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Dear Baby Girl,

I was just getting used to saying you’re 13 months and I just realized today that you’re now 14 months. Holy cow that last month flew by! Probably the quickest one yet, it feels.

This month was a doozy for us. You started a new school. It’s been really hard for both of us. You cried and cried the first few days I dropped you off, and so did I. Now you only cry sometimes, or for a moment, before I go. I can’t wait for the day you tell me bye and run off to play with your friends.

White Ruffle Dress: Old Navy via Ebay; Coral Bow: Little Star Sweeper

Speaking of running, you’re beginning to. You took off walking this last month, and you love being on your two feet. You’re loving being able to carry things while you move around, and you laugh so hard when I say I’m going to get you or ask you where you’re going.

Your new words are “bye bye” and “bubbles.” Your teacher also told me you try to say your friend’s names at school. You also sometimes call Snoop “Ba” I think short for “bad” but we’re trying to change that. Poor Snoop. You also say “tin too” Which means thank you and it’s so stinking cute!

Your favorite foods are Spanish rice and chicken, pizza, grapes, strawberries, and steak fries. You also love sandwiches. These are all our favorite foods too so you fit right in. You’re still nursing. I thought you’d stop by now but you don’t seem to be weaning yourself at all. The good thing is when you’re teething like you are now, it’s one way to make you feel better. You also haven’t been sick yet. But I guess we’re lucky. It could be the nursing or the fact that I let you eat off the floor, I haven’t sterilized things immediately after you drop them, and I only sporadically wipe the shopping cart down for you. I guess it’s built you up some nice immunities.

One of your new favorite things to do is brush your teeth. When I do the sign for it and ask you if you want to brush them you stick your tongue out and get excited. You have seven teeth, and I think you’re about to get another.

Leg warmers, pearls, ruffle butt and bow: Belle Dezigns; Romper: Borrowed

Dancing and humming are also some new things you love to do. If I hum a song you wiggle your butt and start humming too. I think it’s so adorable. Oh, and another funny thing you’re doing is climbing on your rocking horse and rocking like crazy! You think it’s so much fun. We’re glad you like it.

You also like the “Art Show” episode of Yo Babba Gabba and you’ve watched it about two thousand times. We get the songs stuck in our heads too. I try to turn on a different episode or show but you aren’t having it. I am trying to convert you to watching Disney movies instead because those will never get old to me.

I didn’t think I could love you any more than I already do but I do! Every night after you go to bed I look at your pictures and get so excited to see you the next morning. You’re my little buddy and I have such a blast hanging out with you. I thought I’d be sad about you getting bigger, especially since month after month is just flying by now! But I’m not sad. I’m enjoying seeing you learn and grow.

Your daddy says he loves how “cool” you’re getting. He likes that he can chase you around and make you laugh, and get you to throw things. You two don’t get to hang out as much these days but the time spent together I can tell, is much more cherished.

We love you so much. I hope you remember that always.




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Dear Daughter,

You are 13 months old today but I prefer to call you one. You’re just one year old. I imagine it will be hard to keep up with the number of months you are when people ask. Can’t I just say one and one-and-a-half until you’re two? I never know what number people want to know though when they question your age.

Gnomeville Dress from Dapple Gray Designs

Anyway, this last month you’ve  sorta started getting the hang of communicating. You know that your whiny growl will get you whatever you want so you usually do that first, then I try to get you to use sign language to tell me if you want milk, to be picked up, to go outside, or whatnot. You know how to sign new words like “book” and “picture” now. It’s so cute to watch you do it.

You can totally take steps on your own but you still prefer to crawl. I’m not rushing the walking. I will probably miss this cute crawling stage some day so I’m just enjoying it. You’ll probably be running from me when I’m taking picture of you too, which may or may not be so fun.

MudPie dress from BNB Boutique

We went to a candy store yesterday and I let you have a taste of my float. You loved it. You also got to taste a little big of a sucker and some cotton candy. After a little while you were yelling and laughing so loud throughout the store. I think you were on a sugar high.

I normally don’t like to let you eat sweets. Unless you count fruit. But your favorite foods aren’t too great for you either. You LOVE pizza. Whenever you make it you get excited at the smell and beg for some. You also love french fries. It’s horrible that I even let you eat some but I understand your fascination. They are my favorite food too. Coincidentally, your dad’s favorite food is pizza. Maybe it’s just in your genes to like these things.

