Buying a jogging stroller: He says/ She says

She says: “Honey, I really REALLY want to buy a jogging stroller.”
He says: “But you hate running.”
She says: “Yes, but if I had a jogging stroller, I’d like it.”

So, I want a jogging stroller. I’ve been wanting one for about a year, but I haven’t been willing to shell out money for a really really nice one, and I get too overwhelmed with all of the different kinds on Craigslist, and I haven’t had time to buy one, much less run with one.

Another reason I was reluctant was because I was worried about becoming an over-indulgent mom with too much baby stuff. We already have more car seats than I’m willing to admit, plus one stroller and a trike thing that has a handle to use as a stroller. Another on top of that feels a little greedy. So I’m trying to decide if I donate our other stroller and get a jogger (used, as to help with the over-consumption problem), or suck it up and have two, then donate them both when we’re done.

Problem with used (specifically on Craistlist) though is people are asking like $20 less than the price for a brand new one. Who are these people?

I’ve had no luck at thrift stores so far.

We’ve loaned a bunch of our pregnancy/baby stuff to friends to take off our hands until we have another and I’m wishing I knew someone I could borrow it from–be a free storage person for them–while they wait to use it on their next kiddo. More than likely I’ll buy one then find a friend this is the case for.

On top of this my husband reminded me I don’t like to run. I get side aches and want to curl up and die. People who like to run tell me I’m not breathing right. I didn’t realize there were so many ways to breathe.

There was a time when I ran something like five miles. Like once. I think I was 16, and trying to keep up with a friend (I never ran with her again after that). Ever since I have occasionally ran a mile in the time it takes to run three and pretend like I ran three cause it’s all the same in my head.

But if I had a jogger… Everything would be different.

If any of you use a brand you like that you could recommend, let me know. Or am I just crazy with this whole stroller/running idea anyway? I seriously just want something with three wheels. Maybe an optional lock front wheel, and preferably one that won’t fall apart while I’m running. Oh, and a speaker for Lil’ J to listen to music would be cool too. I also would like another baby this year so I’m having that whole single vs double stroller dilemma. Decisions, decisions!

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  1. I’m with your hubby on this one! Pushing your daughter will only make running more difficult..maybe find a different physical activity you could do with your daughter..biking?

  2. I have to go with your husband. Having the stuff to do something doesn’t make you more likely to do it. Ask my 2 brooms, mop, and swiffer. At least they have each other for company?

  3. I’m with you! We went from a Graco stroller and we upgraded to a Phil&Teds inline buggy with the doubles seat when we were expecting our 3rd child (the younger two are 18 months apart). I can’t believe the difference it has made in my life!! I love that it can be a jogger or just a awesome stroller and the fact that you can make it a double stroller but it be almost the same size as a single is amazing!! I got ours on craisglist and it was about half the original price, still around the 300 mark, but even my husband was sold the first time we used it!

  4. While it probably won’t cause you to start running, I do think they are AWESOME to have…just for walking around. Much smoother ride. We found ours on Craigslist Dallas for 189.00 way cheap for a triple, which is in the 600.00 and up range. Just keep an eye out…maybe consider a double one, since you wanna have another child. If you have Once Upon a Child or Kid to Kid, a second hand store like that…you might fair better. Good luck! By the way…we have 4 different “vehicles” to transport ours….so don’t feel bad. Hee…hee…hee

  5. I say if you’re seriously going to attempt to make running a daily habit then by all means get the stroller. However, if this is something that’s going to end up collecting dust save your money. And have you thought about maybe selling a few of those many carseats for money to go towards your jogging stroller fund? That way you won’t have to come out of pocket for the entire bill.

  6. We got ours at the Burlington Coat Factory outlet (Grapevine Mills Mall) for about $150. I don’t run or even jog, but I do walk A TON. Sidewalks, grass, hiking trails, etc… The ride is loads smoother, and the wheels don’t wear down like the cheapy plastic ones. They also handle going over curbs much better 🙂

  7. I was a runner pre-baby and I don’t have the best (lightest) jogger out there, but I have to say that pushing a jogging stroller while running is HARD!! I mean, I only did it a couple times because it killed me. After that, I either made my hubby push it and we’d run together or we’d just use it for regular walks. We have a jeep jogger and I do like it and it has speakers, but it is most definitely not the lightest for running. You add the weight of the stroller plus the weight of the baby and running is a full body workout. But I would prefer the jogger over a regular stroller for walks any day!

