Books I couldn’t put down in 2014

Reading with kids digitally and with paper books. A list of favorite books read in 2014.
Last year I got a new tablet for Christmas, downloaded a library app and have been checking out all sorts of books. I started the New Year reading the Divergent series. Here are a few of my favorites from this year and a little one-liner of my thoughts.

matched trilogy Typically my favorite genre. I feel like I read more of these but these stand out the most.

Divergent Series (3 books): I couldn’t put the first couple books down. Very fun to read.

Matched Series (3 books): Also very good, it’s hard for me to choose a favorite between these two. Both were post-apocalyptic society-type books.

Gone Girl: I read because it was recommended to me based on the books I’d been reading. I was seriously frightened and disturbed at some parts but it was an unexpected mystery book that I enjoyed.


One of my goals was to read more auto-biographies this year.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me: A hilarious way to start my attempt to dive into biographies.

Diary of Two Mad Black Mormons– I bought this book before the publishing company sent me one because my friends wrote it. It’s hilarious, and uplifting, and a great read. You don’t need to be mad or black or Mormon to enjoy it.

5 Love Languages: My first “self-help” book and wow… I loved it, still reference it, and I just bought it so I can read it again with my husband.

Children’s Books

Of-thee-i-sing This category isn’t as long because we have so many classics and favorites that we read over and over. But there are still a few new ones that jump out at me.

Of Thee I Sing: A historical book with gorgeous illustrations. Written by Barack Obama. The book tells short stories of boys and girls who grew to be miraculous men and women who changed our country. I love hearing Lil’ J talk about Jackie Robinson, Neil Armstrong, Jane Addams and Helen Keller. I want to find more books like this one.
Reading with kids digitally and with paper books. A list of favorite books read in 2014. The Boxcar Children: Lil’ J was so excited to show me a new movie she discovered on Netflix. As she described it to me I realized she was talking about the Boxcar Children. I surprised her and downloaded a digital copy of the book so we can read it together at bedtime. I’m amazed at how interested she is in the story, and how she notices subtle differences from the movie. I’m hopeful we can continue to read this series together.

Reading with kids digitally and with paper books. A list of favorite books read in 2014.

I’m also re-reading Maya Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, reading the Maze Runner series, the latest Percy Jackson book (I know, I’m a dork), and a book a friend from church wrote and is letting me read before some big publisher picks it up. I’m rooting for her!

Depending on who you are (and how much you get to read) you may be wondering where I find the time. I don’t feel like I read THAT much. If I had it my way I’d plow through way more books. But the fact is I typically get to read after my work is done and the kids are occupied or asleep. But most often I’ll read while working out on a cardio machine at the gym or while I’m rocking each kid to sleep.

Nothing beats the smell and feel of a physical book… Unless you’re a mom who loves to read but lacks the time. Then a tablet beats that hard-cover book. I have yet to really get into audio books, I feel like they’re great for long drives and I don’t take those very often. I want my kids to grow up with a love for books no matter what format it’s in.

Reading with kids digitally and with paper books. A list of favorite books read in 2014.

Our latest digital device is the Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 NOOK®. It’s easy to hold with it’s 7-inch vibrant display. My son loves watching Elmo song videos on it, and my daughter has enjoyed sharing stories with me.

I can read in the dark while my kids are dozing off in my arms, or on the elliptical when I can’t steady a book. It’s also nice because I can put in some headphones and turn on background music, or even watch a show when I’m done. I always have it with me, and I can pick up reading where I left off while I’m waiting for dance class to end, or stuck in a long line.

This isn’t meant to argue paper books vs digital books, just stating some of the benefits I’ve enjoyed and noticed this year since it’s been my first year as a portable tablet owner. Hopefully next year will be full of just as many or more enjoyable books.

Reading with kids digitally and with paper books. A list of favorite books read in 2014.

What have you been reading lately? What books do you recommend?

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**Winner Alert 11/19** Cynthia who said “I am new to the Nooks. I’ve never own one but looks the information on the BN website I am excited about the parental controls. My daughter is constantly using my Ipad and going to other things that she is not supposed to go to. This feature will definitely keep her from going on Youtube etc.” Is the lucky winner of the New NOOK by Samsung. Thank you everyone for entering!

