Big Families: He Says/ She Says

We just got back from spending a week in Utah and man, I forgot how beautiful it is there.

When my husband and I lived there we didn’t have our own children, but his family get-togethers always involved LOTS of kids. I didn’t appreciate it then, but now that we have two rug rats of our own, I’ve come to understand the advantages of having a big family.

Kids of all ages were running around around in the yard at a family get together last weekend. Lil’ J adored all of the little cousins (once removed) who came up to her and asked to play. At one point she came up to me and asked me who all of these people were and how everyone knew her name and I told her: “They’re your family! All of daddy’s cousins.”

What kids think of big families.

She grinned so big. “My family?” She skipped off running to play again.

I thought she was rather impressed, but was surprised when she relayed her thoughts to her daddy when he picked us up from the airport yesterday.

As we pulled out of the parking garage and he asked how our trip was she got right to it.

She Says: Daddy, you have enough cousins.
He Says: Enough? What do you mean?
She Says: I mean you have enough cousins.
He Says: I have a lot of cousins?
She Says: Yes. I mean you have too much cousins.
He Says: Too many?
She says: Yea.

I tried my best to stifle my laugh, then see if I could interpret her statement as a positive, asking her if she had fun with all of her daddy’s cousins, and she said she did, and that she can’t wait to see them again.

We had such a good time in Utah, each day was filled with something fun and different. I have a gazillion photos to share but for now I’ll start with this one of my kiddos with their cool Uncle Matt, whom they adore. 


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  1. “Out of the mouths of babes!” It is always good to get to spend time with family. Glad you guys had a good time. I love seeing my kids interact with their cousins and I looked forward to watching them all grow up together.

  2. We just had a family reunion and my timid, introvert had a BLAST running around the farm (basically just a big yard by now, since they rent out the farmland) with the freedom to do whatever with all the kids around. At the end of the day, he declared, “I love my family.”

    (The rest of the kids had fun, too. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves, but can’t wait until the next one in 5-ish years when our youngest two will be old enough to run free instead of having to be chased and kept close.)

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