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For real I’m catching up this week. Once and for all. I’m almost done editing this weeks and I’m going to post these all through this weekend. Promise! Ok? Here we go again!

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Pregnancy Week 10 highlights: SERIOUS cravings, but aversion to breakfast tacos, which is sad.

When you’re TTC, things can get a little crazy and make you LOL while you’re waiting for that BFP.

I’m currently about 10 DPO but trying to wait until I’m at least 12 DPO until I test so I don’t get a BFN. I’m expecting AF Sunday. Well, sorta expecting.

When I was pregnant with Lil’ J, before I tested I had a crazy suspicion because there was a lot of EWCM (update: don’t google it). I’m sorta noticing that this time too. But I’ve had false alarms before. So who knows!

Are you following? If not, here’s a translation guide.

Ok, I’ll speak English for the rest of this post.

Another sorta-sign?

Lil’ J climbed on me last week and said “baby?”
I looked at her and said “Yes, you’re my baby.”
She looked back and me, shook her head and said “No. Baby,” and pointed to my tummy.

I think this could mean one of a few things:
A. She remembered my friend’s pregnant belly, us pointing to it and saying “baby”, showing her one was inside. Which also could mean…
B. I’m getting fat. or…
C. I’m pregnant.

That’s not all. Yesterday I had a complete and utter breakdown out of no where.

I got home from having lunch with Lil’ J and a friend. When I walked in my husband was doing the dishes. I was going to do the dishes. He had just woken up from sleeping after his long shift at work. Did he think I couldn’t do the dishes like I have been the last couple of weeks? Now he wants to help? None of these thoughts were logical but I was agitated and went off out of no where.

The next several minutes are a blur but I remember throwing out phrases like “you’re always sleeping” and “But you make time for the gym!”

And the next thing I know I’m sitting on the floor in the office, unpacking some random box of tape, CDs and batteries, and sobbing hysterically. You know, like when you were a kid and you just got the biggest butt whoopin and you can’t talk straight for half-an-hour cause you keep gasping/hiccuping for air?

No? Just me? Well anyway I was all:

“I…*gasp*… just… want… to… *gasp*… spend… more… time… with… you *sigh*.” At the same time I was saying this I was having an outer-body experience looking at myself, shaking my head and laughing ‘lady what is wrong with you?’ “And… *gasp*… I … feel… like … you… *gasp* don’t like me. *sigh*”

By this time my husband set the dishes aside and came to see who I was and what I did with his wife. … Apparently I had given her a butt whoopin.

The discussion ended as quickly as it started as did the waterworks. I actually don’t even remember exactly why I was so mad.

So, now I’m thinking there are a few possible answers.

A. Sleep deprivation. I was working on a project for 28 hours and had only slept 2 hours the night before.
B. I’m pregnant.
C. All of the above.

Guess I’ll know Fridayish. Ack!

Watch at your own risk…

Lil’ J,

Well well well little one. Still baking are we? I hope you’re having fun in there but I also hope you realize you’re playing in a studio apartment when you have a whole mansion that’s yours out here. Don’t worry, mommy will till be here to cuddle with you when you come out. I’m not going anywhere!

I will say I’m SO grateful we made it to 40 weeks. SO many babies are born early and for a little bit I really worried you would be one of them! But nope, we made it! We made it full term and… Well, and then some I guess. According to my calculations on when you were conceived you’re a little older than we had guessed. But just a day older, so no big deal! Today you’re 40 weeks and 4 days. Believe it or not the last four days actually went by quicker than I expected.

I did get a little sad this week when you weren’t born on one of several days which I thought would be your birthday. I cried a lot and felt silly for crying. Especially since I know it’s just a guesstament. I just really thought that by now we’d be here together and you’d be keeping me up at night. The positive side is your daddy and I have had more time to spend alone together before we become a family of 3 (actually 4 including Snoop).

I’ve gone through a lot of mood swings since I hit the 40 week mark… The day I thought you would be born. But I’m SO grateful for your daddy who’s helped me through them all. He’s really the best, you are going to love him so much!

(photo of my big 40+ week belly coming soon!)

