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A couple weeks ago we had a “snow day” and school was canceled here the right before expected freezing temperatures would be rolling in. I think it ended up being in the 50s the next day.

Anyway, we made the most of it. It’s rare I capture a cute picture with the both of them together. They were having so much fun when I got this adorable moment.

Read the details and see more of this cuteness over on my new Tampico is Color photo blog.

A beautiful and colorful lifestyle blog featuring an interracial family with stunning biracial children. Inspiring parents to document life's little moments  and make beautiful memories with their beautiful babies.

Knowing my state flower wasn’t something I grew up remembering, but in Texas, all the hype around the Bluebonnet every year makes it hard to forget.

bluebonnets-1My daughter already knows it’s the state flower, and we’ve had fun taking photos in them since she was a baby. Last year we missed them. My little guy wasn’t born just yet and they only last a few weeks. I wanted to get some pictures in the beautiful Texas flowers, but I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to. A lot of my family is visiting this week, and coordinating a trip with everyone isn’t easy.

bluebonnets-4After church we drove to a field and took a few photos. The lighting was harsh and my kids weren’t thrilled about the tall grass, but we made the best of the rare blooming field.

As I loaded these onto my computer I was whining to myself about the bad lighting, harsh shadows, and my overall disappointment. I’ve definitely taken better photos, but these will still be a moment I look back and smile at, knowing the trouble we went through to get them. The begging I had to do to get my husband to cooperate, the soothing I had to do for my overly cranky baby, the bribing I had to do for my preschooler. All for a few mediocre shots of my family.

It’s ok though because if I didn’t do it, no one would have. I’m the photographer in my family. The documentarian, the memory-keeper. I love doing it though. I’m born to fill this role.

If the flowers stick around through the end of the week I’m hopeful I can score a few more shots just before sunset… My favorite time to shoot. And if I’m lucky, I may even get in a few myself (after setting the camera settings and handing it off to someone other than my husband–Bless his heart).

Do you do all the picture-taking in your family? Or are you lucky enough to live with a photographer?


I’ve created eBay collections with some of the items I love to use for memory-keeping, and storytelling, and teaching my children about the world, like our beautiful state flower.. Each collection featuring hashtag #ImBornTo created now until the end of the month will raise $1 for the March of Dimes. As of writing this post they’ve only raised just over $5,000 so far. We can do better!

If doing something good isn’t motivation enough, you’ll also be entered to win a $5,000 shopping spree. It’s easy to create a collection, I’d be happy to help if you have questions. Check all of mine out here.

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Dear Daughter,

You’re well past the two year mark and I feel it’s time I let you know how I feel about that. At first I delayed this moment because I couldn’t believe another year had passed. As if by delaying this note, it would slow your growth. But of course, it hasn’t in the least.

Over the last several months your personality has flourished, your vocabulary has boomed, and you have blossomed into a little girl I’m so proud to call my own.

One afternoon while we played in your room I told you you make me happy. I didn’t realize it then, but my sharing that with you has really left an impression on your compassionate heart. I’ve noticed now when I hug you a little too long, or tell you how much I love you, you’ll stop and ask “I make mommy happy?” and I say “Yes you do baby!” Happier than you know.

I wasn’t expecting you to understand so much, have so many opinions about so many things and be able to share them with me at such a young age. Like your mommy, you’re into Disney movies, especially the princess flicks. Not only can you request which one you want to watch, you can “name that movie” when we’re listening to Disney music on Pandora. Your memory is astonishing.

Getting you into these clothes is no problem, getting you out is where the hard part comes in. I’ve found a solution is to let you decide what you want to wear to school. It used to be I’d put you in a dress every day because it’s what I wanted. Now, you’re the one picking out your clothes, always choosing to wear the poofiest or longest dress you can find. And when I wear a dress you call it my princess dress. In fact, the other night, instead of calling me mommy, you decided to call me “Princess Mommy” on your own, and you referred to me by that name all night.

Like many toddlers I assume, you’ve become a little negotiator. You’ll throw phrases as us like “No thanks,” “Next time” and “One more please!” at us all the time. Your bedtime routine stretched into a never-ending cycle that always ended in tears, so we have started a new system that not only included a book and prayer as usual, but a vitamin,  song, rocking, a second of back rubbing and three kisses blown to you as I shut the door. When your daddy is home I have him finish up bed time so it doesn’t take as long. He laughs at our routine and says I’m making you OCD.

When it comes to becoming a big sister, I think you’re ready. You love peeking at my belly, giving the baby kisses, and feeling him/her move. When I’m wearing a t-shirt you’ll lift it up and say “open it” or “take it out!” Then I have to tell you that the baby will come out later, and you ask “next time?” yes, um, something like that.  I’m just glad we have at least four more months to enjoy this time with you as our only child.

