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I don’t shop for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It’s a fun way to shift my mindset from Turkey to Christmas Trees. I’ll never forget the Friday after Thanksgiving several years ago when I woke up well before the butt crack of dawn to go Black Friday shopping with my mom and grandmother. We scoped out the stores we were hitting up the night before and strategized our plan of action.

We lined up at the first store before 5am, we were toward to front of the line. A rush of people flooded through and everyone dispersed to various aisles headed directly for the deals. This wasn’t the time for browsing.

My grandmother loaded up on some kind of pretty sapphire tennis bracelets. I may have gotten a sweater, or have had to put it back, I can’t remember. I just remember the rush of people, the beeping at cash registers, and the adrenalin pumping through my veins.

As quickly as we were in, we were out again, and on our way to the next store. We went to tat least three stores that morning. The first two we were among the first in the store. Despite not being able to remember most of what we bought that day, the chaos was satisfying.

I’ve been Black Friday shopping a couple days since then, but never to that extreme. I think I got a bluray player a couple of years ago, but the one that was a REALLY good deal was gone by the afternoon–When I was off work and finally able to head out. I totally punked out but it was still fun knowing I took part in the “holiday”.

Those were the good old days. You know, when Black Friday was actually on FRIDAY. Not Thursday evening. Who’s bright idea was that?

We want to get a humongous TV this year and I’m scoping out the best deals for one, but my husband is working and there’s no way I’m taking my kids out in that madness. Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday may be doable.

A TV for 50% off is a pretty amazing deal though so I may change my mind. Plus, my mom is a pro, she’s already been calling stores and making orders over the phone (who knew that was possible?)

If I were to give a couple of tips to Black Friday beginner shoppers it would be this:
1. Have a shopping list and game plan. Going in blind is a setup for disappointment.
2. Decide what’s REALLY worth it. Is $20 off really worth the risk of a broken nose?
3. Keep it classy, don’t trample anyone for a deal (unless its the last one).

Are you hitting up the stores tonight or tomorrow? Where are you going?

Here are some deals at Sears if you’re looking for something specific:
NordicTrac c900 Tredmill is on sale for $599, (I actually thought it was $699 but just checked and it was less) normally $1499 at Sears.
Also the Kenmore front load washer and electric dryer is on sale for 50% off ($799 for the set).
Get $150 back on RoadHandler tires.

Ok so those stuck out to me but they have 1,000 doorbuster deals available through 1pm Friday. And don’t forget, you can order online, and pickup at the store… Even have them bring it out to you so you don’t have to do in, remember?

If you still aren’t sure what to expect read this for a good laugh.

And let me know where you are in your holiday shopping. Done? Still digesting turkey and not even thinking about it?

*This post was a part of a sponsored holiday partnership with the #SearsBloggerSquad bringing #MoreMerry ideas to your home. All opinions (and typos) are my own.

It’s true.

I know, it sounds crazy. But let me explain…

June 2004 I moved to Utah to go to the school of my dreams. Without family. With hardly any money, and car-less.

“You don’t need a car in college,” my parents told me. So they kept the car I knew as mine (and paid for) during high school.

It was true. I didn’t really need a car. I lived on campus that summer. One of my roommates had a car, and I got a bus pass to take occasional trips to the mall.

A few weeks in to my new Utah experience I met a guy, and said guy had a car. Score! It wasn’t fancy… At all. It was a 1992 Honda Accord, but it drove, and that’s all one needed.

A few dates in this guy became my boyfriend, and things got serious pretty fast. That was the good news. The bad news was he was about to move three-and-a-half hours away to go to another college, where he had a golf scholarship. How in the world would we see each other?

I needed a car.

But I had no money. No job, just student loans. So he lent me $500… It was a down payment for a car, which he helped me pick out. He didn’t co-sign though (probably smart).

I wanted something sporty and snazzy, but he said something practical and inexpensive was smarter.

With his help, I bought a 1996 Toyota Corolla for less than $3,000.

Now I had to marry him.

Kidding. … Well, I DID marry him, but not just because I owed him $500.

I paid off the car in less than a year, and we (mostly he) drove that thing into the ground. During the second year the air conditioning went out. I remember going out to lunch in the St. George heat with a co-worker, who purposely turned my broken A/C on (which blew hot air) to see if it could possibly get even hotter.

I ran into the back of a car once, and a metal pole twice–constantly knocking off the same pesty headlight, and bending the hood. The front bumper to this day has a zip tie holding it to the rest of the car.