I’ve been analyzing almost every symptom wondering if it means your coming… Diarrhea (gross I know but I hear it’s a symptom) loosing my mucus plug, nausea, your slowing movements, every leak, cramp, and contraction I’m wondering if “THIS IS IT.”

Last night I had a lot of contractions. I was actually having consistent contractions for about 22 hours. For a couple of hours they were just a few minutes apart lasting over a minute long. But I knew it wasn’t time to go yet because they weren’t very strong.

When I woke up this morning I still was having some contractions but they were more spaced out, and eventually they fizzled down to nothing. I was sad because I thought we were about to finally meet you. Your dad packed his bag and I went to bed hoping my water would break or something but nope. Not yet.

I’ve been thinking and praying about this a lot but I’ve decided Saturday is a good deadline to give you. We’re going to talk it over with our doctor tomorrow but I’m pretty sure that’s the day we’ll schedule to be induced if you’re not here yet. I’m a little sad that I may not get to experience the whole timing contractions and rushing to the hospital, but your daddy keeps reminding me that we’ll be so happy once you’re here, and not to get too caught up in the process. Because really, it’s in Heavenly Father’s and your little hands! Ours too, but we’ve just got to enjoy the ride, no matter how it takes us to you.
It’s so exciting now to think that I’ll be meeting you regardless in less than a week!! Just 5 days! You’ll be over 41 weeks then, but for now, you’re probably about 7 1/2 pounds and 20in long, though we’re predicting you’re a little bigger.

Tomorrow we’ll check the fluid levels around you and make sure you’re still doing ok in there so I can go another week. I’m so happy now, knowing it’s not much longer until you’re here!

Get here safely little one!




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I feel like a prisoner strapped to a ticking time bomb. I don’t know when it will go off but if I leave a certain radius it’s sure to set off a trigger and explode–and we’ll be screwed.

I’ve already organized the nursery.
Gotten Snoop’s shots, nails trimmed, and fresh bath.
Had the house cleaned (and kept up with it).
Pampered myself with a spa manicure/pedicure.
Got my hair done.
Found a pediatrician.
Packed our hospital bags.

And now I have a sudden urge to do totally irresponsible things that maybe I shouldn’t do in my stage of pregnancy:

Walk my dog at 11pm–In the hood.
Pre-purchasing midnight showing of Eclipse tickets, which premiers 5 days past my due date.
Go on a 6 hour trip alone (1.5 hours driving each way and a 3 hour church session in between).
And go on a potentially bumpy boat ride.

I never thought I’d be one of those people itching to have the baby out at the end of a pregnancy. I never understood the difference between a couple of weeks, it’s not that much time. And really–This pregnancy has been super easy, and I’m still sleeping well. Yes, sleeping. Which I know I’ll be missing soon.

Oh, and I know so many moms are thinking to themselves “enjoy your rest!” I promise I am, I sleep over 8 hours a night only with brief sleepwalking trips to pee. I’m resting A LOT… It’s deciding what to do when I’m NOT resting that’s driving me nuts.

I’ve been ready for this baby since I decided to throw out the birth control, I’m just ready to meet her already.

Part of the problem is work. Every day I show up at work at least one person says “You’re still pregnant?” No… Actually I just LOOK like I’m still pregnant. I had my baby last week but decided to come back to work. Maybe it SEEMS like I’ve been pregnant forever, and trust me, I’m ready to be done as much as you’re ready to hear I’ve birthed my baby, but the fact is I haven’t even passed my due date.

I have done all of the major things and all that’s left are little frou frou things that I can’t even get myself to do. If I’m going to be waiting around and want to “relax” and “get my mind off it” then I’d at least like to not feel contained. My OB never told me to stay within a certain time/distance limit of the hospital, however I have a feeling it’s a good idea.

I’m doing a story this week with kids on ski boats and if I’m going to report on it I might as well be on the boat! I don’t want to stand on the shores burning up just watching! I’m sure it’s not DANGEROUS. Though I won’t want to be stranded at sea… I’ll make sure I can get to shore quickly if need be. There will be ambulance–Convenient in case I need to deliver right there. I’ll double check with my OB just to be sure but as long as riding on a boat can’t cause brain or shock damage to my unborn child I’ll go for it.

