Busy Busy: Random Babbles

Back in the day I used to blog almost seven days a week. Now with extra work projects and a toddler on top, I’m happy if I can get 3-4 posts in a week. But I’m gonna get better again, I promise. Just wanted to let out some random babbles before bed since I’m miraculously not asleep yet.

1. I’m obsessed with the Olympics. I thought it was funny how everyone’s been hyping it up but by the time opening ceremonies started I was totally into the hype as well. My DVR has been recording nonstop. I barely even fast forward through the commercials cause those are even good.

Favorite events: Gymnastics, swimming, gymnastics, synchronized diving, gymnastics. Anyone else see that guy face-plant after missing the high bar a few days ago? OUCH!

I want to sign Lil’ J up for gymnastics classes now even though she’s probably going to be a giant like me and realize too late that she shoulda played volleyball instead.

Can’t wait to see track and field next week! That’s another favorite of mine. Oh, and I watched the tiny women weight lifters and WOAH! I’ll pretty much watch any of it for a little while. Very exciting and inspiring.

2. Speaking of super fit people being inspiring, I recently signed up for a gym membership. My first membership EVER in my life. I never wanted to before because I knew I needed the motivation and desire to go, and now I have it. We signed up at the YMCA. I bring Lil’ J and go do a class or work out for 30-60 mins then we go swimming after. My husband brings her too when I’m working, and we all go together the evenings he’s off. Lil’ J now gets excited when we tell her we’re going to the gym. I got new workout clothes to get in the spirit of working out and getting fit.

3. Speaking of new clothes, I’m going shopping with a friend today and I couldn’t be more thrilled. We’re both leaving the toddlers and having some much needed mama-sans-kiddo-time and sprucing up our wardrobes. I’m hoping to do a major overhaul from what I have now (even some things from middle/high school… woah!)

4. Lil’ J is starting a new school next week (she’s about outgrown where she is now (they go up to age 2)) and I’m having some anxiety about it… More on that later.

5. I’m loving being her mama more than ever. I was bummed for a while thinking I wouldn’t have the super-close-in-age-kids like I thought I always wanted, but when I’m sitting with her doing something as simple as playing with blocks, I realize how grateful I am to not have an infant taking me away from her. Sure, that’ll come eventually, but I’m ok with it not being right now.

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  1. I soo love to see pics of lil J with hair up. Cute….it’s those cheeks! After watching the gymnasts, my kids asked me if they could do that too. I guess they will be enrolling in something soon.
    Track & Field is my favorite sport because I use to be a sprinter. My husband always said if I kept it up I probably would have been olympic ready, but he’s glad I didn’t because he wouldn’t have liked the light weight body builder look on me.

  2. Aww Lil J is adorable playing with her blocks – Nia loves to see her too! Congrats on your gym membership. I used to love going 5a.m. M-F but now married w/toddler those days are looooong gone lol! Now the streets of NYC are my workout. It’s awesome they have childcare though at the gym! I totally feel you on the gymnastics thing; Nia loves to tumble too but is predicted to be 5’10.” At least when they’re little they can enjoy it, right? Thanks for stopping by my blog too the other day and showing comment love! I’m heading to BlogHer for the first time this week and thinking of when we met when you attended in ’10. Crazy how times flies!

  3. Love your post, what kind of blocks are those? I really like that they have numbers letters and words and already have blocks on my list of things to buy for my newborn lol

    1. Dominique, I’m not sure what type of blocks those are. Just wooden blocks. But I’ll check on the same this afternoon for ya! She loves them! I got them at Ross for like $10.

  4. J is getting so “big girl” looking! Still as precious as always though. I am loving the olympics, especially gymnastics. layla loves it and we are up to two days a week. She WILL be small…so we shall see on Olympics 2020??? ha! And I am sooooo freakin out about kindergarten in less than a month. ugh…ugh…ugh….

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