In 2006 we traded our ’92 Accord for a ’04. We were finally moving up. But we kept pushing our little faithful Corolla to stay with us. And she did.

Side by side there was no question, our new Honda was worlds better, smoother, and much more appealing than our Corolla. Which is why we are still confused as to why someone decided to bust into Old Faithful, and rip her radio out. Really? Do people still do this? Apparently so.

But she kept going.

Eventually her paint started to show her age, and her pieces started falling apart. Particularly her inside door handle. We could only get out by rolling down the window.


Finally, after more than seven years of marriage, an opportunity presented itself and it was time for an upgrade. Corolla for Corolla we moved up to a 2007, and bought Old Faithful’s younger brother named Buzz Lightyear (By my husband’s sister. This car has a whole ‘nother back story that I’ll have to let her tell sometime.)
For a few weeks we had three cars. But who needs three cars? Actually we did one day when Buzz’ battery died and Old Faithful lived up to her name once again.

Finally, we decided it was time for her to go to a better home.

Given all of her per-existing conditions we decided it would be best to list her for $900 on Craigslist. The response was overwhelming. Within minutes we had a dozen emails. Many from men named “Jose”. My husband went down the list and the first person to answer came to get her for $900. I thought she was worth at least $1000 because she runs great, but good karma is never a bad thing.

I knew all along I wanted to use the proceeds for an iPad. It was a part of our deal–My husband and I. And my reward for surviving his academy the last 8 months.

I didn’t get the new one. The savings matter more to me than having the latest and greatest fad. I got a 32gb iPad 2, refurbished, and saved $200.

What are we doing with the other half of the money? My husband wants a gun.

Trading our car for an iPad and a gun, now that’s a true American family for ya.

Seven years, half a dozen road trips, five moves, and one voyage across the country later, she’s moved on to another family who will hopefully fix her up, and not sell her for parts. For me, I’ll always remember Old Faithful, and every time I pick up my iPad I’ll think of her. Let’s hope her spirit was reincarnated into my new shiny toy, and that she proves to be just as loyal.

If I’m not at work, I’m usually out with Lil’ J trying to find something fun to do. Monday we’re going on a bike ride downtown, and Tuesday we may go swimming, or to a yoga class together. We are two girls always on the go.

I’ve learned how to pack her diaper bag quickly but that doesn’t mean I don’t usually forget something. I try to keep an extra pair of clothes, of course diapers, and some snacks on hand to keep her happy and entertained while we’re out.

Watch the video below to see what we take with us on the go (and to see Lil’ J’s walking debut).

I love Earth’s Best Yogurt Fruit Smoothies. They are tasty, don’t need to be refrigerated, and easy to give to Lil’ J when we’re out and about. She loves them too, and if you’re one of those moms who goes nuts over organic stuff, you’ll be happy to know they’re stamped organic by the USDA. I buy these things close to by the case full and give them to her as a breakfast snack on her way to school.

I also now have the Johnson’s Take Along Pack in her diaper bag for emergencies in case I’m out and forgot to pack baby lotion, shampoo, powder, or diaper cream. Or in case a friend is in a bind and needs one of those things. It’s all of those things in a travel size pack for under $3.

Growing up my family always joked that we were going to my dad’s “favorite store” when wed head out to Walmart. He’s a bargain shopper, and I’ve turned out to be the same way. I love that store. Don’t hate.

Right now online Walmart.com is having their Baby Days sale and it continues until September 16th. So you can take advantage of even lower prices than they already offer, and get deals on things for your little ones. I took advantage and got Lil’ J a new car seat. She has an infant seat and a kid seat but she needed a convertible for in-between so she can still face backwards. After reading this years car seat ratings from Consumer Reports I decided to get the Graco Comfort Sport seat. I’m not going to go into my confusion over paying $300 for seats that are rated the same or lower, but I will say that I’m stoked that I got a top rated car seat that has exactly what I was looking for for only $80. More expensive doesn’t always mean better.

To make her ride more comfortable I also got her a portable DVD player ($55), and a Yo Gabba Gabba DVD ($9.96) to drive me crazy watch while we’re getting where we’re going.

Last but not least, I’m obsessed with As Seen on TV items, and I’ve been dying to try the Gyro Bowl ($12.88) and the Pillow Pet ($34.99), so I ordered Lil’ J both to test out for me.

