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Over the last seven years I’ve written about my baby making machine being off, switched on, back off, and on again. Now I have no idea if it’s off for good, or if there’s one more good run in me. I’m about 50/50 split right now. … But more on that later.

For the last several of months I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog, where it started, and where it’s going. My pregnancy journey has been a HUGE part of this experience, and though it’s not the main focus now, it still plays a part. So do my experiences as a wife and mother, career-woman and semi-domestic wannabe person.

One theme that’s remained consistent through all of this has been my desire to document my journey creatively so that I can look back on it with my family and enjoy it for years to come.

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back, everything is different?”

That quote by C. S. Lewis. perfectly states a big part as to why I do this. And hopefully, in the process it gives you inspiration for making your own memories last.

I’ve made some upgrades around here. For one, you’ll notice my navigation menu got a facelift. Now it’s way easier to locate certain posts or topics within my blog by selecting from the main categories. Featured are the 5 main focuses of my blog, and underneath I break it down into more specific topics within each category.

Making Beautiful Memories are my personal journals from TTC-contemplation to pregnancy, he says/ she says debates, and my favorite motherhood stories.

Making Strong Roots is where I share stories pertaining to our multiracial family, traditions and religion.

Making Moments Last is where I give you tips for photography, home videos, and journaling.

The Making a Cherished Legacy section has inspiration for documenting your lives creatively.

And Making Magical Memories has all of the fun lifestyle topics from Disney to DIY.

Any questions?

Oh, and one last thing. Notice that little symbol at the end of my new blog header? I asked a half a dozen people to confirm I wasn’t the only person who still knew what a movie reel was. When my 18-year-old sister passed the test I figured we were good to go.

This means I plan to bring a lot more videos to this space. I’ve already started doing this the last few months and I plan to keep them coming.

Last week I made a video to quickly share what I’m all about, and what you’ll get from me here and on my YouTube Channel. My husband even cooperated and makes an appearance!

I’m telling you, as much as I love pictures, I love video more. You can’t display them around your house like you can with photos. But nothing brings you back to a memory like a video of that moment. I want YOU to make videos. You won’t regret it.

I’ve been video recording and editing since high school, and professionally doing it since college. Now I want to share what I know with you.

It’s ok if you don’t have a video camera. I’ll show you how you can make short movies on your phone too. (Though I may have to get my hands on an Android to be fair to my non-iPhone users.) And other tips and prompts to get you going.

I’m planning to start off with a new video about what’s in my camera bag, and what lenses I use for certain situations. Then I’ll move on to a tripod demo, or my recommendations for movie editing. Of course there will still be our silly and special family videos along the way.

I’d love to hear topics you’d like to learn about. Let me know in the comments or send me an email. You can also subscribe to my youtube channel. It’s free and you’ll be the first to know when I share something new.

Whether you’re here for the stories, the lessons, or because you have nothing better to do, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy the improvements.

What do you think of the new look? What’s something you hope to read or learn more about?

This weekend I was up in a manic state after having a huge light bulb go off in my head. Or as my girl Oprah would say, my “AH HA moment”.BorgetMomandMe7cLately I’ve been so bogged down with all the transitions I dealt with at the middle to end of last year—Having a baby, maternity leave, returning to work, quitting my full-time job, building a house and moving, then starting a freelance career. Amidst all this my blog (understandably) got pushed to the back burner.

I was busy enjoying my family, learning new skills (if shopping and decorating via Pinterest count as skills) and adjusting to my new life.

I kept blogging but it didn’t quite feel the same. Somewhere along the line I was losing sight of my mission, the reason behind this blog, and even forgetting what in the world I used to blog about. How in the world did I keep up with this thing for five years?

Not only that but my thoughts that Big T is my last baby really make me feel as some kind of failure. I mean what kind of Baby Making Machine has two kids? Do I change the name of my blog, or become a surrogate?

I’ve had to check myself before I wrecked myself a few times here over the years. This is me doing that yet again.

In some ways I’m a professional blogger, but I felt like I was beginning to observe more than I was doing, and in that process, trying to conform and neglecting who I was as a blogger.

