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Better late than never!
“Mom, I told you I wanted to wear the pink dress! Maybe next time you’ll listen to me!”

Dear Lil’ J,

Today is the day I dreamed you would be born. I’m not sure why the date stuck out in my mind but about a month ago I dreamed you’d be born June 19th… Juneteenth actually. There’s lots of parades and festivals going on today to celebrate the occasion of the ending of slavery which was officially marked June 19th 1865. Next year I hope to dress you up and bring you to the parade, I think you’ll like it!

I’m so excited to do things with you. I know I’m probably going to be really tired a lot, and there will be days when we won’t leave the house for one second, but I hope to take you out on walks with Snoop, and get some fresh air together from time to time. I don’t want to force it or anything but I think the sooner we attempt to do things together the less scared I’ll be as time goes on.

It’s really hard for me not to wonder when you’re coming. I’m trying to think of ways to take my mind off of constantly wondering… I’m thinking of exciting things to look forward to BESIDES you coming. Of coruse there’s nothing as exciting so this is VERY hard.
I want to go to the temple one more time before you come. But it’s an hour and a half away, and your dad is working so I’ll have to go alone, or find a friend who can go with me. At least that would be smart… If I end up going into labor sometime that day it probably won’t be best to be driving by myself. But I REALLY want to go. But I have a feeling if I DO go alone, you’ll decide it’s time to show up. If I don’t, well of course you’ll stay put.

I’d also like to see Toy Story 3. I would bring you once your out but I figure you can still hear it in my womb and we’ll both probably enjoy it more this way. Don’t worry, I’ll buy it when it comes out on DVD so you can see it. Now I just have to convince your daddy to come with me!

The carpet cleaners are coming Wednesday, I guess that’s a little something to look forward to.
Snoop’s groomed and ready to meet you. I don’t know what else to do! Oooh, maybe I’ll make another piece of artwork for your room to hang over your door frame. I was going to use vinyl but maybe I’ll just draw and paint something myself. I really want to make you a sign that says “Princess: Daughter of a Heavenly King.” That’ll take time, and be fun! We’ll see. I also still need to find you a cute baby memory book. I looked at some at Babies are Us for like and hour yesterday but none of them seemed right to me. I don’t know what I’m looking for.

I bought you a cute bathing suit yesterday. You don’t have one yet but since we live around so much water, and may do a little splashing around this summer I decided to get you one. I think I may also get us a kiddie pool to go in the backyard. I can just picture it now. You me, and Snoop cooling off in the little plastic pool.
Earlier this week when we went to the doctor we found out I was 20% effaced and 1.5cm dilated. So we’ve made a little more progress. I have my last scheduled appointment next Tuesday, but we’ll most likely have to set up another one in case you decide to come much longer after your projected due date.
You’re pretty much done cooking now. Just adding extra fat and stuff. You’re still moving a TON (I think you’re trying to escape) and squishing my bladder. Thanks.

Well Lil’ J. I hope you’re having fun in there. I hope you’ll like it more out here and decide to show your pretty face sometime between now and Friday.




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Dear Lil’ J,

I must say this week has been one full of MAJOR mood swings for me. One day I’m so ready for you to come out and ready to take over my new “mommy role” then the next moment I’m totally freaking out wondering what I was thinking.

Don’t you worry little girl, I’ve read these feelings are normal, and I’m going to be just fine when we meet, it’s just scary thinking that the way I’ve experienced and seen life, my entire life will be completely different in a matter of weeks.You are getting so close to coming out too, I can tell. I have just been feeling different lately, it’s hard to explain, it just feels like things are revving up for your big day. Also… This is a little icky (TMI ALERT!), but the mucus plug that blocks you from the outside world, so to speak, came out today! Yep, I was very surprised to see it. It wasn’t what I expected… I pictured one big solid wad of mucus shaped like a cork plug that would go in an over-sized bottle of sparkling cider, but it was nothing like that. It was more like a lot of snot coming out.

(Note to self… Don’t show you this letter until you’re old enough to appreciate these labor-signs and emotional roller coasters.)