The holidays have been more enjoyable for me than ever. I’ve been able to describe Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to you and you get the picture. Halloween definitely made an impression on you, since you still come home ringing the doorbell while yelling “trick or treat!” Thanksgiving was fun for you too but I didn’t make it as big of a deal this year, aside from talking about turkeys, to which you reply “gobble gobble.” And Christmas I just know you’re going to love. From seeing the lights in our house, around town, meeting Santa again and again, and playing with our new nativity set and learning about Jesus. You’re just soaking it all in, and it’s amazing.

As we drove to a store on Black Friday I played some Christmas tunes on the way. Jingle Bells rang through our car, and I turned it up and sang it to you. I wasn’t sure if you had heard it before, or knew it was a Christmas song, but you yelled up to me “Dance mommy!” so I danced and told you to dance as well. In my rearview mirror I saw your head of curls bobbing along to the music when all of a sudden you told me: “Mommy happy!” I smiled and confirmed your guess, then you said: “Mommy happy, and I happy!” I teared up at your little statement because while I hope you’re a happy little girl, that I’m doing things right, nothing beats hearing it straight from your mouth.

You do make me happy sweet child, happier than you know. I’m so happy you’re my daughter.




He turned 30

I met him when he was 21. Fresh off the mission just 6 months prior. He was cute, slightly socially awkward, but oh so funny.

He swept me off my feet with his sense of compassion, a strong spirit, and good taste in music. He continues to amaze me to this day. In fact, we went out to lunch for his birthday and during our conversation I stopped and said: “Wow, you are seriously the perfect person for me…” We get each other.

Aside from being my best friend, he’s the best father. Lil’ J was beyond excited to shower him with gifts, songs, hugs and kisses all day for his birthday. She even told me to “go away” when I went in to get her this morning. Then when he went in, she exclaimed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!”

You don’t see him on my blog often, and he usually avoids the paparazzi side of me, but he agreed to let me take photos for his birthday and not complain. He’s thirty, flirty (with me) and just as hot as that adorable little RM I met 8 years ago.

A Happy Birthday to my Boo. May the next 30 years be even better than the first!

Halloween was an adventure yesterday. I realized after my mom’s ward’s Trunk-or-Treat, and her school Halloween party which also included trick-or-treating, she might be pooped with all the candy-gathering and costume-wearing.

It did take some bribery on my part (Skittles) to get her in her Tiana dress one more time, but I added some extra sparkle to it this time which got her more excited: A tutu underneath to add extra poof, mommy’s necklace, and some glow stick bracelets.

Once she was in, she was ready to go out and show off to the neighbors. I got some ADORABLE pictures through the evening, but since I had to be back at work before 4am, I delayed uploading them right away.

So I don’t have my best photos to share, but I do have my favorite.

When we got home, my little princess reached in her bucket and asked me to open another pack of Skittles (apparently her favorite candy) and told me she had to go potty. Like any princess, she didn’t want to take off her dress right away (in fact, I only got her out of it by putting her in another princess [pajama] dress). So I rushed her to the potty, hiked up her dress (still lined with tutu) and let her do her business while snacking on her skittles.

The sight was too hilarious to miss. I would have grabbed my camera but I was afraid she’d get down before I got back, so I snapped this on my phone.

My little princess on her throne.

I know she’ll probably hate me for sharing this later, but I also know this is DEFINITELY going in her wedding slideshow.

I hope you had a fabulous Halloween too! Feel free to share links of your photos. I’m dying over the costumes in my Instagram feed!

This weekend, after work, Lil’ J and I had the task of staying out of her daddy’s hair so he could study for his police final (which he passed today. Woohoo!!).

We stayed busy. Here’s what we did captured via Instagram:

Our first non-freak out, long trip to the fabric store. I got these pretty spring fabrics I plan to turn into three dresses for Lil J. Some buttons, and thread, all for $13.
Bubbles: The reason for surviving our long non-freak-out trip to the fabric store. Got a 6 pack at the dollar tree.
That’s where we also go hooked up with some sweet $1 sunglasses.
Then we went to the mall, where mommy was able to get a new pair of jeans in her old size (pre-pregnancy). 
We also had smoothies and shared a giant pretzel. 
The next day, after work we went to the kite festival.
Raisins and fruit cups helped us survive the long lines to and from the shuttles.
The kites were beautiful. I got to play with my new camera (5D Mark ii) which made one of my same old lenses feel brand new and FABULOUS.
And at the end of it all, we did get to see daddy a little, before bed.
I hope you weekend was fabulous (technically Tuesday is my Sunday, so I’m still enjoying my official weekend. Hope to do some sewing, and play-dating). 

