10 Curly Hair FAQs and My New Favorite Wash-Day Hair Products

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I can’t believe it’s been about three years since I’ve written about our routine for washing my daughter’s curls.

We’ve updated the process a bit and I’ve been debating writing another post about it because our process hasn’t changed a ton, but we have added a few new tools to our mix.

Instead of breaking down our process step by step like I did here, I thought this time I’d address some FAQs including our updated products list, and include a video tutorial of how we wash.

Biracial hair washing FAQs and a tutorial

1. What products do you use?

We use a lot of the same products and I do switch things around now and then. Right now I still love Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner and I use this alone without shampoo a lot. After swimming I like to use a dab of You Be-Natural Tangle Me Knot Shampoo to cleanse her scalp and hair. Then I’ll rinse and use the conditioner, and then rinse and use another conditioner (I LOVE Curls Curly Q Coconut Dream conditioner -I’ve literally bought this at least 10 times) and finally for a leave-in moisturizer I bounce around between a few. One is Curly Q Milkshake, which I’ve been using for years another is Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk but I mostly use that in a water-mix for spritzing and refreshing because I like it better on my hair. But my two new favorite leave-in moisturizer is You Be-Natural Botanical Soft Curls Curling Creme (and for my hair I use the custard for coiled textures) and my FAVORITE which is great if your curls are feeling really dry is the Shea Moisture Detangling Moisturizer.  I actually sectioned her hair and tried four products I alternate between and this one by far gave us the best results. I’d suggest if you have a bunch you play with try sectioning the hair and trying different products in each part.

2. What tools do you use?

Ok first off, a wide toothed comb is my best friend. I also like to use the Wet Brush. It doesn’t snag or rip the hair. I personally only use it when I’m washing the hair or if I’m brushing it into a pony tail before cheer practice after using a bit of moisturizer. I like to wash her hair in the sink so I can use the hose attachment. She usually lays down on the counter while I wash her hair with a pillow or paper towel roll under her neck. But a mom recently reached out to me saying she invented a tool to turn your bathtub or sink into a shampoo bowl. It’s called a Shampoo Buddy.

3. How often do you wash her hair?

Right now about once a week or so. Sometimes much longer (whoops) and sometimes more often, especially when she’s swimming a lot. But we’ve been trying to stay in the habit of moisturizing every-other night before bed. It makes a big difference. More on that in a bit.

4. How do you keep it from getting frizzy?

Staying on top of moisturizing. Oh man my daughter gets some frizzy hair. We all do when it’s dry. Frizziness is an indicator that you need a bit more moisture on the hair. I’ll re-spray the hair with a water mixture and finger-comb through it when I’m looking for a quick “refresh” of the curls.

5. What do you do between washes?

I mostly braid it up at night and sprits with moisturizer in the morning. I don’t let her wear her hair all down and out all the time lately just because she’s always flipping around or playing in the water. Often it’s in a pony or a bun for cheer. I’d like to get our of this habit though cause the tight bands all the time can cause breakage.

6. How do you manage it at night?

I did another video of that process in a vlog recently. I’ve since changed it a little. I do little sections when it is in need of a good detangling. But otherwise, I’m combining the hair now into one or two (three max) braids before bed. I find it keeps her curl pattern better than a bunch of twists. I still like the small twists as I’m working through the hair, but while it sets to dry, I like it to be in one big braid for easier take down later.

7. Does she sleep on it while wet?

Yep. I try to wring it out first so it’s not totally sopping, but it’s ok if it’s damp. She usually falls asleep with a satin bonnet to help with friction (and in turn frizz) but it usually falls off. She has satin pillowcases on her bed too and her hair comes out much nicer in the morning when she actually sleeps on them.

8. How long does your routine take?

Ummm. A long time. But the more we stay on top of it and do our evening hair routine every-other-night, the easier and faster the process. On bad wash days where we waited after swimming it could take hours to get through it. On days where we’ve been on top of it, the process may take under an hour.

9. Do you trim her hair yourself?

No. She’s had one trim when she had her hair straightened for a dance recital. She had it trimmed after it was straight a year ago which made it WAY shorter in it’s curly state. I’d like to try a curly trim next time to avoid such a loss in length. It seems like it’s just now gotten back to where it was before.

10. How do you do your son’s hair?

Not this extensively. He is usually in the bathtub or playing near the sink when I do his hair. I get it a little wet with a spray bottle then rub some conditioner in, spray most of it out, and rub in some leave-in moisturizer. It used to be much more difficult when his hair was longer. His curls have gotten bigger and he’s getting a little more patient with me now that he’s older. I’ll also sometimes try to do it when he’s napping.

Hopefully this helps answer questions you may have. If you have more leave a comment! And if you’re less of a video person and like to read a step-by-step routine check out this post or click the image below.

Mixed Hair Care

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  1. Our daughter loves wearing her long curls out. However, I find that at the end of the day, her hair becomes more tangled. Are there any remedies that you use to avoid the tangles ?

  2. Hi! I just had to say your daughter’s curls are gorgeous! I was curious to know if there was a product out there that could lessen the amount of work you have to put into her hair and even your boys and get equal or better results would you like to hear about it? I’m also a mom so I know how valuable our time is if we can spend less time on personal maintenance and getting ready the better.

    Also very excited for the shampoo buddy to hit the market. ?
    -Krista Sloup

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  4. I can’t thank you enough for laying all this out and the process you go through. I’m working on finding a process that works for my LO. I’m excited to try some of your methods and conditioning, conditioning, conditioning.

    In the evening, you mention that you moisturize at night. Is that with a leave in conditioner? And on Instagram you said you seal with oil. How often and is it only after washing?

    Thank you again!

    1. Any time!! Yes I seal with an oil, depending on hair type you may not need too much. A leave in conditioner works, or a moisturizer/ cream.

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