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I finally got around to taking some pictures of our place. We don’t have everything set up yet, not even close. But most of the boxes are unpacked aside from the guest room.

office-copy IMG_3847_0048-copyThis is the formal living/dining area that we are using as a playroom and office combo. I figured it would be better to have my computer out where the kids are playing so I can get some work done with them nearby, and if I need to get away when my husband’s home I can always take my laptop into the craft/guest room.

I took these pictures before Christmas and had my decorations up at the time.

I got the rug from Target, and the desk from Ikea. My chair is from Ross, as is the chest under my desk that I keep my microphone and other office supplies in.

Lil’ J also has a play kitchen in this room now that Santa brought her for Christmas, I’ll hafta update these photos once I have more things on the walls and show that off.

I plan to sew long bench seat pillows for the lower Ikea shelves and the windowsill and that will become the main seating for the room. I like having the open space to play though.

I’ve been organizing *eBay collections with more of my ideas for our playroom. I’m keeping my eye on wooden puzzels, and play food, as well as picture frames and artwork for and other rooms in my house. That’s one tough thing I’m finding about having a new place. I can’t stop shopping to try and fill it! I’m starting to realize that this is something that doesn’t happen overnight, and it’ll take years to get it the way I want it, and even then, I’ll probably want to start over. For now I’m trying to find good deals where I can, and many of them are online. You can follow me to see what deals I’m finding for my mom cave and play room (many of them under $20).


I love my kitchen. Which is really funny considering I’m not much of a fan of being in it. But all the stainless steel, the cabinets, and countertops welcome me. I plan to spend a lot of time in here next year.


The family room walls are a huge work-in progress, as are the curtains and accent pillows I’m hunting for. I bought a portable fireplace with a mantel to spice up the space, and fill it in since the area is so large.


I redid Big-T’s room similar to his last, but this time he doesn’t share it with my sewing stuff. I want to make letters and put his name above his crib.


nursery-3-copyLil’ J’s room is one of the only painted rooms in the house, but I haven’t hung anything on her walls yet, I’m still indecisive.

Christmas-day-2013_0049-copy Christmas-day-2013_0048-copyThe guest/sewing room was full of boxes a few days ago but my mother-in-law’s visit finally forced me to unpack them.


Nothin’ much to our guest bathroom but it’s got a cute purple theme.


The laundry room isn’t large, but it’s the largest one we’ve ever had. I got bins to store everything so detergent and whatnot is tucked away neatly. laundryroom-copy

Our room fits our king bed, dresser and has a room for a lot more. Eventually I’d like to get nice bookshelves, and maybe a loveseat to go in here since there’s so much extra space. I’m still torn about whether or not we should mount our TV since it’s so small compared to our big wall.


Arguably my favorite upgrade is our jetted tub, which none of us can get enough of.


So that’s a little peek at our new abode. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and keep it clean. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Feel free to share your decorating wisdom for the unwise!

*My eBay Collections were curated as part of my collaboration with eBay.

I’ve always dreamed about how nice it would be if we had a maid. Granted, at times it seems as though my husband fits the description really well (I’m lucky I know) sometimes I’d like to give him a break.

I wanted a deep cleaning of our townhome before Lil’ J is born, so we could sit back and relax, knowing all the little nooks and crannys were cleaned and taken care of. I was worried my urge to nest may never kick in… It’s just not me, so I thought it would be a good idea to get some help.

BidMyCleaning.com contacted me a while ago about doing a review. And boy have I been excited to give it! I had never hired a cleaners before… Heck, I was a custodian for a little bit in college, so having someone else (besides my husband) clean for me was surely a treat!
If you’ve ever tried to hire a maid before you’d know it can be a pain. You have to call around and get quotes from people as many companies don’t put their prices on the web. Personally, I’d just like to know up front how much I’m paying and not have to call a million different people and give them my information over and over again to find out that it’s way out of my price range in the end.

makes it SUPER easy to check everyone’s prices at one time, and choose the best cleaning lady (or dude or group of people) for you.

I just went on the site, browsed around and decided which type of cleaning I wanted. I decided to go with the most thorough and get the “one time annual cleaning” which gets everything from between the sofas, inside the fridge, cleaning all the windows, you name it.
Then, I plugged in all of my information and opted to use “eco-friendly” cleaners. I figure with a baby coming it doesn’t hurt to try to use less-toxic materials in our home.
On the next page BidMyCleaning.com broke it down and showed me different maid services in my area. It compared their prices, services, and ratings. All things that would take me hours to individually find out by looking up, researching and calling each one.
I chose the one which I liked best based on reviews and price… The Picky Maid. I set up the date and time I wanted them to come over all on the same site, there was no switching around to different websites to get this all set up.I completed my transaction, which was a piece of cake, and BidMyCleaning set up the service for us. Sweet! One stop shopping! I got confirmation emails and calls and sure enough they showed up when I was 38 weeks pregnant, ready to make my day!

