and maybe use others we may get down the road to cover the entire cost of a mattress.
Diaper Bag $80
Good side: Cute, classy, fun.
Bad side: I have one already, but the one I have is designer… I’m not sure I should have two expensive diaper bags. Maybe I should buy a REALLY cheap backup someplace else.
And there you have it! See how picky I am? Which do you think is the best deal or should invest in? Other things you love at Pottery Barn Kids? I’m obviously not big on toys. A friend gave me a box of toys and I think that’ll keep up entertained for awhile… Or so I hope.

Blogging has sorta been pushed to the back burner a little while while I’ve been going through my massive crafting nesting phase! I need to come up with a system where I have time for both. I think I’m going to need to save crafting for my days off because it can take up so much time in the evenings when I get home from work. I think as time goes on and I get more experience (I’m NOT a crafty person) I’ll get faster but for now I’ll enjoy being a slow poke and seeing my finished product weeks later!The first project I’ve been working on is a butterfly mobile for the nursery. I didn’t like any of the regular store-bought kind, they just were to kiddish for me, so I looked up butterfly mobiles and decided to attempt to make my own! Now I’m going to try something else… I’m attempting to write my FIRST Do it Yourself post and share what I learned with you in case you want to try!

Beware for a lot of photos coming! I’ll do my best to describe how I made it!

First, here’s what you’ll need:
-Scrapbook paper and cardstock paper in your desired colors
-A butterfly cutout about 3″ by 3″ in heavy paper or cardstock
-A 14″, 16″, or 18″ wooden embroidery hoop (depending how large you want your mobile to be)
-(3) strips of 1/2″ balsa wood
-Acrylic paint (the color you want the base of your mobile to be)
-Nylon thread (or something like beading thread or fishing wire)
-A needle
-32 small crystal beads
-About 32 other crystal beads in the color you like to make your mobile shine!
-(1) metal or plastic ring
-Scissors, glue, pencil

1. Take a traceable picture of a butterfly you like the shape of and use that as your template. I used a butterfly that was about 3″ by 3″. Trace the butterflies on cardstock and/ or scrapbook paper.I used both because I liked some of the scrapbook paper I found, but it wasn’t strong enough for it to stay bent the way I wanted.

2. Cut out all of the butterflies you’ve traced. I cut out about 200 butterflies total (though I didn’t use them all) and matched the scrapbook paper butterflies with color-coordinating cardstock. I folded the paper and cardstock to make the cutting quicker. I matched a pair of cardstock buterflies with a pair of scrapbook butterflies so four total.

I ended up using 128 cut out butterflies total. 64 of them cardstock butterflies and 64 scrapbook paper butterflies.

3. Glue the cardstock butterflies and coordinating scrapbook paper butterflies together and trim around the edges to they match up. You’ve now glued two seperate butterflies together so there’s cardstock on one side and scrapbook paper on the other. They look identical though. Then take the one of the butterflies and bend up the wings slightly. Put a little glue down the center of the bent butterfly (on the under side), then stick it to the butterfly that’s not bent. You can match the colors in the center or have them both facing the same way, I alternated the direction I glued mine.
4. Make the base of the mobile by taking the center of the wooden embroidery hoop and evenly crossing strips of balsa wood to make 8 spokes.
5. Paint the wood in the color you desire, I painted mine using a metallic bronze.
6. Attach 8 equally-sized strands of ribbon, or the beading wire to the mobile base and then attach them all to a metal or plastic ring. This is what’s used to hang the mobile from the ceiling. (Don’t make my mistake and do this last… It’s much easier to attach the ribbon or string before you have tons of butterflies dangling off of it.)

7. Take your beading wire and needle and thread the wire through the butterflies and beads you desire. Then tie them to the spokes around the base of the mobile.Here’s how I spread mine out:
On the outer 8 spokes I had 2 butterflies dangling from each string.
In the middle I had 3 butterflies from a string on every-other spoke.
In the center there was the longest string with 4 butteflies dangling.

I added beads between the butterflies and at the very bottom of the string to weigh each strand down.Initially I had 3 butterflies hanging in the middle of all 8 spokes but I decided it was too much and went back and cut off every-other.
8. Find a pretty spot to hang it and show it off to the world! This is what Spawnie will be staring up at after she’s born!

So what do you think? You going to try it?

