Some of the Best Moana Gift Ideas for Your Disney Fan


Before Moana even hit the big screen I was all about the merchandise. I pre-ordered the costume and Moana doll for my daughter as soon as I saw them getting ready to hit the shelves.

Have you seen the movie yet? Moana is the “princess” so many of us needed when we were kids. Strong, brave, adventurous and finding her own way.

It’s no surprise my daughter was taken to her right after seeing the movie. We’ve already collected quite a few things, some gifts from the Disney Store during the red carpet event, some on our own, and some to come as Christmas gifts.

Here are some ideas for you.

Moana gift pua stuffed pig animal

Moana Gift Ideas
moana girl costume

Moana Costume and Pua Stuffed Animal


1. Maui and Moana POP figures
2. Moana Oar Pen
3. Moana Glass Water Bottle
4. Magical Maui Hook
5. Moana Havaianas
6. Disney Moana Tsum Tsum collection
7. Talking Maui Action Figure
8. Moana and the Ocean Book
9. Moana Animator Collection doll (a Christmas gift for Lil’ J)

Best Moana gift ideas.

Moana Women’s Shirt
Moana’s Magical Singing Necklace

Moana necklace gift

And check out this cute Moana Projection Boat Playset


I already placed my Disney Store order, so go get on some fun Cyber Monday sales. And if you haven’t seen Moana yet you’re missing out. It’s my daughter’s new favorite movie and my new favorite Disney Princess. Here’s our official review.


Check out my interview with Dwayne Johnson, Auli’i Cravalho, and Lin-Manuel Miranda about their roles.

Happy Cyber Monday!

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