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So I’m seven months late. My bad. Things have been crazy around here. But I thought I should hurry up and share how Big T’s nursery turned out before we move in a few weeks.

Gender neutral giraffe nursery

As you may remember, I decided to go with a giraffe theme. I love giraffes and I thought they’d be cute for a boy or a girl. Since we didn’t find out Big T was a boy until he was born, this theme–Along with a touch of chevron seemed perfect.

His room is sorta a nursery and craft room combo, but he doesn’t seem to mind sharing. When we move he will have his room all to himself, so I may ditch the chevron sewing machine cover, or incorporate it into my craft room somehow. We shall see.

DIY Alphabet wall tutorial

This alphabet wall is probably one of my favorite parts of his room. In a last-minute effort I got a few of my friends tohether and we decorated all of these. I’ve seen sets for sale on Etsy but they cost a pretty penny, and none of them had all of the elements I wanted– A button ‘O’, a “Disney” ‘W’ and other colors I like.

Here’s a quick tutorial:

1. Search for a set of plain wood letters on eBay. I bought this set on eBay.

2. Get a group of friends together, preferably crafty friends who have a lot of paints and skills. Shoutout to my friends Laura, Hope and Melissa for helping me with these! They did all the super cute ones. Lil’ J also gets a shoutout for decorating the ‘&’ and  ‘X.’ She loved helping.

3. Gather a variety of supplies: Scrapbook paper and modge podge, acrylic paints, even fabric, to decorate your letters to your choosing.

4. Lay out the letters and strategize what colors you want where. I made a plan for my favorite letters beforehand, then made sure not to put similar colors or patterns next to each other.

5. Paint, glue, and modge podge like mad!

6. After the paint dries, modge podge the top for an added layer of sealing.

7. Hang and enjoy! I used double-sided command tape to hang them on my wall.


Ty's-Nursery17-copyI’m not sure if I’m going to re-hang the alphabet wall betters in his room, or hang them in the play room once we move. I’m kinda leaning towards playroom as it seems more appropriate.

Since his nursery also doubled as a craft room I tried to keep the spaces separate but organized. His white bookshelves store a few books as well as his swaddling blankets (we seriously have over a dozen of these gorgeous muslin swaddling blankets by Aura Weavers and Aden and Anais), baby wraps, diapers, wipes, and a low basket of soft toys for Lil’ J to reach for her brother.

My mom gave me the baskets on top of the bookshelves. They had pink ties that I took off and sewed my own giraffe-print ties. I also spruced up the plain brown canvas baskets by hot gluing some chevron ribbon I sewed into ruffles. At the time I didn’t know Leechie was a boy, but I figured it wasn’t too girlie. I still find it cute.

Giraffe gender neutral nursery shelves

I also used the same ruffle ribbon technique on the green baskets on the diaper changer. I bought them from Ikea for Lil’ J’s room but wasn’t using them, so here they went! I keep the large one stocked with burp cloths, and the small ones hold his bow ties, and socks.

I used the same diaper changer and dresser I had used for his sister (she got a new big girl dresser) , but took off the pink drawer knobs and ordered some chevron and brown ones off Etsy. Over there I also changed out his light switch for a cute one I found on Etsy. And I hung a second piece of whimsical artwork I found by Nidhi. She is amazing! I couldn’t buy just one.

Gender neutral giraffe nursery diaper changer Ty's-Nursery12-copyTy's-Nursery21-copy

His funky crib bumpers are called Wonder Bumpers. I won them in a raffle I donated to. They are reversible and the other side has a pretty blue damask design, but I thought the brown was more versatile for the gender neutral nursery theme I was going for.

Gender neutral giraffe nursery crib bedding 2

His amazing minky blanket is custom courtesy of Rocker By Baby. We are not a very “punk-style” “skull enthusiast” family, but Amber always manages to make the perfect item for my kids. Lil’ J still loves her mix tape blanket. But OH I forgot how soft her minky is. I need to read up about keeping it this way. He sleeps on it every night. I bought the boppy cover to match.

The adorable safari quilt was handmade by Big T’s great-grami. And the two friendly giraffes are sound machines that his sister loves to play with.Ty's-Nursery01-copyTy's-Nursery20-copy

His giant friendly giraffe kinda replaced the idea of a mobile. One of my awesome readers emailed me when she noticed it was on sale for 50% off one day on Amazon. So instead of it being $100, it was only $50. It’s cute, and gives him something to stare at. Soon enough I’m sure he’ll be trying to ride on it.