Flower headband from Chic N Unique

When you finally had your one year checkup I thought you were going to be of the charts big. Or at least still in the 90th percentile for weight and height as you have been, but you were only 20lbs 1oz but you were 30in long. So you are tall, but strangely only in the 45th percentile for weight. You don’t look tall and thin to me.

Your favorite things to do are dance, go outside and play, or take pictures, and your absolute favorite is to play in water. From Snoop’s water bowl to the pool you can’t stay away. We need to get you in swimming lessons stat!

Shirt from MoRiginal Designs

I love you so much little girl. More than you will ever know. Well, maybe until you have your own child some day. I think that’s when you’ll really get it. I’m not sure if my mom loved me as much as I love you but if she did, I have a new respect for what she went through.

Thank you for being my little friend, my bragging rights and my new reason for loving life.

I love you baby girl.



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My Little Journey,

You are growing so fast now. You have four teeth. Two on the top and two on the bottom. And two more teeth coming in on the top near your front two teeth. These seem to be hurting you the most which makes me so sad because you are such a happy girl, and it’s so sad when you’re feeling down.

When you’re happy you laugh, and smile, and crawl around with your mouth hanging open. You could catch flies with that pie hole. You’ll dance when you hear music. You’ll bounce up and down bobbing your knees. Every morning you look bigger to me, and are heavier when I pull you out of your crib. Then I look down at my stomach and remember when you were living in there. It’s crazy thinking about that. And it’s crazy that you are my daughter. It’s still mind boggling.

Red, green, orange crochet dress and bow $27 from CrochetPlay

There are a few things I’ve trained you to do. One, you like to wear hair accessories. People always ask me how I get you to keep things in your hair. I think part of it is because I’ve put hair bows on you since birth, and partly because you just like to be prissy. Hats aren’t as easy but if I hold them on your head for a few seconds as you try to pull them off you give up and forget they’re there.

You still love books, and we love reading to you. You like to clap and you’re starting to give high fives too.

You don’t say a ton yet but you have “mama” and “dada” down. Sometimes you’ll even say “mommy” and “daddy.”

Eating is one of your favorite things to do. You love to eat what I’m eating, and you especially love celery, berries and more berries. Your favorites are strawberries and blackberries. We haven’t tried blueberries yet but I think that’ll be next. The only problem is remembering to put a bib on you so you don’t stain your pretty dresses. I need to learn how to wash the stains out.

You’re still nursing like a champ, but our freezer stash of milk is running low. We started with 220oz when I went back to work and we’re down to about 30 I think. I need to continue to be diligent about pumping so we can get through these last couple of months. I worry a little that you may have a dairy intolerance because sometimes your face breaks out when you have a little cheese. I hope whole milk sits well with you in a few months. I’ll stop pumping but I’ll keep nursing you as long as you want–Or until you’re two or something, I dunno. I haven’t thought that far.

Bubble dress and headband $17 Sumos Sweet Stuff

I miss you all day every day when I have to leave you for work. I hate when you cry when I walk out the door, and I hate that I’m missing so much time with you, seeing the funny new things you do everyday, and just hanging out as the two of us. We get time on my days off and at night but it just doesn’t seem like enough sometimes. I think that’s one reason I want to keep nursing you, I love how close it brings us.

You are already 10 months old. I’m already planning your first birthday party, and I’m hoping it’ll be fabulous! That’s only two months away and it makes me excited and sad at the same time. I can’t believe you’re already almost one. Almost a toddler. I just want you to stay my baby forever and to stop growing. That’s one reason I’m in no hurry for you to walk. But I’m sure you’ll learn on your own anyway. You’re already cruising around furniture and I never taught you that. I imagine you’ll learn some of these things on your own.

Sometimes we go to the store and you don’t want me to set you in the shopping cart, you want me to hold you as we walk around and shop together. It annoys me slightly but at the same time I know one of these days you’re going to want to get down and walk on your own and I’ll be standing there wishing you wanted me to hold you.

You are beautiful, and I love you and your father so much. I got lucky with a perfect husband and a perfect baby. When things get hard at work or with life in general I just think about how blessed I am to have you two and things seem to feel a little bit better.