I got all but the pillow pet sent to my local store where I could pick it up without any shipping cost.

The estimated delivery date was something like two weeks away but I got them items just three days after placing my order! The pillow pet also arrived the same day to my house.

From now until September 16th you can participate in Walmart’s Baby Days sales online. Also, many of the baby items (96 to be exact) qualify for free photo prints too (I personally love uploading pics to their website and picking them up at the store while I’m shopping. It’s a genius idea).

I hope you enjoyed Lil’ J’s and my video as much as we enjoyed making it. Poor thing, I think she’s going to be a talker like her mama. Future news anchor maybe? We’ll see.

As stated in the video, there’s a giveaway. Three winners. 
One will win a $50 Walmart Gift Card.
Another will win an Aveeno Gift Basket.
And another will win a Johnson’s Baby Gift Basket. 

Leave a comment below letting me know about your on the go ritual to enter. GFC blog followers or email subscribers get an extra entry. Just leave a comment letting me know you’re one. Also make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you if you win.

Giveaway ends next Saturday the 17th at 11:59pm. Good luck!

*This post is sponsored by BabyCenter in conjunction with the BabyCenter Blog Network. All prizes and compensation are provided by BabyCenter, Walmart and Johnson and Johnson. All opinions expresses, as always are my own.


I smell…

Like a sexy mama.

I’m not really into fragrances. I hadn’t bought a perfume in ages. Partly because I was afraid it would hurt Lil’ J’s nose or something and partly because I just couldn’t find one I like.

In college I loved Abercrombie NOW. I never shopped at the store but I was turned on to that fragrance by a roommate. Then it got discontinued.

I tried different scents from the typical Clinque Happy, Lucky, and even tried some celebrity perfumes like JLo Glow. Yuck, yuck yuck! I don’t like powdery, or too-sweet scents.

Take me to a cologne counter and I’ll fall in love with most of the scents. I love Ralph Lauren Polo, and Black. One sniff of Aqua DiGio and I’m off in la la land. Probably because it’s my husband’s favorite.

But meet me at the perfume counter and I can’t find a single scent I like.

I did like a Mary Kay Bella Belara perfume for a hot second. But not enough to keep buying it. It’s was pretty and classy but not quite what I was looking for. I settled for mists and inexpensive stuff from Bath and Body Works. You know right out the gate what Japanese Cherry Blossom is gonna smell like if you’ve been using the shower gel.

In comes Express. I was at the store grabbing some new editor pants since Snoop decided to chew up my long-lasting pair. I grabbed my size as quickly as possible, and while I waited for the cashier to ring me up, I sprayed some of the perfume that was sitting there. A feeling of sexiness washed over me.

MINE! I thought. But it was like 50 bucks! (I don’t spend that kind of money on myself these days… Well, besides the $70 pants I was buying).

I had some questions about my Express credit card that was stolen and waited while the cashier called to get some stuff figured out. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this but also kinda not–When he turned around I grabbed the bottle of perfume again and sprayed it like 3 more times. I know it was totally overboard but I wanted to make sure I could have my husband smell it when I got home and I wanted some of the scent to still be there.

The cashier looked over his shoulder at me, probably thinking I was trying to pack something in my bag real fast because I was moving pretty fast and looking awful suspicious. Really, I was spraying free samples all over myself.

I noted the name “Love EXPRESS.”

Got home, husband approved. And I ordered the 1.7oz bottle online via eBay for a discount. It came it today and smells just as I remembered. I’m not sure if it makes sense but to me it’s a perfume with a cologne class. It’s not a pretty little girl scent, but a sophisticated smell of flowers. I just looked it up so I know what I’m talking about now and here’s what it has in it: Blackberry and Lily of the Valley, Notes of Tiare Blossoms and Sheer Vanilla Musk. I normally don’t like the real musky scent in colognes but I don’t notice it in this. Or maybe subconsciously I do and that’s why it reminds me of a pretty cologne. Anyway, I love it. So much so I took a picture of it, and I decided to share it with you.

Every day I’m doing a little better at feeling better about being me.

As I scroll through my reader and blogrolls of friends and friends of friends, I can’t help but notice an influx of fashion and style blogs. I also can’t help but notice my self esteem level plummeting by the time I finish scrolling through the photos of perfectly placed home decor, style combinations I can’t afford, beautiful actresses and models–Oh, wait–You mean that was YOU? The person writing the blog modeling that gorgeous pair of boots? Ok well I hate you for being so cute.