Over his bed I also hung a very elaborate, very detailed vinyl tree that I finally finished taking the last sticker off of yesterday. I went the cheap route and got a $50 one off eBay that was split in like 100 different pieces that I had to puzzle together. If I get another I’ll definitely shell out the extra cash to get one that I can pull off in one or two pieces.

Also above his crib is the giraffe piece that inspired me to go with the giraffe-themed nursery. I love it!


And in the craft side area of the nursery I have a rocker chair I thought I’d sew a cover for, and for the foot stool, but instead I just draped with a crocheted chevron throw I ordered from a local woman. For the foot stool I just literally wrapped some extra fabric I had around the cushion it. It works!

Giraffe and chevron themed craft roomTy's-Nursery27-copyI wanted to tie in a bit of safari on my craft desk, and I fell in love with this elephant lamp. Originally I thought I’d do an elephant-themed nursery, so I’m glad I still used a bit of that in the end.

What do you think? Love it? I really do! My daughter’s was decked out with lots and lots of pink but I loved going the gender-neutral route here, and I think the whimsical giraffes really fit my sweet boy’s personality. I’m not sure how long we’ll keep it yellow and brown but I plan to set it up similar to this after the move. He’ll have more space though since it will no longer be a nursery/craft room combo. Perfect timing too cause my little big guy thinks he wants to start crawling.

Update: We’ve moved and our popular alphabet wall is now in the playroom.

DIY Wooden alphabet wall letters tutorial. #playroom #nursery #disney

Here’s where everything is from. If I’ve missed something you’re wondering about, let me know!

Chevron curtains/ iDecorateWithPillows Etsy
Vinyl tree/ eBay: Design4Wall
Giant giraffe/ Melissa and Doug via Amazon
Giraffe sound machines (big and little)/ Cloudb
Wonder Bumpers/ Go Mama Go Designs
Minky giraffe blanket/ Rocker Bye Baby
Minky booppy cover/ Rocker Bye Baby
Giraffe artwork: Savannah & Up and Away/ Nidhi Chanani Etsy
Custom white picture frames/ Ebay: Tabby7
Plain wood alphabet wall letters/ eBay: Anyshka_2
Elephant Lamp/ Carters via Amazon
Light switch cover/ ModernSwitch Etsy
Popup baskets/ Ebay (beige), Ikea (green) and Walmart (brown)
Diaper changer/ Craigslist
Drawer knobs/ Whimzicality
Polkadot burp cloths: HeartlandShop Etsy
Chevron throw blanket/ Handmade locally
Sewing machine cover/ YellowFarmHouse Etsy

*This tutorial and giveaway is brought to you through a partnership with HP.

I’ve been meaning to print and hang newborn pictures in Big T’s room but I just now am getting around to it. I normally print them at my local photo lab but thought I might as well give my printer a whirl and do it for “free.”

I had a couple of light wood squares from Hobby Lobby. They were less than $2 each. I had some white paint for the edges. I also bought black cause I wasn’t sure which I’d do at the time, or where I’d hang them.

I went with wood instead of canvas cause I thought the photos would be easier to apply to something more solid, and I sometimes prefer the look of “standout” photos versus all-framed photos.


Sadly, these photos don’t do them justice. Will need to try again later!

So easy DIY frameless photo art tutorial here we go:

framless-photo-tutorial-41. Painted 6″x6″ wood squares, and edges (not the back, cause who cares?) Lil’ J helped with this part. She was very excited.

framless-photo-tutorial-32. Printed out my 6×6″ photos onto HP photo paper using my HP Envy 120. Make sure to check your printer levels. I originally wanted to do three but the third picture came out lighter and wonky after I got a low ink warning (I’ve been printing a lot lately). #SadPanda

3. After the paint has dried, Modge Podge the top of the wood, using the matte kind.

4. Place cut-out pictures on top of the wood, use a little bit of sand paper to smooth the edges and tada!


I didn’t modge podge on top of the photo though I may attempt that. It would add an extra layer of protection.