And they did a great job! The maid service didn’t charge me until the job was done, and they guarantee their services 100%, which that satisfaction guarantee made me feel a lot better about choosing them.

I went out that day to get my hair and nails done so I was pleasantly surprised when I came home and everything looked amazing. I just wish I could hire a maid every month (and maybe that I had had them come over closer to my due date)! Everything smelled so good, like lemons, and I wasn’t inhaling bleach-smell like I probably would had my husband cleaned the shower.

If you are in the market for a cleaners, you can actually search on their site for routine cleanings too, there are different, lower prices for that, and on other cleanings depending on how deep of a cleaning you want. It’s easy to just hit the back button and change things around to get the quote you’re looking for.

BidMyCleaning.com is free, so that’s also a plus!

Be sure to check out the site! Also you can follow @bidmycleaning on twitter and Like BidMyCleaning on Facebook. They also have a BidMyCleaning blog.

In fact, BidMyCleaning is letting me give away a $100 certificate to their site to use for a cleaning service! My deep cleaning (I chose the most expensive service) was just $150 so we got A LOT for the money!

In order to enter just check out their site and use their search feature to let me know a maid service that’s in your area! You can just tell me in the comments. That’s all!

You can get an extra entry if you are a blog follower of mine, and/or if you follow BidMyCleaning on Twitter or Facebook AND let them know you heard about them from my blog!

I’ll use Random.org to choose a winner July 17th (extended) at 11:59pm
(wow, I’ll have a baby then!)
Good luck!

*Thanks to BidMyCleaning for letting me try out the service at a discounted rate, and for sponsoring the giveaway. As always, opinions expressed are mine alone.

It’s 3:47 in the morning right now and I’m writing this why? I’m not sure. All I know is my brain is running a million miles a minute and I can’t slow down. It’s like I’m on crack… But I’m not. And I swear I don’t know what that’s like from experience—Really, it’s just an example.

I’ve made myself a “to-do list” for my days off. Actually, list isn’t the right word. I should call it a schedule. Yes… A “to-do schedule.” I’ve found I can write 20 things on a list and only do five because I loose track of time and don’t get to everything. Then, next thing I know my workweek has started again and I’m kicking myself for STILL not setting the dang crib up!

I think they call this nesting.

I’m organizing my craft area, hanging up baby clothes, and sewing tutus, dresses, baby legs… And anything else I can find a simple tutorial for that belongs on a child between the age of 0-12 months.

I want to rearrange all of my kitchen cabinets… Not the doors but the stuff in them. I don’t like where anything is and we need space for bottles and bottle cleaners. I found random things like flashlights and other electronics in one cabniet. WHY?! My husband put them there… That’s not a good place, I must rearrange it NOW!

I’m planning my work schedule. How many days off do I have left before my daughter is born? How many stories can I produce and save to air while I’m gone? How much overtime is this going to cost me now? Can I handle it?—OF COURSE I CAN! Next!

Blogging. Three blogs and a guest blog… Not counting the family blog I neglected months ago. How many posts can I write in a day to make my editors happy? How many posts can I write in a day so I don’t have to write any for another two weeks? Then there’s more time for tutu making. Ooh.. Maybe a post ABOUT tutu making. I think I remember reading something on the NY Times about getting 28,549 hits on posts about tutu making.

I responded to several emails I’ve been neglecting for days… Ok maybe weeks. A sweet girl from church—my visiting teacher—wants to visit with me. I wrote her back too.

My baby girl is kicking me because she’s a night owl too… But I’m supposed to be asleep. She’s wondering why the lights are on… She can tell they’re on now you know.“Hang out with my husband.” That’s on my list. Not because I’d forget or anything, but just a reminder. I penciled him in on my schedule from 1:15-3:30pm. After that he’s going to help me clean the upstairs… Again. Usually I’m the one helping him, but I WANT to clean. I do. I wrote it on my list!

I wrote “eat” on my schedule too. It’s sad but sometimes I forget.

