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Dear Stranger:

I know my babies have the sweetest, most delectable looking curls you have ever seen. So enticing in fact, that you may find your hands wandering in its direction.

I’ve only recently began to notice just how frequently it happens. Last week we were waiting in line for a cookie at the mall when a little girl behind us started stroking my daughter’s head. Lil’ J looked at me like ‘Ma, who is touching my hair?’. I looked back at her and said “Oh, thinks your hair is pretty,” loud enough so the little girl’s mom would hear and maybe be prompted intervene. Yet she wasn’t.

I was torn between asking the little girl to stop, swatting her hand away, or just letting it go. I let it go.

The sad truth is, my daughter is pretty accustomed to people she doesn’t even known touching her hair. She used to frequently tell people “You can look at my curls but don’t touch them” but it’s not something I’ve heard her say in a while. I don’t know if she’s grown tired of telling people, or just gotten used to the attention, either way I still want her to know it’s not ok without her permission.

no you didn't touch my hair

I could go on about the psychological aspects behind a child understanding their body is their own. But I’ll stick to the main point here… You touch my kid, I’ll cut you.

I know these strangers aren’t ill willed–The opposite in fact. Some cultures actually believe touching a child’s head is good luck.

But here’s the thing… I don’t know where your hands have been. I finally reached my boiling point when I ran in to grab a drink at a convenient store, son on my hip and daughter at my side. We were setting out things on the counter when one of the store clerks walked behind us, and as he did he grabbed my daughter’s pony tail. He didn’t yank it, but just kinda felt it like ‘oh that looks soft, I want to touch it’. He gave me a friendly smile as he did it but I couldn’t contain my stink eye, and had my son been in my Ergo and not in my arms, I might have smacked his hand, or punched his throat.

In that instant it hit me how often I have let it go. People want to rub my son’s head just as often, though usually when he’s close to me people will at least ask, my poor daughter is the perfect height for wantering hands that just have  to know what her bouncy curls feel like.


Yes, they’re fabulous I know, but they also take a lot of work to get them that way and I have to start all over again after your grubby hands grace her sweet locks.

Yes, their curls are irresistible, but I beg of you, please, resist!

I compiled a list of every local story time within a 10-mile radius of my house, and logged all of the weekly free fun activities nearby. They’re saved in my phone just dying for me to venture to.

So far we haven’t made it past our neighborhood playground and visiting our new home site (and friend’s houses along the way). But they don’t seem to mind.


My little big guy is sitting up now, and he has two teeth… I’ve been in denial for weeks about this–I don’t know why–I guess hoping they’d disappear. Can my kids please stop growing up.

Sure, sometimes the craziness and 3-year-old tantrums drive me mad, but their smiles keep me coming back for more. I need to start writing down the funny things my daughter says and putting them in a quote book.

little girl playing on playground

Currently she’s a little bit obsessed with death, but not just any death… The death of Jesus Christ. Let me explain…

I was reading her the preface of a New Testament children’s book and it explained Jesus dying on the cross. She was really into this and kept asking questions like “why” and “who didn’t like him?” I tried my best to explain and move on to the beginning of the story about when He was born but it keeps coming back to “And Jesus died?” In her sad little voice.

Now at any mention of Jesus or something dying it comes back to this. Like at church…

“Time to go to Sunday school and learn about Jesus,” we’ll tell her.
“Yea, but Jesus died,” she’ll explain to us.

I just got her a new flashlight of her own, and my husband tucked her in with it last night. He told her not to keep it on all night or the batteries might die.

“Like Jesus?” She asked. I don’t even know what he said to that, but I laughed in the living room.

These kids are my everything.

I’m putty in their little hands. And I think they know it too.

baby boy on slide

And I just want to add something about little boys… I had no idea they could be so sweet, loving and adorable. Maybe it’s just a phase? I hope not. I always wanted a little girl and was indifferent about having a little boy. I don’t know if it’s just my son or what, but I’m pretty sure that my little guy is the most awesome baby in the entire world. I could take six more just like him.

That’s all.

I am the oldest of five children. I have three beautiful sisters. Heather, who just turned 21, Lauren, who is 13 and Kimberly who is 5. My handsom little brother is Michael, and he’s 16.