This weekend I had a refreshing visit from a fellow blogging friend, Sista Laurel from Sistas in Zion. We talked about their book coming out this spring, how much their blog has grown, and how they have such a fantastic specific focus. During our discussion my mind went through different ideas of directions I could take my blog, giving it a new feel and breath of fresh air, but none of these fleeting ideas seemed like something I’d be able to maintain. In order to do that I need to be passionate about the topic.

It wasn’t until she had mentioned being at a genealogy conference that it struck me. So obvious, it’s really unbelievable that I could have even forgotten…

BorgetMomandMe4cMy blog is a journal. As are most to some degree, right? Sure. But my initial mission with developing this space was to leave behind a history lesson (if you will) for my kids, and their kids, and their kids… You get the idea.

When my daughter grows up, gets married and starts thinking about wanting to have kids I can bet you she will be asking herself many of the same questions I asked myself when I was debating the decision. It’s one thing for me to give old, wise advice, but it’s another thing for her to read my panicked, wishy washy thoughts firsthand.

When my son grows up and looks for a woman he wants to marry, I hope he’ll consider the wisdom I’ve written in his love letters.

When my great-grandchildren learn about Loving Day, racism, and early(ish) interracial marriages, they’ll read my first-hand concerns and probably gawk at how crazy it sounds because things will have changed so much.

BorgetMomandMe19aSame with breastfeeding in public. “People use to find that offensive? Say what?”

That’s what they’ll be saying.

I’ve read stories of dying parents creating videos and letters for their children to have as they grow up. I don’t want to wait for some tragedy to put me into gear.

Could I just type all this up in a personal diary and leave it off the Internet? Sure. But where’s the fun in that? Besides, another purpose with this blog is to inspire others to do the same.

Start a blog, pick up your camera, record some video, write a love letter! You will be so glad you preserved your memories, your thoughts, your LIFE for your posterity to have.

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.”― James Baldwin

I want my kids to know where they came from. Not just distant heritage wise, but literally… From ME. I want them to know who I am. My opinions, passions, even my favorite books and TV shows.

“I could die tomorrow!” My dad would always say to me when he was trying to give me a guilt trip for not keeping in touch. “You should call you dad!” He’d lecture.

I’d always roll my eyes at his remark but now I realize how true this statement is. I could die tomorrow. My son wouldn’t remember me. My daughter… Just barely. I’ll be damned if they don’t know they have a pretty cool mom who loves them immensely.

So here I am. Back on the wagon for real this time. With a reinvigorated vision, passion, and purpose for this space.

What you’ll continue to see from me:
Photos (duh)
He says/ She says
Love letters
General diary entries/ personal stories from my perspective

What you’ll be seeing more of + what’s new from me:
Video diaries
Visual storytelling tutorials (requests welcome!)
Specific dates, and record-keeping tactics
Daily Instagrams
She says/ She says (introducing my daughter)
Writing and video prompts
Memory-preserving tips

Of course other random domestic diva tutorials, challenges, and rambles will make it in here because it’s all about the hodge podge. I’ll never be an expert fashion, cooking or DIY blogger though. What you’ll get is an experienced documentarian blogger. I want to put my journalism, storytelling, photography and video production skills to use to make a remarkable gift for my children.

I want my kids and their kids to have more than a locket to remember me by. I want them to know who they came from, know me, and in turn, have confidence in learning and knowing themselves.

And I want to inspire you to do the same.

You feel me?

Photos by the amazing Rebecca Loren Photography

This week I’m embarking on yet another trip with my two children. No, I’m not certifiably insane. Yes, I am glutton for punishment. Luckily this time the flight is direct and I have practice… Right?

I’m going to a blog conference–Blogalicious to be exact. Heard of it? I’ve wanted to go for years but my work schedule, and vacation time restraints just never allowed for it. Now that I’m unemployed/ self-employed, whatever you want to call it… I can take my work with me. In a last-minute decision I’ve hopped on the chance to finally go.

This is the conference’s fifth year, and it’s in Atlanta once again (that’s where it was their first year). So I’m extending the trip a little bit so I can also visit my mom, sisters, and best friend after the conference.

The last conference I went to was EVO in 2011. Before that I went to BlogHer twice. I’ve always gone with the hope of having fun, and maybe learning something along the way. Sure, connections would be nice too, but I had no idea what the heck I was doing with this here blog. Actually, I still sometimes find myself scratching my head and wondering what in the world I’m doing.