It was nice being able to print the photos wirelessly and not have to wait to get them, but I probably won’t make a habit of it considering how much ink photos use. The quality is great though! Much better than anything I’ve ever printed from home, and worth hanging in the nursery. (Yes, I still owe you a nursery reveal post).

frameless-photo-tutprial-5Here’s more I’ve done with the HP Envy X2 and the HP Envy 120 e All-in-One Printer. And now, finally, the giveaway I’ve been promising for months! This is one of those reasons I’m so excited to have occasional sponsors, cause as much as I love you all who read me day in and day out, I can’t afford to buy you a laptop and printer. But HP is hoking you up!

HP Laptop and Printer Giveaway Ends September 11thOne of my fabulous readers is going to win an HP Envy X2 and the HP Envy 120 e-All-in-One Printer, as well as a $50 Snapfish gift card to use to help you create. Just use the Rafflecopter form below to enter! Goodluck!

PS: Here’s a video demo of what you are entering to win, courtesy of Lil’ J and yours truly.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* I wrote this review while participating in a program on behalf of HP and received an ENVY x2, an HP ENVY 120 e-All-in-One Printer, and a Snapfish gift card as part of my participation

I was nine months pregnant with my daughter, eager to meet her, and excited to capture our many moments together. Little did I know this would be the beginning of a photo addiction I can’t contain. My iPhone 3 didn’t have video capabilities built in, so I used an app called Qik to capture some of her first moments on video. It quickly filled up, and began to run slow. Before I knew it, it was time to upgrade because my phone was running out of space for my photo-load. Fast forward two years, several phones, hundreds of videos, and thousands of photos later. The iPhone is still my favorite phone for photo and video capturing. Each time I got a new one, my photos automatically appeared in my new camera roll like they had been there all along. It was fantastic. But eventually I ran into a problem.

The fastest and cheapest way to backup and print all of your smart phon/ cell phone photos. So easy it's crazy! Now I can finally stop getting that dreaded "not enough space" warning when I try to take a photo.

I didn’t like having to physically connect my phone. And ever since my computer AND backup harddrive crash of 2012, I’m extremely picky about how I organize and backup my photos. I import and save my images by year -> month -> event and beyond.  So I don’t connect my phone to my computer anymore, and I no longer use iPhoto.

But after hoarding all of my images and video on my phone, I got the dreaded message “Usage Full.” I couldn’t take another picture, and if you know me, you know we can’t have that.

If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve run into a similar problem. So many pictures, all on my phone. It’s sad but I had never printed an image from my iPhone. I only collected them in my digital space. I wanted to find a way to easily backup my photos, as well as a way to have a physical copies of the images with me.

I did a lot of research and I think I’ve found the best way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos. Back up, easily for free, and print them out for pennies.

The fastest and cheapest way to backup and print all of your smart phon/ cell phone photos. So easy it's crazy! Now I can finally stop getting that dreaded "not enough space" warning when I try to take a photo.

Backing up virtually

After much trial and error of my own, I've researched and discovered the easiest and cheapest way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos.

Google Plus (Update 10/22/15: Now called Google Photos). It’s an underrated social media site, sure, but I LOVE it for cloud storage. I hear a lot of buzz about Dropbox, and I have it too, but I keep coming back to Google Plus, and here’s why:
1. It’s free, and you get 15GB (Update- Unlimited backups of high res (not full-sized) files  of storage. Dropbox only gives you a few GBs to start and I have over 4GB worth of pictures/ videos on my phone today (this is after deleting 1800 photos). I also tend to reserve Dropbox for temporary large file sharing and professional work since I don’t pay for the premium service. Google Plus is a great value.
2. It automatically backs up ALL of my photos, whether or not the app is open, if I’m connected to wifi or 3G. Other apps either need to be opened while it’s trying to upload, or I have to physically select which photos I want. I don’t want that extra step. Out of sight, out of mind, done and done.
3. All of my photos are organized in my mobile album, by date. The other day BabyCenter asked to use a photo I had posted on Instagram in a banner, but they needed the original (non-square) version. It was easy to scroll down my album to the time frame I took the photo, pinpoint, and download it.
4. You can delete off your phone, it stays in you online album. Some cloud services copy your drive exactly, so if you delete the original, it deletes the copy. Google Plus doesn’t do that.
5. Automatically backs up video as well.

A couple other nice things to note: You can set your albums privacy settings. And if you want to download several or all of your files at once, to save to your computer or an external drive, you can easily do that with a few clicks.