Keep growing little one. I love you!



Darling Daughter,

You are eight months old today, and to celebrate, on the eve of your eight-month birthday you said “Mama” in front of me and your dad. I’ve heard you say it before but only when you’re really tired, or getting angry. I wish you said it when you are happy like you do when you say “Dada.”

Rosa Tile Ruffle Twirl Dress c/o Tea Collection; Homemade bow

Your personality is booming. You seem to be smiling most of the time, you are so curious and wanting to get into everything. You don’t have any problem with strangers, and enjoy meeting new people.

You love to laugh, and love to play. You would be happiest if we sang and danced all day long.

You started to crawl last week and you are starting to enjoy being put down more than ever. You still like Mommy to hold you, but you don’t mind being set down and playing with your toys too. You are also starting to pull yourself up from a sitting position. You aren’t real good at it yet but you try.

When I clap and say “Yaaaay!” you clap, smile and yell too. And you are so proud of yourself for doing that. You just started doing that this last week. It’s amazing watching you learn.

Wild Child Giraffe Dress c/o Lollipop Moon; Homemade hair bow

You have two teeth and like to use it to chomp and eat whatever food you can get your hands on. I’m still making your baby food but haven’t been experimenting with it as much as I should. You love sweet potatoes and bananas. I’d like to experiment more this month and give you more creative meals because I’m sure you’d like it.

I’m finally starting to accept the fact that you’re growing. You have two teeth and are getting so tall. In another four months you’ll be ONE. That’s so insane and a little sad at the same time. It seems like just yesterday I had you and we were lounging around together during my maternity leave. I love every new stage but long for the last. It’s sad to think I’ll never get these moments back. Never have time alone with my one and only baby girl. So I’m relishing every single moment. Even moments at 1am when you randomly want to play. I don’t mind as long as I’m off the next day. It still makes me laugh even if I have work a few hours later.

You still haven’t had to use any formula yet and I’m thinking we won’t have to now. Breastfeeding is going really well, and now that you’re eating more real food, I don’t have to pump as much at work to keep up. It’s perfect. I never thought we’d be able to make it this far.

Songbird Banded Dress (left) c/o Tea Collection; Campanillas Banded Dress (top right) c/o Tea Collection; Headband:Sumos

I love dressing you up every day. I’m so glad I had you first because girls clothing is the best. It’s like I gave up my sense of style and gave it all to you. Every morning I’m home with you I like to pick out your outfit, a matching bow, and if I have time, take a few photos before I go to work. It’s funny because people told me not to get you too many clothes but I’ve realized there’s no such thing for me and you. I don’t care if you only wear a dress once or twice, it’s still worth it to me. Sometimes I even change your outfit halfway through the day just to give you a fresh look and to play dress up.

I feel like I’m ordering you a new outfit almost every day. It’s my addiction, but it doesn’t feel bad because it’s for you, and I am really good about finding good deals. I’m saving them all because I love them so much and someday maybe a little sister of yours can wear them.

Now your hair is also getting a lot longer. I’m having fun styling it and doing different things with it. You look so adorable in pig tails. I think you will have really long hair like your mommy.

Citron Flora Playdress c/o Tea Collection; Hair clippies from Walmart

Every day I wonder what you’ll be like when you grow up. I think you are going to be very smart. As your mother it’s my job to think this, but I’ll humor you with my explanation anyway. You are very aware and alert and have been from day one. You learn things so quickly too. You sign milk now when you want to nurse, instead of crying, and you understand other signs I say to you. I can’t wait to see what you learn next.

I just hope we can compromise on things. I can already tell you are learning how to get what you want. I’m not sure when you went from not being capable of being spoiled to being completely used to getting what you want and fussing when you don’t, but we’re going to work on that.

I’ve been doing a lot of medical stories lately and every time I see a woman scientist I think about you and wonder if you might be a scientist some day. I wonder what you’ll want to be when you grow up. I want you to know you can be anything you want to be. No matter what people say to you about your looks, gender, or anything, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind and heart to, and I’ve got your back. Set your goals high, write them down, and visit them often. You can do anything.

I love you baby girl, thank you so much for giving me a reason to better myself, and love life even more. We’ve got some good times ahead.




