Some of the Best Memories are Just a Road Trip Away

This blog post is sponsored by Shell, in which I was compensated. But the story, experiences and opinions are all my own.

Growing up we’d often spend Thanksgiving away from home. Either at an out of state relative’s house for a big warm meal surrounded by warm faces or at a nearby family member’s house. I didn’t mind. I loved visiting new places. But when it came to Christmas, we spent it at home.

Maybe my parents knew we would freak out worrying about Santa not able to find us. Or maybe they just knew how much of a hassle it could be to travel with kids and spend Christmas away from home. My husband and I tend to follow the same ideals. We’re totally cool with traveling during Thanksgiving. Christmas? That’s another story.

My husband and I may take a quick trip out of town to celebrate our anniversary (two days before Christmas). But we are sure to be home to bring in the occasion together. Around Christmas however, we’ll take little road trips together to enjoy different activities. From Polar Express rides, snow tubing to playing to ice skating. We love enjoying this season together.

Some of our holiday traditions: We use a 7-foot artificial Christmas tree. Some day I may be able to convince my husband to give a real tree a try. We also take holiday road trips; sometimes to the Polar Express train and always to visit the real Santa.

North Pole Express Train Ride: How to Photograph Polar Express Memories

When planning for a road trip I’m always sure to have a few things handy:

1. Holiday road trip kit: I wanted to kick off the road trip with a cute little holiday gift. A little something something for them to enjoy on the road and help get them in the festive sprit. You can do this with holiday candies, a coloring book, or maybe some festive headphones.

2. Savings at the pump with Fuel Rewards®. The holidays can be pricey enough so it’s nice to save where we can. We stopped at Shell and filled up, and grabbed snacks for the road and got discounts using our Fuel Rewards® card (you can get yours here, it’s free, just takes a minute to sign up, and saves you some green!).

3. Healthy holiday snacks (and just some delicious treats): Snacks are a great diversion from long car rides. I like to keep a variety of snacks on hand and pass them out individually so it lasts longer and each new snack break can bring a new surprise.

4. Highway high time: some fun things to keep the kids entertained. Tablets and/or audiobooks, a list of some old school car games to play, and in my son’s case, his current favorite stuffed animal.

5. Holiday soundtrack: Christmas songs definitely get old by the end of the year but when the season is just starting I can’t get enough. I like making a holiday station on a music app and stream it for the ride.

North Pole Express Train Ride: How to Photograph Polar Express Memories

We may not have a glamorous holiday vacation planned, but that’s ok. We challenged ourselves to do something new together. And though I didn’t win the battle for a real tree this year, I have a feeling we’re one step closer for next time.

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I love partnering with brands that help us make meaningful memories together as a family. That is why I have teamed up with Shell for this post. Of course all opinions are my own.

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