We didn’t all grow up together. In fact, my mom was pregnant with my youngest sister at my wedding (go ahead, bring on the Mormon jokes) so we didn’t ever all live under the same roof at the same time.

For most of my childhood it was my younger sister Heather and I. We had some good times but it got oh so much more interesting when Lauren was born, and when my brother joined the family through adoption.

During my maternity leave we were all together for the first time in years. We snapped these pictures and I get a big smile every time I look at them. Having us all together made me realize something…

I want a big family.

I know family size is one of those topics people have on–Oh, say the third date (in Mormon time) and I know we did way back when but that feels like it was more than half a century ago (really it was just nearly 7 years ago)! Things can change can’t they? Are opinions on family size changes allowed?

I didn’t used to want a big family. I wanted two or three kids. But now I want 10.

Or 6.

But really I’d be happy with 3.

My husband is set on two, which is devastating because I don’t think two is enough. What if our next child is another girl? I want to know what it’s like to have a son! And what if it’s a boy? I want at least one of our kids to have a sibling of the same gender to play with.

I’ve started to tell my husband I want five kids, hoping we can compromise at three or four. We’ll see how that goes.

Expense I think is probably biggest thing that would be standing in our way. But kids don’t HAVE to be expensive right?

I always said I’d take it one kid at a time, and right now, I’m already wanting another. I thought 18 months apart would be a good age gap but that would mean I’d need to get knocked up in a couple months and I can tell you for a fact that’s NOT happenin.

I’d love for my kids to be close in age so they can grow up together, play together, and see each other at school. I know it’s crazy, and we’re not ready, but it’s in the back of my mind.

Maybe next time I’ll randomly get pregnant with quadruplets and we’ll be set.

When people find out I’m a TV new anchor and reporter one of the first things I’m asked is “do people recognize you?”

Honestly, it’s not like people think. I use to be the host of BYU Weekly in Utah and for a while I’d get recognized for that role more than any other media position I’ve held.

Lately it’s a little different. I’m not sure if my pregnancy magnifies things or what but I’ve been getting stopped nearly every day with someone who says something like “I didn’t know you were pregnant, you can’t tell on TV!” or “Congratulations on your baby” it’s really quite interesting.

The funny fact is, I don’t really LIKE to be recognized. I never know what to say. I hate wearing makeup and you’ll hardly ever catch me wearing it outside of work… Nor will I have my hair done or be in dressy clothes. The fact that people can still spot me is sometimes a little frightening. I sometimes find myself looking for my reflection to see how horrible I look and feel bad for scaring them.

My reluctance for recognition toned down one day afternoon in the small town of Coupland Texas.

The entire school district fit in two small buildings side by side. I heard about a guitar class for half a dozen sixth graders—About a third of the entire grade of students. For many of them, practicing guitar was a motivation to go to school every day—Something to look forward to during a difficult time for school.When I arrived to film and interview them I could hear their whispers of recognition. Then one by one each came up to ask me the same question over and over… If I was the “news lady.” It didn’t matter if they heard the same answer I gave to the kid who asked seconds before; they wanted to hear for themselves.

For once I didn’t mind the attention. I felt like talking to these kids made their day. After I was done filming and getting the interviews the entire class… And the class of students in the same room after—In fact, the entire sixth grade class came up and one by one asked for my autograph.
It was one of the strangest, funniest and cutest, things I had experienced. I tried to think of something nice to say next to my worthless autograph. “Stay in school,” was mostly all I could come up with. So much for being a writer! I’ll have to work on that in case I’m ever asked for an autograph again.

A few of them also gave me some of their own tokens to appreciate. I’m sure I’m someone they’ll quickly forget about, if they haven’t already, but those cute kiddos are faces I’ll remember forever.

It’s amazing how little things can make all the difference in a child’s life. I miss that sometimes, but I look forward to experiencing it again through my daughter’s eyes. If you want to see the story I did click here.

One of you brought up a great question in my last post… Stephanie asked what kind of steps we plan to take with our kids and what I’ll post about and what I won’t.

I personally am not a huge fan of anonymity. I mean, I don’t mind to some extent but my favorite blogs are by women who “share all” and post pictures of their adorable kids and families. What can I say?… I like cute kids! And I like honesty.