I can’t believe it but my baby is all grown up now. Well, this 8-month-old is now 8 YEARS old, and she has a baby sister. What’s being a mom of a 9-month-old like 8 years later? I have a new letter to my third baby. You can read that letter right here.

A big sister and baby sister sharing a kiss

My Little Pretty Princess,

You are amazing. You brighten my day, and you always make me smile. Every day I feel like I’m noticing something new you’re learning. You’re starting to crawl backwards, but you like to roll to whatever you want to get. I’m sort of dreading you starting to crawl because I know you will be into everything and we just don’t have our place fully baby-proofed yet. Taking your seven month photos was so hard because you just wanted to play and didn’t want to sit still. I know this is just a glimpse of what’s to come. I’m going to need to get my helmet and knee pads out to keep up with you.

7 months and self-portraits with mom
Dress and headband $16 from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff

You have an obsession with paper towels. You love to try to eat them, and napkins. I try to keep them away from you but you always seem to find one somewhere. You like to make little spit wads.

You are getting the hang of eating edible things too. I’ve been making your baby food and you love squash and sweet potatoes. You also love banana when I give you some. And broccoli, cucumber and Mum Mums, you’ll pretty much eat anything you can get your little hands on. Sometimes I just hand you a bit of whatever I’m eating and you’ll gnaw away at it for awhile. But no matter how much you love the food you still love nursing more. Now that you’ve started solids it’s easier to keep up with pumping enough for you though, which is a big stress reliever. I’m very proud of the fact that we haven’t needed to supplement.

You got your first two little teeth last week. They are so cute, we danced and cheered when we saw your first one pop up. You second one seems to be bothering you a little more but we’ve been giving you a bit of medicine to help. You haven’t bit me with your teeth yet. I’m hoping we nipped that bad habit in the bud while you were just gumming it. I’m afraid we’ll wean once you bite with your sharp teeth.

You still love my singing, and you love taking pictures, which is good because I love taking pictures of you. You’re so photogenic and you love the camera.

7 months old
Chair from Pottery Barn Kids

I love bragging about you, which is funny because I didn’t think I’d be “that mom” who just loves to go on and on about her baby to nice people who ask how you’re doing but I do. I show off your pictures, and talk about the things you’re learning.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we’re going to raise you and the type of person I hope you grow to be. Your dad and I are both the oldest children and someday you’ll be an older sibling too. There’s a lot of responsibility being the first born child. Younger siblings look up to you, and you’re the practice run for us as your parents to see how we like to do things. Don’t feel bad if we’re hard on you, know it’s because we love you so much. We truly just want what’s best for you. It’s so hard for parents to see their children do something that could hurt them, or be bad for them. Ultimately it’s up to you to make your life’s decisions but we’re here to help you, hopefully make the best ones. Remember we’re not perfect, but we’re trying our best.

Every night we read a chapter of your children’s scriptures together and we say a prayer together. You watch your daddy read so intently like you understand the stories, and you look at the pictures. I hope we can keep this up and that you’ll feel the Spirit in your life daily and that that will help you blossom into the marvelous woman I know you’ll be.

Ok, enough deep mommy talk, there will be years to lecture you. Just know I love you more than you know. More than I knew I could love, and it’s the best feeling in the world. I’ve never worked as hard as I have these past seven months my entire life, but I’ve never been this happy.

I love you. And I’m so grateful for you.


Little Lady,

It’s INSANE you’ve been alive half a year!! What the heck?

People say time flies once you have kids and I’m tellin’ ya they ain’t lying! I can’t believe you’re already six months old. I feel like just last week you were born. Now you babble all of the time. Mostly you yell, sing, scream out of excitement and say “dada” and “daddy.”

You are a little busy bee. Always watching what we’re doing and trying to get involved. You’re on my lap as I write this to you right now just watching the words pop up on the screen. From time to time you’ll try to mimic me and grab the keyboard but luckily, right now you seem to be content with just watching.

You’ve been good at sitting up for a few weeks now. You like to play on the floor with your toys. Last night I saw you lunge forward and scoot up on your knees and I thought you were going to start crawling. Good thing you didn’t though because I was going to the bathroom and you would have crawled right off the bed. I’m not sure I’m ready for you to start moving yet. I know you are going to be getting into EVERYTHING!

