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Happy New Year!

Did it take long enough for me to say that or what? Sheesh!

December was all about the holidays and my family, celebrating my anniversary and Christmas with our little ones. Oh, and I skipped Christmas cards and sent New Years cards. It’s totally going to be my new thing. Who wants one more thing to add to all that Christmas to-do-list craziness?


Lil’ J and I made some goals for this year. She wants to “whine less”, and “get lots of money.”–A girl after my own heart.

I want to give myself enough room to breathe this year and really enjoy my family. Spend less, save more. Especially since Lil’ J starts Kindergarten this fall. I’m still toying with the idea of homeschooling, but we’ll see. I haven’t done a lot of research about it, and I really want to see if my work load will allow for it.

So what else is new? Oh… My husband wants a vasectomy and I’m freaking out. I mean I don’t think I want any more kids but I may change my mind in 5 or so years, I mean heck, I’m only 28. Anyway, more on that later.

Thursday I’m flying to Hawaii with my sister and taking her back to BYU-Hawaii. I’m very excited but also a little sad that I’m not bringing my daughter with me. She’s been begging me to take her to Hawaii since falling in love with Lilo and Stitch. I told her she can come next time.


I don’t feel THAT bad because I’m getting her all pumped up about Disney World and saying “someday” maybe we will go there, maybe when she’s older. She has no idea that we’re all going next month. We are going to tell her the day of right before we go to the airport. I can’t wait to see her reaction, and yes, I’ll get it on camera.

biracial baby boy

On Instagram and FB I’ve got a new 365 project going. We’ll see if it lasts. It’s a #DailyCurly photo. Basically keeping me accountable for attempting to style our hair on a more regular basis, and maybe get me to branch out with new styles and share more hair tutorials down the line (for all three of us).

Then of course I just want to continue to make fun memories with my family, and make cute keepsakes of those memories.There are a few new documenting-ish things I want to try and I’ll be sure to share them with you once I’ve given them a chance.

I also want to continue to research more about our family’s history and find fun ways to share that with our kids. It sounds like a lot, but it’s all about living life and making the best of it, so it should be fun.

Feeling so blessed, and extremely thankful. Thanks for sticking around and hanging out with me here, this year is going to be amazing!

What are you goals and plans for 2015?


My 2013 Goals

Now that the realization has set in that a year has gone by, and it’s actually 2013, I’ve decided I’d better vocalize a few goals for the year.

I had to think long and hard about this because I’m never good at following through with my grandiose plans. I knew I needed to take a different approach this time. And so here are my 2013 goals:

1. Do whatever the eff I want. By this I mean not focus on just trying to get organized, or working out, or cooking more, whatever. If I feel like cooking something new or getting organized, I’m gonna do it. If I want to take a month and make a bunch of cute clothes for my kiddos, I’ll work on that. If I feel like sitting down and watching Desperate Housewives for a few hours (or a whole day), I’m gonna do that. This is the year for doing whatever the freak I want and not feeling guilty about needing to do more of something else.

2. Put and end to working weekends. I’ve been working weekends the last five years and I’m over it. I’ve been talks about moving my schedule to a weekday thing and that would be like a dream come true. Especially if I can do it before the baby is born. I’m going to keep bugging The Man until we make this happen.

3. Go back to church. Working weekends has made it really hard, if not impossible to go to church on a regular basis. Something is most definitely missing from my life. While I still feel like a decent, nice person, I secretly long for that enrichment that I’ve sorta been jaded out of. Back in the day I felt out-of-place at church, either because I was “new” or because we didn’t have kids, or because I worked while other moms stayed at home. But now I don’t care about any of that. No sense assuming people are judging you. We can all learn from each other, and I feel good about where life has led me so far.

So there you have it. My three simple-ish goals. I would also like to add something about returning comments more and visiting my reader’s blogs, but I’m going to lump that into my “do whatever the eff I want” goal because some days I am in the mood, less busy, and more and motivated to do that more than others.

Peace up, A-town down. Bring it 2013. You’re gonna be my biotch. (I’m gonna stop talking like this once I get back in church).

Every year on my blog I’ve written New Years goals. I love having this blog as a journal cause it’s so easy to go back and see what I was thinking three years ago.

Holy cow I used to be funny. Not sure what happened there.

So, let’s see my goals from way back when.

2010 I made it easy on myself and did an update post saying this:

This year (last year)[2008] I hope(d) to:

Learn how to cook I learned a few recipes, but need to learn more!Eat better … Until I got pregnant (Spawnie’s fault!)
Give up caffeine
-Read the good books daily – I SUCKED at this. But I did have a good streak in the middle/ toward the end of the year.Go on more real vacations Trip out west, vacation on a lake, and Caribbean cruise, Chicago, Atlanta, not bad!
Enjoy one of the last years without spawn best year of marriage so far!
Learn Yoga Started in August!
-Exercise more (aka ever)- Still working on a daily routine.
Keep a good blogging streak It’s been fun!
-Volunteer more- I can do better
Babysit And I did this A LOT more than I thought I would
-Be a better wife- Can do better.
-Get back into the habit of writing a daily journal- I did it on and off, but does blogging count?
-Start a gratitude journal- Still need to work on.

