Butt Wipes

So I came across a friend’s blog post on the concept of cloth wipes. The first thing I thought after “eeew” and “what the…?” was “People buy these things?”

Then, out of curiosity I searched on Etsy and stuff and sure enough, came across all sorts of pretty cloth wipes.

$85 Source

“Why would you buy pretty wipes?” I asked myself. Quite frankly that’s the last thing I’d want to do. And nice wipes are… Ok nice. But seriously, they’re touching your baby’s butt for a couple of seconds every few diaper changes, are they really necessary?

So then I looked at my situation. Wipes aren’t expensive. I always get the cheapo ones for a dollar at my grocery store. Or heck–They have wipes at the dollar tree. But the one thing that’s a pain in the butt is having to throw the wipes away in a separate bin than our cloth diapers.

Gee, wouldn’t it be nice to have them all go in the same place? Actually, half the time they do. Last time I did laundry, I pulled out half a dozen wipes from the washing machine along with the cloth diapers. I guess my husband didn’t feel like taking the extra five seconds to throw the wipes in the trash can. They surprisingly held up well and were very clean.

So here I am considering cloth wipes. I sure as heck don’t want to spend twice as much as a bag of disposable wipes for one wipe on a pretty wipe to wipe my daughter’s crap with. If anything, I’d want to wipe it with something ugly.

I read that some people use baby washcloths and guess what I found during our last trip to the dollar tree? Yep. Baby washcloths. Four for a buck! So I stocked up and got four boxes.
cloth wipes colorfulI decided to use those, and other things around the house to make cloth wipes. They’re not bad, pretty, and colorful. I thought of sewing some fabric on the other sides to make them fancy like the ones I saw on etsy but again, I thought that would just be ridiculous.

These colorful washcloths still wasn’t enough to make me excited to use cloth wipes. I needed something ugly, something that screams “wipe me on your butt.”

Just when I thought that, I had, an idea.
If you know my family you know we’re big BYU fans. We’re teaching Lil’ J young. Yes, the poor cougs are having a bad season this year but we still stand behind them.

So in order to pay homage to our team and get rid of some useless fabric I have lying around, plus wipe my baby’s butt with something deserving of that duty, I thought I’d make appropriate baby butt wipes…

 byu baby cheerleader

Out of Ute fabric.
cloth wipes cutting

Why do I even have this disgraceful color around my house? You ask. Well, I bought it to make these. Now, since my craft is on hold, and since we live in a different state. There’s not much use for it. Using it to make butt wipes seems much more appropriate anyway.

So I got to work. I cut up a receiving blanket/ burp cloth I didn’t need. I cut both pieces of fabric to be the same general size as the baby wash cloths (about 6in by 6in).

I zigzag stitched them back to back. Oh, it was crooked and stuff but really–They’re butt wipes, it doesn’t matter. In fact, Lil’ J sat on my lap the whole time, and we made six of them!

Then I read this and that tutorial to figure out how to fold them to put them in a wipes container so they’d pop up. (I was so excited, and since I only have the $1 refills around the house I went out and bought a box of Huggies wipes just to make this).


I mixed a little bit of this and a little bit of that with water to make the wipes solution. (If you’re really curious here’s what it was: 1TBS baby wash, 3 drops lemon essential oil and 3 drops lavender essential oil, 1 cup warm water).

cloth wipes solution

Poured half in the bottom, set the wipes in, and poured the other half on the top and TA DAA!


The perfect butt wipes.

My husband even gets a kick out of using them. It was the perfect way to convert the family to cloth wipes.

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  1. Love the butt wipes! Now, if you ever need more wipes, you can always cut up old t-shirts. Since they’re knit, there’s no need to hem or finish the edges.

    Now that you’re doing cloth for your baby, perhaps you’ll think about trying “family cloth” as well. I’ve saved tons of money on toilet paper by switching over (well, not entirely… I still keep TP around for wiping poop…for some reason baby poop is okay for cloth wipes, but adult poop gets the flushable TP!). Since I’m already washing cloth diapers, I figured why not use cloth toilet paper for the rest of us?

  2. Love this. So cute. My husband and I like different teams, so I think we’d have fun trying to get the other to use the other teams wipes. Also love that you made these with Lil J. 🙂

  3. When I have to use an outhouse, I will consider wiping butts with fabric. Until that day, I’m going to stick with disposable wipes. There are just some places I will never go.
    More power to you, though! You sewed your own and everything! (However if you ever start using those handmade knit tampons, we will stop being friends.)