One other quirky thing I just realized… If you’re like me and take a burst of photos (5 or more) in a series, and don’t have the heart to delete any of them, Google Plus automatically makes an extra moving gif image and saves it to your album. Like this:

After much trial and error of my own, I've researched and discovered the easiest and cheapest way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos.

AND (one more sorta-creepy fact) it automatically edits photos together so if you have a series of people smiling and not smiling, it “photoshops” them together to make a “best of smiles” photo. I just noticed this today!

I had 2400 photos on my phone, I backed them all up to Google Plus, and I have a zipped copy saved to an external hard drive. It’s easy to continue to select the ones I want from Google Plus and download them to my computer all at once for an additional copy on my local drive.

Now I wanted to have an additional hard copy of the images to enjoy in-hand. This brings me to my next phase of backup.

Printing my images.

After much trial and error of my own, I've researched and discovered the easiest and cheapest way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos.
Figuring this out was a serious pain in the rear, but hopefully my trial and errors will help make the process easier for you.

Most of my 2400 photos were similar photos taken 5 or 6 different ways. If I want to print one of each of those, that’s 400 prints.

I’m not sure if you’ve looked lately, but that’s not cheap. These are iPhone photos I sometimes take in the dark, or with the help of a mirror. They’re not edited or anything I’m dying to display. I just wanted decent prints taken from my phone I could throw in a box so the kids and I can thumb through for fun.

I downloaded a Shutterfly app and saw a sale for 50% off 4×6 prints. So instead of their regular price of $.14/ picture they were $.07/ picture. Sweet! And after spending $30 you get free shipping. I hand-selected about 400 photos to print then added them to my cart. ERROR. I can only upload 250 from the mobile app. This meant no free shipping for me as I couldn’t hit the $30 mark. By placing two orders I’d have to pay a $11 shipping fee twice and it would have cost me about $50 total.

Online, I could fit all of the items in my cart (no limit), but the 50% off rate didn’t apply! GAH! I was so frustrated. Back to the drawing board.

I decided the easiest way to figure out the best deal was to add in the cost of photos plus shipping and divide it out too see how much it costs per photo.

I ran into similar issues with other cheap printing companies, price per picture from $.19 up to $.27! Not a lot for a few photos, but a bid deal when you’re purging nearly 400!

I turned to Twitter in my haste and a friend told me she uses GrooveBook. I did some background research and decided this is exactly what I was looking for. Here’s why:
1. Solely for iPhone photos. That’s what I’m looking for. But you can save other photos to your iPhone and print those too.
2. Cheap. For $2.99 you get 100 photos shipped to you for free. Or 100 free photos shipped to you for $2.99… However you want to look at it. And I got my first book free by using a coupon. (They’ve since sent me a coupon code you can use to get one for free: ‘BABYMAKINGGROOVE’)
3. No limit. If you want an extra book before your month is up you can order another one, still for just $2.99. So I ordered 3, 100-page books for $6 (cause I got my first book free). That’s less than $.02 a photo.
4. The photos are organized neatly in a simple flip photo book with perforated pages, so you can pull them out to hang on the fridge, frame, scrapbook, whatever.
5. Each page has a date stamp on the perforated tab left behind. Cool if you want to remember when it was taken for journaling or whatnot.

After much trial and error of my own, I've researched and discovered the easiest and cheapest way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos.

A couple other things to note. The photo quality isn’t terrible like I expected. They’re all on glossy photo paper, and some of the high-quality images I had saved to my camera roll (not taken on my iPhone) came out very nicely. Ones taken with my frontal camera are definitely more grainy, but I think that has to do with pixels. It is a subscription model, so you have to sign up and it’ll automatically bill you $2.99/month, but you can cancel it at any time.

If you take tons of photos on your phone, like I do, it’s perfect because throughout the month I upload the photos I want next, and on my deadline it orders it to print and automatically mails it to me. If you upload less than 100 photos, you’ll get duplicates to give you an even 100 number. Eventually, I’ll probably use this to print extra cheap copies of my pregnancy journal and 365 images that the kids can thumb through. I’m more delicate with my expensive books.

It doesn’t hurt to try, especially since you can get the first one free. Use code ‘BABYMAKINGGROOVE’.

After much trial and error of my own, I've researched and discovered the easiest and cheapest way to backup & print all of your iPhone photos.

