A new big sister

Every morning she comes into my room and smothers her brother with kisses.

She asks to hold him when he’s awake.

And always assists with his diaper changes.

When I break out my camera she wants to be in every photo with her brother. And gets her feelings hurt when I start taking them without her.

As I watch a TV show while her brother naps, she runs to his room when she hears a baby crying, thinking it’s him. She dashes and yells “It’s ok baby! Big sister’s coming!” It’s the same thing when he really is crying.

When I put him down for a nap she sneaks in his room to make sure his little Cloud b giraffe sound machine is on. If it’s not, she reaches in to grab it and turn it on for him. Always choosing the jungle music noise (even if I set it to a different one).

She calls him “buddy,” I’d never heard her say that before.

When mommy needs a potty break, she’ll keep an eye on him while he sits in his bouncy seat.

At bath time, she eagerly awaits helping him bathe. And urges me to feed him when he gets fussy before bed.

I had no idea she’d grow as attached as quickly as the rest of us. But I have a feeling they’re forming a lifelong sibling bond already.

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Making me cry so early in the morning! I can not wait until we have out second child, I just know my little girl will also make a great big sister! Blessed!

Verna says:

Nothing better than your babies loving each other! My 3rd is due in July and my oldest (3) is SO excited! I can’t wait to see them together!

Brittany says:

Aw, that’s so sweet! I’m glad she’s already so close. I hope they’re always great friends! 😀

Criston says:

Our daughter is the same way with our 9 week old little boy. We were so afraid she would be jealous or mean but she isnt in the least little bit. She has to know where he is at all times. She calls him baby brudder and now most of us call him that as well. It is so amazing to see your oldest fall in love with the new baby. Its such a blessing!

Creativedela says:

Must be so much fun having a little brother

Sonia says:

My girls are the same with C! My oldest is 3 and she was already used to the whole “big sister” thing. I worried more for E who turned ONE 3 days before C was born. She totally loves her and has to kiss her every time she sees her.

Matt says:

I remember when I first got a sister – it was nice having that companionship, and it sure did make for some great photos like these for mum!

Sarah says:

That’s so great! I hope Lucy does this when she gets a sibling.

YUMMommy says:

How sweet. Glad they are already bonding so quickly. Looks like Buddy is going to by Ty’s new nickname huh?

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