It’s 4:01am now. Writing this post wasn’t on my schedule because I was suppose to be in bed three hours ago. I forgot to put “sleep” on my list. That’s important too. People keep telling me I should enjoy it now. But it’s hard because I’m also enjoying this thing called “nesting.”

This morning I woke up, looked at my iPhone countdown and realized there’s approximately 90 days until Ladybug arrives. 90 freaking days. Then I turned at looked at her room and my body filled with anxiety.

13 weeks, three months, 90 days. However you want to look at it, it’s not that far away. Remember how quickly that 90 day warranty ran out on your expensive washing machine? That’s how long I have. And while I’ve crossed off much on my baby shopping list I feel like there’s still so much more to do.
I STILL haven’t put up her crib. Why am I putting the crib up? Read that explanation here. I still need a dresser. I have nothing on the walls, I need to find a border to decorate the room with, buy a car seat, so we can actually take her home, and finally start buying diapers.
I hardly get any time to do these things since I work so much. And then when people at work get mad at me for messing up the spelling of something I want to scream at them and say: “YEA? WELL I STILL HAVEN’T PRE-WASHED MY CLOTHES!” I mean really… What’s more important?
I KNOW I still have time. I know it’s not the end of the world and that lots of people set things up long after the baby is born, but I am just one of those people who likes to get big projects done early. ESPECIALLY when I have no idea when she actually will come. I sometimes worry she’ll come a month early and nothing will be ready.
Don’t even get me started on the fact that we haven’t started looking for a pediatrician yet. I’m not sure where to start. I am already signed up for my Lamaze class, and set to get prepped for labor but that’s ONE DAY of this entire HUGE process!
I would love to have a mattress for her bed, crib and dresser set up, and room decorated by the end of April. That would give me another two months to deep clean my house, stock up on more diapers, and just relax the rest of my pregnancy.
Part of me is so overly excited to meet her and I want the last few months to fly by, but another part of me enjoys being pregnant, and planning and preparing.
I’m used to working on deadlines, but I’ve gotta say, this is my scariest one to date.

I’m standing by my stance that I’m not crafty… But I’m taking a stab at new crafts as a part of my apparent nesting craze.

I’m not going to post a DIY for this one right now, I’m sure you could google and find lots of tutorials. I like this tutorial on Baby Rabies, but it’s a little different than the one I made since I added more frill and ribbon. I found her tutorial after I made mine and quite honestly I kinda just “wong it” with this one and didn’t follow measurements or a pattern besides holding it up to a couple of other dresses I’ve bought for her.

Not bad for my first one but I’m going to make another attempt soon!I was hoping it would come out about 3 month-size but it’s really small, more like newborn size. So hopefully she’ll be more around 7lbs when she’s born and not like her more than 10lb daddy! We’ll see!

Promise the next one I make (if it’s cuter) I’ll post all my own DIY instructions so you can make your own pillowcase dress!

What do you think? Like it?

Blogging has sorta been pushed to the back burner a little while while I’ve been going through my massive crafting nesting phase! I need to come up with a system where I have time for both. I think I’m going to need to save crafting for my days off because it can take up so much time in the evenings when I get home from work. I think as time goes on and I get more experience (I’m NOT a crafty person) I’ll get faster but for now I’ll enjoy being a slow poke and seeing my finished product weeks later!The first project I’ve been working on is a butterfly mobile for the nursery. I didn’t like any of the regular store-bought kind, they just were to kiddish for me, so I looked up butterfly mobiles and decided to attempt to make my own! Now I’m going to try something else… I’m attempting to write my FIRST Do it Yourself post and share what I learned with you in case you want to try!

Beware for a lot of photos coming! I’ll do my best to describe how I made it!

First, here’s what you’ll need:
-Scrapbook paper and cardstock paper in your desired colors
-A butterfly cutout about 3″ by 3″ in heavy paper or cardstock
-A 14″, 16″, or 18″ wooden embroidery hoop (depending how large you want your mobile to be)
-(3) strips of 1/2″ balsa wood
-Acrylic paint (the color you want the base of your mobile to be)
-Nylon thread (or something like beading thread or fishing wire)
-A needle
-32 small crystal beads
-About 32 other crystal beads in the color you like to make your mobile shine!
-(1) metal or plastic ring
-Scissors, glue, pencil

1. Take a traceable picture of a butterfly you like the shape of and use that as your template. I used a butterfly that was about 3″ by 3″. Trace the butterflies on cardstock and/ or scrapbook paper.I used both because I liked some of the scrapbook paper I found, but it wasn’t strong enough for it to stay bent the way I wanted.

