Capture the joy: Words From the Heart Wednesday

I’ve thought perhaps I could add a photography tip to these weekly photos to encourage you to pick up your camera. My tip/ prompt/ whatever the heck you want to call it, for you this week is to capture the joy in your child’s face. And I don’t mean that cheesy smile they give you when you tell them to smile for the camera. What makes them light up? Capture their reaction to that. This often involves me dancing, singing, or pegging them in the face with marshmallows (hey, it works).

Also, since I’m still getting requests to do a tutorial for making these Words From The Heart photos, I’m going to do a super duper easy if-you-don’t-have-photoshop tutorial soon. It might even be easier than photoshop… Yea, it probably is.

Ok friends, here’s your weekly dose of awesome:
Crazy toddler Simple gifts Playing kitchen You drive me bananas Stylish toddler You're a little busy bee sharing is caring

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Jessica says:

I always love your photos! Wish I had your skills….if only! Lol!

You’re too sweet! You will totally get there! Have fun practicing!! 🙂

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