Big thanks to Barnes & Noble and The New NOOK by Samsung for sponsoring this giveaway. Samsung sent me a tablet to test for the purpose of the review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I love that it’s so versatile. I don’t get to read as much as I’d like, so to be able to use it for movies, apps, and more would be nice “backup” if the reading doesn’t happen 🙂

  2. im hete because I want to know what you are reading! Some excellent choices! Bit ok I’ll enter love features that allow me to read anywhere. Even while walking the kids to school. Read in the dark is cool too! No more flashlight under the covers!

  3. I read The Boxcar Children to my daughter (6) earlier this year, but my son (4) wasn’t interested. When the movie came on Netflix, my kids watched it, and now I’m in the middle of reading it to my son. I love that the words are so simple. It’s a great early reader, too. My daughter devoured the first eight books. (Much beyond that and they just get repetitive. Only the first 19 were written by the original author.)

    One of the picture book gems that we’ve discovered is Barnum’s Bones. It’s about the guy who discovered the T-Rex. Also the Man Who Walked Between the Towers. I love picture books that share the stories about real people. The Princess and the Pizza and Would I Ever Lie to You are two silly picture books we’ve loved as well.

    And for the giveaway, I love that I would be able to read in bed without having to have the light on for my early-to-bed husband. I know, that could be said about all e-readers, but that’s my favorite part.

  4. What a great giveaway! Thank you. This tablet looks like fun for the whole family. Reading is one of my all time favorite things to do and I hope to pass on that love to my kids too! In every medium! 😀

  5. I love that the book will know where I left off – I hate it when I can’t remember what page I was on with regular books. The display on Samsung is always excellent.

  6. I actually played with one of these in my local B&N, and I loved it! The screen is great and I love the option for different profiles. I’m on the 3rd book in the Outlander series and loving it!

  7. I really like the idea of the multi window feature. That is something new that I have never seen before and it seems pretty awesome.

  8. I love that it comes with a camera. I also like that you can watch movies on it too. This tablet looks great.

  9. i really love the fact that you can also watch movies and tv on it. i would use it mostly for reading but that is still awesome!

  10. I like the pesonal profile for each family member. I like that you can watch tv and movies. I especially like the instore free books.

  11. Love the versatility! I could see myself and my children using so many features. Love the profile for each family member.

  12. I love that it could be used by everyone in the family, the size is perfect and I love that you can use it to watch videos and read! Awesome giveaway! 🙂

  13. I like that the Nook has cameras and has apps, videos and especially books! I can totally see my son using it and I can read stories with him.

  14. I love the camera…and the lighted capablities. I hope I win this. Also I can’t wait to read the black Mormon books sounds hilarious. ..

  15. I love that it has options for multiple users. I think that is the annoying thing for our family- we would love to have one device we can both use, but with the iPad, we don’t have that option. Also awesome to have the option for additional memory. Had no idea about this new device until I read your post… I’m not as on top of it as I should be with technology right now!

  16. I’m an avid Samsung user (phones, tablets, tvs) I’m really loving that they made the new Nook. I like the multiple windows option.

  17. love the size of the tablet, perfect for those of us that have little hands, also love the fact that you can have 2 apps open at the same time!

  18. I love the front and back camera for skyping with my fam! Right now we have to use the desktop since we don’t have a tablet or smartphone, which makes capturing a toddler much harder.

    I also follow on FB, pintrest, and Google +.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  19. I like that you can use it for more than just reading. My older style kindle can ONLY do books.

    I just got finished with the Eternal Eden series, I read all three books in 3 days and had a hard time putting it down. I’m definitely a sci-fi/fantasy girl!

  20. I am a Facebook follower. I love everything about the new tablet but the best is the expandable memory. That allows you to do so much more with the tablet.

  21. I’ve been debating getting into digital books, because I love the feel of real books! But honestly I’d probably read a whole lot more if I did it digitally. … As for the Nook, I like the whole Barnes & Noble integration. That’s pretty sweet. 🙂

  22. I would LOVE to be able to read in bed without disturbing hubby! Love your blog, facebook posts, and Pinterest boards!!

  23. Having an SD card you can use in a tablet?? Nice! I have an iPhone and we have an IPad for movies and games, but the memory is what you get! Also, I love that there are personal profiles on it! I don’t think I can do that with my apple products, so this would definitely make it easier to keep our little girl from getting to things she is not supposed to and so we don’t have to supervise the whole time!!