No, I don’t really hate you. I actually want to thank you for making me take a look at myself and realize I could use a makeover.

Now I don’t have time to get my nails done and I don’t have money to get a new wardrobe, but I do have a closet full of outfits ranging from middle school to now.

My current problem with dressing is I just grab whatever will be easy to take off. I’m nursing my daughter half the day so I don’t want to wear my button down blouses, or anything too tight. Today I threw on a black t-shirt, non-matching yellow jacket thing (non matching cause there’s a brown button, I think it should be black), jeans, loafer shoes and Christmas socks.

I didn’t brush my hair or put on makeup. I actually look like I’m rocking borderline dreads, and if you zoom in you’ll see my awesome heart-stamped socks.

I had my husband snap a couple photos of me to demonstrate. I did my best to pose like a real fashion blogger would.

Next, I dug in my closet and put on some things I never wear.

Thing #1: Heels. At 5 11″ I HATE heels. You know how some people just don’t know how to walk in heels? They walk forward on their feet like they’re sneaking around… That’s me. And when I get too cocky about standing straight I usually stumble. I put on a pair of boots and practiced strutting my stuff around the yard.

Thing #2: A belt as an accessory. Normally I wear belts to keep my pants up, not as a fashion statement. But I’ve had this one for over three years and had yet to wear it so I tried it on. I’m not sure I tied it right but it looked ok to me.

Thing #3: A necklace. I don’t wear jewelry besides my rings. I buy cheap jewelry to wear for work but cheap jewelry makes me itch so I usually leave it in my desk drawer and put it on right before I go on air. I had this plastic-pearl necklace on my dresser so I threw it on. I also took one of Lil’ J’s headbands and wore it as a bracelet to match my belt, and put a pink flower in my hair. I still didn’t brush it but I pinned it up a little to make it look like it was purposely messy.

I grabbed a pink purse and umbrella even thought it was sunny because they are pink and I don’t know how else to spice up an outfit after two colors so here we go. And where was my daughter during this impromptu photoshoot? See for yourself.

She was actually sitting aside gawking and laughing at me. Probably because she knows she can do so much better. And I automatically look 10Xs better too when I’m with her. Maybe it’s because my daughter is sucking the style out of me and using it for herself. She wouldn’t be caught dead in a plain onesie. At least not without a matching hair bow, diaper and Trumpette socks. Me on the other hand–I’m lucky if my socks match.

Anyway, getting all dressed up to take pictures got me all inspired to shop. I can see now why these fashion bloggers go round and round with their shopping and sharing and shopping and sharing. I was feeling like a fashionista, and so ready to buy a new pair of knee-high boots on Amazon but in the midst of browsing these yoga pants caught my eye and stole me away.

So I’m back here blogging in my t-shirt and comfy basketball shorts, which is much more conducive for hanging out with my slobbery, poopy (when she’s not constipated) baby. I suppose now is just not the season for me to be stylish.

We’ll have to check back in a year from now. In the mean time, if any of you see me getting way out of hand, tell me. I hate to end up having hidden cameras around my house and a surprise visit from What Not to Wear.

It’s not that I’m anti-toy, it’s just that I think kids have SO many toys these days. Now I know this is easy for me to say now because Lil’ J is only nearly 5 months old and is just starting to show interest in some toys. I’m sure once she’s older, walking, talking and into playing. But even then, I want to make a rule to where she can only have enough toys to fit in her toybox. When there’s too much for that, it’s time to donate and trade up.

I half expected I’d just go to a Goodwill myself and look for some toys I’d bleach clean but I decided Christmas and Birthdays are occasions we can splurge on new toys. But what’s the best toys for her age group?

Right now she’s still quite in the infant sensory stage, and likes things that are black and white, she loves mirrors, and things she can chew on, but she’s starting to like to grab, and shake things, and I know by Christmas she’ll be all over the cause-and-effect toys that involve banging, shaking, pushing pulling etc.

So off I set on an online adventure looking for Black Friday deals on baby toys.

I already bought her a Tickle Me Elmo (the regular one, not Xtreme) off eBay and a stuffed Cookie Monster to go with him. She loves Elmo and his voice so I know she’ll love him.

I’m totally into VTech toys for some reason. Maybe because I’ve always been an electronics kid myself. I also figure if a toy is going to make noise and light up it might as well be an educational toy. I want to get Lil’ J this VTech Touch and Learn Musical Bee. It’s similar to the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy, which I also like, but it has better ratings and is only $18 at Walmart.