One of my readers recently told me she basically set another due date, two weeks after the date her doctor gave her so if the baby arrived before then she’d be happy, and not expecting it before then. Brilliant idea that I wish I had thought of before. But no… I’ve had June 25th circled, starred, and paper chained to celebrate this special day which she’d arrive on–Or hopefully before. Stupid, stupid me!

I conversed with Dr. Google about due dates with first time moms. According to many sites first time moms average 8 days PAST their due date! How could this be? All of my first time mom friends have gone early! I suppose if 5 out of 10 go late, and 5 friends I know have gone early then I’m bound to be one of the 5 who goes late. No… I can’t be one of the less than 5% who has her baby ON her due date because I already know two people like that.

I did also read on one of the sites that women of color tend to go earlier. Who the heck knows why, or if that’s even true. That article was written in the 90s.

I can’t sit around. It gets SO OLD. And blogging can only entertain me so much. And then when I’m home with my new baby I’ll REALLY be at home a lot–Busy with her of course, but talk about cabin fever!

I was talking with a friend at work last week who said she brought her little girl to this thing called “baby day” at a theater in town the last time she was on maternity leave. It’s Tuesdays during the day, and the lights are kept up a little so you can feed them and stuff. Plus there’s lots of other babies around so no one feels bad for having a crying baby nearby.

I’m not sure if I’ll feel up to going out and sitting in a theater with an infant but I’m trying to think of easy outings so I won’t go crazy at home. Walks with Snoop… And possibly movies will be the extent of my outings most likely. Granted we are taking trips to see family during my leave too, I guess that’ll be enough excitement for a new mom… Which I’m ready to be!

I don’t mind waiting for her to make her arrival but I’d at least like to walk on the wild side a little while I wait. Someone stop me from doing something crazy. First, late night strolls in the hood, next stop: Six flags.

Update: I wrote this last night when I was ready to pull my hair out. Youtube has since helped ease my boredom and I’ve had an epiphany for something more constructive and less destructive I can do while I wait for Lil’ J’s arrival.–That’s to learn this dance before my due date. Wish me luck!

Any other ideas to take my mind off of possibly flying past my due date?

Want to learn the dance with me? I’m using this guy to teach me 😉

And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and Future Daddy’s out there!

Dear Lil’ J,

I must say this week has been one full of MAJOR mood swings for me. One day I’m so ready for you to come out and ready to take over my new “mommy role” then the next moment I’m totally freaking out wondering what I was thinking.

Don’t you worry little girl, I’ve read these feelings are normal, and I’m going to be just fine when we meet, it’s just scary thinking that the way I’ve experienced and seen life, my entire life will be completely different in a matter of weeks.You are getting so close to coming out too, I can tell. I have just been feeling different lately, it’s hard to explain, it just feels like things are revving up for your big day. Also… This is a little icky (TMI ALERT!), but the mucus plug that blocks you from the outside world, so to speak, came out today! Yep, I was very surprised to see it. It wasn’t what I expected… I pictured one big solid wad of mucus shaped like a cork plug that would go in an over-sized bottle of sparkling cider, but it was nothing like that. It was more like a lot of snot coming out.

(Note to self… Don’t show you this letter until you’re old enough to appreciate these labor-signs and emotional roller coasters.)

Anyway, I caught you on camera last week, FINALLY rolling around in there. You always stop when I get the camera out so I bought an app for my iPhone so I now have video capabilities! You weren’t as rowdy as you can get but I got a little movement here. Don’t mind the background noise, I was watching Forensic Files. Look towards my belly button and you can see your elbow or shoulder or something moving around.

This week you’re about 6.8 lbs… I’m thinking you may be a little bigger, though I can’t picture you being super big just cause it’s hard imagining a full-sized baby in there!

Your eye color is either brown, or maybe grayish. I kind of hope they are gray-looking cause then they can change to one of many colors, and I think you would look so cute with your daddy’s eyes. That’s the first thing I noticed about him!

