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So I’m seven months late. My bad. Things have been crazy around here. But I thought I should hurry up and share how Big T’s nursery turned out before we move in a few weeks.

Gender neutral giraffe nursery

As you may remember, I decided to go with a giraffe theme. I love giraffes and I thought they’d be cute for a boy or a girl. Since we didn’t find out Big T was a boy until he was born, this theme–Along with a touch of chevron seemed perfect.

His room is sorta a nursery and craft room combo, but he doesn’t seem to mind sharing. When we move he will have his room all to himself, so I may ditch the chevron sewing machine cover, or incorporate it into my craft room somehow. We shall see.

DIY Alphabet wall tutorial

This alphabet wall is probably one of my favorite parts of his room. In a last-minute effort I got a few of my friends tohether and we decorated all of these. I’ve seen sets for sale on Etsy but they cost a pretty penny, and none of them had all of the elements I wanted– A button ‘O’, a “Disney” ‘W’ and other colors I like.

Here’s a quick tutorial:

1. Search for a set of plain wood letters on eBay. I bought this set on eBay.

2. Get a group of friends together, preferably crafty friends who have a lot of paints and skills. Shoutout to my friends Laura, Hope and Melissa for helping me with these! They did all the super cute ones. Lil’ J also gets a shoutout for decorating the ‘&’ and  ‘X.’ She loved helping.

3. Gather a variety of supplies: Scrapbook paper and modge podge, acrylic paints, even fabric, to decorate your letters to your choosing.

4. Lay out the letters and strategize what colors you want where. I made a plan for my favorite letters beforehand, then made sure not to put similar colors or patterns next to each other.

5. Paint, glue, and modge podge like mad!

6. After the paint dries, modge podge the top for an added layer of sealing.

7. Hang and enjoy! I used double-sided command tape to hang them on my wall.


Ty's-Nursery17-copyI’m not sure if I’m going to re-hang the alphabet wall betters in his room, or hang them in the play room once we move. I’m kinda leaning towards playroom as it seems more appropriate.

Since his nursery also doubled as a craft room I tried to keep the spaces separate but organized. His white bookshelves store a few books as well as his swaddling blankets (we seriously have over a dozen of these gorgeous muslin swaddling blankets by Aura Weavers and Aden and Anais), baby wraps, diapers, wipes, and a low basket of soft toys for Lil’ J to reach for her brother.

My mom gave me the baskets on top of the bookshelves. They had pink ties that I took off and sewed my own giraffe-print ties. I also spruced up the plain brown canvas baskets by hot gluing some chevron ribbon I sewed into ruffles. At the time I didn’t know Leechie was a boy, but I figured it wasn’t too girlie. I still find it cute.

Giraffe gender neutral nursery shelves

I also used the same ruffle ribbon technique on the green baskets on the diaper changer. I bought them from Ikea for Lil’ J’s room but wasn’t using them, so here they went! I keep the large one stocked with burp cloths, and the small ones hold his bow ties, and socks.

I used the same diaper changer and dresser I had used for his sister (she got a new big girl dresser) , but took off the pink drawer knobs and ordered some chevron and brown ones off Etsy. Over there I also changed out his light switch for a cute one I found on Etsy. And I hung a second piece of whimsical artwork I found by Nidhi. She is amazing! I couldn’t buy just one.

Gender neutral giraffe nursery diaper changer Ty's-Nursery12-copyTy's-Nursery21-copy

His funky crib bumpers are called Wonder Bumpers. I won them in a raffle I donated to. They are reversible and the other side has a pretty blue damask design, but I thought the brown was more versatile for the gender neutral nursery theme I was going for.

Gender neutral giraffe nursery crib bedding 2

His amazing minky blanket is custom courtesy of Rocker By Baby. We are not a very “punk-style” “skull enthusiast” family, but Amber always manages to make the perfect item for my kids. Lil’ J still loves her mix tape blanket. But OH I forgot how soft her minky is. I need to read up about keeping it this way. He sleeps on it every night. I bought the boppy cover to match.