Anyway, I caught you on camera last week, FINALLY rolling around in there. You always stop when I get the camera out so I bought an app for my iPhone so I now have video capabilities! You weren’t as rowdy as you can get but I got a little movement here. Don’t mind the background noise, I was watching Forensic Files. Look towards my belly button and you can see your elbow or shoulder or something moving around.

This week you’re about 6.8 lbs… I’m thinking you may be a little bigger, though I can’t picture you being super big just cause it’s hard imagining a full-sized baby in there!

Your eye color is either brown, or maybe grayish. I kind of hope they are gray-looking cause then they can change to one of many colors, and I think you would look so cute with your daddy’s eyes. That’s the first thing I noticed about him!

I’m predicting you’ll decide to come out sometime next week, but I’m still hoping you stick around and come on the 23rd… The day your daddy and I met. Although it would also be pretty cool if you arrived on Father’s Day. What a nice present for your dad that would be! I wouldn’t even have to get him anything else! As long as you come in June (I like that month better than July) we’ll be good. But I don’t think that’ll be a problem.
I wake up every morning wondering if I’m having contractions or if my water broke… Nope and nope. I’m sure I’ll know when it’s for real, but it’s exciting wondering when it’ll happen.

I got so much work done at work this week, I finished the 12 extra stories I was trying to get ahead on for maternity leave and now I feel like I’m more relaxed and ready.

Our bags are packed, your daddy and I will put your car seat in hopefully Monday, the same day the cleaners come over and the same day Snoop is getting cleaned up at the groomers. I’m also going to get a nice relaxing manicure and pedicure that day. I already got my hair done this week! So needless to say, I’m on my way to getting fully pampered for the big day!

Don’t worry, I’m bringing cute stuff for you to wear too, hats and blankets and bows! I can’t wait to dress you up.

Your daddy and I were talking tonight about how we feel about bringing you home. Neither of us are worried about you crying a lot or loosing sleep. I think we just expect it, and are excited for the challenge. Plus, we know it’ll all be worth it.

I’m eager to meet you but not in too much of a rush. Something about knowing you’ll be here in a few weeks regardless makes me content. We’re almost there baby girl! I can’t wait to see your beautiful face.




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I organized more of the nursery yesterday, and fumbled around with a CD player that’s attached to the crib. I got it as a gift at my baby shower. I’m excited to share the gift of music with my baby girl. I pretty much immediately began searching for good lullabys to buy and save to CD to play for her at night.

Eager to start a new tradition, I bought some church primary songs off iTunes. Primary songs are children’s songs kids sing at my church during the third hour… Yes, third hour of church. After Sacrament meeting and Sunday School.

My family joined the LDS church and became active when I was about 11-years-old. I’ve always felt “behind” compared to everyone else my age. I didn’t know the songs the kids would all sing in primary, and since you graduate at 12, I didn’t have much time to learn them.

I’ve always been a very outgoing girl. My whole life, I’ve never been regarded as a “shy” one. But the one place you’re likely to find me out of my element is church.
When I was younger I’d always avoid eye contact with the teacher who would surely call on me to say the prayer if I looked him in the eye. I was always too afraid to answer a question about the Bible… Afraid I’d give the wrong answer and people would laugh at me. No one ever laughed at anyone, but I feared I’d be the first.
The question could be as simple as: “Who built the giant ark to hold all of the animals before the flood?” Of course I knew it was Noah, but I was to scared to answer wrong anyway… Thinking maybe there was a second guy I somehow missed reading about.
I guess religion is one of those subjects that’s so serious, and important, I felt bad that I didn’t know all of the answers.
As I’ve gotten older, much of my spirituality has grown from life’s experiences, prayer, and just going to church. I still haven’t overcome my anxiety with public prayers, or answering a class question, but I’ve gotten better. One thing I know will help me is just learning the stories better.
I’ve read and heard scripture stories over and over but it’s so easy for me to mix people and places up. I’ve learn to forgive myself for this too, and just realize the only way to get better is to keep reading.
I don’t want my daughter to have the same worries I do. I want her to feel confidant in knowing her scripture stories, and sing her primary songs loud and proud. I hope she’ll be eager to say a prayer before our family, or in front of her Sunday school class, and be unapologetic about it.
It’s never too late to build upon your spirituality, and learn more about the Gospel. I feel like having a child kind of gives me a chance to re-learn everything myself, but have a study buddy in the process.
From primary songs, to scripture stories, it’ll give me a chance to learn about the gospel starting at a level I never had a chance to experience. It’s an opportunity I’m so blessed to have.
If you know of any good children’s Bible or Book of Mormon books? I’m not even sure how many of my readers are Christian or LDS, but this would really help me narrow down my search! The more stories in them, the better!

