Bellybars Are Yummy–But Don’t Take My Word for It

If you caught my MomTV show then you know how much I love Bellybar. And if you’ve read my blog for awhile you REALLY know how much I love them. I started eating them before I was trying to get pregnant because of all of the great nutrition in them. If you’re trying to conceive it’s a good idea to start stocking up on these vitamins before getting pregnant. For one, it takes a few months for your body to get stocked up on the nutrients like folic acid that it needs, and two, having them can HELP you conceive!

My favorite flavor is the Berry Nutty Cravings. It has a great blend of yogurt, nuts and berries. You may remember when I entered the Holly Jolly Belly Contest. I won! And I won a trimester worth of Bellybars, that’s two cases of each flavor. I ate up all of the Berry Nutty ones first, now I’m alternating between the rest of them.
One thing I love about them is that they’re also quick and easy to grab and go. With my job being so crazy, sometimes it’s hard to get a break to eat. I’ll put a few of these in my purse and snack on them throughout the day. Don’t believe me? Look… I’m eating one as I write this post!
If you’re pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant, or breastfeeding you definitely need to check these out!
Hate prenatal vitamins? Yea, sometimes they can by icky. Well eating a Bellybar is a lot like taking a prenatal vitamin because it has lots of folic acid, DHA, protein and iron! All things your baby really needs! Speaking of vitamins, Bellybar is coming out with a NEW prenatal vitamin next month, chewable and allegedly yummy!! I can’t wait to try it! I’ll for sure let you know about it when I find out more, and we’ll have a giveaway here! They’re ALSO coming out with a new s’more flavor!! *dies*
We gave away 3 Bellybar prize packs during the show! Bummed you missed it? You can find Bellybar’s at Target, Wallgreens, Babies R Us, Whole Foods, Pea in a Pod, Motherhood Maternity, HEB and more! You can also buy them online! For more information or more on how you can try some follow @bellybar on twitter or become their facebook fan.
Want to try them all?! Well you can enter to win a prize pack right here!
THREE winners will each receive a prize pack full of:
-1 bars of each flavor (Baby Needs Chocolate, Berry Nutty Cravings, Mellow Oat and Burstin’ Chocolate)
-1 shakes of Due for Chocolate Bellybar Shakes
-1 pouch of the Citrus on Board bellybar chews
Here’s what you do to enter: Visit Bellybar and tell me what product you want to try!
That’s all! If you’d like extra entries, comment again if:
– You follow my blog
-Vote for me to win the Tickled Pink bedding on TheRealMomTV
-Comment on one of my posts on The Real Mom TV or Parenting Magazine‘s blog during the duration of this giveaway(3 entries each!)
-Follow @Bellybar on Twitter
-Follow me on twitter and tweet “Win a yummy @bellybar prize pack on @futuremama’s blog #giveaway 3 winners!” (2Xs per day- tweets must be 6hrs apart)

-Give me a pregnancy tip!
-Comment on non-giveaway related post of mine during the duration of this giveaway (1 entry per comment)
-Become my Facebook Fan
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-Add my Full Terms of Giveaway button to your blog.
-Post about this giveaway on your blog.
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-Tell me how you heard about this giveaway (you read my blog regularly, saw it on Twitter, etc.)

This giveaway ends April 4th at 11:59pm.
I’ll use to choose a winner. Good luck!

A big thanks to Bellybar for providing the prize to the winners. I was not compensated in any way for this post. Opinions are my own.

MsBabyPlan says:

Does all you giveaways apply to people living in Europe? I wish I could enter because I am your twitter follower, blog follower, I love you blog, you are on my blogroll, I vote for you… ;)!

alli says:

I’m a chocoholic, so I have to go with Baby Needs Chocolate!

alli says:

I follow you too!

Sarah says:

I saw these at BabieRus the other day and I wanted to buy them! I would love to try the vanilla shake!

MrsCjRoche says:

I would have to say the Baby Needs Chocolate or chocolate cuddles….anything chocolate is good with me. I see from their site Target carries them. I might have to try it out.

Melanie says:

I would probably get the berry nutty cravings. That is exciting that they will soon be coming out with a chewable yummy prenatal vitamin, can’t wait! I will have to stop by Target and check out the bellybar products. The shakes also sound delicious.

Melanie says:

I become a bellybar facebook fan!

Melanie says:

I am also a follower of your blog and have your button on my blog.

Melanie says:

I’m your facebook fan too!