The adorable safari quilt was handmade by Big T’s great-grami. And the two friendly giraffes are sound machines that his sister loves to play with.Ty's-Nursery01-copyTy's-Nursery20-copy

His giant friendly giraffe kinda replaced the idea of a mobile. One of my awesome readers emailed me when she noticed it was on sale for 50% off one day on Amazon. So instead of it being $100, it was only $50. It’s cute, and gives him something to stare at. Soon enough I’m sure he’ll be trying to ride on it.

Over his bed I also hung a very elaborate, very detailed vinyl tree that I finally finished taking the last sticker off of yesterday. I went the cheap route and got a $50 one off eBay that was split in like 100 different pieces that I had to puzzle together. If I get another I’ll definitely shell out the extra cash to get one that I can pull off in one or two pieces.

Also above his crib is the giraffe piece that inspired me to go with the giraffe-themed nursery. I love it!


And in the craft side area of the nursery I have a rocker chair I thought I’d sew a cover for, and for the foot stool, but instead I just draped with a crocheted chevron throw I ordered from a local woman. For the foot stool I just literally wrapped some extra fabric I had around the cushion it. It works!

Giraffe and chevron themed craft roomTy's-Nursery27-copyI wanted to tie in a bit of safari on my craft desk, and I fell in love with this elephant lamp. Originally I thought I’d do an elephant-themed nursery, so I’m glad I still used a bit of that in the end.

What do you think? Love it? I really do! My daughter’s was decked out with lots and lots of pink but I loved going the gender-neutral route here, and I think the whimsical giraffes really fit my sweet boy’s personality. I’m not sure how long we’ll keep it yellow and brown but I plan to set it up similar to this after the move. He’ll have more space though since it will no longer be a nursery/craft room combo. Perfect timing too cause my little big guy thinks he wants to start crawling.

Update: We’ve moved and our popular alphabet wall is now in the playroom.

DIY Wooden alphabet wall letters tutorial. #playroom #nursery #disney

Here’s where everything is from. If I’ve missed something you’re wondering about, let me know!

Chevron curtains/ iDecorateWithPillows Etsy
Vinyl tree/ eBay: Design4Wall
Giant giraffe/ Melissa and Doug via Amazon
Giraffe sound machines (big and little)/ Cloudb
Wonder Bumpers/ Go Mama Go Designs
Minky giraffe blanket/ Rocker Bye Baby
Minky booppy cover/ Rocker Bye Baby
Giraffe artwork: Savannah & Up and Away/ Nidhi Chanani Etsy
Custom white picture frames/ Ebay: Tabby7
Plain wood alphabet wall letters/ eBay: Anyshka_2
Elephant Lamp/ Carters via Amazon
Light switch cover/ ModernSwitch Etsy
Popup baskets/ Ebay (beige), Ikea (green) and Walmart (brown)
Diaper changer/ Craigslist
Drawer knobs/ Whimzicality
Polkadot burp cloths: HeartlandShop Etsy
Chevron throw blanket/ Handmade locally
Sewing machine cover/ YellowFarmHouse Etsy

Operation Nursery Makeover is in the works once again. It’s quite different trying to do a gender neutral theme though, and this kiddo is also bunking up with my craft space for now. I have a wall for my sewing machine, fabrics and whatnots, and the rest of the room is pretty much for baby. I bought new white bookshelves that would match the room and my plan is to use the space for organizational bins and space. Forgive my Instagram highlights for now. Pretty pictures to come once it’s all done!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m going for a whimsical giraffe nursery theme. We’re kinda in the beginning stages.

A friend gave me a bunch of newborn diapers her son already outgrew, so I emptied one of my wicker baskets I was using for fabric storage and turned it into diaper storage. We’re planning to cloth diaper again but I won’t say no to free disposables. I’ve also gathered all of the soft swaddle blankets I could find and organized them in a “blanket bin” ha! Same with towels for now. I’m planning to get a couple more bins to store stuff in, and I may decorate them with a giraffe decal of some sort.