Pray more Happy to say I have!
-Be brutally honest- I’m not sure what I meant by this, but I don’t like this resolution…
*Get knocked up It was a maybe but I did it!

*= maybe
So I did a lot, but there’s still a lot to work on! 2010 I hope to:

[Present me [2012] chiming in here. In 2011 I never did an update post with the cool colors and strikes, so I’m adding this now]

-Prepare to be a good momTotally did this. Way better than I have been for #2.
-Learn how to cook more healthy meals for my family- I can’t remember how I did in 2010. Pretty sure I sucked at it cause I still do now, though there was a non-sucking period at one point, I think it was in 2011.
-Take a prenatal yoga classDid this… One class. That counts right?
-Create and stick with a fitness plan- The most popular resolution in the history of resolutions. 2010 I did better than 2011. I’ll count that.
-Take a birthing class with my husband- Check! We took Lamaze, it was fun times.
-Have a healthy baby- A girl at that! Even better!
-Save enough money to be able to take a full maternity leave- Thanks goodness! Though 12 weeks still wasn’t long enough.
-Not totally neglect Snoop because of Spawnie- Totally FAILED in 2010, but i’m happy to say 2011, particularly the month of December, was much better.
-Visit New York City- We did this! I went with my daughter to BlogHer.
-Write in my gratitude journal- What’s that again? #Fail
-Learn how to sew baby things- Not even close in 2010, but 2011 I started ROCKING my Domestic Diva Skills.
-Finish all of the hairbows I owe people for donating to March of Dimes (by Jan/Feb)- Yay! My blood pressure goes up just remembering the anxiety that gave me.
-Keep enjoying blogging, don’t make it “work”- 2010 it was more work than it was any other year. 2011 was better but I want to get back to this 2009 attitude.
-Visit the temple more- Ouch! This one was bad. Really really bad. Will need to re-goal this one.
-Read my scriptures daily- We did good reading the children’s versions in 2011. Need to get back into the real deal.
-Prepare and execute weekly family home evenings- Technically, almost every evening is family home evening, but I should maybe try to make this more official.
-Find ways to serve others- Who made these goals? I used to be a nice person!
-Enjoy being a new mom- Oh yes I have. Never stopped.

Back to the present now. … Are you following? It’s 2012 again. Ok, so we’re about to go back to the past but this time, to the beginning of 2011. Here were my goals, and how I’m analyzing them now:

More Photographs.- Umm. Yes. That’s an understatement.
More interaction.-Yea, if you count my Facebook page. I chat yalls ears off over there.
Less comparing myself and my blog to others.- I did better than I did in 2010 but not where I want to be yet. Now I just compare myself to hot mama style bloggers. *sigh*
More honesty- What, did I think I was a liar? Not sure what I meant but I think I meant less “sponsored” stuff, which I was good about. 
Less big company reviews.- Hardly did any.
More supporting mom-owned shopsDid this for awhile, then just stopped giveaways almost completely.
Less arguing.Oh yea, hardly any heated debates in 2011. Those are so lame.
More passion.- Yes. But need more.
More returning the comment love.- Sucked at this, but I just got too busy.
More giving back to charities (like we did for March of Dimes).- Did really bad at this too on my own blog, but I donated to other fundraisers people organized. I’ll give it to you. I mean, me.

Sad I didn’t make more personal goals. My goals for 2012 are going to be the best yet. Because this is going to be the best year ever. … If the world doesn’t end.

Here are my goals. I desperately want to elaborate on each one but I’ll just save them for individual posts:

Write my blog like it’s for just me and my best friend
Get on the other side of the [still] camera more
Do at least one random act of kindness a week
Go to church, even if it kills me
Shop (or make things) for myself
Read the scriptures like it’s Twilight
Enter to win an award
Complete my “to do before #2” list
Make another baby (maybe)
Laugh more
Cook something for heaven’s sakes! And keep cooking!
Get organized!
Print more photos
Do the food storage thing
Be nice to Snoop
Be a totally awesome mom

I purposely put some hard ones on there and focused more on my life than my blog because my life is more important and if I’m doing these things I’ll have plenty to blog about. I’m really excited to tackle these then look back and see how I’ve done in 2013 (if we all survive that long).

Did you make some goals this year? I’d love to hear! Feel free to leave a link if you’ve written a post like this too.

2011 was a pretty good year for us. I can’t complain. I’m optimistic about this year. Actually, I’m not alone. Most people are. I blogged about it here.

I’m trying to remember the highlights from 2011 and here’s what I’ve got:

-Transitioned from news reporting to lifestyle reporting
-Went to EVO with Lil’ J and my Piggies and Paws team.
-Celebrated my husband starting his new job.
-Lil’ J started school, and is doing better than I ever dreamed.
-Debuted as a correspondent for BYU-TV’s Fresh Take. I was in this episode and this one.
-Became a morning anchor (instead of evening. I thought I’d hate it but I LOVE it).
-Finished blogging for Bravado’s Breastfeeding Diaries and Started Blogging for BabyCenter.
-Lil’ J became an Etsy star, modeling for various boutiques.
-I started sewing clothes for Lil’ J!
-Signed a new contract with my job
-Completed my 365 Love Letters project for Lil’ J.
-Got infected with baby fever (currently trying to ward it off with small doses of toddler tantrums).