Holding my sweet baby girl makes all my worries go away. Gosh… I said I’d wouldn’t be that mushy gushy mom but here I am… I love her so much!! *GUUUUSSSSH!!*

When we visited Utah, my college friend and creator of Grand Felicity Photography was able to capture some tender moments between my daughter and I on the day of her baby blessing.

These are some of my favorites!





mother daughter

Becca was so patient with us (Lil’ J wasn’t so happy) and was great at picking out locations! She let us do our thing but also guided us into natural poses. Needless to say I’m SO HAPPY with how these turned out! This was the shoot I got my new blog header from.

As much as I love taking photos. Nothing beats handing someone else the camera to capture the beauty for you.

She’s sweet enough to offer a free session for my blog readers. Here’s what you’ll get!

A Newborn/Family combined shoot
Up to 2 hours with Photographer
2-3 locations
Family of up to 6 people (each additional person is $25)
High Resolution CD of 25-30 fully edited images
$25 Print Credit
Online Proofing for six months on her website
It’s a $200 value you’ll get for free!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me what you’d use this for!

For an extra entry you can comment on your favorite post on her photography blog, subscribe to her blog, or you can blog or tweet about the giveaway! Just leave a comment for each entry!

It’s open to people who live, or will be in Utah. Preferably in Utah or Salt Lake County.

You have until next Saturday at 11:59pm to enter! Good luck!

I swear I get bigger as the day goes on. Last night I was getting undressed and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and GASPED! …No lie, then I grabbed my stomach.

My iPhone ap said this would happen. The “What to Expect” one. It said this week I should take off my shirt, take a deep breath and look in the mirror! I know a lot of people don’t start taking belly pictures until 12 weeks or so but I’m glad I have been. Even with my shirt on you can tell a difference in these pictures. Maybe it’s because I was so small to begin with. Or maybe I was just REALLY bloated last night, I dunno.

I ran downstairs to show my husband.

“I’ve totally got a fat stomach now!” I told him.
“Really, have you been eating a l– WOAH!” And he grabbed it. See, even he notices!
Here are the changes that happened with Spawnie during my 9th week according to Baby Center:
– Finally starting to look more and more human.
– Spawnie’s essential body parts are accounted for, though they’ll go through plenty of fine-tuning in the coming months.
– Spawnie’s heart finishes dividing into four chambers, and the valves start to form as do tiny teeth.
– The embryonic “tail” is completely gone.
– My baby’s organs, muscles, and nerves are kicking into gear.
– The external sex organs are there (Woohoo!) but won’t be distinguishable as male or female for another few weeks.
– Eyes are fully formed, but Spawnie’s eyelids are fused shut and won’t open until 27 weeks.
– Spawnie has tiny earlobes, and mouth, nose, and nostrils are more distinct.
– The placenta is developed enough now to take over most of the critical job of producing hormones and now Spawnie will start gaining a lot of weight.

Going on with me:
– Physically I’m getting bigger
-My nausea is getting worse though I still haven’t vomited
– I’m still going through a lot of mood swings though I’m trying to control them better
-I’m ALWAYS craving potatoes:
There were several times this week that I ordered a baked potato along with french fries, then baked more of my own french fries when I came home. Then I bought potato skins… Oh and hash browns. I LOVE potatoes. Always have, but apparently Spawnie does too, which I’m happy about.

I went for a checkup last Tuesday and we didn’t get to hear the heartbeat but we saw our baby again. Spawnie was much bigger and the heart was too! Next time, in December we’ll get to hear it. My little person didn’t want to move for us… I guess it was sleeping. I’m thinking of drinking a Dr. Pepper before the next ultrasound to see if I can get baby to move more. I can’t wait to feel the kicking!!I’m so happy because this week, although I have to work on Thanksgiving, I have 4 days off! So I’ll be catching up on a lot of rest, and getting Christmas decorations ready to put up. I’ve NEVER been in a hurry to put up Christmas stuff. In fact, I’m usually annoyed by people who skip Thanksgiving… That’s me this year. A few people told me it’s nesting, but I didn’t think that happened so early.

I’m also still tired all of the time. When I get a break from work I enjoy lounging around and watching TV. Speaking of TV… Tuesday at 10:30am EST I’ll have my 2nd MomTV show and I’ll be answering your questions from my ask me anything post, and answering any other questions from the chatroom live!

And now… The must awaited photo.. You won’t believe your eyes! Were you this big at 9 weeks? I will say… In the morning it’s not as big, I think because I sleep on my stomach and back a lot and it flattens it out. By night time I look like this!PS: I forgot to add! At my last dr’s appointment I had gained one pound (in 2 weeks) so I think I’m on track?!

To learn more about being 9 weeks pregnant visit Pregnancy Corner. (Sponsored)

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