Brie H says:

I’d like to try the BERRY NUTTY CRAVINGS

Brie H says:

I follow your blog

Brie H says:

I voted for the tickled pink bedding

Brie H says:

I follow belly bar on twitter

Brie H says:

I am a fan of yours on facebook

Brie H says:

I subscribe via email

Brie H says:

Voted on Top Baby Blogs

Brie H says:

i saw it because i read regularly

Heidi says:

I definately want to try the Baby Loves Chocolate ones :)!!

froggy_luver at hotmail dot com

Melanie says:

I voted for the tickled pink bedding!

Melanie says:

I added your button and your full term giveaways button to my blog.

Ames says:


Ames says:

Pregnancy tip – REST as much as you can…
Prop your feet up…
Research baby products and don’t buy EVERYTHING you THINK you’ll need – you probably won’t!

Ames says:

I found you via prizey 🙂

Ames says:

I voted for you on babble

vmkids says:

the oatmeal looks good

Melanie says:

I love your blog and read regularly.

Melanie says:

The car-seat carriers are great to keep your baby in a safe place while your out and about. But if your baby grows fast like my lil guy did then I would recommend buying a convertible car-seat. My little guy exceeded the weight limit on the carrier within a few months and we had to get a convertible seat.

llinda29 says:

chocolate cuddles for me

1stopmom says:

Baby Needs Chocolate sounds delicious


1stopmom says:

I blogged about the giveaway here


1stopmom says:

I stop by your blog every day to see how you are doing 🙂

Becki says:

chocolate you say? oh yeah. baby needs chocolate!

Becki says:

and i now follow you on FB!

April says:

I want to try Baby Needs Chocolate!

mogrill says:

The Oatmeal sounds great.Thanks for the chance.

WSO says:

Baby Needs Chocolate! Who are we kidding…MOMMA NEEDS CHOCOLATE 🙂

Ashley T says:

I’d like to try the CITRUS ON BOARD BELLYBAR CHEWS! I love chocolate but a different taste would go a long way!

Ashley T says:

I also follow your blog!

Tori says:

OMG where were these things 5 weeks ago when I was wasting away from morning sickness?! I really want to try the chocolate shake just to see if it’s tasty, but the baby wants chocolate bars have 100% of my daily iron in them (which I could use an easier and less nauseating way to get this than the vitamin). I’m definitely going to be making a trip to target to get some of these!

Hotsnotty2 says:

I would love to try the Baby Needs Chocolate flavor, thanks!

I want to try the Citrus on Board bellybar chews!

Melissa B. says:

I would like to try the BABY NEEDS CHOCOLATE bar.

Courtney :) says:

I would love to try the chocolate cuddles! YUM!

cmw_2289 at yahoo dot com

it all looks good expecially the chocolate cuddles and baby needs chocolate bars yummy thanks for the chance

i follow your blog

i am a facebook fan of yoursn(mrstinareynolds)

i am a facebook fan of bellybars (mrstinareynolds)

I Follow @Bellybar on Twitter (@mrstinareynolds)

MelissaStuff says:

I am interested in trying these. I have never been able to take prenatal vitamins during my pregnancies because they make me so sick, but maybe this would be better!

I want to try the chocolate cuddles belly bar chews–they look yummy!

apsychmommy at gmail dot com

following your blog

following @bellybar on twitter

Let’s see–a pregnancy tip would be to drink lots of water. If you get tired of plain water (like I did), I mixed juice and seltzer water.

subscribed via google reader

just voted for you on top baby blogs

I saw this giveaway posted on online sweepstakes, but I looked around your blog and love it so I’ll be back!

Left a comment on your wish list blog post

Alison says:

Ohhhhh. I could so use this stuff right NOW. 😉


THANK YOU! alisonad23 at gmail dot com

Tammy says:

The burstin chocolate bellybar

lilyk says:

I love the Berry Nutty Cravings Bellybar!

lilyk says:

I became your Facebook fan.

lilyk says:

I Become Bellybar’s facebook fan.

lilyk says:

I subscribed by email.

lilyk says:

I voted for you on Top Baby Blogs.

lilyk says:

I heard about this giveaway from another web page.

Courtney says:

I’d like to try the chocolate cuddles supplements! – courtneycopeland729 at gmail dot com

Courtney says:

I follow your blog on GFC. – courtneycopeland729 at gmail dot com

Courtney says:

Found this giveaway because I read regularly – courtneycopeland729 at gmail dot com

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