It’s been a great run. So far in my five years of writing here I’ve had almost no strategy whatsoever. I’ve mostly been flying by the seat of my pants, but I’ve managed to you know… Do some pretty fun stuff, like get featured on the Today Show, host fun giveaways, and contribute to other blogs and websites. Now, I’m hoping that if I actually think of some ideas, set some goals, and maybe even form some kind of a plan I could do even cooler things. What that is… I don’t know yet, but I hope to figure that out at this conference and come back invigorated, inspired and ready to breathe new life into my space.

I’m also helping produce their first ever #DearBlogalicious video featuring words from many bloggers who have a Blogalicious success story they want to share.

I hope some of you are going too! I’m excited to meet more people I’ve been connecting with and I’m not going to lie–idolizing online. Let’s just say there are a couple of natural hair YouTube celebs I hope I’ll be seeing there.

If you have any questions about blogging you’d like me to take with me let me know and I’ll be happy to share in my recap post! There’s more than enough good stuff to go around, and I’m all about sharing the goods.


Embracing change

Every week I drive by our lot where our new home will soon stand. I’m tempted to drive by every day, but I’m trying my best to resist and save a bit of gas money. The builder will pour the foundation sometime this week, and before we know it, we’ll be planting our roots in our new home.


A lot of people don’t like change. My husband loathes it. I love it.

I like moving new places, meeting new people, learning new things. That could be why I’m more excited than nervous about our move. But I am a little anxious about so much changing at one time.

Next week, I’ll no longer be a weekend anchor. The week after that I’ll be a part-time employee and full-time mom of two. If you asked my 20-year-old self if  I wanted to be a stay at home mom I probably would have laughed in your face. And now, here I am, staring at that reality.

I feel like all of these changes are giving me a chance to kind of re-define and  re-discover myself.

Will I join new neighborhood play groups, and make friends with people in our new ward (church congregation)? Will other people on our street have kids my children’s’ age? I feel like it’s a chance to start over. If that makes sense. Not that I don’t like the way things have been going, or that I’m embarrassed by my past. But in a way it is like starting a new life.

Lately I’ve been debating changing the name of my blog. I’m not sure if I’ll be making any more babies. Definitely not anytime soon. Not ever if it’s up to my husband, but I’m not convinced he can’t be persuaded in another four or five years. But if my baby-making days are over does my name just seem silly?

I’ve been toying with other names for my blog. I love living life to the fullest, capturing moments, taking risks and leaps of faith. I bought a new domain name with these things in mind but I’m not sure I’m ready to make a permanent change just yet.

Another blog change I’ve been battling with is occasionally posting more sponsored content. A reader recently shared her annoyance with the more frequent sponsored posts. To be honest, I used to hate them as much as everyone else. And with how frequently I updated my blog, they got watered down and they weren’t as noticeable. I just haven’t had as much time to post my everyday thoughts, but my “assigned” things keep me on tight deadlines. I used to avoid them at all costs but quitting my job puts us in a place where we could use all the help we can get. I definitely don’t want to sacrifice my blog or have it turn into a review hub. I probably get close to 100 pitches a week. Seriously! And I rarely give most a second glance, but the ones I do share here on my blog have to meet certain standards: 1. Awesome 2. I’d buy it 3. A win/win for myself and my readers.


My blog has always first and foremost been my journal, and a scrapbook for my kids but I also need to consider what it can provide for my family. Going forward, I’ll keep them limited, relevant, and try not to loose my voice in them.

My voice. My self. It’s something I’m desperately hoping to hang on to as my world changes. I’d be lying if  I said the thought of being home with my kids almost all the time isn’t somewhat terrifying. But I’ll be there helping lay the foundation for their lives, which for now, is where I feel I’m meant to be.

Hi! I’m a Mormon. Did you know that? If not, well, now you do! A friend of mine recently posted a response to the BuzzFeed post-gone-viral, 25 Things Mormon Girls Love, titled 25 things *this* Mormon girl loves. I loved it so much I thought I’d so the same. If you’re LDS, or have lived in Utah, some of these may ring a bell. I’ve starred the ones that also appear on the original list.