I’m predicting you’ll decide to come out sometime next week, but I’m still hoping you stick around and come on the 23rd… The day your daddy and I met. Although it would also be pretty cool if you arrived on Father’s Day. What a nice present for your dad that would be! I wouldn’t even have to get him anything else! As long as you come in June (I like that month better than July) we’ll be good. But I don’t think that’ll be a problem.
I wake up every morning wondering if I’m having contractions or if my water broke… Nope and nope. I’m sure I’ll know when it’s for real, but it’s exciting wondering when it’ll happen.

I got so much work done at work this week, I finished the 12 extra stories I was trying to get ahead on for maternity leave and now I feel like I’m more relaxed and ready.

Our bags are packed, your daddy and I will put your car seat in hopefully Monday, the same day the cleaners come over and the same day Snoop is getting cleaned up at the groomers. I’m also going to get a nice relaxing manicure and pedicure that day. I already got my hair done this week! So needless to say, I’m on my way to getting fully pampered for the big day!

Don’t worry, I’m bringing cute stuff for you to wear too, hats and blankets and bows! I can’t wait to dress you up.

Your daddy and I were talking tonight about how we feel about bringing you home. Neither of us are worried about you crying a lot or loosing sleep. I think we just expect it, and are excited for the challenge. Plus, we know it’ll all be worth it.

I’m eager to meet you but not in too much of a rush. Something about knowing you’ll be here in a few weeks regardless makes me content. We’re almost there baby girl! I can’t wait to see your beautiful face.




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Dear Lil Miss J,

Like how I have a new nickname for you every week? I like Lil J right now. Spawnie is beginning ot wear off… You seem less and less spawn-like the closer we get to D-day, which believe it or not is in FOUR WEEKS!! At the end of the week we’ll be full term and you will be ready to come out at any time! I’d really prefer if you waited a little while longer though. I have some cleaners coming on the 14th and I’m thinking I’ll get my hair and nails done on the 15th. Speaking of my nails, they are SO LONG! I need to get them cut so I don’t scratch your pretty face. That gives you 10 days… I don’t mind if you come after the 15th, you’ll be good and big, and I’ll be done with important work stuff by then too. Actually, I sort of like the 20s best, so sometime between the 20th and 29th would ROCK! Got that? Jot that on your Wombberry.

I had a dream you were born on the 19th, but it was the 19th today and I was worried about missing work that day… Crazy dream, I can tell you that won’t happen in real life, don’t you worry!
I know it’s a little inconsiderate of me to try to tell you when to come out, I mean, you are in charge, don’t you worry, but I just want you to know my preference. I like June better than July so you’ve gotta come before July! I know statistics show a lot of first-time moms go past their due dates but I don’t think that’ll be the case with you. I can feel it.. You’ll be right around your due date, if not… I think early!

Lil J, this week I’ve been SO TIRED. I haven’t had the energy I use to have! I come home and just want to plop down on the couch, take a nap, and when I finally get the strength I try to work on things for your room, or pack some more in the hospital bag, or work on our labor and just meeting playlists.

I haven’t wanted to touch my computer or anything! I’ve just been to exhausted! I have SO MUCH on my mind that I’d love to write about but I am too tired to put it all down. What have I been thinking about? Well, here’s a few topics on my mind lately:

My new quick thoughts on labor
My cure for cankles
Books I’ve picked out for you
My thoughts on breastfeeding you

One of these days, hopefully soon I’ll get them all down while they’re fresh in my mind to remember. I hear there’s another burst of energy right at the end of my pregnancy and I can’t wait for that! I’ve got some stuff I want to get done! Until then though I’ll enjoy my rest, because I’m sure I’ll be missing it once you’re born.Another sign that means you’re getting closer to coming is that I think you’ve dropped! I woke up this morning and your butt wasn’t in my ribs as normal. In fact, all day you’ve felt lower, and I can tell with the way my belly now rests on my legs that you’re lower! So exciting! To make sure I compared this weeks photo to last week’s photo and sure enough, you’re looking lower! … And more pointy. A woman at work today guessed you’d be coming next week! …But you can’t come that soon ok?