It plays upbeat songs when you bounce it around and soothing songs other times. It also helps teach numbers, colors and shapes. I’m actually trying to see if I can find one in Spanish since it’s a given she’ll be learning these things in English.

Another VTech toy I’m eyeing is this VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop. It’s only $14.54 at Walmart (it may be a Black Friday sale?) and it helps teach shapes, common objects, and feelings. She’ll mostly be interested in the noises and lights it makes at this age, but in another year–If she’s not bored of it yet, she can use the mouse pad and do more with it. This toy also has really high ratings and seems like babies like it quite awhile. It also comes in a pink but I’ll get the more neutral blue.

If I’m going to splurge on one toy it’s may be this 5-in-1 adjustable gym from Little Tikes. It looks really cool because it grows with her. She’s just starting to sit up a little, but she could also lay down to play with it, or stand up with it when she’s older. The ratings aren’t as high and for being $45 at Toys R’ Us, I’m thinking I may look around on Craigslist for it. Or, use our Babies R Us gift card for it (anyone know if TRU accepts BRU gift cards?).

I’m really into more of the simple things though like this wooden farm book. Lil’ J loves books for some reason. When we bring out books at home to read to her every day, or if were reading or singing from books at church she loves to grab them. She loves board books and I think a wooden one she’d like even more. It’d be practically indestructible, and make a cool noise when the pages clap together.

This Sassy Fill and Spill Bucket is exactly what the name says and I think, exactly what babies love to do. Fill and dump… Mostly dump. So I think she’d like something like this, and it’s only $10.

Lil’ J also loves lights and things that move. I’m thinking about getting this Tiny Love Nature Soothing Serenade Mobile for her, but it’s a little pricey too at about $45. She really likes the butterfly mobile I made for her, she has since birth. Now she kicks and laughs at it during the day, but at night she can’t see it because it doesn’t glow. I’m not sure if I’ll get something to this extreme for her crib, maybe I’ll get something more subtle, but I think she’d like it if there was something nice and glowey in there, and what better time than Christmas to get it for her!

Finally, one of our friends gave us this rain forest jumper and I packed it up since I was about 6 months pregnant with a ways to go. I forgot I had it and may save it for Christmas, or take it out before and see how she likes it.

If she does like it than I think she’ll LOVE a door jumper (like a Johnny Jumper). I just can’t decide if I’d rather the Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper that has lights and toys and fun things and is about $35.

Or the fancy smantsy Merry Muscles Jumper Exerciser Baby Bouncer that’s about $85, but apparently lasts a long time and is better for your baby’s feet etc. I just don’t want to spend a lot of money if she ends up hating it. I think she’ll love the bouncers though because she loves to kick and jump with us already.

So that’s that for the toys on my shopping list. I’m much more into clothes myself. I used to think clothing was a boring gift but now that I have a child myself I understand why parents like buying them… To see their kids dressed up all cute! I’m in love with the Tea Collection. An online shop with children’s clothing for the little citizens of the world! Here’s a few of my favorites:

Croatian Floral Hoodie
Romanian Floral Top

Eniko Yoke Dress
Hungarian Floral Dress

All of the my blog followers (old or new) who leave a comment letting me know their favorites from this store before December 8th will be entered to win $100 to spend there! You get an extra entry if you follow @teacollection on twitter or if you let me know a Christmas gift recommendation for my husband or Lil’ J (hehe, I’m cheating). Random.org will choose the winner, good luck!  

In a few hours I’ll be posting another Christmas gift idea that Lil’ J LOVES, plus doing a giveaway for it!


RIP Sophie

I sat on the bed in the nursery with Lil’ J. We were playing with some of her toys for the first time. I dug them out of her toybox. A rattle, a soft block, and Sophie the Giraffe.

I only took Sophie out periodically to show it to her but my daughter never really showed much interest. She’s a fancy squeaky chew toy for babies, created in Europe, sold like crazy in the US to almost every green-fanatic mom I know. You know, the moms who shop at Whole Paycheck Foods. A line of moms in our yoga class each had one out during class. They’re in high demand lately because the toy in hand-painted with “natural-food-paint” and “natural rubber.”

I got my Sophie toy in exchange for writing this post and was so excited for Lil’ J to play with it. I was also excited to get it for free since $25 seems like a lot for a toy.