 Oh, and let me add something you may not know about my 365s… I literally have THOUSANDS of outtakes. There were days I wanted to use three photos that day instead of one. Sometimes I barely remembered to snap one on my iphone, and other days, like yesterday, I could hardly narrow it down.

My husband wasn’t too keen about posing for our photo yesterday but I told him he had to. It was the last day and it needed to be a family shot. The photo I shared yesterday obviously won, but this one was a close second.

Anyway, 2012… There are so many things I’m looking forward to, I can’t help but be excited.

My husband will graduate his police academy in March, and we’re planning to move out of the hood in April. That’s also when I’ll be involved in the launch of a very big campaign that I would tell you about but I’m too scared to jinx myself so I’ll wait. But I’ll give you a hint… It has to do with my photography and a company that celebrates life! You’ve definitely heard of them and probably bought their product several times last year. I’ll tell you more very soon.

Luckily, I don’t have to wait too long to be excited for other new things to start. This week… Tuesday actually, my new parenting segment premieres on the news station I work for. I’ve been pushing/begging/praying/hoping to start one for about a year and it’s finally coming to fruition. Lil’ J may even get to do some spots with me from time to time. I feel really blessed to get paid to do a job I love.

As always, I’m setting goals for the new year. Last year I took on SO many new hobbies. Photography, sewing, freelance writing, reading fiction again… All while continuing to blog here which of course, if my favorite hobby (shhh, don’t tell the others).

I compared my past and present goals but my ramblings are so long that I’m going to share them in another post tomorrow.

Happy New Year!

Every year I make a list of goals I have for the year. Cook more, eat less crap, exercise. It’s the same routine. I’m still doing that, with hopes of following through fr once. But this year, here online, I thought I’d make a personal blog resolution: To keep it real.

More Photographs.
More interaction.
Less comparing myself and my blog to others.
More honesty.
Less big company reviews.
More supporting mom-owned shops.
Less arguing.
More passion.
More returning the comment love.
More giving back to charities (like we did for March of Dimes).

There are blogs I LOVE to read. And every time I visit them I leave smiling and refreshed that there are still bloggers like this and this (and there are so many more but these are a couple of my many favorites).

When I go through my reader I see posts full of reviews, giveaways, pleas for more subscribers, and advertisements. I got swept up in this movement this year. It began to consume me. Not in 2011.

Now, if a giveaway is included in a post it’s at the bottom, in italics, and more discreet. If you leave a comment, you’re entered. No hoops to jump through, there aren’t a million ways to enter (because some people have all day to enter every way possible but most people don’t) if you just comment on the post you can win, and there’s maybe one way you can get an extra entry.

I was brought down by a handful of people on twitter, surrounding births of friends, my birth, decisions I was making regarding it, and how I’ve chosen to raise my child. I’ve found blogging about thinking about becoming a mom is much less controversial than decisions that come along with becoming a mother.  I let it get to me, but I won’t in 2011.

I can’t sensor and alter every line I type for fear someone will misread it the wrong way and think I’m talking about them. I can’t write in fear of offending. Or worry a joke toward myself will be taken the wrong way. I’d never intentionally hurt someone, but I can’t waste precious time trying to correct every single misunderstanding.

I won’t sugarcoat things. Actually, I think I’m good at not pretending like my life is perfect. That would be hard to fake.

I’m coming back next year. Stronger. Happier. Unafraid.

I’m gonna do me.

Happy New Year.


The Resolutions

2008 was a good year for me. Here are some of the things I did:

-I adopted my puppy Snoop
-Graduated college, and spoke at my graduation ceremony
-Continued reporting for a station in Salt Lake City and quit before I could get laid off.
-I got a new (better) job as an anchor/reporter in the WARM city of Austin, Texas.
-Became a suga mama
-Learned how to sew
-Started a dog collar business (still trying to make my money back)
-Made new friends
-Got an iPhone :o)
-Celebrated my 4 year anniversary
-Started “monthly mini-vacations” with my hub-a-lub
-Cried less
-Grew up more
-Became an avid blogger

This year I hope to:

-Learn how to cook
-Eat better
-Give up caffeine
-Read the good books daily
-Go on more real vacations
-Enjoy one of the last years without spawn
-Learn Yoga
-Exercise more (aka ever)
-Keep a good blogging streak
-Volunteer more
-Be a better wife
-Get back into the habit of writing a daily journal
-Start a gratitude journal
-Pray more
-Be brutally honest
-*Get knocked up

*= maybe

I have a feeling 2009 has a lot in store for me. Between my three blogs and two journals, I’ll have a lot of stuff to look back and read. Moving to a new place for the first time in 5 years has been a new challenge for me, but I think it’ll give me the opportunity to grow in ways I didn’t know. Hopefully 2009 will bring me growth in my career, marriage, relationships and spirituality.

Cheers to 2009!

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