Why I Can Accept Being A Homebody


Remember how before kids you were young and fun and have plans every weekend? Well, maybe some people still maintain that fun lifestyle but I’ve gone the boring route. Yes. I think I’m officially entering old and boring territory. My husband has been there for a while (sometimes I think he was born that way). But I’m entering that realm and I’m not sure what I think about it.

I laugh to myself when friends ask me what our weekend plans are because it’s almost always the same–Hanging out at home.

Sometimes we’ll get a little crazy and venture out to do some shopping or hit up the outlet malls. But more than likely we’re at home, maybe watching football or playing in the back yard.

This weekend was no different.

We are homebodies. And I’m not ashamed.

But… BUT… We do make our time at home interesting from time to time.

For instance, my daughter’s absolute favorite thing to do is to darken the room, have daddy build a fort, then watch a Disney movie (or a BYU football game).

Our Cougars played this weekend so we were due for a fort and I decided to help this time.

I told the kids to wait and play in the playroom and enlisted my husband’s professional help so we could surprise them. I had a brilliant idea to use my tripods to add height then went all out with twine and clothespins and lights and layers and layers of sheets. Not to toot my own horn but I actually did a pretty good job.




When they came in the room to see it their faces lit up and they were excited to climb inside.

“This is AMAZING!” Lil’ J said. She praised my work and asked just how much her daddy helped me.

The kids climbed inside and I joined them with a snack. We cheered during the exciting game that went back and forth. When we were down Lil’ J said the game was a “disasterpiece” and couldn’t wait for it to be “middletime.”


At “middle time” we practiced reading and the kids played in the fort. I wound up falling asleep inside it before the end of the game but woke up to catch the game-winning play.


We spent all weekend in that fort. I’m talking eating, sleeping, playing, watching TV. This was partly because I couldn’t bare to take it down and partly because it was General Conference (a semi-annual televised service for my church) playing and this made watching it more entertaining.

It was just another ordinary weekend at home–But hyped up with a dose of imagination and flare. It may seem boring to some or even to myself 10 years ago, but it’s our life and we’re enjoying all of it.







My family loves making the most of ordinary moments which is why we partnered with Life Cereal on this post. A big thanks to them for sending us a “homebody” kit that fits our personalities to pimp out our forts and make lasting memories. And for inspiring families to cherish those every day moments and Enjoy all of it.

Build a fort together. Activities to do as a family.

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  1. Excellent post! Your family sounds a lot like mine! My husband and I got married a little bit later in life and so we had our children later as well. Our life seems to be a lot like that where were slowing down and a lot of our time is spent at home. But like you said it’s quality time. My two older boys are in high school one freshman and one junior so they’re starting to find their independence as well as a seventh grader who is also starting to discover his individuality. Being in Southern Ca, we are blessed with some pretty excellent weather year-round so some weekends we still will do an amusement park, the beach, a movie or do lunches and dinner out. Family time is family time no matter where you spend it. ?

  2. I don’t think there is anything wrong with enjoying life at home!!! We are at home a lot with our 6 kids because everything is so dang expensive! LOL.
    Ps. Homemade forts are the best!

  3. We married young and have gone through seasons of us being homebodies and there were moments when we were never home! LOL!! I love this fort… actually I think it would be fun to make one so the hubby and I can hide from the kids. LOL!!

  4. That is a very impressive fort! I too am a homebody and I wish people would respect that about us. We work 50-60 hour weeks so when we are home, we just want to be home.

  5. Being at home with family on the weekend is amazing idea! I guess I’ll try doing it with my family. We usually don’t know what to do on Sat and Sun and everyone just does their own business. Thanks for this post, I have some exciting ideas to spend the weekend with my family.

  6. That’s true for me. Since we have kids, we would never be outdoor persons anymore and I feel nothing wrong with it. Spending time with my family is the most meaningful thing ever. Thank you for sharing what I’m definitely thinking.

  7. To my mind, nothing is perfect than being with my family, especially being at home. You’re not the only one who loves enjoying life at home. Look at the photos, you guys make me feel warm in the heart. Be healthy and be happy!

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