Big sister helping decorate + Week 35 letter

Yesterday I had my 38 week OB appointment and I was 1-2cm dilated and a little effaced. If I’m closer to one or two I don’t know, but I guess it doesn’t really matter. I’m still feeling contractions throughout the day and usually at night they get sorta regular, but they don’t hurt except maybe a little every once in a while. Definitely NOTHING like my pitocin induced contractions.

The nursery is just about done. Last night Lil’ J and I painted the final letters of the funky alphabet wall we’ll be hanging up in the baby’s room tonight. I had the letters laid out on a table at a friends house and Lil’ J walked by and shouted “ABCDEFG!” then proceeded to sing entire the alphabet twice and ask if she could help. I made sure to set aside a couple for her, and she loved it.

A few friends of mine helped me pull the whole thing all together in less than a week and I think it’ll look really nice once it’s all up on the wall. Then I just want to make some yellow chevron curtains to hang with some kind of giraffe print valance or trim accent, make/buy a cute sewing machine cover that matches the nursery, stick 70 vinyl leaves to the naked vinyl tree branches on the wall, and then find a glider chair cover or new pads that coordinate with the room. WHEW! That’s not so bad… I’ll take some pictures once I have the letters up, so I can at least show mid-way progress.

Now another blast from the past. Don’t let my cute style in these last few weekly photos fool you, I definitely have moved on to wearing yoga pants on a daily basis the last few weeks, you’ll see…

Oh, and don’t forget to put in your arrival date/ boy/girl guess by Monday, that’s the last day to enter and the winner gets $50.

Shirt: Ross; Jeans: Old Navy (they are unzipped and I’ve got a belly band on); Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory

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I am incredibly impressed that at 35 weeks you can wear unzipped jeans with a belly band! Like really impressed!! Can’t wait to see the nursery pics!

Haha, thanks! I’m mostly sticking to the yoga pants these days! haha.

Wow! you are almost there, Congrats! I love the way you have written letters to the baby, it is such a cute idea. I think you are having a boy…

A lot of people seem to be guessing boy! That was my initial guess and gut feeling but lately all of my dreams are saying girl, so we’ll see!!

mdc says:

you look amazing…i’m so excited for you!

Alice Anne says:

You are inspiring me to get creative, I swear! I may just copy your giraffe theme for our Baby #2… sucks to not even have a general idea of when that may be, so I’ve been putting baby-prep off. Adoption is murky waters like that.

You are *so close*!!! So exciting@

Doula Dianne says:

Hoping you go into labor all on your own but if you do need to be induced, ask for a Cook cervical balloon. It’s much easier than a pitocin induction since there’s no medication. Google it but basically it’s inserted through the cervix and filled with saline. It manually dilates the cervix to 4-5cm before falling out but by that time, it has gently kicked you into labor with your own hormones. This is a very safe and gentle way of getting labor going. Take care and know you’re in my thoughts!

Thanks for the tip Dianne! And for the sweet comment! I’d much prefer something like this to pitocin again so I’ll see what we can do!

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