Beautiul Hair Bows and Pins: Kelly Joy Boutique LIVE Giveaway

Be aware of the rules for this LIVE giveaway! Commenter #222 Wins!

Continuing on with my virtual baby shower… You can’t celebrate a baby girl without bows, no that’s just wrong. I’m in love with these original baby bows from Kelly Joy Boutique.
Kelly has been making hairbows for a couple years but she says she really got into it when she found out she was expecting a little girl (she was born 01.01.10).
“As I looked around shops and online I couldn’t believe how expensive hairbows are! I knew I wanted Lily to wear lots of bows, but I wasn’t willing to pay the price for bows. I opened my Etsy shop last month and I’m so excited to offer cute bows for a great price! I also started making pins as well. So even if you don’t have a little girl, there is something in my shop for you!” She said.

She and her husband have been very happily married for almost 2 years. He is a professional violinist/teacher and she is a work from home Mama to Lily. “I am so thankful for the privilege to stay at home with her.”

{New Mama Advice}

Don’t stress out if your house isn’t clean or dishes are piled in the sink. Spend all the time you can snuggling with your little one because she will grow up before you know it!

Thanks for the tip! I’ll let my husband know that’s my excuse 😉

{Check out her shop}
Where her adorable bows and headbands start from $2-4! Also, be sure to follow @kellyjoydesigns on twitter and “like” Kelly Joy Boutique on Facebook to learn more!
She’s offering one of you party-goers a $10 gift certificate to her shop and free shipping! So get some pins for yourself, or even bows for yourself or your little one or a friend!

To win you must be commenter #222


Your first comment must be letting me know your favorite item in Kelly Joy Boutique’s Shop. Then you can leave up to 2 (TWO) comments in a row before letting someone else comment before you comment again.

After someone else comments you can comment two more times, and continue in that pattern. The only rule after the first comment is that you must leave a complete sentence (no one-word comments).

{To comment MORE than 2 times in a row}
If you leave a piece of “new mama advice” you can comment 3 times in a row.
If you leave advice and are a blog follower comment 4 times in a row.
And so on with these additional comment credits:
-If you RSVPd to the shower
-Follow @kellyjoydesigns on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway with a link!
-Email subscribe to my blog and confirm your email subscription
-Vote for me on Top Baby Blogs
(+1 additional comment for each thing you fulfill!)

So let’s say you “earn” 8 comments… Once you comment 8 times, wait for someone to comment after you (at least once) and you can comment again up to 8 times in a row about ANYTHING (in a complete sentence!)

Commenter #222 Wins!! Good luck!
*I was not given anything for this feature/giveaway. Thanks Kelly for sponsoring the prize!*

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  1. I learned by baby #2 to accept help when offered!!! When someone asks what they can do to help, suggest “non baby” things….I wanted time to bond with and enjoy my new baby! So people who really wanted to help I asked them to bring a meal for my older child and husband and for me too of course…I also asked for help with laundry and vacuuming, I had a csection and wasn’t supposed to lift anything heavier than baby…uh that’s hard with lots to get done! 😉

  2. voted for you!
    # 46 Baby Makin(g) Machine
    I’ve been gathering advice about becoming a mother. I’ve been blogging about fertility, pre-TTC, and TTC. Now… I’m finally PREGNANT!
    288 1481

  3. I like the Classy Print Fabric Flower Pin so cute! I would use it for a decoration on a lanyard for work! :o)

    mumma905708 at gmail dot com

  4. It was just to not pump if you don’t have to…lol. I never had that kids nursed for long time periods!~ once my son nursed for hours…

  5. LOL my first baby I said no paci to the nurses at the hospital and they kept giving it to him anyway. I didn’t want him to have a hard time bfing.

  6. By the time I had my daughter, I heard that pacis are good and help protect a little against sids. So I tried and tried to get her to take a paci and bought like 20 diff ones but she didn’t like it

  7. My advice for a new mom is… forget about the dishes… they will be there after the baby goes down for a nap or sleep!

    mumma905708 at gmail dot com

  8. I had swollen feet once while preggos and I went swimming in a kind of cool pool…just kind of waded around really but later that day the swelling was 100% gone! It would stay gone for a week or so,then I’d go swimming again. Just don’t jump in while pregnant…not safe for baby…;)

  9. another advice I have is take tons of pics in the first weeks…baby grows so fast and for me I was sooooo beyond exhausted I don’t remember much! LOL!

  10. More advice: Don’t listen to everyone’s advice. It’s hard enough trying to be a “prefect” new mom. We want to do everything right. Just do what you feel is natural to you. If someone tells you what you are doing is going to spoil your baby…. DO IT MORE!!!!!