  4. Cloth wipes are a must with cloth diapers for sure! I made my first one from old burp cloths! The pop up tutorial must be popular, I did one too, LOL.

  5. So…Do you spray/rinse these when you do the poopie diapers? I would think it would be such a hassle to have one more thing to rinse. But you do make it seem simple enough – cute even. What about the smell?

  6. Jennie: I’m NOT using cloth tampons, pads, or family cloth. (No offense Rixa) We are a TP family fo sho!

    Porche: It DOESN’T stink! The lemon drops I drip in the solution keep them all smelling nice and I DON’T rinse. I just wipe and toss with diaper 🙂 Takes less time than the sposies did!

    When we’re out and about we won’t use cloth though. We love our disposable wipes! 🙂

  7. This totally cracks me up. IF I were going to use cloth wipes (and I say if because really, I’m not so sure I want to deal with MORE poopy things than I have to… the dipes will probably be enough!), I’d make some Yankees ones. Because I despise them. 🙂

  8. Hello Baby Making Mama! I just found your blog and I absolutey love it. I am trying to conceive but I have PCOS so it doesnt make things easy. I had been wondering how those nappies work and I now have all the answers I was looking for 🙂 I have started a bolg yesterday if you want to have a look here it is http://juliesworldoffertility.blogspot.com.

    Have a great day!

    Ps: little J is so cute and I absolutely love all her hair bands!

  9. Lil’ J is SuperCute!! Thanks for all your tips on the Cloth Diapering, it is really helping me decide on what I am going to do. I can’t wait to CD & CW my little one. Found out Tuesday, we are having another lil’ boy!!

  10. I loved cloth wipes, SO much easier than disposable when doing cloth diapers. My husband freaked out at first, until I explained (a few times) that it was MUCH easier to toss the diaper and wipes in the pail together vs taking poop covered disposable wipes to the trash can and the diaper to the pail. Mine weren’t nearly as cute as yours though! I took regular wash cloths and cut them up into 4ths. They did fray, but it was only $3 or $4, and they lasted the whole time she was in diapers.

  11. Ha! That’s awesome!

    Maybe I’ll make some for A with Texas Aggies fabric. In fact, maybe the whole family can wipe with those 😛

  12. I guess my question is, won’t they start to stink after awhile? Wet cloth usually doesn’t smell good after its been wet too long .And went cloth In a container, won’t it mildew?

  13. Krissy, they don’t get moldy cause of the solution I ad (lavender helps keep it clean) AND I don’t too many wipes. I try to add enough to last for 2 days when I wash the diapers, that way they don’t sit wet too long 🙂

  14. hhhhmmmm…..I just may have to make some butt wipes of the blue color…to counter your using the righteous red…jk…kinda, but it sure would be fun to torq my coug lovin family!! Fabulous idea!! Though with twinners….using cloth wipes and diapers might put me over the edge. I am ready for potty training at the ripe old age of 17 months…though they might not feel the same!!

  15. LOVE
    (I’ma BYU-I grad and my hubby’s Utah native, not active in the LDS chruch family are UTES fans and it stinks! I get a lot of “all BYU stidents are hypocrites lectures . . . ummm, yeah. So over the expectation of perfection. lol!) Maybe Big Mac needs some UTES wipes . . .

  16. Honestly, I never even thought about using cloth wipes. I thought you would have to wet them every time you used them. I had no idea that you could put them in a wipes container like that. Maybe I should give them a try.

  17. oh my gosh I LOVE this post!! I’m going to have to link this to my hubby at work..he is a HUGE DIE-HARD BYU fan and he will REALLY appreciate it 🙂

  18. You know? You might be on to a magical marketing and product opportunity! What die hard sports fan wouldn’t want butt wipes and burp cloths of the hated opposing team?
    Jump on it!

  19. This. Is. Too. Cool. I have such admiration for you. Wish I could be THAT green. I suck at sewing. And we are just getting to the point where we don’t need many wipes anymore. Finally.

    Dagmar’s momsense

  20. Woo hoo for butt wipes!! I love it! We did something similar with fleece liners for our diapers. I used a free Steelers fleece blanket to cut up for my kids to poo on since we’re big Ravens fans here! Lol! Love it mama!!

  21. This is such an encouragement to me. I’ve been considering cloth, but the whole cloth wipes thing was kind of gross to me. Your explanation really helped. Thanks!

  22. Hi! I just found your blog a few days ago when I first started looking into cloth diapering. My question about the wipes is how long do they stay wet? I know you said you only leave them in the container for about 2 days, so do they stay wet for those 2 days? Or do you have to re-wet them before using them?

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