Calling All Birth Stories!

I wrote a post a while back asking for birth stories. Maybe a new permanent spot for some wouldn’t be so bad? Link here directly to your birth story! I’d love to read it!

Samantha says:

I LOVE birth stories!! 🙂

casadekaloi says:

I left mine! I believe it worked, anyway, (

It’s a bit of a loooong story…Jazzo was born at 31 weeks, 5 days, and definitely caught us by surprise!

Katie says:

I posted my birth story, it is really long! I was already on hospital bedrest and had my twins at 32w3d.

Amy says:

I also had a long story, I don’t feel so bad now!


AJ says:

Love birth stories and shared the link to my newest and last one.

Just left mine 🙂 Btw, I’d love to recommend you to get this book by Jackie Mize called “Supernatural Childbirth”. Does wonders and cemented my faith in God during my delivery time! 🙂

Christina says:

I added mine 🙂 the whole HAPPY hospitalized, medicated, thing!

greepfamily says:

Just left a link to my happy (home) birth story above.

KarmaPearl says:

Well pull my leg, LOL. We love talking about the stories of how we pushed our babies out of our hoo hoos, or had them cut out of our bellies, don’t we? LOL

WorryWart says:

I left my link but to only the first part. Here is the link to part 2.

Thanks everyone for sharing!!!!

Sharon says:

I love birth stories, and how they are all different!

Laura says:

#8, Katie’s story is restricted to “invited users” which is kind of a drag.

AngelEyez256 says:

Congrats on the Baby!! I have a post about my son and what I’ve been through as A mom of a Special Needs Child. Please come by and check it out. Thanks Again, and Good Luck!
Love from a California Momma,

Abby says:

Maybe not the most pleasant story, but there you go.

Amber says:

I added mine…natural birth in a birth center…awesome delivery!

I just posted my VBAC birth story.

QueenKai says:

Posted my birth story!

B says:

Mine spans a couple of December posts, seeing as how I blogged in the hospital when my induction went awry and quickly turned into a c-section, so I linked to the Dec. 2009 posts so they’d be at the top, since she was born on the 28th anyhow 🙂

Tanashia says:

I love reading birth stories. They kept me inspired during my pregnancies. The also remind me of why I do what I do – a L&D nurse!

Holly - MDM says:

Love sharing my birth stories.
Thansk for the opportunity.

kris10mac says:

Love reading these and sharing as well.

Lisa says:

Hello – Here is My story The Twins Birth Story and already Double Trouble.Thanks for sharing!

Sapphire says:

Flavio was here 2 days early and surprisingly long! After what seems like a miracle pregnancy!

jack+alli says:

oh! i linked mine! i love birth stories, you better believe i will read all of those!

after almost 4 years TTC and being told it would not happen “naturally” we were surprised to find out we were pregnant without medical intervention-our miracle boy came 10.2.10

AlyceB says:

Linked! Now to try and find your’s… coz I assume it’s here somewhere??

Mrs. Green says:

This is a great idea Jen! I added my birth story and am looking forward to reading others here! 🙂

AlyceB says:

Just added my daughter’s story – a VBAC!

Gina says:

I left my birth story, my name is Gina. Just a heads up – my baby had a severe heart defect and was born at 7 months. I had known for some time that there was no hope for survival. The birth was beautiful, I am so proud of myself and my baby girl. I had planned a home birth but was risked out due to months of heavy bleeding. Read up and enjoy < 3

Shantelle says:

Hi! Cute blog!! Here’s a link to my birth stories. I have 4 kids and my most recent baby was born at home unassisted!

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