Being a church leader: He says/ She Says

Flashback to Lil’ J’s blessing day.

She says: “I went to a friend’s house for lunch and she was just called to be Relief Society president.”
He says: “Wow, that’s cool.”
She says: “Yea, it is. And another lady at the lunch party’s husband is a bishop. What if you were bishop some day?”
He says: “HA! That would never happen.”
She says: “Well maybe, some day.”
He says: “Maybe. That would be the coolest church ever. But then I’d get released in about a week.”

Translations for people who aren’t familiar with LDS terms: “Ward” is our congregation. “Relief Society President” is like the leader for the women in our congregation. And a Bishop is our congregation leader.

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  1. You would be surprised at the callings we get! I got a young womens calling and I honestly believe it was get me out of my comfort zone.. and it did! But I became stronger and better for it!

  2. We are still trying to get in the swing of things with my husbands new calling. I’m in the primary presidency and he is in the elders quorum presidency… oh and we have three under 5… Yeah it makes for some crazy weeks and even crazier Sunday’s! I have been in primary for a while now but I’m pretty sure they were waiting outside the nursery door for my husband on the baby’s first day of nursery to ask him! As hard as a calling can be at times it is funny how after watching conference (which we loved!) last weekend on Monday we both commented on the fact that we had missed regular church and our callings… Who would have thought we would feel that way!! Just goes to show us another way that Heavenly Father knew what he was doing even if we were worried about our callings!

  3. Yup, had that conversation before! In fact, we had it once when we knew we were due for a bishopric change and we received a call notifying us that the Stake President wanted to meet with both of us. Talk about being nervous! But they only wanted to call him as EQ President. We were relieved, but only slightly. I went from being in the YW Presidency to the RS Presidency and what I’ve learned from both of those callings is that I never want to be the actual President of anything but definitely NOT RS!!!

  4. My husband and I are youth/teenager leaders for God first church in Johannesburg south Africa ( We absolutely love it and believe it has made our marriage stronger…..we believe it is the. Oldest church lol.

    Love your blog! Came across it a month ago and got re-inspired to blog more.


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