Lil’ J donated some of her books for the shelves too (without me even asking, sweet thing) and I’ve got a new Sugar Sweet Baby wrap ready to go.

I’m SUPER excited to hang these art pieces I just ordered off Etsy. I’ve been eyeing these prints for months and I finally decided they’d be perfect in this room. Nidhi Chanani is a very talented artist in San Fransisco. I could look at her work for hours, and I’d bet Pixar would hire her in a hot second. She has several pieces featuring joyful safari animals so it was hard narrowing it down but ultimately I picked these two because I can’t stop smiling when I see them. Now I’m trying to find some cute but subtle frames to put them in, and a vinyl tree or tree branch to put on the wall beside them. The nursery makeover couldn’t begin until the toddler room makeover was underway. We moved Lil’ J out of her crib and straight into a twin canopy bed which she is loving. I did just add a rail to the side after she fell out twice. … Oops.

I also got her a new dresser which I’m in LOVE with. I found it at Ashley Furniture. I thought for sure it would be over my budget since I’d come across plain white dressers for a hefty price, but with delivery and everything, I got it for well under my budget, didn’t have to assemble it, and I even added the mirror to the order. The mirror hasn’t come yet, and funny enough Lil’ J has been asking where her mirror is, so I think she’ll be excited when that arrives in a couple weeks.

Lil’ J is getting really excited for the baby, but I can tell she’s also a little curious about how this is all going to work out with her. She’s breaking in some of the baby toys, and getting me to hold her every chance she gets… Which is getting harder and harder these days. She dozed off on my bump the other night and I thought it was the cutest thing. Especially since she really rarely falls asleep on me anymore. And finally, here are some take-home outfits in the works. I’m making two versions, one in case Leechie is a boy, and one if s/he is a girl. I’m also making a coordinating one for Lil’ J. Can’t wait to get it all done. Time is FLYING. You can make your guess if Leechie is a boy or girl in our free pool here. Winner gets $50!

I’m getting REALLY excited now that it’s down to the wire. I definitely have more things to do that time to do it. Not just as home but especially at work gearing up for my leave. But there’s something calming knowing that either way this baby is coming, and everything is going to be ok. I’m so excited to meet the little guy/gal, and lately I’m thinking I really have NO CLUE what the gender it’ll be. Before I thought I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a boy but now I’m starting to think it’s another girl. Who the heck knows! Less than 6 weeks til D-Day!

When I tell people we’re not finding out what we’re having this time I get a mix of reactions.

“WHY NOT?!” Is probably most common. Other say things like “that’s cool!” or “I couldn’t do that.” Truthfully, I couldn’t stand to wait with Lil’ J. Why? It’s all about the nursery. I wanted a girl so badly and knew if she was a girl she’d need a decked out pink frilly bedroom. A boy.. Eh, I had no plans. I also wanted to shop and stock up on as many dresses as I could.

Lil’ J’s Nursery

I knew the moment I found out Lil’ J was a girl that I probably wouldn’t find out the sex of my baby next time. As much as I love to plan, I actually love surprises. Heck, I wish I had more surprises. So when is a better chance for a big one than when your baby’s born?

Ok, confession time… I’m able to do this because I got my girl first. I told my husband we’d keep going until we had a girl. I got the daughter of my dreams and finding out during out ultrasound was still a big surprise to me cause I was almost certain we were having a boy.

So this time around? Sisters would be fantastic! I’d love another girl. But adding a son would be spectacular too. One of each right off the bat would be so picture-perfect.

My husband also wants a boy badly. But not enough to keep going. He says regardless, this is our last one. We’ll see about that.

He’s starting to get a bit antsy about not finding out. Our ultrasound is November 19th and he’s been asking me why I don’t want to find out so badly. He says he “doesn’t care” if we find out or not, but not so subtle hints here and there make me believe otherwise. For instance he recently told me: “How about they tell us if it’s a boy, and if it’s a girl, they don’t?” Yea, right.