  11. My kids had the hardest time potty training, of all the weaning, etc we had to do….both were sooo reluctant even though they had the maturity and the physical “muscles” needed to stay dry overnight and all…

  12. find a great pediatrician that you love! One who has a similar concept like you, whether you are over conservative or more laid back and can wait it out sometimes…we’ve been through many peds, one overmedicated everything and overdosed my son twice! once ended up unconscious, had to call 911 and all. my current ped is awesome! she even gave me her cell number to call ANYTIME!;)

  13. Thanks for recommending yet another neat business! I love the fact that I’m having a little girl, because there is so much cute stuff out there!=)

  14. Last time I wanted to wait and the pressure of everyone wanting to know got to me and made my curiosity get the best of me 😀

  15. We just moved into the house in November, so we were peeking trying to see who had pools so we could become friends with them 😀

  16. Weekends seem to go by so much faster than any part of the week – either because I have too much to do or I am enjoying myself too much.

  17. OOh yeah read to your child is great advice! Read to them from birth, every single day. I read to my daughter a few times a day. she’ll bring me books all the time to read to her!

  18. I think my brother-in-law is mad at me, because I told him that he couldn’t take my son to the zoo on Memorial day with my in-laws.

  19. It’s not like I was trying to be mean – we just want to spend time with our son since we always are at work and we think it will be too hot for the zoo.

  20. I hope I can have a baby girl some day to put cute bows like this on her! While my little guy is a joy, he just can’t do bows!! 🙂

  21. A piece of new mama advice…double up the crib sheet and mattress pad. If you have two layers it’s so much easier to just peal off one layer when baby gets the top layer wet. In the middle of the night the last thing you want to do is completely remake the bedding!

  22. I had the best crib sheets ever! I’d have to look up the brand but they cover the entire mattress, top and bottom and the entire top section zips on and off. It is safer for baby, no chance of baby getting strangled in a sheet that has come off…and it is soooo easy to change in the middle of the night when baby spits up or diaper leaks, etc. amazing!!! a total fave of mine of all the baby stuff we have used!

  23. oh and I bought two complete sets, and three extra middle zip in part. You don’t have to wash the entire thing as often as the middle section where baby sleeps.

  24. with my c section I had a very hard time changing the regular style of sheets, it is hard to get the corners on well….the other sheet sets were truly the best!

  25. With my son I went through so many diaper bags, they would fall apart in 3-6 months, even the more expensive ones! I got a hoohobbers one and it lasted years!!! I throw it in the wash every month or two and it is in perfect condition! I now have 2 for my daughter absolutely perfect condition! I even got one of her’s embroidered with her initials. I get compliments on it all the time!

  26. I have 2 other adorable diaper bags but they are dry clean only….you probably know the brand..cute but dry cleaning for a baby bag is soooo impractical! lol!

  27. But then again I really don’t like purses either. I will pack a diaper bag for my parents house when they watch him while I am at work, but for me I just throw a few things in a tiny bag.

  28. When my 16 month old was a newborn I bought 3 mattress pads and three sheets and layered all three on the mattress (mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet…etc) and I really liked it.

  29. I am anxious to see how the Bachelorette is going to turn out though! I had never watched either Bachelor or Bachelorette, until I watched Last season with Jake (only because he was a pilot and from close to where we live – my hubby is a pilot=)). So, after getting entangled in the drama from Jake’s season, I just HAD to watch Ali on the Bachelorette. So, we’ll see!=)

  30. I’m a blog follower. My advice is to make a scrapbook for your baby that you can use to teach them their letters – or include pictures of family members so they can learn their faces and names – this is especially helpful if you have a big family or if they live far away from you! courtneycopeland729 at gmail dot com

  31. New Mama Advice: I’m not a Mom, but I’ll give it a shot! I think we’re a lot alike in terms of how we approach monumental things (like having a baby!) and something that I tell myself now in the planning stage that is equally important in the implementation stage- its ok if its not perfect. I always visualize the perfect pregnancy/birth/life and how I’m going to achieve it- but the destination is part of the journey too, and just keep your eyes on your beautiful baby girl and your time with her, not the laundry or the dishes. Savor the time!

  32. I’m a follower too…the first post I read of yours was when you announced you were pregnant! I spent several hours reading through your old posts because I felt like I was at the place where you started- making the baby bucket list- and I still go back and read your old posts! 🙂

  33. Then she will be a toddler and the milestones come so quickly so you have to take the time to enjoy those moments too – even though it can be a frustrating time as well!

  34. I love to watch him when he is focused on figuring something out and he doesn’t know I am looking – it’s just so cute to watch his expressions.

  35. My daughter loves to go to the Bibbidi Boutique and get all dressed up as a princess. They even do their hair, paint their nails, and put on little girl makeup. It is so cute!

  36. I am starting to show with this pregnancy now too, so everyone in my class keeps saying they can’t believe I am still working out.

  37. I keep telling them that as long as I don’t push it to hard and I keep my heart rate under control the doctor said it was fine.

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