You are beginning to get more independent but you are still preferably social. You’d much rather be in a conversation between your daddy and I than playing off on your own, but if we’re not doing much you’re happy playing with your toys.

Forever Bliss Photography

You, as I imagined you would, LOVE food. You’ve tried many different kinds of veggies and you love most of them. You don’t like peas, but your daddy and I don’t either so we understand. You do like sweet potato and squash.

We went to the doctor today and you are 18.6 pounds now and 27 inches long. 90th percentile for weight and height! Getting your shots were not nearly as bad this time. You only cried for a moment, then I nursed you and sang the alphabet song and you were fine. You LOVE that song. I can sing it any time you’re crying and you’ll stop and stare at me. Maybe it’s because I sang it so much when you were in my belly and during diaper changes when you were small.

We’ve also started signing with you. Or I have. Your daddy seems to think it’s silly. You know what it means when I sign “bath” and you get excited and kick your feet, just like you do when I say it.

I started a project I’m going to give to you when you’re older. It’s a book I hope to add something to daily this year. I hope I can keep up with it. So far so good!

It has been so fun watching you grow. I’m happy and sad at the same time. I miss you being small but I love the new things you’re doing.

Thanks for rocking my world!



My Little Journey,

You are growing so beautifully and so smart every day. One of my favorite things about you is how you are so easy to please–Usually. If you are ever just fussy or cranky after you’ve already eaten I just sing to you and you’re fine.

One morning last week I sat on the bed with you and sang to you for about half an hour. I sang just about every primary song I could think of twice, and rocked you back and forth and you just loved it. You watched us in the mirror and didn’t make a peep, you just smiled.

Another favorite perk about you is how happy you get when I come home. I didn’t think you’d be doing this so soon but you reach out for me. It melts my heart every time. You stick your arms out and lean towards me, or if you’re sitting down you’ll lift your arms to be picked up.

Every night before bed you and I dance around mommy’s room and you laugh and laugh and laugh. I think it’s probably your favorite part of the day. Afterward I blow on your tummy and you laugh some more. You are so ticklish now! I got it on camera the other day and I’m so glad because it’s something I never want to forget.

You’re beginning to sit up by yourself. I feel like I hardly put you down but when I do I’m amazed that you can wiggle your way along the floor, roll from your back and from your tummy, and sit up for a little while–depending if there’s something you want to reach for.

You have four different “voices.” Your regular voice, where you’ll babble and talk. Your cooing voice, which is really high and so sweet, and soft. It makes us laugh because you sound like you’re talking to another little baby in your angel voice. Your third voice is loud and gruntish. You aren’t mad when you talk in this voice but just very loud. And finally, you have a special voice for when you talk to Snoop. It’s kind of a mix between your sweet talking and your grunt talking. At first I thought you were scared of him and starting to whine because he was too close to you, but then I realized you were just trying to communicate, and were reaching closer to pet him.

Now you love to pull on his ears and pet his head. Like your mommy, you love it when he licks your feet.

You still say “dada” so now we walk around the house looking for him and I ask “where’s dada?” when we find him I say “there he is!” Then you laugh. You also (by coincidence I’m sure) respond “hi” sometimes when we say hi. It’s more of a “Heh” but that counts to us.

You love food. You love smelling it, trying to grab it and put it in your mouth. I’ve never known a baby your age seeming to want to eat, as much as you seem to. You’ll try to grab many things but I can no longer eat with you in my lap because you actually try to eat my food.

Something very pleasant that you’ve developed this month is the ability to tolerate your car seat. It’s like you know we’re going someplace fun so you don’t cry anymore. Well, not unless we’re in the car for longer than 30 minutes, or if we stop for a long period of time. You just look around, play with your toys, talk in the mirror, or fall asleep. I never thought that day would come.

You’re also sleeping much better now which is seriously a miracle. I’m worried that’s all going to change soon once your teeth start coming through. I haven’t noticed any yet but my guess is they’re not too far away.

You are so much fun and such a delight. I can’t believe in another couple of months you’ll probably be crawling around. I just want you to stay tiny forever. Every stage you grow into is my new favorite stage but I still miss the last. You seriously make me want to have ten more babies just like you.

I love being a mommy so much more than I imagined. Thank you for being such a joy.

