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My vision for This Year: A 2023 Bucket List

Self reflection about individuality. Learning to be my best self and inspiring others to do the same.

Life Update

Pop Some Popcorn and Pull Up a Chair: A Behind the Scenes Look at The New Movie Night Journal

family movie night kids eating popcorn and watching a show

We Did a Big Thing

5 Great Ways To Help Wildlife

A black bother with her biracial daughter sitting together to have a tech talk about cell phones for internet safety day.

How to Help your Kids Set Goals and Achieve their Dreams

My Top 10 Favorite Moments of 2020

6 Books That Inspired Me to Focus And Pay off My Mortgage Early

interracial family sitting on porch smiling

We Just Paid Off Our House! This is How We Reached Our Big Goal

interracial family

How to Achieve BIG Dreams with SMALL Bite-Sized Steps

Interracial family sitting on the ground and smiling at the camera. A toddler girl with curly hair sitting on her black moms lap. A biracial boy sitting between his white father and black mother and a biracial little girl with long curly hair.

“MomMy, Will You Be Alive When I Grow Up?”

29 Quotes on goal setting

29 Quotes That Will Make You Want to Keep Your Goals

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