Dear LadyBug,

It’s a little hard to believe, but we are now officially 8 months along. Every day I’m preparing for your arrival. Whether thinking about your birth day, organizing your room, or getting my rest now, it’s all in preparation for you!
This week we made a milestone together… I felt your hiccups for the first time. I told your daddy to come feel them and he thought you were kicking. I told him I knew it was the hiccups because it was rhythmic and soft.
Some people say their baby’s hiccups were uncomfortable but yours didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I’ve felt them every day since and been so excited every time I feel them. I can feel what I think is your head jumping, and it feels lower than your feet so I think you’re head down again! Or head sideways, I’m not sure. You really move a lot and I sometimes feel like you’re just doing somersaults in there!
Every day I feel a little more anxious and way more excited about meeting you. There’s so many little things I still want to get done, but mostly they’re things I’m creating for myself to pass the time quicker before we meet.
I’ve also been thinking SO MUCH about the labor process lately that I’m starting to wonder if I’m over thinking it. The last thing I want to do is set myself up for disappointment and that take away from us meeting each other, but at the same time, I think knowledge is power, and your daddy and I will keep a good perspective on things, and we’ll all be just fine.

I do sort of have a daily “to do” routine though. I listen to labor hypnosis and/or pregnancy affirmations in the morning while I also play a BabyPlus lesson for you. Then I try to write in my pregnancy journal as well. In the afternoon or evening after work I’ll read some information in my Lamaze books about childbirth while you listen to another BabyPlus lesson, then your daddy and I practice the techniques we’ve learned in Lamaze class. It’s crazy that it’s so much stuff all leading up to just one day! It had better be good!

I am enjoying the fun stuff about preparing for that day. Making labor playlists, packing our hospital bag. I already have your “coming home” outfit packed, with matching socks and a hairbow!

I’m starting to get soooo much more tired, so exhausted, and walking really hurts my feet by the end of the night (they’re swollen again). I still sleep really well though, partly cause I have a freaking awesome pregnancy pillow. I’m just getting up more to go to the bathroom.

I go to the doctor again on Tuesday and I’m excited to see if I’m still gaining weight. I’m sure I am because I feel bigger every day. You weigh about 3.75 pounds now and are gaining about half a pound a week right now, and you’ll gain about a third of your total weight these next 7 weeks! You have toe nails, fingernails (which by the way according to that movie Juno, I thought you had at like six weeks) and hair! I hope you have lots of hair when you’re born!Every day I think to myself and say to you dad: “Can you believe we’re going to have a baby in a matter of WEEKS?” I don’t think it’s REALLY sunk in for either of us, but I know we’re so excited or what’s ahead.

Happy eight months my little princess, keep growing strong for us!




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Dear Daughter,

We are 31 weeks along today… That means there’s just about 9 more weeks until you arrive! My mom had me a couple of weeks early, I wonder if that means you may be a little early. I had a long conversation with your grandma about all of her labors with your aunts. She had everyone pretty fast, she had me in about 12 hours with no epidural. 12 hours sounds like a long time but compared to other lengths I’ve heard it’s not that bad.

I’m hoping you come on June 23rd. That’s the day your daddy and I met, and it’s exactly six months from our anniversary. I think it would be fun to celebrate your birthday on the anniversary from the day we met, and our half-year wedding anniversary! So try to plan for that ok?