I mentioned in my last post I’m already “out there” in the public eye… So I can’t really go around saying “I don’t want people to know my name… boo hoo!” Heck, I think the whole world knows my dog’s name. But I don’t think that will create any more stalkers than usual. I try to keep the two VERY separate… If anything, for my sanity. And one day, I’m sure I’ll be out of public eye completely. I have also made it a point to not use my husband’s name (Suga Lips) on this blog, or use my last name (IsAwesome). And I don’t talk about where I live (in the Hood).

I can’t say I won’t use my kids names in the future because I KNOW baby names will be a topic I’ll cover (again). I actually already have the names picked out and I can’t picture not telling you their first name because they are SO CUTE! I think I’ll probably use a nickname most of the time, but really… Who cares if you know my kid’s name?–That’s just me. BUT I DID promise my husband we won’t tell anyone the boys name… It’s our secret. So I’ll try to keep that one.

I guess I could pull a Michael Jackson and call my kids “Blanket” and cover them up with bags and sheets so you can’t see their faces… But I’m thinking I’ll take my chances. Plus, I want the world to see their cuteness!.. As long as you don’t steal the pictures and say they’re yours I’m cool (I need to work on getting a thingy to put over my photos).

Once I get my DSLR you won’t be able to KEEP me from taking pictures of anyone and everyone either, and if my babies are cute (which I’m praying they are) they probably will be plastered all over my blog.. So… Yea.

As far as personal privacy goes that’s a whole ‘nother topic! My husband and I draw separate lines for that. To me, this kind of blog is a girl thing, NO BOYS ALLOWED. If I were to write about postpartum depression or something, he may just not get it… And that’s the sort of thing I think other women can relate to. A miscarriage.–My husband would probably rather keep something like that between us, but that’s something I wouldn’t be able to keep inside… I am an extrovert… I need to let stuff out, and talk about it with people who get it. I think that’s a problem women may have had for a long time… They’ve maybe fells sad and depressed about things and not had a way to express that. A diary is great but it’s so nice to know we’re not ALONE. Through this blog I’ve found out I’m not the only crazy person out there who thinks about babies 24/7 who’s not even trying for one yet… YAY!

We’re going to continue to work on this battle, but I’m not too worried. Just so long as I don’t post our secret little boy’s name I think he’ll forgive me and let me talk about my ovulation cycle, how I REALLY want a baby, and fertility routines all I want.

What about you? What levels of anonymity do you keep on your blog, or do you think you will keep with your kids? I know everyone is different, I’m just curious to know your take!

***Added***: I’m now a resident of “Central, TX”… (thanks for the tip). But I’m also wondering… By someone knowing your kid’s first name… how will that make them easier to kidnap? — Now yall have me all paranoid about someone kidnapping my unborn child! ***Added***

PS: And I’m afraid all of my drama overshadowed a post I was REALLY excited about. If you didn’t see it, read my Sunday Praises post! 🙂 I crossed a big one off my Baby Bucket List.

Sadly, children is one of the top five reasons couples get divorced. Not having children I’m not exactly sure why that is, but that statistic sorta frightens me.

When I was on my trip with The Blogrollers in Chicago I met a lot of women who had been married longer than I had. One thing I took the time to ask them was how they made their marriage work.

Most women were at a loss for words when it came to describing the technique. From what I hear, once you have kids it can make time together more difficult and stressful. Most of the women I talked to said it was a struggle getting their husbands to help out around the house.

Luckily for me, that’s not a problem with us… Yet. To be honest, I’m the one getting begged and pleaded with to help. It’s actually been that way the entire time we’ve been married. I’ve done the laundry maybe a handful of times, and the dishes… I think three times. So seeing we’re an odd couple when it comes to that it has me wondering what our battles will be when a baby comes into the picture.

I think it’ll be waking up at night… As we both love to sleep. When we first got Snoop I was the one who got up in the middle of the night to let him go to the bathroom. Now though, my husband is the one that remembers to walk (and feed) him every day.

Thinking about all of this and after reading my friend’s Newly Identified blog post about marriage, it made me think about what makes OUR marriage work now.

One of the biggest, most obvious things is communication. We try not to go to bed angry, but sometimes that’s not always possible. But when we wake up the next day usually we’ve cooled off enough to talk about whatever the problem is. Sometimes communication means tears (on my part) but at least it’s getting it all out there. Neither of us are too proud to say “I’m sorry,” and I can’t think of any problem or disagreement we haven’t been able to handle.