Finally, I have photos that were trapped on my phone for years. My daughter giggled looking through my first Groovebook. “Mommy, look, there’s Baby Ty!”

“No sweetie, that’s you!”

Saving, printing, and de-hoarding my phone has been three years in the making. Now we can finally enjoy them together. Better late than never!

The fastest and cheapest way to backup and print all of your smart phon/ cell phone photos. So easy it's crazy! Now I can finally stop getting that dreaded "not enough space" warning when I try to take a photo.

I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

I finally got out of my sewing rut and threw together my first pillowcase dress/ pajama dress for Lil’ J.

She was SO excited to have a new dress for bed time. The fabric is knit and so comfy too. She picked it out at the store. She loves the “pink elephants.”

I adapted the pattern from this tutorial. I think the way I did it is a bit easier, and it’s toddler size measurements, so that could he helpful to some. I’ll share as soon as I get around to posting instructions. For now, here’s a sneak peek.

Toddler pajama dress

Whatcha think?

I have a friend who is always making her own wreaths and I decided to give it a whirl myself using tulle since the stuff is coming out of my ears thanks to my short-lived DIY tutu obsession. I’ve never personally seen anyone make a wreath this way, most of the tutorials I see for making your own wreaths are made with yarn or I don’t know what, but stuff I figure would take too long. I wanted to make a 4th of July wreath for our front door.

So I decided to make this Wreath using Tulle that I already had.

This is so easy I literally made it while sitting on my bed with Lil’ J and she was watching one episode of Sesame Street. So don’t judge the tutorial pics.

1 roll of 25 yard X 6in red tulle
1 roll of 25 yard X 6in blue tulle
1 roll of 25 yard X 6in white tulle
Hay-wreath (I got mine for $4 at Hobby Lobby)
White felt or card board

Don’t take the plastic off the wreath. You’ll be tempted but trust me, don’t do it. It sheds and takes forever to clean up and it can get between the tulle and look not as pretty. So just keep the plastic on.

Step 1: Wrap the blue tulle around 1/4 of the wreath. Just start wrapping and keep wrapping until it looks like a nice solid blue and to your taste of fullness. When you’ve reached the desired look, cut the tulle from the roll and tuck the loose end into the tulle that’s already wrapped up.

Step 2: Wrap a strip of red tulle next to the blue and let it cover about 6in of the wreath or about 1/8th the total size. A trick I used to go faster and use less tulle is twist the roll of tulle around once as it goes around the wreath, it makes it fill up faster and make the color less sheer. When you’ve reached the desired look, cut the tulle from the roll and tuck the loose end into the tulle that’s already wrapped up.

Step 3: Wrap a strip of white tulle the same way as the red. Alternate the colors going around the wreath until it’s full.

Step 4: Trace and cut out stars, then glue them on the blue section on the wreath.


Cute no? … I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty impressed myself.

I saw the cutest image on Pinterest of these hanging wall shelves. I followed the link and found pictures of an adorable little girls room, but no tutorial for these cute hanging shelves, but it looked simple enough so I decided to try it myself.

Source: Bees Knees Bungalow via Order in the Court! -Organization on Pinterest

My first idea was to use fabric like in the picture, but after a long week of work I was too lazy to cut and sew a bunch of fabric so I decided I’d make it even easier–A four-step process on how to make easy hanging shelves for kids room that’ll get you some cute shelves for less than $5.

How to Make Easy Hanging Wall Shelves

I like it because it’s a quick and easy way to decorate a wall and hang stuffed animals and other light things we might want on display. I’ve never been good at hanging real shelves on the wall, with all the extra mounts and screws needed, big gaping holes my husband hates, so this works great! And they look like fun little swings for your stuffed animals.

All you need is some wood planks, ribbon (or fabric), and D-rings.

I got about 1.5in D-rings (you can get these at craft stores or online for way cheaper, I got brass as Home Depot which ended up costing a bit more-Like $1.50) and used 1.5 in wide grosgrain ribbon, and since I have SO much tulle I’m trying to utilize, I used some of it for these shelves. I started to buy paint to paint some 2x4s for planks but then found some 1x4in-ish primed wood that was 8ft tall in the trimmings (like baseboard area) section of Home Depot (is it just me or is everyone here SO helpful?!). I had it cut into four 2-foot planks. That was $6. So I didn’t need to paint it (I may add some fun color to the sides later with my craft paint).