Love you so much,


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Dear Baby,

Boy oh boy little girl, you have developed quite a personality! You know what you want when you want it. So much so that you’ve grown into two new little nicknames: Diva and Drama Queen. You are so happy and cheerful about 90 percent of time time, but the thing is you LOVE being around people and seeing what’s going on. So when it’s time for you to go to bed you don’t want to. Especially if you know we’re staying up. So you get overly tired and cry, until we turn off the lights and pretend we’re going to bed too. Sometimes I just give in and go to bed early too.

We used to be able to walk around a store with you in your carrier and you’d fall asleep in a short while, now you stay awake no matter how long it takes, and don’t fall asleep until we’re in the car.

We’ve started mommy and me yoga and you love the classes. You are the loudest and most talkative in the class. I think you get that from me. You laugh and smile when you see the other babies, and I can tell you just love being around people.

You’ve started to grab things. It seems to have happened overnight. It seemed like one day I was telling your daddy we should shake rattles in front of you so you could reach for them, and the next day you were picking things off my plate, trying to put it in your mouth, tossing things off the couch near you, and everything else. You also found your feet and it’s the CUTEST thing when you curl up and grab your toes. You haven’t put them in your mouth yet–Not on your own at least. I put them in your mouth once to help you. It looked like that was what you wanted. But we haven’t done that again since.

I also saw you sucking your thumb today which was so cute.

You don’t hate your car seat as much as you used to. If I sing the ABCs to you, you stop crying. That works about 50 percent of the time. You seem to really like my singing, so we do that a lot.

You reached out and pet Snoop this week. I think he appreciated that. I think one day you two will be best friends.

You and your daddy have been enjoying your quality time together. He’s doing a good job with you and I miss you two so much when I’m at work. I call home and can hear you laughing in the background and it makes me so sad that I’m missing those moments. Someday it won’t be that way. It’s nice now though because your daddy helps out SO MUCH. Of course all day while I’m at work, then he gets a break when I get home, then at night before bed be gives me a little break and tries to get you to go to sleep (that’s what he’s doing right now but you’re being a bit stubborn).

Your pediatrician says we can start some solids now, and I was thinking if giving you some rice cereal or oatmeal for your four month birthday today but I didn’t get around to it. I’m debating waiting until six months but I’m just so excited to see what you think! You also seem so ready to try. We’ll see. Maybe we’ll wait another month or so.

You still love mama’s milk. Or just mama. Sometimes I’ll get home and even though you JUST ATE, you’ll want to nurse anyway. It’s kind of funny to me but you’re sporting those rolls really well so I don’t mind. We’re still doing well with breastfeeding. WAY better than I thought we’d do. Your Daddy just wishes he had boobs so he could calm you as easily as I can.

This month we started using cloth diapers. There was quiet an adjustment period. I don’t think you liked them at first. But now you don’t seem to know the difference. In fact, I’d hope you like them a little better since it’s softer. You look awfully cute in them, that’s for sure! I can’t believe we all are actually using and enjoying them. I think we’ll stick with it for awhile.

You were the most adorable baby on Halloween. I made part of your Ladybug costume then I found an adorable cowgirl costume I had to get too. I figured it would me more comfortable than the ladybug one on Halloween. So Saturday you were a ladybug and Sunday you were a cowgirl, and we went around the block with your friend dressed up as a cow!
You, your dad and I watched fireworks afterwards. Your first fireworks show! I think you liked it.

Now I can’t wait for Christmas. I can’t believe it’s next month. I said time and time again I wouldn’t be one of “those moms” who buys their kids toys they don’t need but I’m already thinking about Christmas gifts for you. Of course they’ll all be educational *wink*.

These last four months have been the most exciting four months of my life, and every day you’re doing something new that just makes me so excited. I can’t blink or I’ll miss something!

You’ve been such a treat to have in my life and we’re so blessed to have you! I can tell you are just going to be the funniest kid when you get older because you just have a ridiculous amount of personality already. But then again, I think I knew that from the moment I saw you and you lifted your little head up to look at me as if you were saying “So THERE you are!”

Thanks for being the best. Keep it up!

I love you!



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I'm a part-time journalist, full-time wife and mother striving to make the world a better place and inspiring others to do the same. This is the space where I share my journey in making the most of every day.

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