Sure, there are things that bug the HECK out of me, but I’ve learned to adjust to them, and not let it get to me. I think that’s important–Accepting who they are, and remembering why you fell in love and got married. Sometimes that thing you loved about them changes, but that’s ok. I think you’ve gotta be willing to grow and change together.

But most of all… The advice I think works best in any relationship, is advice I shared in a small hotel room in Chicago with five other wonderful women. The opportunity to share it came up when one of the women said sometimes it’s hard to continue to get closer together as you grow older, because you change and sometimes grow apart. In answer to that I shared the advice I was given before we got married and I’ve promised to never forget.

My future-husband at the time, and I were described as spokes on a wheel. Sometimes we’d be far apart on this wheel and sometimes we’d be close together. But what will be sure to pull us closer together more than anything else is what’s in the center of that post… The center being Christ.

He told us if we both work toward getting closer to Christ we’d also be getting closer to each other at the same time.

I’m not sure exactly how having a child will change our marriage. There are the obvious things like sleep and time, but I wonder what kind of toll it will take on us. I love spending time with my husband now, and sometimes that already can be short. How will I continue to make alone time for us?

Last night after a long day we went babysitting. We were both already tired and a little cranky, but our little friend was wide awake and ready to play. Not long after we got there, we were both getting tired. We took turns playing with him while the other rested our eyes.

During my his, my husband was playing with J, but he was being SO loud! I mean, WAY louder than the laughing baby. I shhhed him, and he told me that is what it was going to be like after we have a baby.

His words made me think… Seeing he’ll be a fun and entertaining dad is encouraging, but obnoxiously loud? Hmmm. I hope our love for the Lord can keep us from driving each other crazy after kids!

I’ve heard children can bring you closer together but I’ve also heard they can drive you further apart. What do you do to keep your marriage going strong? Those with children–How do you make it so your children bring you closer together? What are the major changes in your relationship after having kids? I’d LOVE your input!

Don’t look back… Only forward. Those are the words that are playing on “repeat” in my mind as I think about my life and the way it’s going, though sometimes I’m not sure which way is which.

I loved visiting with all of his family and we miss them so much. But it was also SO much fun to be a visitor. You know… Special treatment and all. Snoop was greeted with a nice big bone on our bed, and we both got treats too. I can imagine how fun it will be when trips to grandma’s house are special for our children.

I thought I’d leave Utah yearning for more and dying to move back, but that’s not the case. Coming back to Austin was coming Home for us, and it feels great.

Being in a new place–Though I’ve been there a year, is a good excuse to become a new person, reinvent and redefine oneself. I’m not sure what the new definition of “me” is… Blogger? Potential mother? But I know I have to keep moving forward.

As I leave one family behind I’m opening my arms to embrace a new one–One that’s not quite formed, but it’s coming together. I have two close friends having babies. As much as I wish that were me, I’m sincerely happy for them. I’m where I am for a reason, and I have to trust that everything will work out.

Before, I was thinking our kids would be missing out on so much if we lived away from family. But now I’ve realized there’s family everywhere, though we’re not always bound by blood.


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The Greatest Movie on Earth…Alright, I’m probably exaggerating. But let me tell you this… I’M A DISNEY FANATIC! Really, I grew up watching Disney movies over and over with my younger siblings. I would challenge anyone in a Disney trivia game, and I own every Disney Classic (the cartoon ones) from Pinocchio to Ratatouille all on DVD. I just need Wall-E and I’m set! My mom collected the movies on VHS when I was younger, so this DVD collection I hope to keep up with so all of my kids can appreciate them like I do.

Growing up I dressed up as many of the Disney princess characters: Belle, Ariel (red wig and all), Jasmine, Pocahontas, oh the list goes on! I loved them all! But NOW my future little girls will have a princess that looks like THEM… Princess Tiana, in Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog.”

I’m sooooo excited! Isn’t it about time Disney gets a black princess?! I’m so glad that’s going to happen this year! And better yet… It’s going to be a musical, going back to the Disney roots I LOVE–Hand drawn characters, singing, dancing, colorful! So. Dang. Excited. ! ! !

I haven’t dragged my husband to a Disney movie in a looong time so he owes me this one. It doesn’t come out until November but I’m already watching for every updated preview I can get my hands on. Here’s the latest:

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