  8. I run all the time and hate taking the jogging stroller!! We had a cheaper brand that rattled a lot, and personally I just don’t like running with it. I do like it for long walks and that it holds a lot of our stuff. Honestly though, we don’t’ use it much. Two Sisters in law have Phil and Teds and use them ALL the time. (Not for running!!) They have the attachments so you an actually push up to three kids. Great for family outings and traveling. If you really want to jog with a stroller, invest in a nice one. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get one again.

  9. I couldn’t imagine trying to run while pushing a stroller while trying to navigate sidewalks and bumps and things. I would surely break, twist or tear something. You’d have to be real serious about running to be willing to undertake all that. I’d spend the money on a double stroller and maybe get a pair of cute running shoes to get used to doing it by yourself. That way if you abandon the idea, at less least you’ve got the shoes!

  10. With no kids, I don’t have first hand experience with strollers, but I did work at a Babies’R’Us for a couple years in college and if you’re wanting a jogging stroller I would recommend any brand other than Baby Trend. We had them returned all of the time. My sister got the BOB stroller Strides when she had her little boy and she LOVES it. She participates in a strides club at her local mall where she walks with other moms and they sold their two other strollers because their BOB steers like a dream. I agree though that just getting a jogger won’t make you want to run, but it will motivate you to get out and move more.

  11. It depends. I say you should start jogging and get into the habit of it BEFORE you buy the stroller. Make sure its something you are going to like and something that you will stick with. If you do become a committed jogger, then the stroller will help, it kind of makes it easier because you have something to hold on to and keep your posture and balance. If you are going to buy it thinking it will turn you into a jogger then don’t. Either see if you have a friend that can lend you theirs or guy one used and really really cheap. Good luck though!

  12. Having worked in baby gear stores for years, here’s my 2 cents (I apologize for the length in advance, but this is a big purchase and the more info the better!).

    If you’re really going to commit yourself to running with the stroller, shell out the money for a BOB Revolution SE. The stroller pushes like butter and will be the easiest to maneuver while running. It has 2 very large rear wheels and a smaller front wheel that swivel or locks into place. You could totally sell your old stroller and have this serve as your everyday and running stroller. You just have to decide if you want a single now or wait and get a double for when #2 comes along. Keep in mind that it’s recommended not to run with a baby until he or she is around 6 months, so that’s quite a ways away for you. Plus the double version is massive. So if you’re going to go the running route, I say get a single and when you do have two, running can be a special time for you and Lil’ J and baby center have some one-on-one time with daddy. You’d still have to buy some sort of double down the road, or wear one child while pushing the other, which is a great workout in and of itself!

    If you don’t think you are going to commit to running, then go with a Phil and Ted’s like mameelynn suggested. It’s not recommended for running but a jog here and there when it is set up as a single is fine. You could definitely go for vigorous walks when it is a double, which is always good. It’s a great stroller that doesn’t take up too much space and can be a single now, double for 2, and then convert back to a single for baby #2 when Lil J is past the stroller phase. You could sell your old stroller, buy this one, and be done with stroller purchases for good. There are quite a few older models of the Phil and Ted’s and 4 or 5 current ones. I recommend the Explorer above all else. Definitely the best one for your needs.

    Again, sorry for the length. Hope this helps!

  13. You have the same reasoning I do when I want new tennis shoes. 🙂 I’m about to purchase a baby trend jogging stroller. I really like how lightweight they are and ease with maneuverability. The price isn’t bad either… Walmart, Target, BRU…and most other department stores sell them. 🙂

  14. You are so funny. I love these “he says, she says” posts. We have a jogging stroller (although we have days to weeks before babyK gets here) but it was handed down to us. Good luck. I hope you get one soon (and use it). LOL 😉

  15. How do you stay so skinny if you don’t like running?! 😛 I too love the “he says, she says” posts! So funny how men and women think so differently! I think its a blessing! My husband always fills in the much needed gaps. I don’t have much advice when it comes to kid equipment, or spending money.. I’m always pro shop 😉 My only suggestion is maybe listen to your hubby. He knows you better then anyone else (beside yourself) and if you don’t like running, I say get something that you DO enjoy so that it makes it TOTALLY worth it :).

