Best Gifts for Competitive Cheerleaders


In all of my years of blogging, I’m not sure I’ve ever done a gift guide. I mean, perhaps I’ve made a list of things for baby and such, but nothing like this, a list made from pure excitement because I can’t wait to surprise and delight my daughter with some of these cheerleading Christmas gifts.

My daughter joined an all star cheer quad this year and officially became a competitive cheerleader. We went from “Hey, I want to try that!” to practices four nights a week, countless private lessons and lots and lots of fees. She loves it though, so it makes all the time and money worth it.

I’ve been compiling a list of best gifts for competitive cheerleaders for a few months now. I searched for such list a while back but could only find cutesy team gift ideas for cheerleaders versus individual gift ideas for cheerleaders that you may want for Cheerleading Christmas gifts, birthdays or whatnot. I decided I would organize my own list that will help someone else who is on the same hunt.

I’m breaking this down into cheerleader gift categories such as clothing, stunting, workout/stretching and tumbling. I’ll also throw in some stocking stuffer ideas. Feel free to let me know if you have gifts your cheerleader loves that I should add!



AirTrack air mat: An inflatable tumbling track you can use indoor or outdoors. Get multiple ones or an extra long size for longer tumbling passes.

Ankle straps: To help with technique and keeping legs together while tumbling.

Tumbling mat: Another tumbling mat option to help with cheer training at home.

Jumps and Conditioning

Ankle weights: Practice jumps with these to help get them higher once you take them off.

Stretch rope: It attaches to a door and allows your cheerleader to pull and hold their stretches on their own. Helps improve flexibility.

Best Christmas gifts for competitive all star cheerleaders. From stretch ropes to tumbling mats, air tracks and more.

Kinetic bands: We use these to help with jumps. Practice your jumps with the bands attached to add resistance. Once you take them off, you’ll soar.

Stunting/ Balance training

If you’re tired of using a paint can or that old brick, these are a few flyer balance training gift ideas. Each of these will give cheerleaders a chance to practice balancing on one leg a safe distance from the ground.

Fly Right: A stunting balancing technique with coils at the top to simulate what it feels like to be up in the air. Adjustable to different heights.

Cheer Balance Trainer: A more solid stand for cheer flyers to practice balancing.

StuntStand: A popular flyer balancing tool for cheerleaders, giving them the sensation of being held.


Nike Pro Shorts: A popular athletic shorts brand perfect for cheer practice.

Compression shorts: I love looking for different styles and designs of compression shorts. It seems like she can’t have enough activewear these days.

Cheer tanks/shirts: Simple t-shirts and tanks are totally fine to cheer in, but some with a little cheer flair can add a nice touch. Crop tops are hot right now. But my daughter is younger and sticks to the tees and tanks.

Sports bra: Like the shirts, comfortable sports bras can go a long way. But a cheer-specific one is a fun gift idea.

Stocking stuffers

Cheer bows: This is just one of those things I’m not sure a cheerleader can ever have enough of. My daughter is required to wear a cheer bow to every practice so I bought a dozen assorted bows to have on hand for emergencies, or to match different outfits. She also gets a new bow now and then to celebrate milestones. For instance I got her a personalized Beast Mode bow when she did her first back handspring by herself.

Makeup: Eyeshadow, blush, lipstick or even just nail polish… Makeup is a hit with cheerleaders of any age, and it makes a great stocking stuffer.

Candy: Ok, so it’s not cheer specific, but who doesn’t love getting surprised with their favorite candy and the boost of energy that comes with it?

Other fun gifts for cheerleaders

BowBox: Keep your competition cheer bows from getting crushed with this stylish hard-case bow box.

So there you have it—my list of best gifts for competitive cheerleaders. I have plans to get my new little cheerleader many of the cheerleading Christmas gifts on this list this Christmas. Which will your cheerleader like best? Am I forgetting anything?

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  1. Hi – that strap is really good idea. Is there an attachment for over the door? My daughters are doing cartwheels and handstands 24/7, lol 😉


  2. Hey Jennifer – I really like the balancing gadgets. If I put this somewhere a little quiet, its always easier for Bethany to work on and improve her balance.



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