Some women I know who had due dates close to mine have recently delivered their babies, so it’s weird thinking how close we are!
You’re still packing on the pounds — at the rate of about an ounce a day. You now weigh almost 6 pounds and are probably more than 18 1/2 inches long. You’re shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered your body as well as the stuff that covered and protected your skin during your nine-month amniotic bath. You’re swallowing that stuff, and other secretions, resulting in a blackish mixture, called meconium, that’ll form the contents of your first bowel movement. Hopefully you won’t have that until you get out!

Keep growing little girl, we are ALMOST there and our lives are about to change FOREVER. I can’t wait!




Time to take bets (not really) when do you think she’ll show up? Early, late? On time? Vote in my poll (top left) and let me know what you chose!

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Dear LadyBug,

Wow, we’ve gotten bigger this week. Me especially. I feel myself waddling when I walk and I can’t help it. I love penguins, always have, but I don’t really enjoy FEELING like one.
I also have a bigger appetite now. I went to Chick-fil-a the other day, and got a meal, then about 15 minutes later I went back to get more fries and the guy in the window was like “You again?” I lied and told him it was for my husband. If only they could have seen my big belly, they wouldn’t have asked questions!

You’re ALWAYS dancing around in my belly. You are a very very active baby. I’ve heard that means you’ll probably stay that way once you come out. You can see my stomach jump all of the time, last weekend people at work even saw you and all said “WOAH” at the same time when they could see you push up like an alien trying to get out. I still haven’t gotten you on video camera yet, and there’s only 10 more weeks to catch you!

Just 10 weeks, I can’t believe how time has flown! You’ll seriously be here before I know it. It’s like a crazy world when I go into your room and look around at all of your things… Your bed, your clothes, your dresser and decorations. I’ve never made a room look so nice in all my life and it’s all for you!
I had a little scare this week. One of my feet got REALLY swollen, but I decided not to worry about it unless it hadn’t gone down the next morning… It always goes down.
Well, when I woke up my feet were still swollen, especially my right foot so I started to worry. I had a headache and my face was tingling, and I was worried it was swelling up too… All signs of a pregnancy disease called Preeclampsia.
See, your mom is a little paranoid, and basically after I hear about a disease I worry I have it. Your daddy kept telling me I was fine, but I still worried.
I called the nurse at my doctor’s office and she said you were probably sitting on one of my veins or arteries wrong and that’s why one of my feet was more swollen. I didn’t tell her about my headache right away because I wasn’t sure if it was really there or if it was paranoia, or if it was just there because I was stressing about having one.
I decided I’d check my blood pressure and if it was high I’d call back. I drove around to several different pharmacies looking for one of those in-house blood pressure machines, and I finally found one at my third stop at a CVS.
It was normal. I calmed down (after leaving your dad a voicemail in tears, which he heard later when I was in a better mood and laughed at me) and I’m feeling better now… Although my feet still look HUGE.
You’re still growing well! You should be close to three pounds now, and about 15.7 inches long. Your eyesight is developing more now too.
You’re dad and I were debating today what you’ll look like. I think you’re going to be along the darker shade-spectrum and look more like me, and your dad says you’re probably going to look pretty white, though he’d love it if you were my complexion, he doubts that will happen. I guess we’ll see soon enough. I’m sure we’ll both be surprised, and most likely you’ll be something in the middle.
Our baby shower is today! I’m excited to take lots of pictures and see all of our friends! It’s my first Saturday off in almost a year, so I’m looking forward to it! You really are one loved little baby!
I was up late making TONS of hairbows (more than 60) for people who donated to March of Dimes on my blog before I found out I was pregnant with you, and luckily I had a couple extra so I stashed a couple for you! Surprisingly they aren’t pink! But they’re still cute!
I’m finally starting to feel prepared for you so I can relax for the remainder of my pregnancy and just wait for you, it’s a nice feeling. There’s still so much to do but I have a lot of big things out of the way, which is nice.
I know some people get so eager to get their baby out at the end, and I can’t imagine feeling that way yet. I mean, I can imagine being eager and excited to meet you, but for the most part I enjoy being pregnant… Swollen feet and all.
Keep growing little one!

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