He Says/ She Says: Energy drinks killing his sperm

She says: “I really think you should cut back on your caffeine consumption.”

He says: *silence*

She says: “Especially energy drinks, I read an article that says too much caffeine can cause deformities in your sperm.”

He says: “That’s a load of crap.”

She says: “It’s true. And it kills them.”

He says: “I was drinking more caffeine than ever when we got pregnant with [Lil’ J].”

She says: “Well, we were lucky she wasn’t one of your deformed swimmers.”

He didn’t keep arguing with me but the next day, instead of stocking up on energy drinks as usual, he came home with Gatorade and caffeine-free “energy” stuff.

What say you?

I’ll admit, I can’t find any solid data from an official source that says caffeine is bad for the little swimmers (I actually read a one that said it would help them swim faster) but the way I see it, quitting can’t hurt.

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  1. It could be true. Too much caffeine is bad for pregnant women so I’m sure it could have some effect on sperm when it comes to men. At least he’s found alternatives now.

  2. I doubt it has any effect at all. Caffeine has so many helpful qualities. You have a good man. I would have told you to get over it and nothing short of clinical proof would keep me from my caffeine!!! 😉

    1. Haha. Truthfully? I’ve been trying to get him to back off a bit for awhile. I think there are some positives to it but too much of anything isn’t a good thing and he was in that “too much” range. I’m glad he’s got good intentions with backing off it now, but regardless I’d like him to be healthy (and not stroke out at 40!). If I can quit, he can too 😉

      1. I drink 6-10 monsters a day and it is all i drink i know im killing my kidneys cuz i feel em hurtn sometimes im going to cut down def after reading this cuz me n my wife have been trying and if the energy drinks could b effecting that in any way she found her reason for me to cut down lol

  3. Too much of anything is never good. 😉 And you are right, if you can quit, he can too. I wonder how many men would be willing to go along with that though? We should take a poll: if you were pregnant (or trying to be), and asked your hubby to give up caffeine with you, would he do it?

    1. Hahaha! That’s a good idea. My husband is definitely a good man, and to be honest, I didn’t think a crack at his swimmers would be what changes his mind. I’ll hafta pose this question on facebook, thanks for the idea!

  4. I actually read that if you want to conceive a boy, a caffeine boost right before sex is a good thing :p

  5. I’ve heard that Mountain Dew is bad for the swimmers. When we started trying for #2 Greg cut back in the caffeine (Pepsi and pills – sounds horrible right?) and started taking vitamins. Y’all are on the right track!

  6. I read that caffeine consumption was not good for women and getting pregnant but actually was beneficial for the men! What a rip! Still following you, but my work blocks the internet. Laaaame! Sending my love!

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