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A few photos from our would-have-been Christmas cards, Christmas Eve and our fun Christmas morning.

So blessed for the chance to celebrate the birth of Christ with the people I love most.

Merry Christmas!

family photo 2013

Christmas-day-2013_0039-copy Christmas-day-2013_0029-copy Christmas-day-2013_0027-copy Christmas-day-2013_0026-copy Christmas-day-2013_0022-copy Christmas-day-2013_0020-copy Christmas-day-2013_0017-copy Christmas-day-2013_0012-copy Christmas-day-2013_0007-copy

Adorable photo props courtesy of Hallmark. Hope you had as much fun with your family as we did!

Christmas time has been my favorite time of year as long as I can remember. Now seeing the holiday through my children’s eyes brings all the fun I remember as a child back to life. We do Santa in our house.  I’m hoping to take my kids to see him today. I know Miss J will be over the moon excited to chat with him but I’m also just as sure Big T will probably cry the moment he settles on his lap. It’s not personal Santa, Big T is just a big Mama’s boy.

The jolly old fellow is a very loved man with the rest of us though. … And while of course we teach the true meaning of Christmas and celebrate Christ’s birthday, we also enjoy the magic of the season.

I haven’t done a ton of decorating this year, but I hope to score big after Christmas and get a nice stockpile going for next year. I wanted to buy a new tree after Christmas but when we unpacked this one I could only find half of the tree stand, so I bought another. I bought a bunch of extra lights for when I found the other half of the tree stand, so I could make a “white light tree” but turns out I just just re-found the half I already had. *sigh*

At least the lights made for cute photos.

Christmas-Lights_0072-copyIn case you wanted to know the settings of this photo: I used my Canon 5D Mark ii, 100mm 2.8L Lens at f/2.8, ISO 3200, shutter 1/250.

It’s Big T’s first Christmas and Lil’ J is totally into it. All she’s asked for is a play kitchen (with pretend cookies), and a sail boat (what the heck?!). She says she doesn’t want a bike, which I was excited to surprise her with, but I guess we’ll hold off til’ her birthday.

Santa is bringing Big T an awesome walker toy for Christmas.

The gift I’m getting is the chance to spend Christmas with my little family, with all of us off of work for the entire day.

Here’s a peek at the magic and memories we’re making at our house. Promise you’ll love it.

Notice the nativity rearranged? No matter how many times I set it up in order, Lil’ J puts everyone in the manger, and sets Jesus’ little hay bed up where the sheep is suppose to go. Also, Baby Jesus has gone missing after she decided to carry him around for a while. Hopefully he’ll turn up before Christmas.

Do you mix magic and real meaning at your house?

siblings in christmas lightsAs I celebrate the Christmas, I’ll be sharing some of our experiences in a holiday series sponsored by Hallmark. This video features a North Pole Communicator and North Pole Magic Mail, as well as keepsake ornaments I purchased and others I received as gifts.

hallmark life is a special occasion

Sadly, children is one of the top five reasons couples get divorced. Not having children I’m not exactly sure why that is, but that statistic sorta frightens me.

When I was on my trip with The Blogrollers in Chicago I met a lot of women who had been married longer than I had. One thing I took the time to ask them was how they made their marriage work.

Most women were at a loss for words when it came to describing the technique. From what I hear, once you have kids it can make time together more difficult and stressful. Most of the women I talked to said it was a struggle getting their husbands to help out around the house.

Luckily for me, that’s not a problem with us… Yet. To be honest, I’m the one getting begged and pleaded with to help. It’s actually been that way the entire time we’ve been married. I’ve done the laundry maybe a handful of times, and the dishes… I think three times. So seeing we’re an odd couple when it comes to that it has me wondering what our battles will be when a baby comes into the picture.

I think it’ll be waking up at night… As we both love to sleep. When we first got Snoop I was the one who got up in the middle of the night to let him go to the bathroom. Now though, my husband is the one that remembers to walk (and feed) him every day.

Thinking about all of this and after reading my friend’s Newly Identified blog post about marriage, it made me think about what makes OUR marriage work now.

One of the biggest, most obvious things is communication. We try not to go to bed angry, but sometimes that’s not always possible. But when we wake up the next day usually we’ve cooled off enough to talk about whatever the problem is. Sometimes communication means tears (on my part) but at least it’s getting it all out there. Neither of us are too proud to say “I’m sorry,” and I can’t think of any problem or disagreement we haven’t been able to handle.

Sure, there are things that bug the HECK out of me, but I’ve learned to adjust to them, and not let it get to me. I think that’s important–Accepting who they are, and remembering why you fell in love and got married. Sometimes that thing you loved about them changes, but that’s ok. I think you’ve gotta be willing to grow and change together.

But most of all… The advice I think works best in any relationship, is advice I shared in a small hotel room in Chicago with five other wonderful women. The opportunity to share it came up when one of the women said sometimes it’s hard to continue to get closer together as you grow older, because you change and sometimes grow apart. In answer to that I shared the advice I was given before we got married and I’ve promised to never forget.

My future-husband at the time, and I were described as spokes on a wheel. Sometimes we’d be far apart on this wheel and sometimes we’d be close together. But what will be sure to pull us closer together more than anything else is what’s in the center of that post… The center being Christ.

He told us if we both work toward getting closer to Christ we’d also be getting closer to each other at the same time.

I’m not sure exactly how having a child will change our marriage. There are the obvious things like sleep and time, but I wonder what kind of toll it will take on us. I love spending time with my husband now, and sometimes that already can be short. How will I continue to make alone time for us?

Last night after a long day we went babysitting. We were both already tired and a little cranky, but our little friend was wide awake and ready to play. Not long after we got there, we were both getting tired. We took turns playing with him while the other rested our eyes.

During my his, my husband was playing with J, but he was being SO loud! I mean, WAY louder than the laughing baby. I shhhed him, and he told me that is what it was going to be like after we have a baby.

His words made me think… Seeing he’ll be a fun and entertaining dad is encouraging, but obnoxiously loud? Hmmm. I hope our love for the Lord can keep us from driving each other crazy after kids!

I’ve heard children can bring you closer together but I’ve also heard they can drive you further apart. What do you do to keep your marriage going strong? Those with children–How do you make it so your children bring you closer together? What are the major changes in your relationship after having kids? I’d LOVE your input!

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