So once you have all of your supplies here’s what you do:

1. Cut your ribbon/fabric. I did mine about 35in long, because once it’s folded in half, and the board is placed inside, it’ll hang about 15in.

2. With right sides of the fabric/ribbon together, sew a straight stitch across. For safe measure I went back and forth a few times.

3. Place the D-Ring upside down, between the two halfs of fabric/ribbon and sew another stitch across just below the first line of stitches, sandwiching the D-Ring between them. Go slow, if your needle pounds the ring it’ll break. One of my needles fell victim to the D-Ring.

4. Turn the ring and fabric/ribbon right side out, repeat process with another strip, hang with some little nails or hooks, add wood plank and enjoy!


What do ya think? They aren’t perfect, but they’re good enough, and that’s my style when it comes to crafting.

Please excuse my horrible photos. It was bedtime, so no sunlight, and harsh lamp lights. I’ll try to take better ones for examples today.

If you made something this week (or any week) and blogged about it I’d love to see. Let us know in the comments so we can check it out!

Finally got the craft bug again. Moving took it all out of me, but a huge blank wall in Lil’ J’s room was driving me nuts and I had to do something about it.

Something else I needed help with? My bow addiction. I’ve realized I have a bow hoarding problem. It’s ridiculously hard for me to get rid of any bows because right before I do I think “but it’ll go great with X-outfit” or “I can make a skirt to go with this.”And I hang on to it. Unless I’m giving them away to friends, I can’t bring myself to toss them out or even donate them yet.

I’ve already made a headband tree, used oatmeal cans to make more headband holders, and a picture frame to hold some clippies, but we still have more that need a home.

Thanks to Pinterest, I found another bow organizing tutorial that would also fill the annoyingly blank wall, and give a solution for her growing bow collection.

So I’ve seen ribbon bow holders. Simple strips of ribbon hanging from a doorknob or such, that you can clip your bows to. I found a genius tutorial that took it a step further and made the strip into kite tails and the bows clip to the tail.

With the amount of bows she has, and the amount of wall space, I decided to make four kites with long kite tails to string across her room.

Here’s how made this cute Kite Hair Bow Organizer.

I used: Hot glue, scrap fabric, wire hangers, coordinating ribbon.

Step 1: Bend the wire pulling the bottom part of the hangar down so it becomes shaped more like a triangle. Straighten out the hook too (I kept mine slightly curvy since I wanted to look like it was flying across the wall.)

At this point, Lil’ J already knew they were going to be kites. She ran around yelling “Kites! My kites!” After wrangling her I moved to step 2.

Step 2: Cut the scrap fabric to be about 1/2-1″ wider than the kite shape.

Step 3: Hot glue the fabric to the wire one half of the kite at a time. Pull it tight as you glue the second side down.

Step 4: Cut and glue ribbon strips 1″ longer than the length and width of the kite and glue them around the back side of the kite.

Step 5: Cut the ribbon for the kite tails/ bow holder and tie a knot with extra slack at the base of the kite, then glue the ribbon on each side of the hanger hook.

DIY Kite hair bow holder

Hang on the wall and enjoy! What do ya think? Link up, I’d love to see what you’ve been makin’!

What I'm Making Monday

(highlight ctl+c)

I made Lil’ J the easiest little ruffle skirt right before St. Patricks Day. Sadly, I didn’t take photos during the process, so this post isn’t a tutorial, but I hope to make one this week. I didn’t follow a pattern but I used some sewing tools that made it easy breezy, and I will share that when I post it.
It was all made with scrap fabric I had that could have been thrown away. Instead I turned it into what my mom called a little “cheerleader skirt.”

She even looks like a mini cheerleader being tossed up by daddy.

We celebrated my husband’s graduation and had a blast with family visits, now it’s time to pack and prepare to move. Sorry I’m not very chatty around these parts lately, promise I’ll be back to my normal self soon.

Shirt from Maddie’s Bowtique

In the mean time, I leave you with a preview of the skirt tutorial I’m going to work on. Don’t mind the name “Journey” on Lil’ J’s shirt. That’s her “stage name” for when she does Etsy and boutique modeling. It’s a cute name, but not what hers really is.

What do you think? Adorable, no?

What I'm Making Monday

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