I’ve Been Trying to Drink More Water for Years and Now I Finally Am


What’s the secret to drinking more water? I don’t know for certain, but for me I know what’s helped.

Mom and daughters sitting at kitchen table holding a glass of water. Primo water best water dispenser.

For years I’ve set a goal to drink more water every day. In our last home we had it filtered from the fridge, but often we’d forget to change the filter. And we had a water softener that made the water more salty so my husband stopped drinking it.

Then we heard rumblings from our city municipality about what additives they may begin putting in our water.

So we switched to bottled water. Which gave me pause every time I opened a new one. We always always ALWAYS recycled our bottles but documentaries showing me pictures of plastic water bottles floating in the ocean, and being pulled out of animals made me begin to realize that all of our bottles may not actually be getting recycled.

I would still use them but more sparingly. I mean not sparingly enough to make an environmental difference but also not drinking enough for a healthy diet.

Then a couple of months ago I received an opportunity to try a Primo water dispenser and I was intrigued. It’s one of those things I may have seen in passing but not given much thought. My husband was thrilled. It’s not every day he gets real excited about something I’m doing for work, but this had him pumped. He’s all about drinking lots of water and working out, staying hydrated. All that jazz. So every other day he asked me when our water dispenser was coming.

When it did he set it up. He’s not much of a handyman but he figured it out,  And we were off!

Man getting a glass of water from a water dispenser. Primo water best water dispenser.

I can not tell you how much more water we are drinking. I don’t like to throw out the words “life changing” often but I kid you not, this is making a big difference in our lives. Let me break it down to make it easier and share five ways having a Primo water dispenser is making all the difference in how we drink water.

1. I don’t feel like it’s going to run out

Young biracial boy drinking water out of his camelbak backpack. Primo water best water dispenser.

This one is hard to explain but I’m hoping someone out there will feel me. With bottled water I felt like I was always rationing how much water I’d drink because running out meant I’d have to use more bottles and eventually run back to the store. And I hate going to the store. Now my husband just swaps a couple of our 5 gallon jugs when he’s at the store (he doesn’t hate it). We always have at least one jug full and I feel “safe” guzzling down as much water as I want.

Sure, I could do that with tap water but our tap water… *sigh* (see below).

2. I know where this water is coming from

Black mom holding her biracial baby. Standing next to Primo water best water dispenser.

Austin recently had a boil water notice. People weren’t supposed to use the water coming out of the tap without boiling it or disinfecting with bleach. Eventually that passed but events like that definitely have me questioning exactly what’s going on with our water. Primo water goes through a multi-step purification process including reverse osmosis. So I know the water I’m putting in my body, and my kids’ bodies is clean. Ya’ll know I’m not perfect, we aren’t 100% organic. But water is LIFE and I love knowing that ours is clean.

3. It tastes good

Little boy standing on a trail with his water straw. Primo water best water dispenser.

Admittedly this is probably the biggest factor in why I’m finally drinking enough water. For years I’ve sworn up and down that all water tastes the same once it’s chilled and anyone who says otherwise is just a diva. Well maybe I’m a diva but this stuff tastes way better than water I was getting from the fridge and the bottle. My husband and I both realized this especially this past weekend when we went out of town and didn’t have our Primo water at the hotel. On the way home he kept saying he was thirty and I asked if wanted to stop and get a drink and he literally said “no, I’m excited to drink from our water machine.”

4. It’s easy for the kids to use

Biracial siblings laughing while sitting at the kitchen table in front of their Primo water dispenser.

I don’t think my kids are divas about the water they drink, but they do ask for water a lot. Or did. Now it’s so easy for them to get on their own. I keep their refillable water bottles in the door of the fridge so they can easily grab them and refill when needed. It’s fostering independence and giving me one less thing to do for them.

5. Our waste has gone way down

Man getting primo water out of the back of his car for his primo water dispenser. Best water dispenser.

I hated finding water bottles all over the house. Yes, I did put them in recycling but our recycling bin easily filled up with bottles. My husband even stopped buying plastic gatorade bottles. Now he’s buying his favorite drinks in powder form and he mixes them in a shaker cup.  

And I already told you about those documentaries giving me guilt. Get this: Each reusable five gallon Primo water jug saves up to 1100 plastic water bottles from landfills! In our family alone I’ve seen how our waste has gone down significantly and that alone makes me want to kiss this thing.

BONUS: Snoop always has water

Water dispenser for dogs. Primo water best water dispenser.

I’m not going to say that Snoop went without water often, but now he’s never without water. Our Primo water dispenser came with a pet water dispenser. At first I was thinking does Snoop really need FANCY water? But it’s become so much easier for us to refill his water when we’re refilling our own. The kids even love their chore of feeding Snoop now.

And tip for other pet owners… When your bottle is almost empty and you want to swap it, but not quite there. Just fill up the pet bowl with water. It holds a lot!

Now let’s talk cost. Whenever we swap the jugs it’s about $6 for a new one, but the refills are even less. We haven’t tried that yet but it’s definitely an option if we wanted to save a little more. We used this site to look up which stores by us have the refill stations or offer exchange.  Right now it’s just so convenient for him to pass a couple jugs through then grab a couple back when he’s on his way home from work. We were spending about the same for our cheap bottled water that didn’t have added minerals. Plus we were creating a lot of waste. With Primo water, our old jug is sanitized and used again 40-50 times before being turned into another bottle. That means no waste.

Boy sitting at kitchen table with a water bottle. Primo water best water dispenser.

If you couldn’t tell I’m pretty pumped about this. I feel I’m not only making a difference in my life, and achieving this goal I’ve had forever. But I’m also doing better for my family, and the environment. It’s like a trifecta of awesome and becoming my go-to housewarming gift for loved ones.
I hope you’ll check out Primo Water and please let me know if you have any more questions about it. They have a promotion just or my readers. Use the code CHERISH25 for 25% off any dispenser, free + fast shipping AND a coupon for your first 5-gallon bottle of Primo water for FREE!

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