2. Cut out all of the butterflies you’ve traced. I cut out about 200 butterflies total (though I didn’t use them all) and matched the scrapbook paper butterflies with color-coordinating cardstock. I folded the paper and cardstock to make the cutting quicker. I matched a pair of cardstock buterflies with a pair of scrapbook butterflies so four total.

I ended up using 128 cut out butterflies total. 64 of them cardstock butterflies and 64 scrapbook paper butterflies.

3. Glue the cardstock butterflies and coordinating scrapbook paper butterflies together and trim around the edges to they match up. You’ve now glued two seperate butterflies together so there’s cardstock on one side and scrapbook paper on the other. They look identical though. Then take the one of the butterflies and bend up the wings slightly. Put a little glue down the center of the bent butterfly (on the under side), then stick it to the butterfly that’s not bent. You can match the colors in the center or have them both facing the same way, I alternated the direction I glued mine.
4. Make the base of the mobile by taking the center of the wooden embroidery hoop and evenly crossing strips of balsa wood to make 8 spokes.
5. Paint the wood in the color you desire, I painted mine using a metallic bronze.
6. Attach 8 equally-sized strands of ribbon, or the beading wire to the mobile base and then attach them all to a metal or plastic ring. This is what’s used to hang the mobile from the ceiling. (Don’t make my mistake and do this last… It’s much easier to attach the ribbon or string before you have tons of butterflies dangling off of it.)

7. Take your beading wire and needle and thread the wire through the butterflies and beads you desire. Then tie them to the spokes around the base of the mobile.Here’s how I spread mine out:
On the outer 8 spokes I had 2 butterflies dangling from each string.
In the middle I had 3 butterflies from a string on every-other spoke.
In the center there was the longest string with 4 butteflies dangling.

I added beads between the butterflies and at the very bottom of the string to weigh each strand down.Initially I had 3 butterflies hanging in the middle of all 8 spokes but I decided it was too much and went back and cut off every-other.
8. Find a pretty spot to hang it and show it off to the world! This is what Spawnie will be staring up at after she’s born!

So what do you think? You going to try it?

I love all of the youtube videos of cute dancing babies. In case you missed them all here’s one of my favorites:

It’s kind of a given that my child is going to have to dance around and be cute for me… Cause it’s adorable and funny and that’s just what babies are suppose to do!… Bounce around and entertain me in their adorable little diaper bottoms!

I’m trying to give Spawnie a head start now by tuning into good music on the radio when I’m driving in the car. I was so excited when I saw my pregnancy update saying that Spawnie could probably hear now! Then I started to crank up the music some more and picture him/her listening to it.
I started to wonder how I could get Spawnie to listen to music more often (I know, for some reason I’m really into this concept) and I didn’t dare break my headphones in half trying to fit them across my stomach, but I found this cool prenatal music belt called Lullabelly. You can listen to music and there’s a little speaker in the pouch that points towards your belly and plays the music to your baby too!
I read more about pregnancy music and read that it’s good for mommy and baby, plus it’s a fun way to bond! I’ve had several friends tell me while they listened to certain songs, or played guitar/sang certain tunes etc. and their baby REMEMBERED them after birth! Well… Recognized at least, and they’d stop crying or quiet down when they’d hear it. Have you heard of that too? I promise I’m not crazy. I really want to test this out on Spawnie!
Lullabelly was nice enough to send me my choice in color for a prenatal music belt and I choose the green even though they have blue and pink too cause I’m still not sure what Spawnie is (MONDAY people… MONDAY!!). Green is more boyish to me still but since I have a feeling Spawnie is a boy I went with it, plus, I’m wearing it not the baby.
I was SO EXCITED. When I got it in the mail. Right away I was impressed with how soft it was and how big the pouch was. My iPhone fits in it fine, though it’s a tight squeeze when I zip it up with the adapter and everything.
The strap is celcro so it’s very adjustable. I’m VERY small compared to the average user (for now) so I have to more than overlap the straps a little but it stays on just fine. You can wear it over or under your clothing. I prefer under, and since I wear an undershirt anyway, I put it between that and my top.
I’ve pretty much worn it every day since I bought it. I can’t clean without music and it arrived at perfect timing during this nesting spurt I’m going through so I strapped it on and cleaned out my ENTIRE closet! Then I reorganized it to be color-coordinating!
I’ve worn it out when I’m on walks with Snoop. I dunno why but it’s more fun and exciting to exercise, clean etc, when I picture Spawnie dancing right along with me.
I seriously LOVE my Lullabelly… And they aren’t paying me to say that. It’s probably one of my favorite pregnancy items so far. I think partly because I love music so much but I personally have no musical talent. This is a nice way to get Spawnie accustomed to good music but not have to torture him/her with my singing.
More features:
-Plugs into your ipod or Mp3 player
-Encourages learning, language and memory skills
-Play the same music after birth for better sleeping habits
-Speaker projects volume at a safe level (so much so that I couldn’t hear it until I put my ear up to it.)