I keep having dreams about you coming out WAY early, like now, and I was in a scramble cause we didn’t get to take our Lamaze classes (they start on Tuesday!) and I didn’t have my hospital bag packed, or my cute hospital gown. I know those aren’t the important things, but I guess they’re the things that show up in my dreams.

I also just had a dream you came out totally white with an alien-shaped head. I think it was a combination of writing about my “Aliens on Board” shirt and watching Independence Day last night.

We have your bed all set up, your bassinet, and your mattress in your crib, even your dresser has your night gowns already folded, and we have a bundle of diapers! I’m starting to feel MUCH more prepared! Now I can focus on the fun stuff and counting down until you arrive… OOH, maybe I’ll make a paper chain, I LOVE paper chains!

Lately I’ve been wondering what the heck you’re doing in my stomach. You are constantly moving, and I mean constantly! I’m suppose to do daily kick counts now and I have no problem counting you kick 10 times very quickly, even several times in a day! I wonder if you’ll be this active when you get out. And I wonder what you’re doing in there, dancing? Trying to get comfortable? You especially move a lot when I put the BabyPlus on. It’s suppose to help you sleep better once you’re born but with all the moving you do when you’re listening to it I wonder if you’ll actually just be wide awake and ready to play when you’re born. I can’t wait until you’re big enough to play. I think at first you’ll just want to eat and sleep a lot, which is great for pictures, but probably not the most entertaining. It’s ok though, I’m sure I’ll miss that stage as soon as you grow out of it, so I’ll try to enjoy it.

Yesterday my friend Tara took some pictures of us. You were kicking then too of course, and spinning around. I’ve always been excited to take maternity photos. I can’t wait to see more of the pictures she took. She’s not only talented but she goes to our church, loves babies, blogs, AND photography! It was raining outside so we went to her house and made a fun little studio. I can’t wait for you to meet her. She may even be at your birth! She takes great baby photos so you can bet you’ll be growing up in front of a camera lens… Sorry. Notice the little line on my belly? It’s called a Linea Negra. I didn’t have one before I was pregnant but I hear some people develop it and it can go away. We debated editing it out but decided to keep it in the photos since it’s a part of you!

I like taking pictures, mostly cause I like capturing the moment. Your dad… Not so much. I think it’s a guy thing.

Last night I told him he’d better be all smiley and happy for our family photos cause those are very important to me! I’m hoping he’ll be more excited to take pictures once you get here… We’ll see.

You’re about 3.3 pounds now (about the weight of four naval oranges), and about 16in long. You can turn your head from side to side, and you’re plumping up with lots of fat now, yay!! And I guess it’s normal that you move a lot at this time. If only I could catch you on camera… Hmm, That will be my mission this week!

Happy 31 weeks baby girl, keep growing for mommy, I can’t wait to meet you!!




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Dear LadyBug,

Wow, we’ve gotten bigger this week. Me especially. I feel myself waddling when I walk and I can’t help it. I love penguins, always have, but I don’t really enjoy FEELING like one.
I also have a bigger appetite now. I went to Chick-fil-a the other day, and got a meal, then about 15 minutes later I went back to get more fries and the guy in the window was like “You again?” I lied and told him it was for my husband. If only they could have seen my big belly, they wouldn’t have asked questions!

You’re ALWAYS dancing around in my belly. You are a very very active baby. I’ve heard that means you’ll probably stay that way once you come out. You can see my stomach jump all of the time, last weekend people at work even saw you and all said “WOAH” at the same time when they could see you push up like an alien trying to get out. I still haven’t gotten you on video camera yet, and there’s only 10 more weeks to catch you!

