She came, she saw, she loved it

Throughout this pregnancy I’ve tried to get my daughter as involved as I could. We’ve been talking a lot about the baby, buying a couple of things for the baby, and explaining how soon she’ll have a new bed so the baby can use her crib. I’ve shown her the ultrasound pictures though I’m pretty sure she can’t make out much of what it is–If anything.

I contemplated bringing her to my 30 week measurement ultrasound but was worried she wouldn’t get it, and that she’d get bored, scared, confused, or just be uninterested. I asked for feedback on facebook and a lot of you chimed in with your two cents, so thanks!

I heard everything from “my kid was scared, and wondering what they were doing to me” to “my child loved it!” It really was a mix, but at the last minute I decided to wake her up early and bring her, mostly because I didn’t want to wish I had later.

My husband had just made it home from work a few hours earlier I figured I’d let him sleep in and have some mother/daughter bonding time with Lil’ J. So I promised him I wouldn’t find out the sex, and we went on our way. During the ride there, I explained that the “doctor” would turn the lights off and put a camera on my tummy so we could see the baby on the TV. She seemed to understand what I was telling her, and seemed really excited.

We arrived and rode the elevator to our ultrasound room, then I positioned her in a chair right next to me. Lil’ J watched as the technician squeezed the jelly on my belly and waved the wand around.

She was memorized watching the baby on the screen–For all of five minutes. I was torn between watching her reaction and seeing our cute fetus… Just a teeny glimpse into the juggling act that will begin in a matter of months.

Lil’ J was well behaved while we finished up and did measurements. She wanted her snack and eventually told me she wanted the technician to “put the baby away” (close my shirt and finish up). But she was delighted to hold the extra profile pictures she printed out for us of her little brother or sister. In fact, she’s barely wanted to put them down since.

When we got home I had to snap a few shots of her admiring the ultrasound photos. She was being so silly. Here are some of my favorites.

I love that I was able to capture some of these pictures of her with her younger sibling-to-be. And they sure are great keepsakes for our family.

Tips on preparing your little one for becoming a big sibling:

1. Keep the conversations light and positive: Let your little one lead the questions then even ask them what they think the baby is doing in your belly.

2. Read books about the transition: If you need a recommendation let me know!

3. Practice with a baby doll: This can help your child learn to be soft and gentle with a baby.

4. Have some special time with your only-child. My daughter loves going outside and taking photos with mommy, and it was fun capturing these with her little sibling before s/he arrives.


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    1. Oh my goodness, you’re so close!! Congrats!! And yes, her backwards shoes!! haha. She puts them on wrong about 70% of the time (even though there is a 50/50 shot). And I’m with you, I think it’s a boy too. hehe.

  1. Awwww this is soooo cute! She had the same reaction as Kai… after a while she was ready to go too! LOL They love to have the spotlight on them! Continue including her with these types of events and it definitely helps their bond! You truly are gonna have a “Sibling Surprise”! I REALLY hope the baby is a BOY!

  2. So glad Lil J did so well with the ultrasound appointment. I read the Facebook posts and they were all over the place. Glad you went with your gut and it worked out! 🙂

  3. How fun! What a cute, silly girl Lil J is growing up to be, and I’m sure a great big sister in the making. Nia’s obsessed with asking for a sibling (“I want to help you make a baby” she recently said O_o) so I know she’s going to be very much into all the details if/when that time comes . . .

  4. I am so happy Lil J enjoyed the visit and was happy to see the ultrasound. she is going to be a great sister. I can believe she’s grown so much. It was her inside your tummy just under three years ago.

    they grow so fast and she so cute!

  5. Hi Jenn !
    I’m new around here. I LOVE your blog. Good balance of chat and pictures.
    So congrats for this second pregnancy and on your beautiful big girl !

    I’m found of the pictures where she holds the pics in front of her face !

    I would very much like to know what camera you use and if you work a lot on your pics on the computer or if your camera does this great color job ?

    Thank you very much in advance for your time,

    M from Belgium.

  6. Hi,

    Congrats for your pregnancy..Thanks for sharing those lovely snaps with us.She looks Gorgeous. Looking forward to hear the Good news soon..Tc

  7. I know this is old, but unfortunately ultrasound appointments don’t always go well. We took our 5 year old with us (actually end of 2013) and found out our baby was gone. We didn’t expect that kind of news at almost 16w. It really made things difficult for her. She couldn’t quite understand everything at the moment and I wasn’t composed enough to tell her until later that night. Even then.

    When I got pregnant 2 years later (finally ) she worried these babies would die too. Thankfully, they are here and fine. “They” = twins 🙂

  8. Oh when she came for our 2nd at 2 years old it was fine. She loved it well the few minutes she paid attention.

    With the twins we didn’t take anyone with is for ultrasounds. Didn’t tell many until 20w.

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