Blogher With a Baby? Bad Idea?

This time last year I was having a blast blogging. Intrigued by all of the opportunities and women I was meeting, it was a hobby I couldn’t get enough of.
I had heard so much hype over Blogher and heard about a contest The Blogrollers were having to win a seat in their car sponsored by Chevy going up there. With my husband’s reluctant participation I made a video and won the contest! And a free trip to Blogher (that was the only way I was going causes there was no way hubs was gonna let me spend money on a blogging trip).

I had fun, I met a lot of people. Did I make any life-changing connections… No, if that’s ever been the case I think I’ve done most of that online… Which is sort of the point of blogging/social media. Did I learn how to make my blog totally awesome?… No. Did I learn how to make lots of money off my blog… No (and by the way I think that’s because most people just DON’T make money from their blog). Sure, maybe I learned a little about branding, and networking, but sometimes all of the work can take the fun out of it.

Blogging is a hobby to me, and I enjoy the writing and interaction portion the most out of it all, but I’ve been blessed with fun opportunities along the way. If I feel myself starting to get stressed over my blog I try to back up and re-evaluate things. A blogger who’s trying too hard is a turn-off to me. You’ve just gotta do your thing and have fun! SEO (search engine optimization)… Who cares? Write a catchy title that brings me in!
That said… I had a lot of fun at Blogher. I didn’t know many people when I arrived but I met a lot of ladies, and just had a blast at this girlfriends-gettaway type event. The jam-packed workshops about marketing and improving stats weren’t as interesting to me as the ones about writing and staying true to yourself. I think this next year I’ll know more women and it would be fun to put a voice and real face with people I’ve connected with online, plus I know more where I fit in and what I’m interested in learning about now that I’m more established with my blog.
First things first… Once again I’m not going unless I’m sponsored. I haven’t given up hope but things aren’t looking pretty at the moment.
Part of it is perfect… I’ll be on maternity leave, and I’ve never been to NYC. I’ve always wanted to go, and what better time? The down side… Spawnie will only be about 6 weeks old if she comes on or around her due date. It’s pretty young for a new baby. It’ll be my first time traveling alone with her, and I’ll still sorta be riding on training wheels when it comes to being a mom. Breastfeeding, 24/7 babysitting, all of that will still be new.
Last year there were LOTS of women at the conference with babies, many of them had them carried around in slings and wraps, or popped on the boob. I know it CAN be done but I’m back and forth with if I can do it… If I’d even want to or if I’d just drive myself insane.
My mom’s offered to watch her if I want to go but I’m not going to do that. I don’t want to be away from her while I have time off to spend with her. Plus what’s she gonna eat? She says she’ll be too young to take with me, and maybe that’s true, but I’m still thinking about it.
I’ll need friends nearby, that’s for sure. Women who know me and are willing to help me out and be there if I have a breakdown or if I’m totally confused about something. I’ve already talked with some people who say they’d love to meet Spawnie there, but I also don’t want to be a burden.
I also don’t know if I’m going to be one of those germophobe moms who doesn’t want anyone near my baby. I’m not like that now, so I don’t think I’ll do a 180 but you never know.
Is it crazy to travel with a baby that young… To New York City? Are you going to Blogher? If you saw me in New York partying it up with an infant would you help me out or shake your head and call DPS?

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  1. Well, it could really go either way. If you are going to travel with a baby (not my favorite, but what else are you going to do?) a newborn is definitely better than an older one. All of my kids “woke up” around six weeks of age. They still sleep a ton and can sleep through just about anything up til then. But at around two months they get to be a lot more alert and require more regular naps. So it’s a toss up. Also, six weeks is when colic starts to rear its ugly head. But your chances of that are slim, I think.

    If you aren’t dying to go to Blogher, then maybe you should skip it this year. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but it’s better than going and being stressed beyond belief. Traveling with a newborn will freak you out the first couple of times.

  2. I traveled cross country (CA to GA) with my daughter when she was 3 weeks old! It was perfect. She slept the entire time! Traveling is a breeze with a newborn. Now that she’s 2, it’s not so easy-peasy! LOL I say go for it if you get the opportunity! You’ll have a blast and seriously, motherhood will come to you. It’s amazing how quickly it happens! Good Luck!

  3. Whilst I was reading your post celebrity mommies came to mind. Some of them take their little ones across the globe just two weeks after their birth and they seem alright. But you never know how your body will repsond to that extra stress. I think you should enjoy her and wait for the following year to go to Blogher and I hopefully I will be there to meet you in real life :)!

