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Remember in my 365 post earlier this week I posted a picture of Lil’ J with her crawling in her dress? Well, without her dress she still does. I guess it’s habit now since she’s almost always in a dress. In this video she’s making a beeline for the pool. That’s why I had to cut it short.

We were at a work pool party last night and I had just changed her before we left. I should have got this in her cute bathing suit but there will be pictures of that in next week’s 365 photos. Someone wanted to see a video of how she looks so here she is. She kinda reminds me of  Mowgli from The Jungle Book.


Daphney says:

My daughter does the same thing. Not as much now that she walks, but before that if she was on concrete or in a dress it was always the bear crawl, or whatever you call it… elephant crawl?

melifaif says:

Oh….that’s so sweet. You know how much I heart her {and you}…I just wish Austin and Houston did not take so long to get to….everyday!!! ahaha…we would be one fabulous quad group!!! Turning headz with our sweet babes.

I didn’t even know you were that close! We’l have to do a get together stat mama!

Kristen says:

This is so cute and hilarious! Is she walking yet?

No Kristen, she can take up to 5 or 6 steps but she’s been doing that for over a month. haha. Guess she prefers to crawl.

That is so cute! My daughter never did anything funky, didn’t even army crawl just went by the book from rolling to sitting to crawling on all fours, etc. She definitely does look like mowgli!!

Kristen says:

She won’t be long. Walking seems way easier than that crawl. (I’ve watched that video like 5 times now) LOL. She’ll be off and gone when she realizes that! 🙂

emily says:

I never would have thought of it…but she does look like Mowgli! I love that you’re a Disney nut too. 🙂 And, Lil’ J is going to have strong arms as long as she keeps that crawl up!

Elaine says:

omg…thank you! I did ask!
That was sooo cute! I love it! Thats okay if she crawls like that. It’s ADORABLE!

Traci says:

I was going to ask you how she crawls with her dresses on. I haven’t been putting the cute dresses on my daughter because her knees get caught. I’m hoping she’ll learn to walk before she grows out of her dresses.

LiciaLee says:

That;s how my daughter crawled in dresses. EVeryone told me it was mean and to put her in pants, but I thought it was adorable. My cousins baby would do it also when she was outside to not put her knees on the ground where it was rough. They are so smart and adaptable!

Get your sneakers ready! She’ll be running real soon!

haha My son does the same thing! Its really cute.

so so cute!! how do you make your youtube video so big?? mine are always so tiny. dustin crawls the same way when he is in grass 🙂 so so darling! good luck with the next 8 months… those are some big changes!!

Red Sox Wife, first I upload it in HD from my phone, then I embed it using custom dimensions. It’s an option under “share” your YouTube video.

CurlyKye says:

That is just TOO cute! That literally just made my day!

I love it! Thanks for sharing!

YUMMommy says:

LOL. Too funny and super cute. Moo never crawled. Hoping that JJ does because I missed out on that experience first time around.

toi says:

SO sweet. she is one cute female Mowgli :)!

I’s cute! I am surprised she still crawls. Lil Man runs everywhere these days. He is over the walking part already. LOL

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