You can BUY a deluxe package Lullabelly for $55. It comes with the band, the removable speaker, the split adapter for your headphones and a pair of headphones! The Standard Package without the adapter and headphones is just $49.
You can WIN a Lullabelly in a color of your choice right here on my blog! Just leave a comment telling me what kind of music you’d listen to on your Lullabelly or what you’d use it for.
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Contest Ends February 9th at 11:59 PM. Good Luck!

This giveaway is a part of my Full Term Of Giveaways! One a week every week until Spawnie arrives!
Baby Makin(g) Machine

Disclosure: I was not paid for conducting this review. I was given a Lullabelly only for the purpose of conducting the review and the opinions stated are my own. Thanks Lullabelly for sponsoring the giveaway!

I’m a list person… Big time. I like lists so much I will write something on my list that I’ve already done just so I can check it off and feel more accomplished. My problem is I usually forget where I put them. My checklist are best kept in my binders or on my computer somewhere, though I usually like having them in my purse.

When I first found out I was pregnant (and it was still a secret) I used The Bump‘s website to figure out what kinds of things I should be doing… When should I set up my appointment, what should I be doing differently. I started using their checklist and have been a little bit of a slacker lately but I went in today to see how I’m doing and where I left off.

We decided not to do the genetic testing stuff so I crossed those off my list today too. It’s so weird because at 18 weeks I still feel like I’m just starting, but when I stop and think that I’m almost halfway there I can’t believe it! If the second half goes as fast as the first half this baby is gonna be here in no time!!

I’ve done most everything on my list up to where I’m suppose to be. I’ve been having my regular OB visits, exercising (for the most part) and preparing here and there. But am I really getting to the point already where I need to start looking for a pediatrician? Signing up for birthing classes? HOLY COW!
Granted I’m still looking a few weeks out, technically that’s a month away… But still! I get so excited seeing upcoming things to plan such as maternity photos (I’m soooo getting them done, and if you’ve had some done I’d LOVE to see them cause I want to have an idea of a theme to go for).

Most of the stuff in the upcoming weeks of my list looks like the fun stuff. Notice my extra excitement for one particular item below:
Yep! It’s finally beginning to kick in… The “nesting” mode. I’m turning our guest room into the nursery and I’m SO EXCITED! We find out in a week if Spawnie is a boy or a girl and then I plan to GO CRAZY! I will need a clean slate to start with and that means a clean room. I would put up a before picture of it now so you could get an idea but if you know me you know I’m messy so I won’t embarrass myself for those who still picture me as the organizational queen.

I told my husband a few weeks ago that soon my “nesting mode” would kick in and I’d want to clean and organize our house. The conversation went something like this:
Husband: *Silence*
Me: “What?”
Husband: *Laughs*
Me: “What?”
Husband: “I’m sorry but I just can’t picture that happening to you.”
Me: “No, it’s going to happen, it’s my instincts. I’ll just want to clean and stuff.”
Husband: “Yea right, I’ll believe it when I see it.”

If you know us you know that he does most of the cleaning, the laundry, the dishes and things of that sort, and you’d understand why that conversation went the way it did. But now as my friend Heidi put it, it’s a battle of my motherly instincts vs my messy personality.

Last night I told my husband that I wanted to organize the room today and tomorrow (my weekend) and he just gave me the same blank stare… He still doesn’t believe me. And granted I’m writing this post out rather than organizing right now but hey… I have the rest of the day!

I know once we find out what Spawnie is I’m going to want to shop and I want to have a clean slate in this room to have a place for everything. So wish me luck my friends! I have 21 weeks and 4 days left if Spawnie comes on time, and today‘s task… Turning the room from guest room/storage room to a baby room in the making!!

Questions of the day:
When do you think is the best time to have a baby shower?
When do you think is the best time for maternity photos? Have yours? Link them please!
$145 Fertility Package Winner according to random.org: #14 The Honey B. Congrats! Email me your address to babymakingmachine(at)gmail.com

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