As we played on the bed, and I squeaked it at her, and kissed Sophie to her nose. Snoop watched with excitement outside the room. He’s not allowed in the nursery so he knows to stay on the other side of the threshold. But out of excitement when I was squeaking the toy he ran in and jumped on the bed. I yelled at him and my husband yelled at me saying I was teasing him. Ok, so maybe I was. Not intentionally, but I did hope that by watching, he’d see that it was her toy, not his.

That was the last time I saw that little giraffe. 

A few weeks ago Lil’ J stared grabbing things–Everything–and putting it in her mouth. Last week at yoga I saw the line of giraffes and made a mental note to bring it next week. But when I went back in her nursery it wasn’t there.

I looked all over. Under the bed, under the crib, in her toy box. She’s gone.

I think she died, and I know who killed her.
I can’t prove it. I haven’t found any giraffe remnants but I wouldn’t put it past him to have devoured the whole thing. I considered examining some Snoop poop but decided since it was made of “natural rubber” it probably was just reabsorbed into his body or something.

You’d think I’d let it go, but every time I’m out I see this toy everywhere. I live in the Whole Foods Mecca and it’s haunting me. So I just ordered another one on eBay.

I hope she is mesmerized cause $17 is a heckovalot of money for a baby chew toy which can easily be mistaken for a Snoop toy. But this time I’m putting that thing on lock-down!

I’m a girl who loves to shop. But I’m also a girl who knows how to find a good deal and won’t get ripped off. I’m constantly posting my finds on my Facebook page and one of my online buddies asked if I’d post about finding deals on Ebay and Etsy.–Cause that’s where I do most of my shopping.

It may come across as strange to some people that I shop for cloths and just about everything else on Ebay but it’s really pretty convenient. I love getting mail so it’s more fun than going to the store. And 90% of the time I’m getting a rockin deal.

I just recently started shopping on Etsy and that’s a little more overwhelming to me, but I’m quickly learning tips to finding a bargain.

1. Be Specific: Personally, I get overwhelmed by just searching for random things on etsy, and that’s a quick way to buy something you don’t need. I use as many key words as possible to get a good amount of return results, but not enough to have to sort through dozens of pages of stuff.

groovymommy baby bloomers
The Groovy Mommy $10
2. Narrow the Results: If I’m searching for something like a “baby dress” and get tons of results, the first thing I do is usually click “sort from lowest to highest” but then the first half a dozen pages seem to be patterns, so I enter a prize range to sort it even more, maybe between $5 and $15, so I can skip through pages of patterns, but scan for the cutest, lowest-prices results.

3. Compare Compare: If you’re coming across several items that look alike and are priced similarly, check out things that may be “deal breakers.” How quickly they ship (is it ready to mail, or made to order?) and compare things like shipping costs. Sometimes buying multiple items can save you on shipping, depending on the seller.

4. Communicate with the Seller: I almost always write to the Etsy sellers and tell them what I’m looking to buy, and ask specifics about the order, (my husband makes fun of me because I can never order a meal without some exception, I think I’m the same way with buying things on Etsy) sometimes (not always) if you get a really nice seller, they’ll offer something extra for a discount.

etsy dress

For instance, I was just going to buy one dress from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff for a rockin’ deal of $10. But then I saw another one that had just sold that I liked, and decided I wanted to buy two, but then I really liked the headbands and wanted one to match one of the dresses, but the seller was nice and said I could get two for $10, when normally they’re $6 a piece. I’ve found lots of sellers who are nice about my custom orders and offer a discount when I’m torn between something. You never know who will hook you up with a deal so you’ll buy more!

etsy headband

So these adorable dresses Lil’ J and I took a photoshoot in today are from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff. I saw one listed on her shop as a tunic top and asked if she could make a dress like that. She whipped them up so quick and sent my like 10 emails to make sure I was getting what I wanted. Etsy ROCKS!

5. Word of Mouth: I’m constantly finding awesome deals by just asking my friends about their favorite shops. I’m always finding things I wouldn’t have found on my own. There are SO many sellers and it’s impossible to see them all. Sometimes I’m looking for dresses and end up finding hairbows I love by a seller who also makes dresses.

It’s fun to hop around, and ask around for favorites.

What are your favorite Etsy shops? Everyone who comments before November 2nd will be entered to win a $15 credit to Sumo’s Sweet Stuff. If you follow her blog or tell me what you want from her shop you’ll get an extra entry! Random.org will choose the winner! Good luck!
 etsy pink dress

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