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Cutest babies contest has gotten the most votes so far by FAR… Understandably… What mom doens’t want to show off her adorable little new bundle? Oh man… I can just IMAGINE how I’ll be. My poor hubs thinks I won’t post that many pictures online… Ummm.. Think again! I wanna show off their cuteness.

Ok, just look at me–I’m already bragging about my kids and I’m not even with-spawn yet!

Well to those lovely moms who have their babies in the cutest baby contest I’ve got news for you! Since there are so many cute babies I thought we’d have two winners… One for the “cutest” baby boy and one for the “cutest” baby girl.

And for the record… I think ALL of your babies are GORGEOUS and I can’t wait to have one myself 🙂 Really… I was beginning to not really want a kid anymore until I started this contest! Now I keep visiting my own blog just to scroll through these adorable photos! So thank you ladies, for reinspiring me to wanting a child.
Now for those of your with little boys in the contest, there’s still lots of time to tell your friends to come vote for you so you can win a prize!

Bonnie is a sweet woman, and the owner of Bonzai Beadwear.
I immediately became attached to her and her beautiful personality, but I also felt a bond when she told me she too is TTC!

“I am married to a wonderful man,” she said. “And have THREE adorable cats, Mista Clyde and Chloe, and a newly adopted kitten named Hermie! We are TTC, and it has been a long, emotional and expensive road. Its very frustrating when the one thing you tried to avoid in your 20’s, is something that you want so very badly in your 30’s, and its not happening!”

And even through her personal challenges she’s offered to donate to this March of Dimes cause and give the winner of this contest a beautiful pair of earrings. So let’s help lift the spirits of this wonerful woman and check out her shop! Remember, Christmas is around the corner and Etsy is a wonderful place to find gifts for everyone! You spice up the decorate a room with one of these beautiful ceiling fan pulls!

Now I don’t know about you, but when I think of beadwear I think of bracelets and things… And maybe something I made when I was a little girl. I know I’m not much of a crafter, but I had no idea all of the creative things you could do with beads until I saw her shop.

Bonnie said her love of art grew from a young age. “I actually started with crayons when I was little! You could not pry them out of my hands!” she said. Then, she majored in Fine Arts in college, switched to Graphic Design and thats what she does for a living.
She said she needed more creativity in her life, so she started painting on the side. She took a jewelry making class in college and then picked it up a few years ago. She makes jewelry and home goods and loves it! “Its a wonderful creative outlet!” She said.
The fun part for her is purchasing supplies and creating something beautiful out of them with her own two hands!

Bonzai Beadwear is a combo of hobby and business for Bonnie. She said she would love for it to “take off”, but for now, any money she happens to make just pays for more supplies.. Which I personally understand. I’m going through the same thing with my dog collar business. But she said she loves creating! Just look at these wine glasses that were turned from bland to beautiful!

She also has a blog here. The winner of the cutest baby boy photo contest will not only get a button for your blog that states your baby is the cutest, but you’ll also win this pair of amythest earrings made ESPECIALLY for this contest from Bonzai Beadwear.

Now if you weren’t motivated before you should be! Tell your friends to go vote!! Later on this afternoon I’ll introduce you to the owner of a beautiful botique for little girls, and show you what the cutest baby girl will be winning! So don’t forget to come back!

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