Birthday Cake: He Says/ She Says

She Says: I’ve been too busy with work to plan this party for this weekend. I’m just going to order a cake from the grocery store and call it a day.
He says: That’s cool.
She says: I wish they had regular trains and not just Thomas but whatever.
He says: Yea, that’s fine, he thinks everything is a train anyway.First birthday party

She says: What flavor should I get?
He says: What are the options?
She says: Chocolate, white, marble, yellow, strawberry or half chocolate half white.
He says: What’s his favorite?
She says: I’m not sure, chocolate or vanilla… I’ll get half chocolate half white.
He says: Cool, just like him.

I didn’t want to… But I laughed.

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  1. That is so cute. My niece and nephew are both blended and they are my vanilla/chocolate drops. In fact, my niece Chelsea’s hair is just like your daughters. Love those curls and her hair is down to her butt.

  2. The other day my boys were talking about being black and being oreo and I got a little worried until I realized they were talking about my parents dog named Oreo (who is black).

  3. First of all, love the way to site looks! I need to visit more often but have been busy the last couple of months.

    This sounds exactly like something my husband would say! He wasn’t very happen when we did the smash cake with Noah… Hayden didn’t like being dirty but Noah made a huge mess and needed a bath afterwards.. during his birthday party! I hope he had aan awesome party.. I loved all the trains (from the pictures on FB).

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