“But what about preparing? Buying clothes? The nursery?” My husband and others have asked me this same question. To that I say hand-me-downs rock if we have a little girl. It would be a shame for all of Lil’ J’s ensemble to go to waste. So many things she’s only worn once. And the little boy clothes I like can be found online. I could have them ordered and shipped in a few days, and keep shopping as we grow.

As for the baby’s room. I’m loving the neutral themes. Right now I’m thinking either nautical, blue birds, elephant or giraffe themed. I’m mostly leaning toward giraffe. And yes, I totally want to get one of those giant stuffed ones.

Here’s some of my inspiration so far:

Birds via


Nautical via


Elephants via

Giraffe Theme via

Giraffe Lamp via

Giraffe Lamp via

Giraffe Theme via

What’s your favorite??

Earlier this year we bought a new high definition TV. I get free cable and free HDTV and my husband couldn’t stand not having a high definition TV to watch it on. So after months and month of begging and saving we invested in his new favorite toy.

But standing it it’s way was our old TV… Flat screen, HUGE tube in the back. Weighing over 200 pounds for sure. My husband was so eager to get rid of it, he asked me to put it up on Craigslist in the “free” section. I did. Bad idea.

All of three minutes later I got a swarm of calls from people, one after another asking if I “still had the TV” …Well yea, I just listed it. I’d get 3 new voicemails while I was one the phone with one person asking for directions to our house. Text messages as well. Quickly I realized this wasn’t the way to do it. I should have asked for at least $25 or something to weed people out.

One old man I talked to I could hardly understand because his country accent was so thick. He proceeded to tell me how he rem embed his first TV, and the experiences he’s had with his recent TVs. I pulled the phone away from my ear for a moment so my husband could hear part of his life story, and we muffled our laughs about the hilarity of this experience.

I took the listing off and made it a race between two people to come and get it. One guy lived down the street and got there long before the other left his house, so I called to let him know not to worry about it. He was upset… Apparently he wanted this TV for his mom who’s TV broke or something.

I’ve had my fair share of Craigslist experiences. It’s a great tool, when used correctly, but you can get burned too.

Once I was so excited to buy a set of leather couches only to see another couple walking away with them just as I arrived at this guys house… Who I drove an hour to meet and buy the couches from.

Other times I’ve scored big on an item I would have paid 5 times the price for at a retail store.

But never had I had an experience quite like one of my most recent ones… In my search for the perfect nursery dresser.

I was nearly nine months pregnant and eager to put all of Lil’ J’s clothes in them before she arrived. I just knew she was going to be early (joke was on me).

See, we don’t have much room in the nursery, so we didn’t want a changing table. Instead, I’d been looking for a nice-sized-dresser that has a wide top so it can also double as a changing table once I throw a cushion on top. Delta, the company that made the crib I own has a great one!

I started searching and found the perfect dresser. Delta Canton Espresso Dresser. Matched the crib perfectly, was new in box (so I could transport it in my car) and they were only asking $100.

I wrote to the lister and asked about the dresser. He still had it! But he said it was more “cheery” than “espresso” colored.

“That’s ok!!” I wrote back.

He was out of town until Sunday… That’s ok! I’m off Monday, great, we’ll buy it then.

Sunday I write.

No response.

I call. Leave a message.

No response.

I probably should give up at this point because he’s probaby some crazy Craigslist person anyway who was just disappointed after I said I would bring my husband along to pick up the dresser, who knows. But I didn’t stop.

I wrote again, and again. To my credit, I would have stopped but he still had the listing up, and every time I searched for another dresser that one would come up and I’d get SO excited for a split second… Then remember it was the jerk who keeps ignoring me.

Finally I gave it one last shot and wrote him this honest email.