Just 10 weeks, I can’t believe how time has flown! You’ll seriously be here before I know it. It’s like a crazy world when I go into your room and look around at all of your things… Your bed, your clothes, your dresser and decorations. I’ve never made a room look so nice in all my life and it’s all for you!
I had a little scare this week. One of my feet got REALLY swollen, but I decided not to worry about it unless it hadn’t gone down the next morning… It always goes down.
Well, when I woke up my feet were still swollen, especially my right foot so I started to worry. I had a headache and my face was tingling, and I was worried it was swelling up too… All signs of a pregnancy disease called Preeclampsia.
See, your mom is a little paranoid, and basically after I hear about a disease I worry I have it. Your daddy kept telling me I was fine, but I still worried.
I called the nurse at my doctor’s office and she said you were probably sitting on one of my veins or arteries wrong and that’s why one of my feet was more swollen. I didn’t tell her about my headache right away because I wasn’t sure if it was really there or if it was paranoia, or if it was just there because I was stressing about having one.
I decided I’d check my blood pressure and if it was high I’d call back. I drove around to several different pharmacies looking for one of those in-house blood pressure machines, and I finally found one at my third stop at a CVS.
It was normal. I calmed down (after leaving your dad a voicemail in tears, which he heard later when I was in a better mood and laughed at me) and I’m feeling better now… Although my feet still look HUGE.
You’re still growing well! You should be close to three pounds now, and about 15.7 inches long. Your eyesight is developing more now too.
You’re dad and I were debating today what you’ll look like. I think you’re going to be along the darker shade-spectrum and look more like me, and your dad says you’re probably going to look pretty white, though he’d love it if you were my complexion, he doubts that will happen. I guess we’ll see soon enough. I’m sure we’ll both be surprised, and most likely you’ll be something in the middle.
Our baby shower is today! I’m excited to take lots of pictures and see all of our friends! It’s my first Saturday off in almost a year, so I’m looking forward to it! You really are one loved little baby!
I was up late making TONS of hairbows (more than 60) for people who donated to March of Dimes on my blog before I found out I was pregnant with you, and luckily I had a couple extra so I stashed a couple for you! Surprisingly they aren’t pink! But they’re still cute!
I’m finally starting to feel prepared for you so I can relax for the remainder of my pregnancy and just wait for you, it’s a nice feeling. There’s still so much to do but I have a lot of big things out of the way, which is nice.
I know some people get so eager to get their baby out at the end, and I can’t imagine feeling that way yet. I mean, I can imagine being eager and excited to meet you, but for the most part I enjoy being pregnant… Swollen feet and all.
Keep growing little one!


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I’ve always been a prissy girl. I’ve forever loved to get all dolled up especially when it comes to dresses. But one thing that’s been sort of against the grain among my girlie instincts is my distaste for shoes. So much so that I don’t even pay attention to the shoes I put on my feet sometimes, which is probably why I wound up wearing mismatched shoes to work last week. True story.

I’ve never really liked shoes that much. Part of that I attribute to the fact that I wear a size 11… 11 WIDE now thanks to pregnancy. There’s hardly anything cute in my size, and I don’t like spending a fortune on things that just sit on my feet and get walked in. That said, I DO NOT share the same aversion for my daughters shoes. Oh, it’s quite the opposite. I can’t stop buying shoes.
I think it has to do with the fact that they aren’t the size of clown shoes. Miniature-anything is usually cuter than most extra-large things, so looking at these tiny shoes and socks for my baby girl just gets me all giddy inside.

Like her clothing, I’ve been trying to spread out the sizes I buy, and since I’ve heard certain types of soles aren’t good for babies to wear until they’re walking, I’ve stuck with booties and shoes like Robeez. I haven’t bought a TON or anything but I have scored some pretty good deals on about seven pair. Being the bargain shopper I am, I’ve been buying some at consignment sales and eBay. I got these pink boots brand new at a consignment sale for under $10! Another thing I’ve been completely obsessing over are socks that look like shoes. I think it’s an ingenious idea, especially for babies who have a hard time keeping their shoes on. I found my first pair at a consignment sale and bought five pair for $3.50. These styles are normally way more so I was happy with my find! I hear socks are something you loose on every trip out, so I’m trying to prepare myself to not flip out when that happens, I’m also kinda stocking up so I don’t run out. For her first year of life Baby Girl already has over 28 pairs of socks that look like shoes (I’m sure I have at least another three pair somewhere of the cowgirl style but I had already misplaced them before this picture).
I’m not sure how many is too many or if there is such a thing, but I do know that I have found a new love for shoes… Baby shoes that is, in a size much smaller than 11.

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