The Bittersweet Reality of Exiting the Baby Stage


It’s getting less bitter and more sweet seeing where this next stage of my family life is heading. I’m past debating more babies, past pregnancy, and ready to help make these babies into good people who will do big things with their lives.

I’m not trying to rush them, but as my kids get older I’m sad to see a couple things go, and so excited for some new adventures ahead.

Biracial kids siblings love

First of all, I’m excited for more traveling. And I don’t just mean traveling for Disney vacations. Though I love them, I really can’t wait to visit other places with my family: D.C. and New Orleans are at the top of our lists (that is my and Lil’ J’s list, the hubs isn’t very much into traveling.) I would love to take my kids around the world. I want to go places without them too, but I think it would be so fun to research countries and cultures, then learn first-hand through experience together.

A desire I think most parents can relate to: Less Mess! While tiny handprints on my walls and windows are endearing and precious while it lasts, I’m looking forward to tidier days. I am SO ready to say goodbye to stinky diaper pails. I thought I’d be done by now, but my son can’t seem to get over his fear of pooping in the potty and my husband can’t seem to buy enough Renzuit® air fresheners for my son’s room. The new Sensitive ScentsTM are great for stifling that diaper stink without overpowering with it’s own scent (also great for new babies for that reason). Though it’ll be nice not to have a poop stench to mask, we love the smell of the air fresheners so much we’ll keep them around. Besides, I’m sure there will be new smells to mask as our boy gets bigger.


Something I love now, but I think I’ll love even more as they get older is discovering who they are. It’s a miracle that I grew these little people who are becoming their own independent selves. I really look forward to watching their interests and passions blossom, and helping them discover their divine nature. Who they’re meant to be.

biracial kids

Though I’m looking forward to doing more reading and not feeling guilty for going out on girls’ nights or date nights with my husband, I am going to miss this stage too. I’m going to miss how cute and cuddly they are. That probably sounds strange, but my kids are both extremely snuggly and I LOVE it. From birth they’d curl up on me and have the sweetest baby smell. They don’t smell like babies any more but I still just love soaking in the smell of their hair and kissing their soft skin. Do teenagers like to cuddle with their moms? I sure hope so, because I can picture myself crying when my big kids no longer want to snuggle with me on the couch.


So sticky floors, smelly rooms and children who need my love and attention will still be in my future. But I’m looking forward to exploring new places and making and achieving new dreams all together.

What are you looking forward to doing when your kids are older?

*I love reminiscing about the baby stage, and cherishing each parenting phase I’m in, which is why I partnered with Renuzit® with new sensitive products for this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. It’s good that you’ve decided your family is complete. For some reason I’m just not ready to come to grips with that. And it seems as if the second time around is sooo much faster. I honestly don’t know how my youngest is 8 months old already. Having young children doesn’t stop us from traveling. Both my children already have stamps in their passport- plus it’s cheaper because for some things you don’t pay for them. I’m not sure there will be less messes though. Probably a different type of mess- but it’ll still be there. However, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how they grow. My 4 year old has quite the personality and can only imagine where it’s going to go from there!

    1. Man! Really? I feel like the first time was a little faster. But I think it’s cause I already had another baby by now. Big T still feels like my baby. Like *A* baby sometimes. Haha. And by mess I most specifically mean poop. Which I literally just washed off my hands *tears* but don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this/that fun baby stage. Maybe so much so I sorta need to force myself to find the silver lining. I love that your kiddos have passport stamps already! Where did y’all go? They didn’t stamp ours on our cruise so theirs is still empty.

      1. We took them with us to Bermuda for a week and they loved it! My son ran up and down the beach all day- it wore him out. My daughter (who was only 7 months at the time) actually didn’t mind the sand. I thought she would’ve hated it!

  2. I feel ya. We feel like we are done but I can’t believe my 5 month old is already so big. I mean he was teany tiny for like a second. And the lack of sleep is just something I have learned to adjust to. But I have to say conversations with my 3 year old amaze me. Sometime I’m like wow how did he know that or wow he is so observant. And he adores his baby brother. I can’t wait to see how they will be together once they can play and sleep in the same room. Not to mention my husband and I will finally be able to share a bed again. Right now I co sleep with my baby cause he nurses in demand at night and seems to sleep better that way and my 3 year old won’t refuses to sleep by himself. It’s what works for us to get a good nights rest. You know my little one had trouble pooping on the toilet too and what worked for us was having him sit on the toilet and letting him play with his tablet. Maybe that will help 🙂

  3. I so understand how you feel. We are are grandparents and I love experiencing all of the stages – just a bit removed. It’s so nice to see them grow and enjoy the process.

  4. I can completely relate to this feeling. Now I have one teenager, and my other three kids are headed that way very fast, and part of me is sad because it seems that they are growing up so quickly. I am happy to see the adults that they will become and I am so proud of them. The other side of me is trying to find that pause button somewhere, so I can hold onto them a little while longer. 🙂

  5. My oldest is two and a half, the youngest is due may 30th. At this point I’m looking forward to sleeping on my stomach and walking without a head wedged my pelvis. I can’t think much past that at the moment lol

  6. Something about the baby turning 3, I tell ya. (He turned 3 on the 19th.) I’m still not 100% sure I’m done (my husband is), but the idea of being DONE with diapers (still have two in diapers cuz the 4.5 yr old is being his usual self) and carseats and so many other things.

    I’m looking forward to never having to feed them breakfast or lunch unless I WANT to. And I’m looking forward to going out. Right now, we do go many places because the 4 yr old and 3 yr old team up to cause chaos (especially as we’re leaving to go back home). The day we go somewhere, have fun, and walk calmly, if disappointed, back to the car… I’m looking forward to that day. Especially if I don’t have to buckle anyone in.

  7. Ok, I’m not sure how I feel about you being so certain you’re done with babies. I was hoping you were going to help sway me FOR the third one, ha! I’m with you on the diaper phase. I, too, couldn’t handle poorly masking the poop smell in the Diaper Decor, so we finally just stopped putting the poopy diapers in the decor. We run them out to the garbage bin in the garage. Only the pee diapers go in the decor. It’s an extra step that is annoying, but his room doesn’t smell anymore, so it’s a trade off!

    My son, especially, is pretty darn cuddly so I’m hoping that lasts well into the future (mama’s boy!). What I will miss is when my son is too big to be carried. On the one hand it’s annoying when he wants to be carried a lot, but lately he’s been saying he wants to walk and not be held and it’s like, ok, I like this right? Right?? Omg I think I’m going to miss just scooping him up and going wherever we need to go. I’ll miss the last bit of baby chubs, as he’s starting to lean out a bit, too.

    Ok, that’s not that much come to think of it……. why do I still maybe want a 3rd?? I have no idea!! 🙂

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