  4. I am due May 9, and I really wanted to go to BlogHer this year. I was totally planning on taking the baby, he would be a little older than what yours would be, but I think you’d do fine taking the baby! At 6 weeks old she’ll still be dependant on you, she will be sleeping a lot and totally adorable. Plus, what a great way to make friends, while everyone fawns over your adorable baby! Plane travel is easy when they’re still so small. I say if you get the chance, go for it!

  5. Jennifer, I’m taking Myles to EVO Conference but he’ll be 3 months at that time! I say to do what makes YOU comfortable! That’s what matters! I won’t be going to Blogher because I don’t feel comfortable going to NYC on my own with a baby. When I go to NYC I want to do more than go to a conference. So I will be focusing on the EVO Conference and hopefully getting a positive experience out of it. I am looking forward to working for a great company and making some connections while I’m there!

  6. I vote GO! And take the little one, if you can. NYC is my favorite city in the world, in my opinion, it would be easier with a newborn in tow versus a 1 yr. old.

  7. Well I”m going Friday, so if you need any help I can help! 🙂 I don’t have much experience w/ babies and being that I want one of my own soon I need all the practice I can get! 🙂 Let me know if you end up going!

  8. I’d say wait. While you certainly CAN do it, you may not want to be tied to those plans before you know what life will be like for you post-baby. Life will be so totally different for you. It may take several weeks to feel human again, for instance. Or your baby may have nights/days mixed up and you may feel like a walking zombie. Or your baby may be sensitive to changes. (I’m not wishing ill, just sayin’.) And since you only have 12 weeks of leave, you’ll want to spend as much time being with your little one as you can. There’s always time for BlogHer – 12 weeks goes mighty fast!

  9. I love the germaphobe comment. With my first child I was so anal with her. if the book didn’t say it I didn’t do it. Wouldn’t let anyone hold her. Just wanted her all to myself. By the 3rd one, I would have put him in your arms right out of birth LOL. I can totally understand how you feel. Whatever your decision you’ll have sooo much support whether you do or don’t bring her. But I’d love to meet her and you.

  10. Hmm tough call. I would wait and see. Right now, you don’t know what kind of personality your baby will have. At 6 weeks, all my poor baby did was CRY. She had colic and was just generally high needs and demanding. I didn’t want to leave the house for ANYTHING, so there is no way I would’ve actually wanted to travel and leave my husband. With that said, if your baby has a good temperament, it is often easier to travel when they’re younger than it is to travel with an older baby. At that age, you can lug most babies around anywhere and they won’t care as long as they’ve got milk when they need it and can sleep. Good luck with your decision.

  11. Everyone is talking about traveling with the baby but what about YOU? What if you have to have a c-section? That’s major abdominal surgery with a recovery time of a minimum of six weeks! Besides, the others are right, 12 weeks are going to go by frighteningly fast and you’ll wish you’d had more one-on-one time with your baby.

    I’d wager that you’re only thinking about BlogHer right now because the baby isn’t here. Once she arrives, I’m betting you’ll be like, BlogWhat?

  12. I love seeing how people’s opinions are so vastly different. I say travel! I traveled with both of my children when they were younger, and now I’m lucky if I can go to the grocery store without my three year old slapping an old lady and pickpocketing the store manager. Forget travelling farther than down the street. Enjoy the ‘freedom’ while it lasts. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a quiet moment in the car and then freaking out because you’re worried you left your two year old sitting on a park bench eating dog treats.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Stop by again sometime, I’m totally desperate for the company over there!

  13. You will probably have to check with your babies pediatrician, my sister’s doctor was not happy about her flying on an airplane form Utah to New York with her 2 month old (she did it anyway because they were moving and HAD to travel), so he may reccomend you not taking her. However, if he says it’s fine and you feel good about it…then go for it!

  14. Will your baby be “too young to go”?

    If anything, too young = so much easier! At 6 weeks, babies will still generally be sleeping a lot, don’t need a lot of entertainment like older babies do, and are really easy to take around. Just have a good sling/carrier/stroller/whatever contraption works best, and you’re off! I’ve gone to a few different conferences with both my kids (not with both at the same time, though). My daughter was 13 months old, and my son was 5 months at 2 different ones. A tiny little newborn would be a breeze, I think.

    Plus you won’t be lacking for people offering to hold/comfort/rock your baby at BlogHer! It would be like having a million grandmas/aunts/sisters around to help as much as you wanted, passing the baby back to you to nurse her.

