How We Came to Adopt Snoop Dog

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I was nearly brought to tears when the dog groomer at Petco asked me to sign an additional waiver for my “senior dog.”

SENIOR? How did this happen?

When I started writing this blog I hadn’t birthed any babies yet, but I did have a baby of my own. My sweet fur baby Snoop.

I’m not sure I’ve ever shared the story of how he joined our family.

It was a snowy Valentine’s Day in 2008. I told my husband that I’d just go to shelters and look to see if there was any dog that interested me. I wanted a Puggle—A pug and beagle mix that was small and forever-puppy looking. We decided to go the adoption route (best decision!).

We wanted an older dog, preferably house broken because I’d never successfully potty trained a dog before.

My husband was at work, but I brought my sister-in-law who was the perfect companion for such a decision. As soon as we walked in she saw a dog that looked somewhat like a Puggle and as soon as I saw him I fell in love.


I looked up at his name. He didn’t have one yet. The sign read “8 months male, CALM.”

We didn’t want a puppy, but surely we could make an exception for a calm puppy. I’d seen enough Cesar Milan and read enough articles about choosing a dog to know that a dog’s temperament makes a big difference in how much exercise he’ll need on a day-to-day basis.

I called my husband and he asked me a bunch of questions that I can’t remember now. I think most had to do with his appearance, and my confidence that this was the one. Then he gave me the OK to bring him home.

I paid a small fee that covered his micro chipping and some vaccinations, signed his adoption papers and he was mine!


Eight and a half years later, Snoop is a big part of our family. He’s joined us on vacations, camping trips, hikes, and more. He knows a slew of tricks: Sit, down, stay, take a bow, play dead, dance, spin, high five, and handshake. He is always open to learning a new tricks for treats.




When my kids were born I worried he may have a hard time adjusting, but from day one, he has been a great protector and so gentle. Lil’ J has always been sweet with him, but Big T sees him as some kind of horse, so we’ve had to make sure he’s kind to Snoop. Either way, Snoop has never so much as looked at our kids the wrong way, and he’s never growled at a person (dogs are another story). He sleeps in Lil’ J’s room to keep her company at night. Actually, he sleeps around us most of the day sometimes seeming more like a cat than a dog. Still showing that calm temperament he’s had since he was a puppy.


sleeping with snoop

If you were to stop by our house you’d likely find Snoop sleeping near our feet. Speaking of feet—He loves to lick toes. I love it, my grandpa loves it, but for some reason most people seem to find it disturbing.

I’m still not sure what kind of dog he is, but he gets compliments all the time. He looked a lot like a Shar Pei when he was a puppy, with his curly tail, wrinkles and floppy ears. As he got bigger so did his ears, and they stood up like a German Shepherd’s. I’ve been tempted to give him a DNA test to see what he’s made up of, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.



He’s an adorable little mix, and he fits in perfectly with our family.

I don’t like thinking about him as a “senior” dog. I’m hoping he’s got another 6+ years to live. I can’t imagine our family without him, and I’m not sure if we’ll ever get another dog after Snoop (my husband says no way). I’m glad that I found him on that cold February day, and all the love he’s brought to our family ever since.

interracial couple

Does your family have a pet? I’d love to hear about him/her!

If you’re considering getting a new pet for your family check out these great tips to follow before welcoming a new pet into your home.

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  1. Our dog is a rescue mix too! She was 1.5-2 years old when she was picked up by a kill shelter, then bussed to MD and we adopted her about a month later.

    We’ve had her over a year now and can’t imagine life without her. But that housebreaking thing. Sheesh. We think she’s perhaps chihuahua/dachshund so she’s like “meh, looks like rain, I’ll just poop in here” and so forth. LOL

  2. Rescued pets are the best. We once had a rescue dog that looks a little like Benji. He was the best dog ever and we got him when he was an adult. Your fur baby is adorable. I can see why people said he looked like a sharpei as a puppy. He’s still a handsome boy though.

    1. Last time I checked the park assist button was on the right of the shifter and the button to your left was the parking brake!! You defiantly do2&#8n17;t want to get those two mixed up.

  3. I loved this!! Kevin (our cat) was a stray we found on the streets and I am all about the rescue! and holy cow snoop was the CUTEST puppy!! HE is still so handsome. Our KEvin was also born in 2008, and while there are some days I wish he could stop bringing us half eaten chipmunks, the neighbors and our kids are OBSESSED with him because he loves everybody and is always patrolling the neighborhood checking in on people. Also drew is with your hubby on the whole “no more pets after this one” thing so I always tell my kids to enjoy this pet since he’s the only one they will ever get!! Thank you for sharing! (I was worried he had passed away! Phew! Glad he is in good health!)

  4. So cute! We have a rescue as well and he has the biggest heart! We have never tested him to see what exactly he is, but we were told he is a loab/hound mix and he looks it.

  5. Oh my gosh his pudgey little belly when he was a puppy! SO cute! He looked so different when he was little, too. I can’t believe Zora is getting older too… so much grey in her fur now. It’s crazy. 🙁

  6. I have a 1.5 year old Belgian Malinois, Apollo. True to his breed, he’s very high strung and always has to be doing something/have a job, but I love him so much! After living with him for over a year, I forget how high strung he is till people come over and start commenting about it, haha. “Doesn’t he ever rest?” He’s extremely protective of our family and not very good with new dogs unless he’s on leash, but he LOVES our three young kids and I wouldn’t trade him for the world!

  7. So sweet! Thanks for sharing the story of Snoop. 🙂

    I have two cats, brother and sister who are 17 now. They were rescue cats. My family only intended to get one cat but we didn’t want to split them up. I’m really glad we got them. 🙂

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