“Hi Tim,

Me again! I noticed you still have the listing up for the dresser and every time I search craigslist it haunts me. I wanted to see if you want to get rid of it and be $100 richer while also making a preggo very very happy to finally have a dresser for her nursery. Please just let me know if it’s gone or whatever one way or another so I can stop torturing myself! Thanks! Jennifer”

No response. But a few days later the listing was deleted.

It was a sad ending… At that point, but I ended up just putting up a “Wanted” listing for what I was looking for and got a GREAT deal on exactly what I wanted!
I got this pretty white dresser that goes perfect in the nursery. But I turned it from that to this.

dresser knobs

In all of ten minutes, by switching out the drawer knobs with fancy snazzy ones from Kids Decor Inc.

dresser knobs

So the moral of the story… I’m a little crazy when it comes to getting what I want. I can kinda be a psycho. But sometimes when that means finding killer deals for my daughter, it’s worth it (a week ago I got a $155 swing for $50 and she LOVES it!).

Like what I did with a dresser it took me months to find? Jazzy up your kid’s room with adorable decor from Kids Decor Inc. Get 15% off your total order at the store using code: “BMM15”.

Everyone who comments on this post before October 1st at 11:59pm will be entered to win a $40 gift certificate to Kids Decor Inc. If you follow them on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll get an extra entry! Good luck!

Oh how I look forward to reading to my little girl. I already will grab a book from her little bookshelves, plop myself down and read her a story. I just think it’ll be so much cooler once she’s here so I can see her reaction.

At first I guess it’ll just be blinks, blank stares, quite possibly tears and toots, but that won’t keep me from reading a story to her every day and night!
On my baby shower invites, guests were asked to bring a book instead of a card to sign their name in. This quickly multiplied the size of Lil’ J’s library. From hand puppet books, to touch and feel books, to bigger, children’s books, we’ve got a good stash going now! That and my addiction to Half Priced Books doesn’t hurt. I get Dr. Seuss books for a fraction of the normal cost.
There are a few books we don’t have yet that I’d like to get fairly soon. For one, I want a children’s version of The Good Book… The scriptures I mean. I need some recommendations for that! There’s SO many to choose from, and I want to pick a good one.

I’m also trying to get some of the “classics” like Goodnight Moon, Guess How Much I Love You, Cat in The Hat, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and others I have yet to hear about (which if you know of any good ones please let me know!)
I have a couple of books coming from Incredibundles.com. It’s an online store that sells children’s gifts in the bundle, so you save money versus buying everything in the bundle separate. They have lots of book bundles, but I saw a toy bundle I had to get. A few friends kept recommending the Sophie giraffe to me… It’s a chew toy… Excuse me, teething toy, for babies. SO many people told me their kid/nephew/cousin loved it so I’ve decided to give it a try.
I’m a little worried that Snoop will get that crazy look in his eyes after the first squeak (yes, she squeaks, I told you it’s like a chew toy) and just wait for the opportune time to eat it up. I can just picture it now… Us coming home to find Sophie torn to shreds, Snoop with a satisfied look in his eyes. I guess training a dog to know the difference between his toys and the baby’s toys is a battle I’ll soon learn to fight.
“I didn’t do it” his face will say… And I’ll have to remind him that there are Lil’ J’s toys…And his toys… … Lil’ J and Snoop dog, I just realized our family is beginning to sound like a rap group.


We just got Sophie and our toy bundle and here’s Snoop’s first reaction:

(yes, I know I’m bad for taunting my dog with a baby toy)

Anyway, adding to Lil’ J’s toybox, Incredibundles.com is sending her the Learn and Grow Premium Bundle. I’m excited to see how she likes all of the toys, and I can’t wait to add the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and the touch and feel book to her collection.I’m also thrilled cause I get to share the gift of reading with you! 25 of you! Want a free book, or TWO? I know a lot of you like to show off your kiddos so this shouldn’t be hard.