1. Fake wine in a wine glass. (Fake wine = sparkling cider)


2. Baby wearing


3. Pinterest*


4. Disney


via StuffPoint

5. The Bachelor/ette* (minus this season)

via Shape

6. Dr. Pepper

Flickr/Robert Hensley

7. The San Diego Temple*

via LDSChurchTemples.com

8. Photography*


9. Oprah

via ThePlace2.ru
10. Lofthouse sugar cookies


11. Fry sauce

OI_PH_Idaho Fry Sauce-sized
via oreida.com
12. Blogs/Blogging*

blog header

13. Primary songs

primary songs
via LittleMissMissy on Etsy
14. Percy Jackson

percy-jackson via mychocolatemoments.com

15. Vlogging

16. Bermuda shorts

bermuda shorts

via motorcycle-superstore

17. Fake lashes fake lashes

18. Chevron*

chevron curtains

19. Interracial families

interracial familiesvia wearethe15percent.com

20. Netflix netflix via tested.com

21. Amazon Prime amazon prime
22. Money

baby money

23. Instagram


24. Date night

date night

25. Remote-controlled self-portraits



I’m in the final stretch of my maternity leave and getting pretty emotional. I’m having a blast and shared the top seven things I’m going to miss on my BabyCenter blog.

One of my goals during this time was to learn some new recipes and I haven’t quite nailed that aspiration yet. My next prompt for 30 Things my kids should know about me asked what I wish I could be great at. And this immediately came to mind.


If I could be great at anything I’d love it to be cooking. I wish I could just walk in the kitchen and whip up something delicious. I’d love to win awards for my marvelous dishes, and have people ask for my recipes. I am blessed with several talents, but when it comes to cooking, I can’t seem to find the motivation I need to learn to enjoy it and become good. It’s slowly becoming bearable, but not a talent. However, I am starting to enjoy baking. I like that it’s exact, and that the ingredients are all fairly similar from recipe to recipe. Maybe cooking will come around for me too.

And just throwing it out there… I wish I was an awesome singer too.

This was Day 17 of the installment of 30 Things my kids should know about me.

Follow the link to play along and link up.

These are five accomplishments I’m most proud of.

But first, let me just say I’m happy to be more than halfway through this series now. Adding in the digital scrapbooking element has really made it a challenge to complete, but a fun one. Erica finished designing the last of the graphics for the final week of this series. You can download here to decorate. They look like this:


I want to give her a big HUGE thank you for working these up and inspiring me to do something more with these prompts. It’ll really be a work of art I’m proud of once I get this all printed out.

Here’s the one I designed for Day 16.

Graduating college was a huge deal. My parents drilled in my tiny little head that I would go to college, so there was never a thought that I wouldn’t. I did, and I graduated, and I was the first in my family to do so.

I paid for all of my college tuition, books, room and board, (and then some) with scholarships. It was a lot of hard work applying, but it paid off (literally). One was the prestigious Ed Bradley broadcasting award.

I obtained a job doing what I love and literally, changing lives. One of my segments highlights foster children looking for families. Most of the children I meet and do stories on get adopted. Every time I hear about one of “my kids” getting adopted I am overjoyed.

I created a blog and taught myself more skills than I can count. From social media, to photography, to crafty DIYs I could share. I essentially created a business, and cultivated another calling.

I birthed, and am raising two of the most beautiful children. I already consider this an accomplishment, but once they’ve grown up, and I can see that they’re still just as beautiful on the inside and out, I’ll have achieved the greatest accomplishment I could hope for.

This was Day 16 of the installment of 30 Things my kids should know about me.

Follow the link to play along and link up.

I’ve had varying opinions on “the one” and if there’s such thing. I happen to think that in my case, there is.Knowing he was "the one"

I knew your dad was “the one” for me not long after we met. We immediately hit it off and saw each other every day for months. He was very respectful, and chivalrous. He made me laugh and made me feel better when I was upset. We seemed to really understand each other so well.

I think the main reason I knew he was the one was through prayer. I remember praying and asking God about him, then having an overwhelming feeling of assurance and confidence that marrying him was the right things to do. I think you need to have that confirming feeling in order to go forward because you’ll have hard times come up, but if you had a spiritual vote of confidence, it can help you through those difficult times.

Nine years later, we’ve both evolved a lot, but I still feel the same about that decision.

This was Day 15 of the installment of 30 Things my kids should know about me.

Follow the link to play along and link up.

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