Sporting Borrow Baby Couture: Mini Mod #18

I’ve been keeping something from you. It’s something I first heard of months ago and fell in love with, then several weeks ago, tried myself. But then I was hit with the awesome first trimester plague and I’ve since been behind on sharing this find.

I don’t know about you but I’m a Sex in the City fan. A new fan, I haven’t been watching long, but I’ve been catching up from the beginning (thanks to my awesome HBO app). In one of the movies Jennifer Hudson’s character talked about her purse being rental. Genius idea right? Well, I’m not big on designer accessories for myself, but I *DO* love the idea when it comes to kid’s clothes.

Call me crazy, but I don’t like Lil’ J wearing the same thing to school more than once a month. I mean, look at this runway model. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’m just saying I don’t like when it does. Back when I was on top of things I could make her new seasonal clothes, or shop boutiques for new styles (on sale), but I’m not on top of it right now. And when you think of how few times she wears some things, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on her clothes. But I’d still like them to be cute!

Enter Borrow Baby Couture.

You can rent adorable designer clothes for a fraction of their normal price.

The creators connected with me and invited me to pick out an outfit for Lil’ J to try. We love boutique clothes but we don’t own any designer clothes, and my oh my, it’s different. The fabric is so fancy and thick, and there’s so much attention to detail.

Anyway, she loved showing this dress off at school and around town. I was a little panicky that she’d get it dirty. She doesn’t get messy much but it would be my luck that she would when we’re renting a fancy designer dress, right? The good thing is normal mess and (toddler/little kid) wear is expected, so you won’t get in trouble for that.

I’m hoping now that fall is setting in, and my energy is slowly creeping back, I can resurrect my weekly Mini Mod feature, including a rental from this cool shop once a month. Maybe also occasionally doing a Belly Edition since I’m all of a sudden enjoying shopping for maternity clothes even though I refused to last time.

Your kiddos sporting anything cute lately? Do share!

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Veronica says:

Dead serious: i love this. I love the idea of getting something for a special occasion. Also your daughter is gorgeous as usual.

Monique says:

What a remarkable idea! I’m going to check them out for sure because we can never find anything in boutiques that we love for our boys.

Troy says:

Such a genius idea! V doesn’t dress up very much so her fancy duds only have about 1 wear on them before she has grown out of the. Will definitely check it out!

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