The first 25 Babymakinmachine.com Readers who enter the IncrediBundles.com Happy Baby Contest will receive a free children’s book!
Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Enter the Happy Baby Contest (www.happybabycontest.com) for a chance to win A Year of Diapers and A Year of Triple Paste.
Step 2: Send an email to happybaby@incredibundles.com with “babymakinmachine” in the subject line. IncrediBundles.com will respond with instructions on how to redeem your free book.


“Like” IncrediBundles.com on Facebook to get a second book for free!
If Lil’ J starts laughing before August 31st (the entry deadline) we may enter ourselves! If you don’t have a baby, and can’t borrow one to make a video, there’s still a discount code you can use!

Special Discount for all of my readers! Use the coupon code MACH15 good for 15% off any product on the site! Coupon expires 7/15/10.

Want to learn more about IncrediBundles.com?
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*Opinions expressed are my own. Thanks Incredibundles.com for letting me experience being a customer and order a bundle set for free.*

Spawnie’s room is FINALLY looking like an actual nursery now. If you compare it to the beginning you’d be impressed with my handy work. ESPECIALLY since I’m really not a good decorator. I think the biggest things making a difference are the curtains I made (without a sewing machine). I would show you but I’m trying to keep the full effect a secret for now so there’s a big surprise at the end.

There are some thing I’m still working on putting together and more ideas I’m working on. CSN Stores has cribs and other fun things, and they’re letting me pick an item from their store to review. Since Spawnie got so many books at our shower I REALLY want to get some bookshelves. I think I may get some of these in pink and/or white.The green would probably go well too but I’m paranoid the greens won’t match in my room. It’s hard to tell from a photo.

I mentioned before the crib is up! I also got my mattress from Kolcraft. I spent quite a bit of time researching which one would be best for one and I ended up choosing a Sealy Soybean foam mattress that’s firmer on the baby side and more soft on the toddler side, so she can use it for awhile. I read a lot of reviews and people seem to love it. One of my friends got me a mattress pad at my shower so that’ll be nice to have too! I’ll have a full review once she gets here!

I found my perfect dresser last week, it’s soo cute and I got it for $60 on Craigslist. Finding it is quite the story, I’ll explain later. I still need a changing pad for the top but I’m in no rush.

Also, you can still vote on my bedding from Artistic Sensations on The Real Mom TV, though with my curtains and colors, Tickled Pink is my favorite and thankfully winning by a long shot! I’m getting the fabric custom made into a beautiful frilly bundle. I can’t wait to get it!These are the fabrics and design I’m going for! Oooh I can’t wait to see it on Baby Girl’s crib. …But I wonder if I tie the bumper and skirt on the outside for it to look like this? Do you know?

Now there are other things I’m debating on. With the bookshelves I’m getting I’ll need some bookends to keep them up. I like these from Artistic Sensations, but I’m having so much fun painting things I may try to make my own. I like custom book boxes too, like this one from the same store.I may get a toy chest off Craigslist if I can find one, and repaint it myself to look cute in the nursery. I’m thinking white with some stencils! I haven’t bought her any toys but she’s already working up quite a collection from friends. I also am trying to finish some pillows with extra fabric I had from the curtains.

I LOVE these growth charts from Artistic Sensations. I know she won’t be two feet tall for quite a while but I think something like this could be fun to place in a corner near her little chair or something.

And I’m not sure but can you have TOO MUCH personalized stuff in the room? I already made her name letters and they’re hanging above her dresser, and a chair with her name on the cover, but I would LOVE to get some things with her monogram on it since (spoiler alert) our initials are the same. Of course I need to save some room on the walls for photographs, I think I’ll get or paint a bunch of white picture frames and fill them with photos of her family and her. I can’t wait!

I have some stuffed animals up on our high ledge in the room. I’m starting to feel like everything up there is SO HIGH though, so I’m not sure if I should maybe drape something from there too, or what… Any ideas?

I can’t wait to show it all off! It’s come a looong way from the beginning. I’m feeling AWESOME now because I feel like I have the big stuff together and figured out but now I get to work on the fun stuff. Oooooooh, just 9 more weeks and 6 days to go!!