  16. Granted, my husband and I like to run but the jogging stroller was a great investment for more than that. It maneuvers really well! It is a lot easier to get through shopping aisles and to walk through grassy areas. I totally recommend it! Even if you aren’t going to jog. 🙂

  17. I have wanted a jogging stroller for the longest time, but like you, I haven’t gotten one, mainly on account of the price and my concern about whether I’d really use it. I now have two girls, so I would need a double stroller, which is even more expensive, but I’m considering making the plunge. In terms of brands, the only one out there that seems the most reliable is BOB. Some of the cheaper options made by Baby Trend, for instance, are also good, but they have their limitations. Beyond just being able to run with jogging strollers, you can also use them on a greater variety of terrains and in more weather conditions than regular strollers. (More arguments to give your hubby ;))

    I’d say, since you don’t really need one now, keep checking up on Craigslist until you find a deal that is good enough for what you want.

  18. My husband and I are both runners…currently we haven’t been running much since I became pregnant and a just haven’t felt like running. Plus I’m not supposed to run long distances but I’ll be happy to get back into it after baby is born. I purchased a BOB last Fall when we started trying for baby b/c REI had them on sale for 20% Off. I’m so glad I bought it when I did because now that our little girl is on her way it’s one less thing I have to purchase. Plus it’s a great stroller and I won’t have to purchase another one because this one has great reviews and is perfect for just walking. If you do get one I recommend a BOB but don’t expect to go jogging if you don’t already.

  19. First, can ‘we’ talk about being over-indulgent moms with too much baby gear. It all seems like it’s going to make things so much easier. You know “if I had that then I could do this”. These manufacturers come up with some pretyt nifty ideas- and I’m a sucker for baby stuff. Second, you want a baby THIS year?! Yes, I caught that- I mean we know you have been contemplating baby #2 but that sentence sounded so decisive. Yes, those are the only two things I gathered from this post because I’m not running anywhere with anybody’s jogging stroller.

  20. I have one child and three strollers, he he! We have the one that came with the car sweat, we only used that when she was teeny tiny, I have my jogging stroller, and a small lightweight stroller that I use often.

    I say get the jogger even if you just like to walk, they are very nice.

    I agree with craigslist, people are asking too much. Wait until you get a coupon to Babies R Us or or even Zulilly has them from time to time…I think. I have a BOB and I know people love those, although they are pricey but I use mine almost everyday…except now because it’s COLD!

    Just do it, get one, you work full time you can treat yourself.

  21. I don’t know anything about jogging strollers. I suspect that you will use it once and then decide that jogging sucks just as much as it did BEFORE you got the stroller. You should definitely borrow one from someone before you spend money on it. 🙁

  22. The problem with the term ‘jogging’ stroller is that one assumes they must job. I hate jogging. Or running. Or walking at a rapid rate. However, I love the idea of a jogging stroller! If you are going for a walk on a side-walk and there is a nasty lip you don’t notice and you don’t have a rubber all-terrain type wheel, the stroller comes to a dramatic hault, injuring your ego and likely your big toe. My husband says we can’t get a jogging stroller for our babes (18 months apart–2 and 6 m onths) because I don’t jog–HOWEVER, if you push hard for the argument of it being an ‘all-terrain’ meaning, hiking trails, unsteady side-walks, grass–he just may buy it (mine is warming up to the idea). And naturally, I want a side-by-side BOB. 🙂

  23. If you are seriously considering #2, I would think about a double stroller. I bought a fancy BOB, and I love it, but I just found out I am pregnant with #2, and I cringe just thinking about the cost of a double. If anything, get one that will let you put an attachment on for #2.

    I agree that a jogging stroller will not make you jog. If I were you, I’d wait until you conceive #2 and then get a double!

    Do you have Just Between Friends in your area? That’s a great place to check out jogging strollers!

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