  24. My kids are always taking pictures with my phone. They’d love the two cameras and an extra memory card space would be awesome.

  25. I am new to the Nooks. I’ve never own one but looks the information on the BN website I am excited about the parental controls. My daughter is constantly using my Ipad and going to other things that she is not supposed to go to. This feature will definitely keep her from going on Youtube etc.

  26. My favorite genres are Mystery, Thriller, and Horror.
    I’m currently reading my first Dean Koontz and I absolutely love his style. The first of many to come. I recommend Gillian Flynn and Chevy Stevens. ( <—she has a new book coming out next year that I am so excited about!!)

    My favorite feature about the Samsung Nook is that it is just like a regular tablet. Very versitile and can really be used by the entire family for many different purposes.

  27. I love that it has the ability to have separate profiles for each family member! My husband and I have such different preferences when it comes to how we like things set up/arranged. He gets frustrated using my profile on any device and vice versa. I also love that it’s a Samsung product and the $200 worth of free content is a huge plus as well.

  28. I’m still suggesting Americanah to everyone as far as reads go.

    The NOOK? I’m here for the rear facing cameras. I hate having to be at my desktop or drag my laptop around to Skype, and I have ~budget-conscious~ smartphone, so it’d be nice. Plus, I don’t have a tablet right now!

  29. I have heard a lot of people say they were a bit traumatized after reading parts of Gone Girl. As of lately, I’ve been reading the Duggar Family books. They’ve shared a lot of helpful tips on parenting, relationship and just general stuff like house chores.

  30. I love the display, the picture is amazing! And I really like how you can personalizes for each family member. That was a great idea for multi member sharing.

    Facebook and pinterest follower 🙂

  31. I’ve heard such rave reviews about this, I would love to win one. I love reading, my kids love movies, my husband loves games…put them all on one little device to keep everyone happy, sounds like I winner to me!!

  32. Thanks for the opportunity to take part in this giveaway! I love that fact simply that it’s a electronic device. I have three daughters and they are drawn to anything electronic! I find that this alone would result in more reading time for them vs reading a traditional book.
    -Shannon (Facebook and Ointerest follower)

  33. I love the size, not too big for little hands and not too small for adults. GPS feature will be awesome for trips, kids can participate in navigating while we explore new cities. The dual camera will also make it super easy for them to take photos and selfies with their cousins, friends and family. Great giveaway, Thanks!

  34. I bought the older Nook for my husband a few Chritmases back and it is nothing compared to the features this one has available! Maybe Christmas gift this year? 😉

  35. I like that you can Expand the memory by up to 32GB with microSDTMcard2 and there are Millions of books and magazines to choose from

  36. I love the Duel screen being able to use two apps at once. and the million’s of books to choose from my mom was just telling me she was hoping to get kindle or something like it for christmas soooo hope I can win this for her

  37. I absolutely love the fact that it can hold so many books, and also provides access to tv shows and movies. I have a chronic condition, and spend a great deal of time flat on my back, fighting a horrendous headache. I counteract the pain by reading. Having the ability or access multiple books at any times without having to leave the house is a good thing. Plus, entertaining the three year old would be easier too! Lol.

  38. I like the multi-profile option for each family member. We have an iPad, but that gets a bit annoying when my daughter is messing with where I left off in a book or changing things around. This is a great feature!

  39. I love that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook is GPS enabled, has a expansion slot for a SD card and has so many downloadable apps for my kids.


  40. I am a fan via Facebook, follow via Pinterest and follow via Google+ as Jill Myrick.


  41. I like the light weight of the Nook and the Multi Window™ Mode. That would be great for some web browsing activities.

  42. I love that not only can you read books, but watch movies on it as well! This would be nice for long car rides!

  43. The $200 in free content is awesome! What a great deal! Would love to have one of these to share with my 4 year-old daughter. Thanks so much for the chance!

  44. I am currently reading The Fault In Our Stars. My favorite feature of the Nook by Samsung is the expandable memory with optional microSD so that I can store more ebooks on there.

  45. I like that you can do more than just read. I am a big Samsung fan. Have 3 of the TVs! thanks for the opportunity to win a quality product.

  46. The features I like about the New NOOK by Samsung is that it has Front- and rear-facing cameras. Not only can I read, watch movies and experience apps but I can take pictures as well.

  47. I love the parental controls on the NOOK! So important for our young ones in the house! Would love to win. 🙂

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