In an effort to make myself more crafty, and also brag a little about some of my accomplishments, I thought it would be fun to make Monday my craft-related post day. It’ll also hopefully be a fun way to see other crafts out there that I haven’t heard of and that I’d like to maybe try (or buy) when others link up and share their skills.

As part 3 of my Operation Nursery Makeover, I made a wall decal for Spawnie’s Nursery.
Trading Phrases contacted me a couple of months ago about their beautiful wall vinyl designs. I checked out their nursery designs and found a perfect Wall Vinyl Decal for Spawnie’s room!
It says “With a Butterfly Kiss and a Ladybug Hug, Sleep Tight Little One, Like a Bug in a Rug.” I thought since her room is butterfly themed, and I call her my little bug it was PERFECT.
They were really nice and suggested I get color samples so I knew for sure it would match our room. I did as they suggested and narrowed it down to three greens and three pinks, they sent me a postcard with little stickers of the vinyl’s color and I picked my two favorite.
Shortly after I got the vinyl in the mail all rolled up nicely in a tube, and was ready to get to work! But I had a dilemma… Our walls are a little lumpy, “textured” I guess is the correct term. The nice people at Trading Phrases told me it would still work, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn’t want to stick it directly on my wall. I remembered a project I did once for my living room and got an idea!
First, I bought some wood at Lowe’s, I bought a big piece that was 4 feet long, by 2 feet wide, and got it cut down to 17in wide (the size of the vinyl). It wasn’t thick… About 1/4 of an inch.
I got home and painted it with two coats of brown, and a coat of sealant. You can get sealant at any craft store, and it’s not too expensive… about $5 for a bottle that should last awhile.
I made sure to get the sides and everything real good, and then I waited for it to dry.
Now it’s time to get the vinyl! … See where I’m going with this? One thing I like about Trading Phrases is they sent two pieces of “practice vinyl” with smaller phrases so I could get the hang of how to peel the papers and stuff before I did it for real… Good idea cause reading the instructions were a little confusing at first, but after I tried it a couple of times on the bottom of the my door for practice, I got the hang of it.
Now it was time to lay it out on the wood. Since mine came in two parts I took some time to mark where I wanted each piece to start and stop. Since the wood was practically the perfect size I had to make sure no words were falling off the edge.
I got it lined up and put down the first part.
Then the second part! And then covered both with another layer of sealant. I noticed there was some blank space in the bottom corner of the wood, and normally on the wall I think it would look fine, but since it was plain brown there I decided to spruce it up a little with some paper butterflies I had left over from the butterfly mobile I made. Then… TADA!!!!
What do you think? See, now the whole point of this meme thing is to get encouragement so don’t let me down!
I’m really happy with how it all turned out, and the best part is I can take it with me when we move!
If you DO put it on the wall, it’s way easy to take off just by peeling, or adding a little heat (with something like a blow dryer) and peeling.
Want to try this craft yourself? Trading Phrases has offered to donate this wall decal to one of my readers!! It’ll come in black 24in X 11in, it’s over a $39 value! And if you want to add it to a plaque, now you know how!! Want to get to know Trading Phrases better? They’re @TradingPhrases on twitter and they have a Facebook Fan Page.

So you saw before pictures of my nursery which was pretty manly (my husband’s wanna be man cave) and very non-kiddish.