Dear Baby Girl,

I can’t believe I’m already more than 23 weeks pregnant and that I’m going to meet you in a little more than 16 weeks. It’s really quite crazy when I think about it. I’m trying so hard to get everything organized before you get here. It’s not as easy as it looks because number one, I work a lot… A lot, a lot. During my free time I usually want to make you something for your room or try to set something up for you but I usually get so tired that it it takes me weeks to do something that would normally take hours.
I know people say having a baby is so hard and so time consuming and can be so stressful, but to be honest I kind of look forward to things slowing down once you get here. Sure, we’ll be up together a lot around the clock, but I think it will be nice to just focus on you for a little while and not have a million other things running through my head. Like right now for instance… I’m thinking about waking up in less than 7 hours to go to work and thinking about what I’m going to be covering. I’m thinking about a post I need to write for another blog that I have, and I’m thinking about a half-dozen emails I need to respond to. Also in the back of my mind is finishing making what started as 90 hair bows for people who donated to March of Dimes just before I found out I was pregnant with you.
Your mommy is one busy lady! One BIG busy lady… I use to be so excited to get all big and fat with pregnancy but I’m really starting to feel like I’d be happy if I stayed about where I am now. I can’t believe my stomach will probably more than DOUBLE in size!
Of course, in my business I’m always thinking about you, and what you’re doing in there, and how you’re feeling, and if I’m eating right, and if you’re going to get here safely. I also am thinking about where I’m going to put all of your clothes!! We really need to get you a dresser because I think you already have more clothes than your daddy. Mommy’s not the only one shopping for you anymore either. Your grandma sent a box of cute stuff for you and your daddy is already scoping out pink sports attire for you. He says he’s rather buy it for you once you get here though.
This week I know your sense of movement is well developed by now, you can feel me dance around, and believe it or not I do that from time to time. Probably more so now that I know you can sense it. You should now be more than 11 inches long and weigh just over a pound. I can even see you squirm underneath my clothes.
(photo from Baby Center)

Blood vessels in your lungs are developing to prepare for breathing. Your ears are getting better and better now too. You can hear Snoop barking and it probably won’t bother you once you’re born! If it does though we’ll understand cause he doesn’t bark often, and when he does it kinda scares us all.

Speaking of Snoop, he LOVES to lay by you. He curls up right on my lap next to you. You even kicked him this week! He didn’t seem to notice… Or mind.
I’ve noticed this week I’ve started to worry more about you when I notice you haven’t moved for a little while. You usually always are moving when I first wake up so when you don’t I worry a little. I guess I’m just going through a worry phase. I hope it doesn’t last for long cause I’m usually not a pessimist. I just want so badly for you to get here safely and I’ve heard so many sad stories that make me nervous sometimes.
I’m so grateful for you and grateful to be having you little girl! Keep growing strong!

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Friday Follow

When I first started my hunt for cute baby clothing (especially when I was thinking Spawnie was a boy) and cute baby bedding, time after time people would tell me about RockerByeBaby. It’s a cute store with adorable things for your baby from diaper bags to blankets to crib bedding to onesies.

When I first saw her store I immediately thought of my best friend Shannon, and her sense of style. She’s totally into the punk-rocker look for her baby boy (my Godson), so I bought him a little guitar onesie. She made it especially for him see:

Cute huh? It’s a little big on him still but I’m SO excited to see him in it!

Personally, I’m not too into the skulls, crossbones and guitars myself for my baby… My husband and I are more of the “hip hop” type than the rocker type, so it wasn’t exactly my thing at first. But I chatted with Amber, and found out she also has a big selection of cute minky fabrics and designs. I also fell IN LOVE with a mixtape material I found and decided Spawnie had to have one. Originally I was thinking I wanted blue, because I was thinking she was a he, but Amber was sweet and changed it up to a pink backing when I found out she was a girl. Here’s how it turned out:If she was a he it would have looked like this in blue:
I love love love the soft fabric used on the inside. I picked it up this morning and pretended like I was curling her up in it. I just can’t wait to show it off! I may order a mixtape onesie to match too and make a tutu to go with it (that’s my new obsession). I love matching pieces. Speaking of matching, check out these matching father-son hoodies!

So there you have it, Spawnie’s FIRST blanket! Adorable, no?

But get this… Amber has made special blankets and bedding and clothing for celebrity babies! Ashley Simpson’s baby sports RockerByeBaby… And then there’s Spawnie who will ;0)

So check out her store and shop around. She’s even giving all of my readers a 10% discount for her shop. Use code: “FutureMama10”. You can get a cute blanket like mine for $35 – 10% = $31.50 (like my math skills?).

OR You can try to win a $40 gift certificate to her shop and get a blanket of YOUR style and choice, or even get something else from her spunky shop.

Here’s how you enter:
1. Be(come) a follower of my blog
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That’s all! Want extra entries?
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This giveaway runs until March 20th at 11:59pm.

Winner will be chosen using Random.org. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I wasn’t compensated for conducting this review. Thank you RockerByeBaby for donating Spawnie’s first blanket and the gift certificate!


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