  15. I think I’m in the wait-and-see tribe here. There are so many factors that are just dependent on you and the baby after she arrives. Like a pp said, if you have a c-section, the LAST thing you’re going to want to do is walk around a huge conference and NYC, especially with a baby and gear in tow. If you’re breastfeeding, it’s obviously easy, but if you end up having difficulty, need to pump and store, or are doing some sort of formula, there’s a lot more “stuff” to consider lugging with you. While I agree the baby herself might be easy, remember that babies have a TON of accessories, and as a new mommy, you’ll want to take all of them PLUS her entire cute wardrobe 🙂 So, see how birth goes, when she comes, stuff like that, and you’ll have your own answer.

  16. We moved across the country with our 6 week old son. We drove and he pretty much slept the whole way. He did really great, now he is almost 2 he loves the car but for long trips he gets kind of cranky.

  17. I’ll be going to BlogHer this year (like you, only because I got sponsored). I vote that you go! I bet you’ll find LOTS of women who are more than happy to help you out with Baby. 😉

  18. I think it would be easy to take the baby. The problem will probably be, however, that the baby could get incredibly overwhelmed. Hundreds of people are going to want to hold her. Austin LOVES people & talks to everyone, but once that line is crossed, it’s HELL getting back. If you aren’t dying to go, don’t. Plus your priorities def change. You may not even be concerned with it when she’s here! and that’s absolutely not a bad thing! 😀

  19. This is an interesting post. I’ve always wondered what people are thinking when I see someone in a crowded place with a little baby (not just because of the germs, but it seems like it would be a pain to lug a baby around, especially if they started crying or needed a diaper change with nowhere to do it!) Thanks for sharing 🙂


  20. I have to agree with commenter #9. While it’s highly likely that you can do it, nothing is 100% certain especially when you’re dealing with a newborn. I would recommend skipping this year and really focusing on spending those precious few weeks with your daughter. With my daughter I really didn’t feel like I was able to “come up for air” until she was at least 2 months old. As a first time mom those first couple months can be very overwhelming because you are literally just getting to know your baby with all of her likes and dislikes, feeding preferences, sleeping habits, etc.

    If you’re not ready to totally give up on going this year then, if possible, wait to make the decision until a week or so after you deliver. At that point you’ll likely have a much better handle on whether to go or not because you’ll better know the personality and temperment of your little one.

  21. I would not go. 6 weeks is very young and their immune systems are still so immature and fragile. And there are going to be A LOT of people there. And I know that if there are bloggers you know there it may feel like you know them but the bottom line is that you DON’T. I personally would NEVER trust someone that I only know as a face on a blog to watch my child without me there for a SECOND (no offense, but I wouldn’t!). Not even for me to run to the bathroom. Again on the germ note, people are going to want to love on Spawnie and 6 weeks is just so young.

    My advice is wait. It’s hard even going to the grocery store with a baby let alone on a flight to NYC.

  22. I have no idea if I would go or not, that’s a hard decision. I guess I probably wouldn’t go if it was my first child, just because I remember how new everything was with my first baby!

    But, here are some things to consider either way.

    Babies at 6 weeks USUALLY sleep A LOT. So, it would be easy because you could just wear her in a sling/wrap a lot. However, they also nurse A LOT. Or at least mine did! 🙂 So I don’t know how you feel about breastfeeding in public, but keep that in mind.

    I wouldn’t let a ton of people hold her at that young.

    I would wait and see how you’re feeling and handling things. A LOT can change those first few weeks.

    hope that helps 🙂

  23. I’m the mommy in the start as you want to live mentality of parenting – if you want your child to grow up traveling and loving to travel, because you do, then just do it! ITA with pp, that the younger they are, the easier it is… my only caution is to make sure you have spawnie’s ears checked before travel… if she’s congested then flying will be no fun at all … and my advice for flying with an infant is to pack at least twice what you think you will need for the trip in the diaper bag… there are no diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, pacifiers,baby anything… available in airports and you will get stuck because Murphy’s law says you will…

  24. congratulations on your pregnancy! hope it’s treating you well. hmmm, a baby is easier (even if you have lots of stuff to bring) to manage than toddlers or older kids. plus, it makes a lot of sense if you’re breastfeeding. just make sure that your baby’s ears are clear and not coming down with colds. pack medicines and a first aid kit.

    stopping by from SITS 🙂

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