Not much as changed except I took down the photos of Tiger Woods (that jerk), and we have LOTS of kids stuff in the room that people have given us. It’s actually so messy that I decline to take a picture at the moment.
I AM ready to put the crib up though. I’ve downloaded some new tunes. I’m gonna pop on my Lullabelly and get to assembling.
Oh… Why am I doing it alone? Well see… I’ve sorta always been the handy woman, and to be honest my husband is far from a handy man. After being married a few years and we started to acquire nicer furniture I took it upon myself to assemble our etra-tall table and six chairs, as well as our dresser, bed, and book shelves. I learned quick enough that it was better I do it.
Don’t tell him I told you, but after we bought our new HDTV a couple of weeks ago he panicked because “the sound didn’t work.” Two seconds after arriving on the scene I switched the cords from “audio out” to “audio in.” Problem solved. So for the bed our dear daughter will be sleeping in I figure it’s better we don’t take any chances and just allow me to do the job right.
There’s still no mattress to go in it and no bedding yet, but I think putting it up will make me take a small sigh of relief.
I know I still have 15 weeks left but that doesn’t feel like much time. I would love to have everything ready at least a month before in case she decides to come early. I have a feeling she will… I know everyone must say that, but I really do!
There’s a few things I need your help with in deciding though. First off… Remember the bedding I was debating on before? Well Artistic Sensations is partnering with me and The Real Mom TV to get me some bedding. They have BEAUTIFUL designs but remember how frilly I wanted mine before? Something like this…

Yea, well that’s a little extra. But it’s OKAY with me because like I said before… When it comes to a girl I can’t settle on bedding. I’ve gotta get what I like. Kim, owner of Artistic Sensations said they’d take one of three color patterns and make it in the style I like

Tickled Pink
Strawberry Cordial
and Miss Priss

So, I don’t really need your help DECIDING per-say, but I need your help voting… These are the different color schemes they’ve picked out for me, but going with the mobile I’ve already made and the colors and paisley scheme I like, I love TICKLED PINK best. Like I mentioned, I’ll have it made with the satin ruffles and more pink. What do you think? Like it too? If so… PRETTY PLEASE vote for the Tickled Pink Bedding design here.
Now, something else I’d love your advice on… I won a $100 gift card to Pottery Barn Kids and I can’t decide what to spend it on. Everything there seems so expensive to me… Even their books, and it’s hard for me to bring myself to spend $20 on a book I can get for $2.50 at Half Priced Books.
So I’ve narrowed it down to a few things I like there and I’d love your help choosing.
Anywhere chair $60
Good side: It’s cute, and I think she’d like sitting in it once she’s big enough.
Bad side: As my husband pointed out… What baby will stay seated in a chair? I’m also worried about the size of it and a good spot for it in the room. We already have a queen bed, crib and dresser to start off with. I don’t want it to be too crammed. They are also out of the hot pink polkadot color I love, so I’d have to settle for light pink.
Rose lamp and shade: $150
Good side: We don’t have a lamp in the room and I think they can really make a room. It would be nice to have one next to the glider chair so I can read while feeding her.
Bad side: It’s so expensive for a freaking lamp!
Hooded towels with name inscription: $20
Good side: I LOVE hooded towels. Love them even more when they’re personalized. Can you have enough towels?
Bad side: I may want to wait and see what I get at my shower?
Window Panel $80 for 2
Good side: These are blackout panels, and since a lot of light comes into the nursery it could be great to have. I don’t have any window treatment and I think they can really jazz up a room… Especially when we’re not painting the walls.
Bad side: At $40 a panel I could quickly use up my card and then some. I think I’d need about 3 to cover all of the windows. I’m not sure how much they are at other places.
Crib Mattress $150
Good side: We don’t have one, and from what I’ve seen at Babies R Us they can get expensive. I’m not sure what you really need in a mattress, I just know we need one.
Bad side: We’ll be paying $50 over our gift card for the normal mattress, not their “deluxe” one. From what i hear you don’t have to spend a fortune on a mattress, and I’ve seen them for less at Walmart/ Target. I’m not sure if we should save this gift card and maybe use others we may get down the road to cover the entire cost of a mattress.
Diaper Bag $80
Good side: Cute, classy, fun.
Bad side: I have one already, but the one I have is designer… I’m not sure I should have two expensive diaper bags. Maybe I should buy a REALLY cheap backup someplace else.
And there you have it! See how picky I am? Which do you think is the best deal or should invest in? Other things you love at Pottery Barn Kids? I’m obviously not big on toys. A friend gave me a box of toys and I think that’ll keep up entertained for awhile… Or so I hope.

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